New Improvements in Steem Bot Tracker!

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There has been new improvements made in to help you better select your bid-based voting bots. If you are using voting bots you absolutely need to look at this website and compare the data you see at the time of your bid, so you can be as close as profitable as you can be.

New Improvements in Steem Bot Tracker!

You may be interested to read my three previous posts about bots: How I Use Voting Bots! & Is It Still Profitable to Bid for Steem Upvote Bots? & How to Select your Bid-Based Voting Bots!

New Improvements in Steem Bot Tracker! is the website I am using to select my bid-based voting bots as many other Steemians, and I don't know how I would do without it! It was created by @yabapmatt.

Now, let's see the different additions that were recently made to the site.

The first thing is a STEEM & SBD ticker right at the top of the site that you always see when scrolling down the page, because it was previously very difficult to locate. We hope to see it in green really soon.

New Improvements in Steem Bot Tracker!

The second thing is that you can favorite the bots you use frequently like shown in the image above. There is a clear separation with the rest of the bots.

This is how you can favorite your favorite bots.

New Improvements in Steem Bot Tracker!

You can also choose to hide certain bots you don't want to use and it will show how many bots you have hidden at the bottom of the list.

New Improvements in Steem Bot Tracker!

You can unhide bots by clicking on the link "Unhide all bots."

When you want to filter bots as I explained in my last post about bots, it will only filter bots that are not in the favorite section.

New Improvements in Steem Bot Tracker!


The "Max Age" section was changed by a "Min / Max Age" section because bots can now set a minimum. For example, the first bot will upvote your post if it is more than 20 minutes old. As its next vote is in 21 minutes, if you just created the post, by the time the bot votes it will be more than 20 minutes.

New Improvements in Steem Bot Tracker!

If the post is younger than the 20 minutes, you will receive a memo saying that the vote is moved to the next round just like this one.

New Improvements in Steem Bot Tracker!

The next column is also very useful as bot owners can set a ROI limit in the settings of their bot, which then shows here.

New Improvements in Steem Bot Tracker!

It is more profitable for bot owners and investors delegating SP to bots when the ROI limit is set to "none" because people still continue to bid when it's already not profitable for them.

Bots that have set "-10%" or "-15%" ensure that if it's not profitable, the loss will be at this maximum. The bot will stop taking bids when this limit is reached, or move the bid to the other round, which I am not sure about.

This is what can happen when there is no ROI limit set to a bot.

New Improvements in Steem Bot Tracker!

As you can see this bot had a round going to -88.42% ROI!

The total vote value is $42.29, but people put bids on it up to $274.

What do you think happened?

This is my 1 SBD bid when the bot was still profitable in a middle of a round.

New Improvements in Steem Bot Tracker!

Then, someone put a bid of 114.66 SBD after that.

When I saw that the return on my bid was so small, I did some digging because this was the first time this had happened.

I went to the bot's profile and looked at the last post to see comments from other users.

This is what I saw.

New Improvements in Steem Bot Tracker!

This honest mistake, that anyone can make if not careful enough, cost everyone who participated in the round.

The bot owner made a partial refund to that person, but what about everyone else?

New Improvements in Steem Bot Tracker!

I did ask the question and got my 1 SBD back.

New Improvements in Steem Bot Tracker!

All the other users haven't had a refund I believe, they might have not noticed the issue anyway, and this is in fact not the fault of the bot operator, but one user.

This to say that if you do not want to risk a bid on the potential honest mistake of someone else, it's maybe better to use a bot that has a clear ROI limit and I think "-10" is perfectly reasonable.

I hope that in the future more bot owners will use this ROI limit because this is also for them a nightmare when this happens.

One last improvement that is not obvious on the site is the addition of a link to the "Terms of Service" for the bots that have them.

New Improvements in Steem Bot Tracker!

For @buildawhale the link leads to a post on Steemit: What is buildawhale and our Terms of Service

I hope this post is useful for you to better select the bots you want to use.

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Michel Gerard


I wish all bots used the ROI limit.
It would make the bidding more safe but the bot owners are looking to make a profit so we can't expect them to do it


(RandoHealer has healed this post because you have been randomly selected from the whitelist. Lucky!)

Since some bots are using ROI limit and people prefer that limit.
Hope other bots will use ROI limit sooner or later.

I believe they will go for it. It's a new feature and it will take some time. Users should be also more responsible when bidding.

If it's implemented properly it will save a lot of money.

Wow ... Thanks for sharing....

Thanks for sharing the post!

Lol, gifs are randomly picked :D

Thanks for the guide :) @tipu upvote this post with 0.04 sbd :)

Thank you very much.

Additional options in steem bot tracker help to analyze more before making bid. You illustrated negative ROI issues in a fantastic way.

Thank you @gmichelbkk for your effort to make awesome post! :)

Thank you @rezoanulvibes. I am glad the post is useful for you.

Ultimately I think self upvoting is completely entrenched in the Steemit ecosystem at this point. I dont know the history of that development but I must say that I feel it completely harms the content as it makes money for people regardless of what they are posting. So Steemit becomes a giant "circle jerk" or even masturbatory self-upvoting machine, but actual content and dialogue and profiting from social interaction become secondary or are even made to be impossible by this bot model. What's your feeling about that?

I think that self-upvoting is good because if you don't think your post is worth your upvote who will. Now every system is abused so I believe self upvotes should be capped per day and per amount.

Upvoting bots are just a way for minnows to get more visibility for their posts as they don't have money to buy 100k SP and give themselves that exposure.

Thanks for the information @gmichelbkk. It was really helpful.
Please, I want to ask you when is the appropriate time to use "voting bots" at for profit purpose.

There is never an appropriate time to use voting bots for profit because I believe they are designed for advertising your posts, not making a profit. I haven't made any return on my Facebook ads! That said, the goal is to minimize your loss and if you get a small profit then it's all good. Just monitor the number of bids during the day, and see when there are less people who bids. I found the morning is best for me in my time zone. Thank you for your comment and question @amanze-trillion.

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