Steem and Steam's 40 Million Users! Why Not?

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Steem + Steam = Magic.

Recently I wrote about Steemit as an MMORPG, just because I sincerely think that this platform qualifies as a massively multiplayer online role playing game.

Traditional social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc aren't really MMORPGs simply because they lack any measure of character progression and persistent, player-powered economy.

Not familiar with Steam? Check it out here.

Why submit to Steam?

Just take a look at Steam's MMORPG page. Of course, there's nothing like Steemit! And framing Steemit as an MMORPG is not deceiving in any way. In fact, I think it's meta on so many levels - it's a wet dream for all to build their fantasies and even opt in to make their account as persistent as their actual identities.

Looking ahead of the curve, gamers are most willing to try new stuff. Give them something new to play around with. Steemit is new. And it will be their gateway into cryptocurrency - all 40 million players on the Steam platform.

Plus, it's a huge win for marketing and traffic if Steam accepts to list Steemit. It's like a free game with potential returns! Who wouldn't download it to try it out? You don't even have to download Steemit. Unless the Steemit bundle on Steam automatically runs the mining software, and gamers will start earning some Steem.

How to convince Valve Corporation to list Steemit?

I'm not a game developer so I have no good idea about the process other than Steam's Greenlight recommendation. But if anyone knows people in Valve, or even better, Gabe Newell, please put forth this idea! Plus, it's high time for Valve / Steam to get into the cryptocurrency game. Afterall, they have their own card trading system and marketplace.

Steemit Inc, if you're reading this, try considering this. It's like a match made in heaven. Steem and Steam, even by name is just too delicious as a headline.

Some interesting facts about Valve Corporation.

I've actually studied Valve as an organization quite intensively before coming into Steemit. If you've read my older posts, you might've noticed that I'm not a huge fan of traditional work regimes and I'm particularly fond of agile, porous organizations.

Incidentally, Steemit being like an open freelance platform is pretty much in line with Valve Corporation's organization. They are a flatland organization with free-flowing teams, peer-to-peer stack ranking systems, etc. Check out their awesome employee handbook here!

Okay I'm talking crazy!

People say no ideas are stupid, which I don't really agree with. Some ideas are incredibly stupid and better left unspoken. But hey, I'm getting rewarded here, so I'm just gonna write out whatever's on top of my head! If you think this is an interesting proposition, let's hash it out in the comments below.

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I have actually been thinking about the gaming scene for some time now. Just read your other post as well.

What would you personally think about getting some fundraisers going for game development?

We could create another token called Steems, build it through BTS and on top of Steem. Drop part of it on existing SteemPower owners, some to Steemit through an agreement with @ned (sort of like golos maybe?) then the rest as an ICO?

Find coders and game developers who are looking for work and use the funds from the ICO as pay. Inside Market for Steems/Steem, all games and matches are saved on Steems block-chain and are what print Steems as well. Some goes to miners/witnesses etc, details can be looked at later.

We all know how big of a market gaming revenues are. If we create some good games which pay you for playing them while having their own market, supply, etc also make it interesting for investors, etc and could be scaled limitless.

I'm tired of seeing most games lately create their own "in-game" money without an end of supply or any rewards to players. Many in-game items are even limited to "you have to buy this item with ingame money X which can only be purchased, not earned".

I think there would be a lot of potential in starting something like that. Basically make games decentralized, but have an ICO and fundraisers to get it started. I hope that with a stabilized price in Steem it will also make it easier to fund stuff in the future (combined with the power down timer decreasing).

Kickstarter could actually implement that easily. It's also easy to create new coins through Ethereum. But I'm not too sure how in-depth Steem's smart contracts are going to be, but ICOs for new projects are definitely the future. While anyone could just write a post on Steemit and get stuff funded, to get commitments one would need to start implementing smart contracts. I really need to read more into Steem, and how it's used to create a spin-off into Golos.

I like your idea, it's definitely better than the Kickstarter model where there's nothing for the "investors" !

My text might have been a lot more confusing considering my example of the gaming-currency being "Steems". But yeah, building up a new token either through Ethereum (although I would prefer the Graphene blockchain - hence why I was referring to BTS), but the idea was to have all games/messages/friendlists/ that is related to the gaming platform built on a different block-chain so the funding and transparency of the project remain intact.

There is so much potential available to us and I'm sure with growth it will slowly start building up quicker. I am not too technical myself either so I can't really see the challenges or how to start it all off a head of me, but to just start something basic already for users who are on the platform and looking to do something else than read blogposts after a while. This could be the gaming section of Steemit, while with its funding and Steemits growth together could become even bigger and evolve further into decentralized games. Even adding Spells of Genesis to the sidebar of Steemit would already be a great start.

Imagine having E-Sports teams sponsored by Steemit, or even our own world cup in game X that our own developers created and became popular because (guess what, yes it pays you to play)

This could maybe also just be built on top of our Steem's block-chain, I am not sure how scale-able it is currently.

I know this may all come off pretty philosophic or far fetched, but nothing is impossible with block-chain, and things tend to go pretty quickly forward in the crypto-scene lately. :)

Count me in as a tester lol. Seriously though I see massive potential for cryptos potentially steem influencing the gaming industry. Why play that game when I can play this one and gain real money... I truly believe the gaming industry could transform.

If this idea was implemented it would be one of the pionner on joining crypto with gaming. And that has to happen someday. There are few games trying (forget faucets), like Spell of Genesis (still on beta, but market up and running,, or Beyond the Void (still in dev, ).
Cryptocurrencies in videogames are just around the corner xD

I have recently touched the subject myself with possible implementation of Games on top of Steem here. Got few interesting feedback and suggestions...

First I'll say I'm a huge fan of seeing games integrated into the blockchain. I've been following #steemstars for a while myself and some of the other projects and posts on the subject.

One thing I'd love to see (amongst the pure fun games) would be akin to an educational (albeit hidden to the user) game that exposes non-crypto people to some crypto basics. In my mind this would be very similar to economic simulation games where they are first given X steem, where in the tutorial they need to create their btc wallet and get a transfer to their bank account (not in real life, just virtually) so that main gist gets across. The same could be extended into other facets of the cryptosphere that they may one day explore, like trading, listing/purchasing products on the end this would be a Steemit'esque simulation. Being able to provide small liquid steem (or whatever) rewards that would go into their wallets would be a good motivator for newer users to learn/get exposed to some of these basics that most end up asking anyway. I liken this to getting achievement points/gems in many games for completing the tutorial.

While I know this wouldn't be the most exciting game, it wouldn't require massive graphics and could possibly be a stepping stone towards the more complex (pure fun) projects.

Feel free to veto, just my thoughts :) I'm happy to see any games take off, lol

Gaben will not accept this, because Steemit has a THREE lines on a symbol. THREE!

Half Life 3 confirmed. Maybe theyll consider it as their HL3 lol!

Wouldn't that make steem pay to win? :) However as a gamer I think you are on to something. Just from my example, I write about games a lot and I level up all the time. Feels very satisfying, so steemit could be labeled as some type of game for sure.

It breaks all gaming conventions, since you get paid to play haha. From perspective of character development, yeah I've definitely seen your account grown with all the gaming posts. I wonder if there's a way to frame Steemit properly as a game. It doesn't have the traditional elements like a player avatar and equipment etc, well maybe that's something to work on ;)

Haha! Imagine microtransactions on Steem/Steam to buy aesthetic stuff for their avatars :p $$$ profit.

It's funny because when I first heard of STEEM I thought it WAS cryptocurrency for like Steam games and stuff ;D

Andthat's funny because when I first heard of Steem I thought it was a game about a social network.

LOL. But actually, this is a game about a social network.. and you can even play more mini games in it!

You have to admit that writing and competing for votes does make it a game, it's what really distinguishes Steem from any prior social network system. It's why sometimes people go a bit crazy at times from whipping themselves so hard to create...

Plus, Steemians can even create their own games within Steemit like what has been happening. I think another game that people can create that'll be treasure-huntey is to make Steemit contents as part of the playground.. somehow.

Before Steemfest, I typically take long hours just to make one post. After that, I kinda start letting go and just write more often.. just like a blog.

I tried a treasure hunt game for the Very First Steemit Foraging Community Scavenger Hunt. All three of the posts about the hunt did well, with a lot of upvotes and comments, but no one - no one - actually played the game. I will keep trying, though! I want to use games to help people actually become good foragers of wild plants and mushrooms in real life. The scavenger hunt tried to get people to look at active Steemit content and leave comments. If you have any ideas, I'm all ears!

I think @Papa-pepper has been able to get people to do a wide variety of things for his contests. Some connect with past content, others ask people to do things in real life.

This could be a good way of selling the concept if you could associate the two but getting Valve to listen would be the hard part. It might be too early from their point of view.

They're on the forefront of innovation.. maybe they'll listen ;)

After all this is a social experiment =)

You're the bard in steemit's mmorpg tavern ;)

Oh i like that - i used to play Ad&d long time ago (seems like a different life)

Phew, that was hard, and everything went over my head! But you write so lucidly that I read the whole damn post and I thought I understood!

Congrats on making that happen, but I hope your ideas are considered seriously as I see the potential in this of getting more people on board!

Oh i have yet to make any contact with them. I thought its best left for the officials/experts to think this through and do it ;)

Of course this would be great!

I am still looking for other people to help me develop #steemstars which is built ontop of steem itself, if any of you are interested please let me know. I think this has some really powerful applications.

I have been working on a game for Steam since before I discovered steemit. I have kicked around possibly tying steem into it in some way. I'm not sure yet how feasible it will be, but I am still considering it. I wrote a post about my idea for doing this quite a few months ago, and I may actually tie it in. It depends on if it makes a difference.

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