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Wo0ot! I'm still here after one year! :)

I first heard about Steemit from Facebook last year. I think it was an anarchism related page or group that showed a post in my feed about the Dollar Vigilante getting $11,000 from a post or something, I forget exactly. I think I was reluctant at first, being skeptical, but checked it out and decided to sign up.

I posted a copy/paste of some of my larger and more complex work to test out the water, which in retrospect was an overload of info for someone's first post. Who was gong to read all that? Thankfully someone did, or at least I thought, but it was the cheetah bot lol. I got $0.00 despite a few minor votes. I should have posted something smaller, which I did after a week or so of posting those long articles.

I soon developed the Steemit bug. Rather than continue in the second CCENT course to get a job in Cisco routing and networking, I was now into Steemit trying to get the philosophical work I do out for more people to understand, and I could make some money here and there. I was putting out my work for free before, so Steemit rocks!

It's been 365 days since I registered. Thank you Steemit for creating this platform, and thank you fellow Steemians for being part of this platform!

It's been a wild ride. At times I've posted little, a lot, or not at all. I had my period of success in the past. I became a witness, and I also made a curation site (SteemKURE) but I didn't think it merited further development.

I have been absent from posting since last Friday as I have been learning more web development frameworks based in Javascript.

Since I am not posting or curating for now, I would like to offer some of my Steem Power to others through delegation. I will delegate 30,000 SP as I see fit. It could be 30,000 to one person, or 10,000 to 3 people, etc.

If you would like to have some extra power, let me know why you think you should have it. I'll consider those who don't use pay4vote services or self-vote with higher priority.

No guarantees, but who knows, maybe your interests and mine align and you will get some extra voting power for a bit ;)

Thank you and Steem on for more years to come!

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You can consider me as a candidate for delegation. Why? Only original content and live interaction... I don't use voting bots for easy curation and read posts before voting manually. I'm trying to support the minnows, voting for their good content and communicating with new interesting authors. I'm here not for the huge profit, I don't vote for the whales just because they are the whales and I can get more curation rewards from their posts. If this is your main reason for delegation, than sorry...

Awwww...I've been wondering where you've been lately! :( Sad face that you won't be back for a while! Congrats on your 1 year anniversary, you've sure SHONE. xoxo

If you felt like it, you could delegate some SP to me :) I never self upvote. And I wouldn't start either. I don't buy votes. I upvote quality content, usually posts which are bringing awareness and truth to Steemit about non-mainstream subjects.

Hope to see you back real soon! Take care, and happy learning.


I delegated you the 30k ;) Turned out to be a few decimals short of 30k though lol. Enjoy ;)

(+29,999.982 STEEM)


@krnel I am literally crying tears of happiness right now, I'm so touched you could never even understand my shock and joy...holy F**&!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No words!!!!!!!!!! I'm gonna be able to make so many people's days brighter because of YOU and your amazing kindness and generosity!!!!!!


Congratulations @lyndsaybows.
It seems like your delegation is in good hands haha
I hope you can spread some love and positivity with it and enjoy your break @krnel! :)


Just read this now @krnel.

You chose well by delegating to Lyndsay, she votes wisely, is very respectful and is very grateful that you placed your trust in her.

Look after yourself and I hope to see back soon.


Hi Mr. @krnel please upvote got me. I'm very tired trying to make every post but the results are not increased. I implore you Mr. @krnel to upvote each of my posts, my family is hungry please upvote every post me Mr @krnel 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


Thanks :D I'll be back at some point lol :P


Good stuff, you better be! One of my favourite writers.

Congratulations on 1 year with Steemit. I wish you many more!

Why I Would Like Some of Your Offered SP Delegation

  • I have ceased my "pay4vote" usage. I have realized that no matter how bad I'm feeling about a post not receiving any views, I shouldn't use it. (see bottom of post for more details)
  • I will vote on as many Posts per day as makes sense (not draining my power by more than can be recovered in a day).
  • I will provide my votes to my fellow minnow followers, and those minnows who I feel post Original and Interesting Content.
  • I will scan the #introduceyourself page for at least 1 post per day to provide an upvote. The content must be interesting and the person must show interest in becoming part of the community.
  • I will upvote no more than 1 of my own posts per day (or I will adjust the percentage applied to the post to provide no more than my current $0.01 to $0.02 post reward).
  • I will credit @krnel for the added value of rewards that are being shared with my newfound upvote strength (and shamelessly promote voting for @krnel as a witness, because I like you and that's gotta count for something, right?) -- unless you don't want me to do that?
  • I try to add a relevant and/or supportive comment on all of the posts that I upvote.
  • If I have your delegated SP, I will add a comment to every upvoted post.

Thank you for your consideration!

Full Disclosure:

  1. I used "randowhale" approximately 4 times, only on Original Posts, never on Comments. (this is the only pay for vote service I have used)
  2. I promoted approximately 2 to 4 of my Original Posts, but never sent a memo or SBD to the "promoted" bot.
  3. I use the eSteem App every so often, which I guess could also be considered a promotion App. The primary reason I use this is because it's easier to use the eSteem App for Posting Content or Comments with Pictures from my phone than using a web browser.
  4. EDIT: I just realized I didn't have you as a witness on my list! I think I must have removed you from my votes when your node was down. I have remedied that oversight.

Thanks for the ongrats, and thanks for applying :)

Hey krnel, congrats on your 1 year anniversary!

Maybe something I wanted to elaborate on: My witness votes normally go to people that I feel like I can have a good conversation with. Being able to debate properly with manners and content is important.

Most people (including myself) will always defend their own argument and action before they might recap on the conversation and might come to the conclusion that the argument made against them was valid. You on the other hand instantly changed your post and said "I agree with your critizism", that somewhat shocked me, but it is actually very nice to see someone who not always tries to win the argument no matter the right or wrong. That is why you got my vote.

I have been pretty active on Steemit recently even though I don't post much, so if you still need someone to babysit that SP for you, I will try to wield your power with responsibility.


Thanks for the congrats and the kind words :) I do care for whats right/correct, so I'll adopt corrections for sure. But if someone doesn't make valid arguments, then there isn't a correction for me to adopt;) hehe. Thanks for applying :D


Happy Birthday my friend
Thanks a lot for what you have done for Steemit, this one old year baby.
You are one of the deep dedicated "fathers" that made this beta child with more awareness for equality and justice for all users feeding this wonderful baby.
You are an example to follow on beeing an ethical inhabitant of Cyberspace.
Keep on the good work. :)


Thanks bro :)

I think i dont deserve your sp as i have used payed bots to make my posts exposured, and i have done self upvotes... i will read why this is bad in steemit and propably i ll follow the right way! Anyway good luck with this great giveaway, i hope you will check my blog and you will understand that i am not a "hit and run" person but someone who joined steemit and from the first day i am trying to give the best of me;)
I hope you sp will go to right peoole! Have a nice day!

You did everything right when you joined 1 year ago, see, now you are a really reputed personality on Steemit. The number 4 in term of reputation. Respected I would say. ;)

I would love to have more SteemPower to search deeply for brilliant Steemit Artists and support them. But I used Self Voting system not long ago. (For me and others)
But from now I will stop to use them, I just read a post about that, and I don't think it's really clever to use this kind of system. I would even say it's useless and make myself feel and look bad. And I was wondering if I should Upvote my own post when I publish them or not? Maybe you get more visibility at the moment of posting, but again, it's a bit against steemit spirit. A bit egocentric. We have to share with others, not ourselves, that's the point of sharing. It seems so simple, but we, humans, are greedy sometimes. Haha.

Anyway, I know we have different interests, but I know they can align in a certain way. ;)



Yeah, some respect from some people, but not the whole platform lol. Many don't like me because I speak of things they don't know about or want to look at. Morality is not popular. Many people don't want to better themselves. It's mostly the new members that have more respect for me, as the old users didn't like me creating a fuss about flagging issues.

Thanks for the application :)

Congratulations man! I would love to receive 10k Steem Power!

I promise I won't upvote my own comments with delegated power!
I promise I will give around 40 upvotes daily with around 10-20 VP so more people will benefit!
I promise I will be active at least 8 hours a day!

I hope you will give the power to those who really deserve. If it's not me I am also happy, maybe others deserve/need it more!!!


Thanks :)

Sounds like you started slow but have built up your blog and now its time to celebrate One Year!

I've been here over a year, but haven't posted in probably a year. BUT I have been here Every Day, for 400+ days, and as my profile says, "Daily Manual Curator" is what I do. Some comments too, but my big thing is voting a lot every day.

I vote for Science posts, investing, Social matters, some friends, great writers and posts that I think a vote will help the author. Please consider me for a Delegation. Any further questions, please feel free to ask. THANKS!

Congratulations on one year! This post made me smile 😊 I would love to have some Steem Power and this is why I think it would be wisely used on me:
I search the new tab day and night for worthy content to curate. I care a lot about upvoting and commenting on content I find to be beautiful, interesting and educational. I am fairly new here and I have at times upvoted my own posts but not for financial reward but because I've felt it might get a few more eyes to take a look. Anyways I love being here and reading and interacting with all of the wonderful content creators. Thank you for your posts they are always enjoyable!


Thank you, and you're welcome. Thanks for applying :)

Congrats on the one year bro! I heard about steemit through Jeff Berwick as well. I joined last January and then never touched it. I just got active in the very last part of May. It is really addicting to a certain point.

Good luck on the JavaScript.


Hehe, yes indeed addicting. Thanks ;)

Congratulations dear @krnel!
You achieved a lot this year. I wish you all the best during the next year!
I would be glad if you could delegate some SP. If you have a little time I invite you to my blog. I met many friends. They do for me a lot more than I can do for them. Hope for understanding. Never payed for vote. Recently began to use minnowsupport. It’s free as you know.
Perhaps it will increase your trust. Some days ago I voted for you as witness.
In any case, thank you very much for your work! Have a beautiful day!

@krnel firstly I would like to say congratulations on your many successes on steemit and good luck with your future endeavours of learning new web platforms.

I would like to nominate my wife @katem for potential delegation. She is an amazing individual, who does so much for me and my family. She has put her career on hold so that she can look after our kids. She is a truly selfless individual and I would love for her to be able to have something that is hers again.

With your delegation I am certain she would be able to contribute great things to the community and help others the same way she has helped us.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

It is kind of funny that one year will make you a senior on this platform :)

But things are moving fast in this digital crypto world of ours.

I stumbled upon Steemit via Youtube where I saw some videos with Jerry Banfield and The Dollar Vigilante (just like you). I remember That Jeff said in one video really explicitly "Get on Steemit NOW" - and I did.

I was totally hooked from day one and have not looked back ever since.

Congratulations with your 1 year anniversary.



Thanks :) Quite a ride indeed.

That is a very generous offer, how do you delegate SP?
I've been a little slow the last couple weeks due to an injury and not having my patch cord for my camera, But plan on getting back in the swing of things toot sweet. I'm a little ADD but have been attempting to stick with my panama-blog and homesteading themes. I'm planning on sticking with steemit for the long haul and been throwing what little means I have into SP.
I Even invited a Niece to visit for the winter ( she's in film school ) to practice her trade while we tour around Panama and do some video blogging ( both of Us ) we shall see? That's a ways down the road & I'll need to fund the adventure. Untill then I'll keep learning as I go. It's been fun so far and I have a wealth of stories to tell. And creating more every day LOL.
Very Happy my Son just got started but has been a little busy lately:

Thanks for your concideration & Congrats on your first year on steemit :-)

And many more to come...
Life is Good @ steemit.com

Congratulations! I'm so glad you found steemit and I got to read your awesome posts. They make people think and it's great that you respond to us. I appreciate the discussions. Sorry I've missed a lot of your posts these past weeks (been mostly on a sick leave). But I'm glad to be here congratulating you on your first steemit birthday. And as usual, you're still generous to your followers. I know the person (/people) you'll choose would be deserving. Good luck on your web learning! :)


Thanks :D It's good to have you comment as well :) See ya later ;)

THUMBS UP for taking time off to LEARN something (new)!!
That's a mindset one does not see very often these days.
And IMHO this is a way to develop yourself and reap the "dividends" of your actions today at a later time!
Again an inspiration as you so often already have been!
Thanks and cheers!


Thanks :)

Congratulations mate! You should consider delegating some power to me and I'm going to give a few reasons. I Don't Upvote myself, I Vote only quality content or comments, I'm an active user who loves the community, I used paybots services rarely like two or three times, I do use the minnowsupport bot though, feel free to check my profile and comments to confirm what I'm talking about. I'm a person who thinks that Steemit is about giving and receiving, thanks for this iniciative, Cheers!

Congrats to you my buddy and more success to you, upped. Steemit is great beacuse of people like you posting good stuffs that adds value to other members-keep up the good work, bless youa and more success to you.

I referenced you on my latest post: Steemit: Poor People killer Or A Strategic Solution For All ?
feel free to check it out. More success to you, and keep steeming.


Thanks :)


welcome and keep steeming to more success.

I think 10.000 for 3 person is better. i use your html for text alignment when i write my content. thans @krnel


Sweet, glad you use that alignment post :)


the article look pretty with alignment.

Hello @krnel,
Nice to meet you.
You are doing so great, I will vote you as a witness. Thanks for helping others.
Recently, I get some sp delegation from @minnowbooster it cost me 30 Steem. now it is time to undelegate. it was so expensive. but, I upvoted 8,000 Posts by that steem powers. now I try to Publish my posts 100% powered up to gain some Steem Power and Upvote other users.
and yesterday I started my witness node too. I hope I can be helpful to steem community.
Delegate that Steem Powers to who knows value of them.
Thanks Again :) I hope to see you in top 19 witnesses list.

Congratulations! That's some achievement indeed. I have one of your posts on formatting and how to align images bookmarked and use it every time!

Hi there, @krnel

We are running a group called DeepThink at @steemdeepthink to promote posts in the humanities and I am one of the founding members. We could use some of your power to extend the reach of the group.

We ran into a few technical issues at the moment, so please consider delegating your power directly to me, @abishai, @alexander.alexis or @philosophist. My account is functioning as it should right now, but I won't speak for the rest of the members. Sorry for the confusion.


I am not even sure I understand how borrowing of SteemPower works, but if you check my transfers page, other than testing out one users resteem services, I pretty much just like using @randowhale on users I follow posts I like, my voting power is constantly low because I probably follow too many people or enjoy too many things on here. Also, I use no bots for my voting, it is manual upvoting comments and posts all day every day. Anyways,

Completely random, but how do you find being a Steemit witness? I had recently asked around about this because I didn't know it paid, I have a VPS with OpenBazaar already so just curious how you find it to be?


It's ok. Who knows why some people have higher positions than others... networking and making friends, getting people to like you lol. I'll never be in the top 19, and won't know why others are there either. Be quiet, don't post about controversial things, and I guess that makes you tolerated all around and more support hehe.

Why do i think i should have extra power? Let's see, i'm trying to do my best of doing good posts here on steemit exclusive and none exclusive and maybe more in the future beside of that i work with my colleague on our youtube channel to create quality content with what we have unfortunately we don't have to much because youtube is getting worse and worse in terms of monetization, but i'm not here on steemit just to hit and run, nop, sure i wanna make money on steemit, but i'm here to stay support the platform and other creators .

I have a week since i'm here actually 2 months but i didn't receive the confirmation email so i forgot about steemit since last week.

Now it's your decision what you gonna do with your Steam Power either way Good Luck :)

Congrats on the One year anniversary! I'd be happy with a 1/100th of what your offering haha.

I'd honestly like a portion of the SP being offered because I am researching web applications to implement utilizing STEEM and STEEM Dollars. I'd use what is distributed to me to promote posts for more views/use of applications. I have exp with Javascript, SQL, C#, HTML, CSS and PHP (Wordpress Designer.) I am buying Steem on exchanges and converting it to steem power currently to save until I have my Alpha ready. Thanks for inquiring and the offer!

Congrat's for you @krnel :)
I must learn from you how to build all what you have done in one years and I hope your choose the right and the best delegation. :)

Hello @Krnel, Congratulations! May this 1 year anniversary at Steemit be just the beginning of a year filled with good memories, fulfilled dreams and wonderful moments. You deserve! Be very happy! ... Better yet to look forward, knowing that the best days are ahead of us. ... be filled with fun and joy, as well as the days to come. May this date be a starting point for great discoveries and achievements.

good job


Thanks :)

Congratulations @krnel


Thanks :)

Congrats! Wishing many more Years.


Thanks :)

Hope you come back soon bud..and do not forget to let me know in order for me to continue reading your posts and sending in my support. Thanks for your good work here which motivated me to write my new post and referenced you there.

Congratulation for you Sir @krnel, I am glad you have joined us in steemit for over a year, it is no longer I will follow your accomplishment Sir. I hope you always provided health, so you can always give a useful post for all of us. ;)

Big congrats to you @krnel for being here for 1 year. Wish you get more successful and all the best for you :)

@krnel - Actually I just read and upvote your philosophy posts, but CONGRATS to 365 days. Looking forward to read more.

I also wanted to ask you if I can ask you one question via the chat. I could need some info or perspectives. THANKS, Martin



Thanks, and sure you can ask ;)

Congrats..may I know which frameworks you learning?


Nodejs, Vuejs, React, Angular


Cool..so getting into full stack development eh

Congratulations on your milestone @krnel.

congrats on your one year anniversary! i don't use pay4vote services or self-vote. im hoping to interact with the community daily to improve my reputation. i just started 2 months ago. check out my last post to help you get more followers. i sure would like some sb :) i will upvote your post :D

Is this still valid ;D 2 months after haha. I'm trying to support some people on the ecotrain and some amazing authors that are involvd in a project I'm organizing. Named S.W.G.

Your profile popped in the interesting people side bar on busy.org and I noticed the post :D Sadly saw it was so old a tad too late and got sad for a bit :3

Although, Hey ! I'l just leave this here <3

All the best brother !

I really need this delegated power. On july 15 , I paid 22 SBD for the 1000 SP to one guy and one 16 August this is being over. I really wanna expand my artisitc skills here on steemit and show the workd my talent. You can help e in this way by giving some SP and I will be a better version of myself with that power.

Congrats on the milestone! You were one of the first people I read when I joined Steemit (end of January) and that helped persuade me there were "real writers" here and that I should give it a try. Glad I did.

I was starting to wonder why you'd been absent from my feed as of late... now I know.

And good on you for picking Lindsay for the delegation; she's one of the worthiest and most idealistic people I can think of!

Hi Mr. @krnel please upvote got me. I'm very tired trying to make every post but the results are not increased. I implore you Mr. @krnel to upvote each of my posts, my family is hungry please upvote every post me Mr @krnel 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Congrats on your one year, I just hit mine yesterday.
feels like 5 years to be honest. lol

I think came up with a solution for the censorship.
Check it out and let me know what you think.

Hi man, this is really considerate with the community, by delegating your SP. I would really like if you check my blog and see if I may be in a helping list, lol. I create original content, tex and photos. I try to make a post per day, in two languages, and also been doing some collaborations with a couple of groups, like the steemit poker league, so any help is welcome, and thanks for being king with the delegation

Yay Congratulations! :D

It's great that you stuck with it for so long!

Looking forward to you coming back and being active agian :)

Congratulations on being here for a year.
I can't wait to be here as long as that!
I'm absolutely loving the site right now!

Hey mate, long time not heard from you. Hope you are good.

Hi @Krnel, Congratulation! I love to see such as this post, it just show that the steemit is stable and has huge future ahead! I see that you already decided about your delegation. I am new here and been active for a week now. I have read some of your post as i am considering to find myself doing a witness setup as well. thanks for your guide for the witness setup, it is very helpful. That is what i been looking at here to upvote with. The list of whom who help the ecosystem up. In any chance you have freed up some of your delegation, i would be glad to find some from you. thanks

Congratulations 🎉🍾🎈🎊 @krnel 😁👍🏼🎶

congratulations on your one year anniversary on Steemit!
I am still very new to the Steemit community and everyday I am on Steemit, I am learning more and more. I am passionate about original works and posts and would also like to help this community grow and make sure those who really worked hard get their fair share. If I do get delegated the SP, I will work harder to share more original work and support others in this lovely community.

@krnel thank you very much for your witness upvote today! I am honored you are voting for me because your guides for setting up witness servers were so helpful for me!

I have still to read some of your links you put in your post , but I have to say.. I'm new here like a lot of people and when you don't know how it works really it's a bit difficult to don't make mistakes... I used a bot voting for me cause I didn't know how it will works... and I don't like it... I prefer to upvote by myself... it's really annoying when you just write a post , u push on "post" and directly the bot upvote my post in my name...
it's really not what I thought .... bref ... my mistake is done then .. but I will keep sharing my vision of life and my passions cause it's for that first I'm here on @steemit (^_^)
have a nice day and congrats for your birthday on steemit (a bit late now)

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Hey buddy, haven't seen you in ages. You okay?


Congrats on the 365 days! Very inspiring to see you have been doing so well! No reason in particular you should delegate anything to me unless u wanna encourage a future you! Cheers :D

P.S. Oh and I tried randowhale for the first time today to try it!