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I came up with the Very First Steemit Foraging Scavenger Hunt as a fun way for you to find existing Steemit content about foraging from the wild. I hope you enjoy playing this game!

I have seen so many great posts and enthusiastic discussion about foraging for wild plants, mushrooms, and other natural materials. But with the way Steemit feeds are organized right now, it’s hard for us foraging fans to find all the relevant posts. They are scattered among travel, photography, gardening, food, and many other tags. And, just like in the outdoors, I see a lot of wild plants that I know are incredibly tasty or useful, but that aren’t identified that way in their post.


Wild in the Wild - custom digital speed art by @nonameslefttouse and his Three Color Game. I love how it conveys the spontaneous spirit of foraging and finding nature's bounty in many forms. - Thanks, @nonameslefttouse!

How does this Scavenger Hunt work? Are there prizes?

There are 60 items on the scavenger hunt list. Some are simple, others are not. When I go foraging, I don’t expect to find all the wild plants that could possibly be there. Likewise, I do not expect that you can find all of the items in the scavenger hunt list! You can ask other people on Steemit for help. That’s like foraging, too, where it can be helpful to ask someone to help you identify, harvest, or prepare a wild plant that is new to you.

Several items at the end of the list deal with harvesting animals. I listed them together, and at the end, so anyone with issues can more easily avoid them. Whether pro or con, harvesting wild animals is something that exists and is worth discussing within the foraging community.

Are there any prizes for this scavenger hunt? On any foraging outing, there’s no guarantee that the effort you put out will lead to any reward, beyond the fun and challenge of getting outdoors and looking around. The same goes for this scavenger hunt. But if you are foraging with some persistent effort, there is usually something worthwhile to bring home.

Rules – Just like foraging, attention to detail does matter!

  1. You must be a follower of the @foraging-trail

  2. All contest entries must be posted by Wednesday, Nov 2, 6pm PDT (UTC-7)

  3. The scavenger hunt item you find may be a blog post, a comment, text, a photo, or another kind of image. The post or comments can be made by someone else or by you. Only posts that are less than 30 days old will work for this scavenger hunt, because you must be able to leave a reply to the post or its comments.

  4. Your entry will be a blog post that shows the URL links for each of the items on the scavenger hunt list that you are claiming. For example, if you can only find a poem about foraging (item 22) and a wild edible fruit (item 31), you will have a list of two URLs, one labelled 22 and the other labelled 31.

    An easy way to put all the links in your posts is with the Steemify the Link tool made by @joewantsfreedom. It’s incredibly great for getting all your links formatted in Markdown! But don’t put the itemized list numbers in the tool, just the links.

  5. You must use these tags on your post: foragingscavengerhunt1 and steemitgame

  6. When you find an item in a post or a comment, you have to claim it so that nobody else can use it. To claim the item, leave the hashtag FSH1- and the number of the item you found, in this format: #FSH1-item, where item is a number from 1 to 60. If you found the item in a comment, leave the hashtag in a reply to the comment. If the item is in a post, leave the hashtag as a reply to the post.

    For example, if you find a picture of wild dandelion greens in a post, put hashtag FSH1-2 as a reply to the post. If you find a comment where someone says they are afraid of eating wild mushrooms, put hashtag FSH1-1 in a reply to that comment. (Don't forget to replace the word hashtag with an actual hash sign.)

  7. There can be multiple items in a single post, but once a person claims an item, nobody else can claim it. If an item has not been claimed, you can still claim it, even if someone else has already claimed another item within the post. For example, say a post shows wild edible flowers, wild edible nuts, and a wild edible berries. If someone else has already left a comment with hashtag FSH1-3 and hashtag FSH1-49, you can still leave a comment with hashtag FSH1-18. (Don't forget to replace the word hashtag with an actual hash sign.)

  8. If you want to leave a nice comment to the person making the post or comment, that’s great!

  9. You are free to interpret items on the list, but I reserve the right to accept or reject that interpretation.

  10. If I have any questions about your entry, I will leave a comment in your entry post. You will need to respond to my question within 24 hours.

The Scavenger Hunt List

  1. An expression of fear or concern about eating something growing wild
  2. Any wild edible leafy green
  3. Wild nuts that are edible
  4. Wild seeds that are edible
  5. Using a foraging app
  6. Review of a foraging app
  7. Using wild plants for something to drink
  8. Preserving something from the wild to use later
  9. A wild edible mushroom in its natural setting
  10. A post or comment about foraging made by you
  11. A garden weed that is edible
  12. An edible parasite
  13. Use of a foraged harvest in the outdoors
  14. Harvesting something from the wild to use for art or crafts
  15. Why someone is interested in foraging
  16. A report from a personal foraging outing
  17. Edible foliage from a tree
  18. Review of a foraging book
  19. A wild edible flower
  20. Use of foraged food in a restaurant
  21. Art that shows a wild edible
  22. Asking a question about foraging
  23. A poem about foraging
  24. A non-native, invasive wild plant that is edible
  25. Use of a scientific name for a wild edible
  26. Foraging regulations for a local park or other public lands
  27. A meal or dish made with wild foods
  28. Someone harvesting and preparing their very first foraged food
  29. A recipe that uses ingredients from the wild
  30. Artwork that expresses anything about foraging
  31. Serving foraged food to someone else
  32. An edible wild fruit
  33. Instructions on how to harvest something growing wild
  34. Joining a foraging club
  35. Use of more than one common name for the same wild thing
  36. An edible plant that is a garden escape artist – it’s grown on purpose, but escapes into the wild
  37. Foraging something from the wild to grow in the garden
  38. Tips on how to avoid an identification mistake
  39. Trying a new wild edible food
  40. Taking a foraging class
  41. Helping another person learn to use something growing wild
  42. A taste review of a wild food
  43. A report from a foraging foray with an organization or group
  44. A wild edible root
  45. A craft made with something from the wild
  46. Family traditions in foraging
  47. A great foraging harvest
  48. A great foraging discovery, whether harvested or not
  49. Helping someone with a foraging identification question
  50. Edible wild berries
  51. A foraging mistake
  52. Getting a foraging permit
  53. Art made with something from the wild
  54. Eating insects from the wild
  55. Harvesting a wild aquatic animal
  56. Eating a wild aquatic animal
  57. Harvesting a wild land animal
  58. Eating a wild land animal
  59. Harvesting or eating a wild bird
  60. Using any wild animal harvest for art or crafts

-- Good Luck -- Happy Foraging --

and let's not have anyone get hurt out there!

Thanks for your support

See you on the @foraging-trail!

** Haphazard Homestead **

*** foraging, gardening, nature, simple living close to the land ***

I participate in Operation Translation. All my posts are available for translation under the rules listed on the linked post from @papa-pepper. Logo provided by @oepc85.


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Good idea - not sure I have time to participate this time :( Good luck on the hunting, people :)


Okay - now I took the time to read it properly and I see it is for quite a while - already participating some . Cunning plan getting your minions to catalogue and tag the steemit world for you! The librarian in me loves it :)


Thanks! I hope to see an entry from you. You can get a team together, if you want, and just list everyone's name in your entry post.

Thanks for the mention. This looks interesting and I really hope people have fun with it. A very innovative way to group and organize some of the incredibly valuable information which often gets tossed into that drawer we all have in the house with a little bit of everything. You know it's in there, just have to dig.


You're welcome! At least in my house, there are some valuable things in my "junk drawer". And there are some great foraging posts hidden in the giant Steemit junk drawer, for sure! We will see how much digging around people are willing to do, lol.

@haphazard-hstead just followed @foraging-trail and saw my post out there resteemed!
Touched and grateful.
good luck with the hunt!


You're welcome, and welcome to the @foraging-trail! You have some content that fits the items on the foraging scavenger hunt list. -- Hint for anyone reading this, including you, @englishtchrivy.

What a cool and fun idea. A scavenger/foraging hunt on Steemit. I love it!


Thanks, @luzcypher! Now we will see if anyone will forage through the Steemit posts. Maybe they will end up with treats in their baskets at the end of the week or come up empty-handed, but richer for the experience -- just like foraging in the wild! ; )

Any user wanting to attempt this scavenger hunt is free to search through my blog.

There are a lot of posts that could qualify there!


Some of your posts during the last 30 days are great for this scavenger hunt, @papa-pepper! Maybe you will leave another one or two more along the @foraging-trail for folks to find before the deadline next week!


Yeah, we will see what this next week holds.

My latest "THE EDIBLE OUTDOORS" post links all my previous ones too!


Aint that the truth!

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Thanks, @ontofractal! It was fun seeing this scavenger hunt on the list!

Such a great idea! I just saw this post now but I now follow you and @foraging-trail

I once wrote this post on how to prepare a nettles risotto: can it be considered as foraging?