My 100th Post And Brand New Initiative!!

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My 100th Post! Woohoo!!

Today marks my 100th post here on Steemit. It seems like just yesterday I was making a list of goals to accomplish for 2018 and trying to figure out how to reach them. Apparently my hard work, communication with you guys, and delivering consistent content has paid off tremendously. I'm nearing 2,500 (awesome) followers, gained a reputation of 61, and I've made a little money in the process. And now it's time to pay it forward!..

Brand New Steemit Initiative!!

Over the last couple of weeks I've been considering different projects and communities on Steemit to fund via the @brandonfrye upvote bot. Nothing really grabbed my attention so it got me thinking about an initiative I could create myself. Then last week I created a post entitled What Is Quality Content and Does Steemit Need to Be Fixed? I received a lot of great feedback from that post and suggestions from members of the community on how Steemit could better help new users. Special thanks to @prydefoltz who's thoughts and feedback sparked the idea for this initiative we'll be starting.

See today's video for a sneak peek!


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congratulation on you 100th post @brandonfrye. I am barely starting myself but may you have many many more.

You're today's comment winner!! 😎🥂

Each day I pick a random comment on my post to upvote and today was your lucky day 🙌🏻

Thank for the upvote @brandonfrye

awesome man . Good initiative . keep it going . 4 months and huge achievement. Congratulations .

Thanks @doctalk, I'm so excited to get this started!

Congrats On You're 100th Steemit Post! And Please Do Let Us Know When That Other Channel Is Up And Running! I Want to Be One Of The First Followers! You Look So Happy in The Video!! Looks Like This Uptrend Is Helping Our Mood! Also So You Aren't Going To Be Doing The $20 Of Steem Dollars Anymore? Just Curious

wow!! brandon thats a feat..watched a couple of your steemit videos on youtube,quite expository.but i have not been able to do any real post yet since i joined. still need some "know hows".

What a neat idea! @brandonfrye you have a heart of gold or should I say a heart of steem power?

Congrats on your 💯 post. That is wicked news.

This is a great initiative, can't wait to see the criteria. Thank you

Thanks, @eugenekul. I'm beyond excited to get this initiative started. I'll have a blog post (from the new channel) outlining everything very soon. :)

Good luck......@hashclub is your good follower.

Thanks for the support, @hashclub!! :)

Interesting idea man. And you know I didn't understand the bandwidth stuff until it was brought up previously. Thats a huge thing for newer Steemians, actually being able to reward and engage with others.

Great stuff man and looking forward to helping out!

Oh yeah, congrats on 100 posts too! Here's to 1000 more!

Yeah, I never thought much about it. But on other platforms (like Steemit) you have to connect and network with people in order to really get going. Here you are limited if you don't have SP in your account. So that can be a real issue. So we'll be able to target new people here who need a little boost to get going! :)

Be sure to let me know when the other channel is up:) I want to support it, for sure. It is is very generous of you to give your time and effort to helping out the newbies. You have wonderful energy and it shows. Have a fantastic day, Brandon:)

Thanks again @prydefoltz! I'm very much looking forward to this initiative and helping new Steemians with education and funding. And I will definitely let you know. I should have a blog post up on the new channel in the next 24-72 hours outlining everything. :)

I'll keep an eye out for it:)

congratulations ...
i think you are an expert stemians (y)

Lol, I'm still learning myself. But try to share what I know! :)

Great initiative! Look forward to seeing what are the requirements to see how I can help or participate. I am still adding some #STEEM so can potentially help. At the end of the day, as we raise awareness and adoption, we help ourselves as well!

Thanks for your support, @newageinv. I will have a blog post up on the new channel in the next 24-72 hours outlining everything. Can't wait to get started with this! :)

congratulations my brother ...
this will spur the other to add the spirit in this platform

Yes, we can all do our part to support one another! :)

Congratulations @brandonfrye and Thanks for sharing so much value with us :)

Thanks you guys for the support!! :)

congratulations dude !
hard work will reap a satisfactory result
sometime I might be like you :)

Thanks @k1n4l-jkt48 for your support! And I agree.. hard work trumps all!

You have produced 100 post quality and weight ...
congratulatiooooonnnsssss my friend

Thanks @nabilah48! I appreciate it

Great idea, can't wait to see announcement post. If it's possible we could merge with steemit school community @dobartim created it. With their help we could educate new users. check them out. Congrats on your success. Good luck with all projects.

Thanks @samaritanfriend, I will have to look into what he's doing. :)

congratulations!! it's a great news. keep it up buddy.

Thank you, I appreciate it!

Yup, probable bandwidth issues are the first push I got to invest in Steem. Otherwise, I initially planned to go on without any investment and see where my account was going. So, for me these weren't a bad thing, they were a trigger to put some money in something I believed in.

I have a test account and wanted to see if a new user, without any investment in steem power or delegation (other than the one from steemit), can earn anything from curation at current Steem prices. The results are disappointing so far: zero. So, your project of delegating to newer users who meet certain criteria will certainly help, and we need to be realistic: we can't think of a great way to highlight quality content without involving many properly rewarded curators as well.

Congratulations on the 100 posts milestone! :)

Great points. And I’m not surprised with the results of your other account. We really do have to invest in the platform or get support from bigger users in order to make it here.

And thanks! Looking forward to the next 100!!

Kudos on scoring a century!... and for coming up with an awesome initiative for minnow.

Thank you. I’m looking forward to the impact this will make. 😊

Hi. I was wondering if payout fluctuates based on the worth of steem, amount of bids you get, or a combination of both? Thanks.

Hey @awesomegames007, great question. The only two things that affect the amount of payouts are the SP in the bot account (which is constantly going up) and the amount of bids we get for the day. Technically (aside from a day where nobody wants upvotes) the payouts will get higher and higher because I'm constantly earning more SP for the bot. Also note that some days we will receive no bids in Steem so there may be no Steem payouts.

Cool, thanks for answering.

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Hey Brandon, great stuff. I have been watching lately. Now following. Follow me back if you like my content. Like Steemwalker @investing. Keep up the awesome work and Steemit promotions

Congrats Bro.


The Steemit Community will fix the issues and morph into something great over time, no different than any other new technology/company, etc. Thus, HODL Steem and


to the Moon.

Absolutely! I have no doubt that things will improve over time. :)

Hey Brandon, sounds like you have brilliant ideas. I'm curious how this new initiative will work out.
And you started to use music, which is great. Maybe the volume could just be a little less.

Hey @exploerer79, thanks and I can't wait to get this started. I'll have a blog post outlining everything very soon. And yeah, when I do videos like this I like to throw in a little music lol. Just something for the background. :)

how do i also really earn here on steemit..what would be your tip bits for a newbie??

Hi @brandonfrye
Excellent article. I subscribed to your blog. I will follow your news.
I will be grateful if you subscribe to my blog @user2627
Good luck to you!

that is very kind @brandonfrye, you are so helpful to the community, and i am going to delegate to the bot in order to participate in such great initiative.

thanks a lot

Thank you for all advice's and Congratulation for getting 100 posts!!

Congratulations for your 100 posts, I am really happy for you. I've writen 677 posts, and I have almost 4000 followers, you will also hit the number soon. I am also happy that you want to support new people, because they don't have any steem to pay for bots to grow. I am also creating something huge and I hope you will also support me somehow.

Congrats bro,thats awesome.

Appreciate the support, @aaeesha!

I've just started following your content and you've got some great videos and content. It's going to take me some time to get through some of them but I just want to say thank you so much for sharing and helping share all the info you know!