@tipU Voting Service Updates: Profit Percentage Adjusted to 220% - 300%, More Voting Power For New Posts

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Hi guys, time for some updates to @tipU upvoting service :)

First, the upvote profit percentage was adjusted to 220%. On special occasions, when @tipU will add special promotion comment (about one out of ten upvotes) the profit will be set to 300% :)

Second, more voting power will be used on newer and more interesting posts. Hopefully this changes will allow to use @tipU upvotes more often, as currently it's working like 2hours a day and the rest of the time @tipU spends on recovering voting power.


Focusing more voting power on newer and more engaging posts should allow users to successfully promote their valuable content and receive more upvotes from other users. I think that before this change many users were just using @tipU to print money, which is understandable but this is not why @tipU sells votes :)

How To Buyt Upvote From @tipU

As for all voting bots - just send at least 0.1 SBD to @tipU with link to the post in memo. Remember that the newer and more engaging the post, the higher upvote you can get :)

For SP Delegators / Investors

@tipU pays out 100% of profit to SP Delegators and investors- no fees taken. On top of that, if you delegation / investment is at least 7 days old, you will start to receive 50% of @tipU curation rewards in STEEM which further increase the profit - pretty much the best deal on steem :)


How To Delegate Steem Power

To delegate, use this awesome tool available on:

How Invest

It's very easy - just send at least 0.1 SBD or 0.1 STEEM to @tipu with memo: invest
Your investment will be automatically converted to STEEM POWER and will work the same as SP delegation.

That wraps it up, thank you for reading and if you have any questions / feedback please let me know in the comments! :)


Its a great initiative . I like the original ethos are intact (quality posts get more attention). The voting bots are usually considered as only money making tools and the slight twist made it really interesting . Let us know the progress in the coming days. Good Luck

currently it's working like 2hours a day and the rest of the time @tipU spends on recovering voting power.

Kind of rough to not be able to use @tipu as I still can not find the 2 hour window. I got to try harder, lol. Thanks.

Today the window (nicely named by the way) was open for like 12 hours so it's getting better :)

tipu vote just sending 0.10 SBD how much earn on post by upvoting, 0.22 or 0.27 SBD! is not clear.

0.22 and on special occasion 0.3 :)

@tipU upvote this post for 2 sbd :)
(you can also send upvotes to others and yourself by writing a comment like this one :)

Thank you @tipu.
I love this bot.i believe @tipu is the best bot on steemit.
All my found i invest on tipu...love u

This sounds so interesting and very useful. Beginners like me need these kind of bots. I am waiting to earn my first 0.1 SBD for sending it to @tipu. I am excited to invest in the bot too.

I love what @tipu is doing with the percentage of the voting service, this will make many more users join the cause. Congratulations for your excellent work

No, its really guaranteed 220% :)

hmmm. I sent 1sbd and received a memo in my wallet that @tipu would upvote my post in 21 minutes but I never received the vote. I'm wondering what I do now?

Get refundee lol :) steem nodes were not working well yesterday. Will check it out!

hi there - ive been trying to send a tip for 2 days now to @vanessahampton

i tried using the old code - and also the new code

and no tip has been given to her. can you let me know what i should do? thanks @cardboard and @tipu ! :)

Please send me link to the comments :)

ok i will right now :)

you'll see multiple requests hehehehe but i only want to send it once please. 3SBD to her account from mine :)


Try send instead of give :)
so @tipu send 0.2 tip :)

ok i'll do it now hehehe

Hi @dreemsteem! You have received 0.2 SBD tip from @cardboard!

Thanks. You sure went to a lot of trouble.

it was important to me!!! :)

@tipu my invest of 0.1 sbd please move for @niddumulu invest. thanks

@tipu looks promising, will give it a try on my upcoming whale giveaway
Sent 1.0 SBD

Hi @jonatftforest! You have received 0.1 SBD tip from @cardboard!

Aye, currentlt @tipu is recovering voting power but you should be able to use it in about 6 hours :) thankfully sending tips always works - @tipu send 0.1 sbd tip :)

Is that why it was given back to me?

Yes, the transfer memo has a message why it was refunded :)

@cardboard thank you, sorry for the newbie questions. I'm still getting the hang of this platform and there's a lot I don't know yet

It's a wonderful initiative.

excellent work

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If we made an invest, do we only get payouts when we reach a certain threshold?

Yes, 0.001 SBD because its impossible to send less :)

How much does one have to invest to get (roughly) .001 per day? How can we check how much we have invested so far? :)

About 2 SBD but this directly depends on STEEM price. Amount of investment and delegation is send in memo in each payout but Im working on additional ways to get the info :)

4 days ago I got a memo that said

Profit payout from @tipU: earned in the last 24h: 27.494 SBD x your share of 0.002% (0 SP delegated + 1.1 SP invested out of 51407.862 SP total). All data can be validated on www.steemd.com/@tipu. Thank you! Upvote profit multiplier was set to 2.1 so tomorrows payout should look better althouh steem price is still falling.

I have not gotten any more profit payout since 4 days ago. That is okay as I know there are a lot of factors and my invest is so little right now. Is it better to send delegation? How does one remove what is invested and do delegate instead?

Okay perhaps I'll wait on you having other ways to do get the info. I also mistakenly sent a memo delegation to the bot. It can keep it or send it back lol

What are the rules for receiving upvotes?

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