I think you've got a good idea here but I'm gonna take it in another direction, rather than move based games what about a real time strategy(RTS) that uses steem dollars to purchase in game? I don't know if you ever played game of war, evony, or any of those games, but they are big money makers. Basically they are free to play, pay to win. If we gave people the option to earn steem dollars for posting content and then using those SD in game to make purchases, either from the game store, or trading with other players, it would give more reason for people to use Steemit. Not only that but it would give a reason to buy SD, and create a market for it. People in game could trade resources for SD for more cheaply than they can buy them from the game store and people would play just to make SD and cash out playing a game.

This is exactly to brainstorm these type of ideas. And you right about game tokens and game tokens to get extra features. Just like saying Steemit having badges to incentivize users to stay on platform.

Right, and it will bring people in the community who just want to play the game. More content will get posted so they came get more in game goodies and if we let players trade SD amongst each other and let them profit of the game it will be the best game out there because people can make money playing it. But most importantly it will create a market for SD, players will trade amongst theirselves at a lower price than it would take to buy from the developers if the item can be traded. Developers could keep a couple untradeables so they can make so money on those but let the players run the markets on most in game items. These games should be very easy to make, I will even look into how to make a basic one and see what I can do?

This is exactly what I was going to say, figured I'd read the comments and see if someone else beat me to it. Excellent comment this is exactly what we need I play clash of clans and I used to play FarmVille, like you said war, and so on and so forth. Games like that would increase retention and bring soooo many new people. THIS WOULD BE PHENOMENAL.

I love the idea of building a gaming market around buying sbd for in game purchases. It's fucking brilliant. If we could build something like this that would be amazing.

I just love how this platform is and will be evolving.

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I like this idea a lot. I spoke of an idea for steemit poker in the post a while ago;
I believe that this would also help to increase the amount of STEEM being invested rather than cashed out. Trust could be established by making it open source so that everyone could see how the cards were picked entirely at random. This could in turn draw online poker players from other sites that are less trusted, and increase the demand for STEEM as they would need to purchase some in order to play on the new, trusted site. The only thing is, I'm not sure if there is some type of legality issue in regards to hosting a site which can be used for gambling. But, as long as it is only STEEM that is used on the site, rather than an accepted fiat currency, it may be ale to circumvent any legal issues. I'm unable to find any information on this though, so I cannot say for certain.

Still, excellent idea and I think that bringing people together for brainstorming sessions is exactly what this site needs.

Exactly, I am not expert on legality of those type of games. But starting with simpler prototype would be great to see concept of game working out and community reaction...

Agreed. Also, as much as it is great introducing games to the steemit community, the primary focus should be in creating a game that even non-steemians will want to get involved with. If STEEM is used in whatever that game is, then we will have outsiders wanting to buy STEEM for a use other than investing in Steemit. That is when we will start to see the price of STEEM returning to where it should be.

I like the idea of games but i dont see why we would need all game details/data onchain in my opinion it can be offchain because theses data dont need to be stored in the blockchain forever and are irrelevant for the future. (=waste and no value data somehow) and some specific parts would be onchain to allow votes/rewards
For the users its almost the same
I might be wrong .. Just some quick thoughts

I agree, no need to store all game data. But I thought about incentivize users to get more reward. For example in chess with each move you can get some reward if people who are watching game live like your move and think it will lead to win... that is also interesting approach... Game data is not that big, it is just pointers to say what is the current state of the game...

I was thinking when was reading your post.... Playing chess with someone, writing a post about i and each of us writing the moves in the comments. Everybody can follow the game and also "sub-comment" the moves. Of course, that will be with what we have now, is something new is implemented, more game-based, better.

Yes, chess was an example and implementation was also for that particular case. But you are right as I mentioned in the post, game developers can build and think about various type of implementations. It doesn't even have to be new game or same game other platforms offer, creativity and imagination is your limit... With above example I wanted to say that it can easily be implemented.

This would be awesome! Starting with turn-based challenges like proposed, were winners (and those who bet on the winner) get rewarded sounds like a great start. Later, casual/entertaining games could be build for which one has to burn SBD in order to play them.

that's interesting as well. Some people like to burn $ if they get entertained... :)

Exactly, and burning game tokens fuels a billion dollar industry already.

yes, game tokens can really be cool because imagine you can gain certain amount of game token and exchange it to SBD or SP, STEEM...suddenly you have economy around game which all industry struggle to give its user. Currently all gamers gain points and they cannot use it outside of the game.

I truly like the idea of a game linked to Steemit where one can earn while playing. I have one game idea that may work. I would suggest different types of games for different types of players, though. I would soooo play a game I liked on Steemit.

Sure, start with concept of simple game and improve, include more games... Steem on!

Thanks for the post @good-karma great mentions of our projects @chessmasters and @steemsports, appreciated. We are working on a frontend using the blockchain to record provably fair betting data. Chessmasters will have community chess games and betting thereon, we haven't gone as far as having actual chess games recorded on the chain, but that is a great idea to immortalise the game and make it provably fair. Contact me in, I think @furion and I have alot in common with you.

Sure, you guys are starting something great! I think this type of discussion will open some more possibilities if not, to improve retention. :) Have talked with @furion during SteemFest and I think we can easily use same type of bots for implementing front-end and back-end for games which you guys implementing, host front-end on or on steemit/busy/esteem...

Great ideas guys!
Had similar thoughts with @thegame as you know.
Look forward to more (development) of this!

Great idea, keep it up!

Simple lottery could be the first game to be implemented. Or something like SatoshiDice, which was very popular way of spending bitcoins in the early days.

It shouldn't be too hard to make a nice UI for simple website. But it's very important to make sure that the system is provably fair.

Maybe best way to get gaming started is to begin with simple games, attract some userbase and then develop more complicated and diverse games?

You are right, lottery or betting type of games are also being developed by @furion and @klye as well. It would be great to see actual games multiplayer and with in game tokens etc.

Really great idea, Im really excited about it!

Indeed when I thought about it I wish I had some extra time to implement this, maybe I will... 😉

I'm not that into games, but I know a lot of people play them to pass the time. Just see how much money things like Candy Crush make as people are willing to pay for extra features. Imagine if that economy were running on Steem! People could be earning it and using it in the games. Lots of potential

Exactly, there is a lot of ways to increase retention and build project on top of Steem with your designed games focused on Steem users and where users can circulate their tokens as well.

Great idea!
I really want to see somebody to develop a strategy game on top of steem. For starting maybe RISK?

RISK seem very complex in terms of implementation... Though, why not...start with basic and move to more advanced versions :)

Yes, a really basic version would be enough for starting. :)

Sounds like a great idea. I also would love to play games as risk or monopoly ;) It would be funny if we could play for Steem (SteemPower or SteemDollar).

Yes, it would be great to close the gap between game tokens and crypto tokens as well as government issued tokens...

Great idea. When I learned about the Steemit, I was surprised that you can write posts and comments, and get paid for it. And my next thought was: "The next step is to pay for that you are playing a PC games."
And now your turn 8)
When I read your post, I immediately remembered Heroes of Might and Magic game 8))) 5-8 hours game and "The winner takes it all!"
Please don't forget me when you will realize this idea 8))))))

:) Post is intended to bring discussion about possibilities and brainstorm the idea a bit so that perhaps we (developers) could find interesting approaches to start implementing these games.

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Turn-Based games on Steem blockchain, strategy, realtime, open-source, browser based...… /


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Turn-Based games on Steem blockchain, strategy, realtime, open-source, browser based...… /

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If any game developers would like to get with me on my idea for a game to be implemented on the Steemit platform, feel free to contact me.

Interesting. Are there already some games doing it with steemit, or this is just idea and brainstorming. If there are if you can share i will appreciate. Thank you.