How to Select your Bid-Based Voting Bots!

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Today I'd like to show you a bit more about bid-based voting bots and how to filter them on, so you can make a better selection according to your needs. This post is for newer users on Steemit and first users of Steem bots, pardon me if what I show looks too easy for you, experienced users.

How to Select your Bid-Based Voting Bots!

I still see people complaining about the profitability of bid-based voting bots and I'd like to start this post with a screenshot of what you see when you go to

Three important points to read and understand:

  1. Vote values shown on this site are ESTIMATES based on the available information at the current time.
  2. For bid-based voting bots, bids often come in right before the round ends which affect the payouts.
  3. Please make sure you understand how the bots work and that any payouts estimated here are not guaranteed!

If you understand that bid-based voting bots are not always profitable and that they are mostly promoting tools to get you farther on Steemit, then you will have a nice ride.

How to Select your Bid-Based Voting Bots! is the website I have been using since I started using bid-based voting bots and it is the only site I know of that lists all bots and gives stats live.

Now, in order to help you select your bid-based voting bots, you may want to use filters.

bid-based voting bots

There are 5 filters and I'm going to show you what they do one by one.

Let's click on the first icon.

bid-based voting bots

This only shows bots that provide a bid API so the data shown is guaranteed to be accurate. This means that data shown can't be faked and you can trust what you see. There have been some abuse in the past.

Let's click on the second icon.

bid-based voting bots

This only shows bots that automatically refund invalid bids. An invalid bid is if the memo is blank, the URL in the memo is wrong, the bot didn't vote or your post, the bot already voted on your post, or the post is older than the limit set for the bot.

If you send two transactions in the same round by mistake, this will be added up as a unique vote, and if the final vote is not profitable because there have been too many bids, it's not refundable automatically or manually, and for all bots.

Wait at least 3 hours before contacting the owner of the bot for a refund if the bot hasn't voted and a refund wasn't made automatically.

Let's click on the third icon.

bid-based voting bots

This only shows bots that accept STEEM bids. Some bots only accept SBD, so if you have STEEM you want to use, this filter will save you time.

Let's click on the fourth icon.

bid-based voting bots

This only shows bots that do not post a comment when they vote on a post. This is a new filter that has been added to and it looks like more and more bots are now dropping comments. If you don't want a comment on your post made by the bot, this will come handy.

Let's click on the fifth icon.

bid-based voting bots

This only shows bots that use a portion of earnings to fund projects. This can help you decide where you want to send your money to. These bots are using part of their income to fund projects on Steem, not making someone rich, and that's good.

Finally, you can combine filters.

bid-based voting bots

If you want to see bots that fund projects and also do not post a comment, you can.

I hope this post is useful to help you select the bots you want to use for your needs.

You may be interested to read two previous posts about bots: How I Use Voting Bots! & Is It Still Profitable to Bid for Steem Upvote Bots?

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Michel Gerard


Thank you so much for explaining the filter options. Now people can easily use this options to get the specific bot.

Yes @rezoanulbibes. Thank you for commenting.

bro if we have some steem what is the better for account

  1. directly change that steem to power up
  2. use that steem in biding bots and slowly get SP and almost 80 % convert it to SBD ?

I use all my SBD for promotion and keep all my SP. If you have Steem, the best is to power up unless you want to cash out in the near future.

Steembottracker is a very usefull site!...even i f i don't like too much this kind of bots...i tried a few times but I prefer ti grow up with the quality of my contest even if is more difficult...

That's a choice @dexpartacus. Thank you for commenting.

Nice little tool you got here. I'm still trying to get a grasp on Steemit bots, their value, how and when to use them. It really is a unique service industry that's been created as a result of Steemit. I'm not sure how I feel about them in the long run. I think organic content rewarding might be better for the platform. But, none the less they are here and this little how-to is a good way to get started. Relatively new to Steemit, what is a witness?

Thank you @clshipp91 for commenting. Bots are useful to promote your posts, useful because they can fund Steem project and useful because whales can invest in them. A witness is a Steem user who has a server and run the Steem blockchain, it is like mining for other crypto. You can vote for them and the top 20 can influence new updates for Steem.

Gotcha gotcha, so kind of like a master node then. Thanks for clearing that up for me!

I'm very glad to have read this post, I have been using SBT for awhile but did not know about the filters. Thanks for the heads-up my friend!

That was the same for me, it took a long time for me to discover them. Thank you for commenting @scottrogers63.

Salut Michel !

I am still confused, is it better to bid at the beginning of a round, or at the end? thanks in advance!

Some users prefer to bid at the end because you still can see if the bid is profitable, but most of the time within the last 10 minutes even earlier for some bots, it's already too late, and some users still continue to bid cutting down results for everyone. Bids are rarely profitable so I do not have an answer of what is best.

If the max bid is not at zero, then I will bid regardless if it's at the beginning or end of the round. Just if it says Max 5 SBD, better not to bid 10 SBD.

Thanks for the clarification! I decided to try at beginning of round and at the end, I will see if it makessa big difference...

Thanks for the info. I have become aware that some on Steemit, for example @wwf frown upon the use of bidbots while others are very enthusiastic. So whats up? They seem endemic to the platform or am I wrong? Oh, and thanks fro the information. Appreciate it. I tried @ mnnowhelper last week and also appreciator. they both worked well. JB was already full and was showing a negative return so did not use him at the time.

You did well selecting your bots @mistermercury. Everyone has a different opinion about bots like in politics. Some think that it's should be based on merit, but it's not realistic in my opinion. When you see whales with 300k plus SP and voting their posts and also comments to $10+, is that based on merit? But I agree on eliminating low quality and spam posts from using bots.

The reason I frown upon them is that people can depend on them for the cash flow and miss out on building a healthy following instead. So if people are here for cash, then use them. However, if you want to build a long term relationship with people who will support your blog, then focus on building those relationships.

Thank you for this info, i am not new since I joined in August '17 but never really into this platform until late Jan of this year and I am still getting my head around this platform. This post of yours helps me in choosing which bot to use. Thank you once again.

Thank you very much for your comment @lhyn, I am glad this is useful.

Thank you for this information. I have been on Steemit for a year. However, there is still so much I do not know. This helps a great deal. I am now following you. I am also sending you a little SBD as way of saying thank you.

I am glad that my post was useful to you. Thank you very much @artoftherhyme for sending the SBD.

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