It's All About Our Noble Steemians With @paradise-found. Episode 14

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There are some steemains on this platform that deserve an accolade for the good work that they are doing on the steem platform. Such people I call them noble steemains because they have been supporting this platform in one way or the other.

Over the course of time, I will be introducing you to many of the noble steemains here in our community and trying to get to know each of them little better. I have taken this upon myself to shed more light on who this noble steemains are and what they are capable of doing.

Today I would like to introduce you to @paradise-found Founder of gratefulvibes community and gratefulvibes discord. Supporter of WWH2H Children's Village in Honduras.

Join me as I welcome @paradise-found to the show.


Welcome to another great episode of it's all about our noble steemains with @dhavey and thanks for taking your time to converse with me @paradise-found

Can you tell our readers reading this how you first hear about steemit and what motivated you to join?

At the beginning I thought the income source could help future ministry on Roatan Island. But instead it has turned into a world-wide ministry in itself. This platform presents the opportunity to help and encourage people world-wide. Last fall the idea for the #gratefulvibes challenge turned into a community. So we started the gratefulvibes (GV) discord, and that has now turned into a growing and thriving family. The members at GV discord are amazing; helpful, encouraging, and supportive.

As a steemain what is the biggest challenge you have ever faced since you joined steemit?

The early days were hard, as it is with most newbies. I would spend hours on a post, thinking it would be successful. Only to garner few upvotes and only pennies in rewards.

If you ask some steemains they will tell you that they are not steeming for rewards and all that they need is just relationship with other steemains, now if rewards are removed from steem, would you still blog on steem?

You know, the truth is I have learned that community is the value here. The Steemit platform has been a blessing to me. I now have amazing friends on 5 continents. All because of Steemit!! Especially my good friend and partner in GV success @sunnylife. Just as her name suggests, she is warm and friendly. Honestly there are way to many splendid Steemians at GV to name them all, instead I will invite your readers to join the GV family discord and find out for themselves. Join here:

Yeah, making friends and building relationships is good on this platform, can you tell us those steemains that as contributed and impacted your blogging experience since you joined steemit?

Well, I already named @sunnylife. There are so many it is difficult, I would hate to leave someone out. Here are a few; my friend @papa-pepper is always there when I need advice. I would like to thank @canadian-coconut for her encouragement and support. A Steemian I highly admire is @surpassinggoogle.

What were you told before you joined steemit?

Don't lose your password!!

Do you really think anyone will still visit your blog if they don't have any other thing to benefit from you or your steem allies apart from the messages you pass across?

The community that has developed around GV is a caring one. These people are friends first, family even. Seriously, we would be loving and helping each other if there were no rewards. Join us and find out.

Can you tell the community one thing that people will remember you for even if you quit steemit today?

I'm an encourager, and it could be this. I've been mentoring Steemians at GV, and many are now ready to mentor others. The confidence they have now is amazing. Or it could be generosity, I've been known to help in an unselfish way.

If you could give advice to newbies on how to be successful on this platform, what would it be?

Be yourself, be genuine, be active. Being active means to curate and leave quality comments. Join communities, such as GV, and make friends. Steemit is a marathon, and it takes time, your patience will be rewarded. Above all - do not quit.

What is your take on using Bot to support once post.

I see it this way. There are times when I read a post that is spectacular and I also see it is not getting the rewards I think it deserves. I can purchase that amazingly worthy post a whale upvote. I see nothing wrong with this thinking.

As a steemian do you think finding a niche rather than posting some random stuff?

Both are good, and both can be successful. Actually I have a few niches, gratefulvibes, of course. But also my paradise found: Roatan Island, I love to post photo's and video's from this Island paradise. My Golf Jam series: Golf video's to music where the requester of the music jam wins SBD. No one else is doing this here on Steemit. During the American Football season I run what's called STEEMIT NFL PICK'EM: where Steemians can win SBD by selecting the winners of each weeks games. I post on food and natural beauty and other randoms things. Also lately I have become a ULOGGER. ULOG was created by @surpassinggoogle, and it is a wonderful concept where you blog about your life, making you the celebrity.

If there was one thing you could do or suggest to make steem more interesting and attractive to users, what would that be?

Good question, maybe make it more user friendly. The learning curve is a difficult one.

If there was a worldwide internet and cellular blackout for a week, what would you do for those 7 days?

I would be golfing for sure. I would also miss my GV family!!

If you are privilege to talk to someone yet to join steemit, what can you tell the person that will motivate such person to join?

I would explain how Steemit can expand your world and brings people together. Seriously, the last time we had a GV voice chat, there was 5 continents represented. Thank you Steemit!!

It's an great honor conversing with you @paradise-foundThanks for coming for the show. Have a wonderful.

Thanks you.

If you are interested in learning more about
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Thanks for reading. Till next time

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I was lucky enough do join the ever supportive GV family discord when I started steemit and meet this amazing person @paradise-found
If there are people out there finding it difficult I highly recommend you to join the discord :)


Yeah to join the server there's a link up there which you can use


Thanks Alice!!
Bear Hugs!! x0x0x

Thank you so much @dhavey for featuring @paradise-found on this wonderful article!
I really enjoyed reading it - so inspiring!


Thanks am grateful


Thanks Pamela!!
Bear Hugs!! x0x0x

thank u @dhavey for interviewing our loving papa bear, @paradise-found, in your post. He is really a great guy. GV fam including me really has high respect for him. We all love him so dearly. His name is already in my heart. That's how grateful I am to meet him. Love you papa bear! 😘😘😘


I also have respect for a noble like him


Thanks Hazel!!
Bear Hugs!! x0x0x

wow! featuring our papa bear @paradise-found , it was a great interview indeed , all words are worth reading ,@paradise-found is really a very kind, generous and helpful man. salute! ,thanks @dhavey for sharing this to everyone ❤️❤️❤️


Thanks for stopping by


Thanks Zephie!!
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This seems so great, its nice having a reputable whale like you here and thanks for your invites to GV


Your welcome my friend, and thank you for the kind compliment.
Please do join us at GV discord. We also have GV Family Curation Trail now.

I have heard alot about @paradisefound and glad you have him today @dhavey, I have join gv server on discord hoping to know him better


I hope we can chat or DM together soon my friend!!


He's a great guy @paradise-found
Once you are in the discord the GV family will help you with anything you need :)


Great and nice


Thanks my main man

I want to thank @dhavey for this opportunity. His blog is wonderful because he brings us closer to the witnesses for this platform. I really look forward to each interview he does.
Thanks for your dedicated work my friend @dhavey!! Steem on!!


Thanks you friend and am grateful for this wonderful comment.

Steem on.

Wow, Papa Bear @paradise-found !
He's one of the best people on Steemit!
People love him big time!


Thanks Jerryl!! <3
Bear Hugs!! x0x0x

Thanks for bringing this great man here. Am happy to read about him


Thanks for reading

What a lovely interview paps:)
We love our papa bear!
The most loving, kind, sweet, generous papa bear in the Ulogian Forest::)
More power Papsi and GV family!
Well done @dhavey. All the best in the future.


Thank you Sunny!!
Bear Hugs!! x0x0x

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