"Bandwidth Limit Exceeded" - The Silent Killer

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New steemians have a serious hurdle to overcome in the way of bandwidth limitations. These are in place to mitigate would-be spammers and such from flooding the platform with nonsense posts, which is a good idea. HOWEVER! The actual execution of this is not very good, especially if someone gets an account from their friend through anon.steem.network and starts their journey with 6 STEEM there is a very high chance they will run into this limit early on, and what's even worse is the more effort they're putting into their posts the more likely they are to run into this problem.

steemian A: joins and uses steemit casually, posting some spammy meme from google image every day and comments on a couple thigns, votes on a few things, etc.

steemian B: is extremely enthusiastic and starts by making a gigantic introduction post with 20 photos alongside their life story, the write giant well-thought comments, vote on a ton of things, and follow up with even more posts in the vein of 1000 word giant superposts with 15 images sources and everything else.

Who do you think is going to be hit with the bandwidth nerf bat?
Correct Answer: The enthusiastic person, the most valuable person, and the one trying the hardest to contribute. Steemian B hits the limit while the other continues to post junk.

As we know, it takes a minimum of 7 days to begin reaping rewards, so if they hit their limit in the first day or two it can severely cripple their enjoyment of the platform alongside their first impressions. The bandwidth recharges over time but if they have tiny account value the actual amount of bandwidth they are given is also very small. Making this even more dire is what happens after that 7 day period where they do in fact have some rewards coming in...


Did you know?
If you hit the bandwidth limitation:
-you cannot power up
-you cannot claim rewards
-you cannot buy STEEM with SBD
-you cannot comment or post about your issue
-you cannot upvote anyone discussing this problem
-you cannot resteem a post about this problem
-you cannot do anything, you're basically banned

You read that right. The limitation error tells you that you need to power up to use steemit, then when you try to power up, buy more STEEM with SBD, or claim a reward then the same error comes out saying you need to power up in order to do that...

And because people that are suffering from the bandwidth limitation cannot post or comment about the issue, there may be more people having this problem than anyone thinks, and the only reason you don't hear about it is they CANNOT TELL YOU that they have this problem. They are muted platform-wide and could be in a scenario where they cannot even invest money to power up.

I propose that bandwidth minimums be significantly raised by some flat value, and some other flat value be added to the act of posting/commenting unrelated to the actual size of the post, meaning new users will have more bandwidth for individual posting but spammers will also be considered as using more overall keeping the limitation roughly the same for them while allowing larger posts to be made for new users without hindering their ability to do everything else. As I said this is especially an issue for people coming in through anon.steem.network since they start with a tiny amount of STEEM.

If you have this issue and cannot post about it, please visit https://steemit.chat/channel/help and ask for assistance! This chat channel is outside the blockchain and will not be affected by your bandwidth limitation, so your problem can at least be known. If you think someone following you might have run into this problem, consider giving this a RESTEEM.

Thanks for reading, hope someone finds a good way to solve this.

follow me, I post things sometimes


Yep ! It's really good that you post things like this. Hopefully it will attract the attention of the site developers and they can tweak it next time along with the other things that they need to fix. I guess its in Beta stage, so a work in progress.

Yea, I try to post the occasional rant about stuff I think could be improved upon, in hopes that someone notices or word gets around and things improve. The way I see it, the best QA testers in the world are elite complainer people, and the most value a beta tester can have is through finding the problems rather than praising the good things especially when everyone is already aware of the good parts, so on I go complaining about random problems I find in hopes they change ^_^

I think they're on to it, i went away for 2 weeks and noticed a few things they had changed already, so they are pretty pro-active. They also have a vested interest too, and want to see the platform succeed. Hopefully i'm right.

Steemd is being reworked now and you already can easily see your Bandwidth Remaining and Voting Power


Upvote this for others to see :)

There should be a visible bandwidth usage bar displayed on your account page along with a good description of how it works.

I agree.
Something to at least warn you are getting close to the limit would save people a lot of trouble

totally agree!!

I think that is a great idea. Maybe someone already has something like that off this platform. Or even something to describe what this means at all for technical idiots like me.

I found this post today that will give you a bunch of numbers about yourself. I asked the person to look at my profile, but when I get the answer I will need help to know what to do with it.


It looks like the post is renewed daily, so make sure you are on the current one.

So much of what happens here is unknown until you get hit by it. I upvoted everything I liked for about a day and had no idea I should limit that. Now I stay over 75% and check but in the beginning I had no idea. I see people with less than 30 reputation upvote me with less than 20% power sometimes now and try to get over there to explain it when I can.

On steemd.com bandwidth remaining is listed down on the bottom left, just under your reputation.

Thank you! So helpful. Now I can watch myself sink and swim. I just added a reward with some SP and then refreshed the steemd page and there it was! Now at least I can see where I'm at.

Do you have any recommendation for where to keep that percentage? I'm at 56% now - should I try to keep it above some range?

LOL. Now just sit back and scratch your head as the number climbs and drops while your account does nothing.

You are so right about that. At least I have something to watch now and it is very entertaining! I go from -700% to +70% and back again, and all over the place!

True but I was hit with that bandwidth problem straight off coming back after a year off and steemd says I have plenty of bandwidth. Nonsensical???

I had this happen to me last night! I work really hard on here and spend hours (no, literally most of my day) on here creating what I hope to be valuable content, commenting on quality posts and overall trying to encourage the platform and help it grow and prosper... I just got done a post that I had been writing for hours and then I got hit with this. My heart sank. What did I do wrong I wondered? I started to freak out and ran over to Discord, luckily I was told it would pass (but my OCD did not like that) I kept refreshing and saving everything until somehow it was back on. I definitely agree with you and support the fact that this needs to be fixed. I don't want people to be punished for being an active, engaged user! That's the opposite of what we need to see her! I'm hoping they change this otherwise I see problems ahead :( Thanks for sharing this and bringing attention to the issue!

You are a perfect example of why I have a problem with this bandwidth limitation.

You make such good posts and a ton of people enjoy them, but the system tracks your activity as high bandwidth usage and acts like you're a spammer, blocking you from your next post or comment while the actual spammer making low-quality micro posts with 1 sentence and some random picture from google images isn't hit by the limitation because it uses less bandwidth, so in many cases it's hitting the people that are contributing the most!

I think this needs a serious revamp to work for its intended purpose.

How did I miss this comment? Thank you so much for your kind words :)

I agree with you, I think it's definitely in need of an update that solves this. Hopefully enough people brought it up that someone caught wind of the issue and is working on it. I haven't had a problem since, but that particular day, I was highly active so I guess I have no idea if anything has changed :S

Thanks again, it makes me really happy to know that my posts are being enjoyed!

I think if your reputation score goes way down then this might be a good time to start putting in some more severe bandwidth limitations. The system could be gamed to screw with people but that is beyond my current solution.

The bandwidth and rate limitation features of steem are very interesting​ concepts in the real​m of "spam" and "attacks".

Because steem is weird and does not have transaction fees, the bandwith and ratelimits do an interesting job solving these problems.

In Bitcoin there is no such thing as a spam transaction: only fee paying and non-fee paying. If someone is sending a lot of transactions, but paying fees, it is not spam.

Really wonder if tx fees and the like would have been better for steem.

I had no idea this was a thing. It's certainly no way to welcome new users. It seems like the overall market of ideas should be handling the problem of spam rather than a centralized rule like this.

Interesting, thanks for sharing!

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Wow - this is like a different world - old timers like me know nothing about this stuff and live in a different Steemit - thanks for the insight!

great work! keep it up!

At first I could not understand this issue. Surly, after me being active for a month and earning some SP I would not have to worry about dealing with this mess. I was wrong. “Bandwidth remaining -37.75%.” How interesting.

Thanks much ... I had this happen to me for the first time today after opening my acct late June. Indeed once you run out of BW it seems to be steemit jail until you get it back.

I've been on Steemit for over a month, and I still learn something new everyday. I wasn't aware of this problem until yesterday where a few people told me they were having this issue. Thanks for clearing it up. I'm resteeming this for my followers.

Thanks for posting this, I am just coming up on 3 weeks on here and just got hit by this today and its been happening most of the day with short bursts i can post or comment

at least I now have an idea why and have resteemed this as I know its affecting some I follow on here

I guess best bet for me for now is to post less and with not so many photos in my post for a few days and hopefully I will build up a bit and not be restricted so much

thanks again

yea try to aim for less photos for a while and if possible avoiding really high-res HD photos could make a difference too, since their file size is large it could be impacting your bandwidth more than anything. I'm not sure why but lately this seems to be happening more often so any measures you take to reduce your bandwidth usage will hopefully just be temporary measures until this is solved.

Ok thanks I never post high red on social sites but may have been adding to many to recent posts

Thanks again

Sorry if low quality photos will be horrible. I think we should go for quality.

I had this happen to me today for a few minutes and like @fitinfun I've invited my blogging friends to try out steemit. They'll not be happy bunnies if this keeps happening as they all tend to write long detailed posts with photos. I better warn them so I resteemed this thanks.

Jay, this happened to me too and I post comments far less than you do plus I submit a story once or twice a day most of the time 1 photo per story. I was a bit confused and am even more confused after reading this article. Thank you for resteeming it...I have done the same. This learning curve we are all on is an interesting one.

Yes it is such a change from other sites without a doubt

I will have to slow down a bit with both comments and posts I think

Great post...I just ran into this issue....Im learning and this helped! Ive been on a lil over 2 weeks...it just hit me today...What do we do if it happens? just wait?

Happened to me today too I just sold a few coins on bittrex that surprisingly I was in profits on then bought steem and transfered it to here was back up and running in 2 min

yea, it seems to be the only thing you can do right now is wait, and go very light on what you post for a while so it can recover. Then when you have some bandwidth power up as much as you can before hitting the limit again, and try to do a claim reward only once or twice per day unless there is a significant amount (don't claim 0.001SP curation reward for example, just wait until there is more so you don't push closer to the limit)

I was wondering about that reward claiming. Can we just not do it for a week or so? Or should we do it once a day only?

Resteemed and upvoted for my friends. I was asking on Twitter and got a response of another person affected.

Also - does "light on what you post" mean less photos or less text or both? I do a lot of commenting and usually two posts a day.

This place is highly confusing to this old lady blogger, but I guess you know that already. I am so glad I have held back on inviting my friends here. They would all be ready to murder me by now.

reward claiming can be done as often as you like, but since the limitation hits it there is some implied value of bandwidth being used each time you claim a reward, so unless it's a decent amount it would be better to do it less often. If you have larger amounts the SP you gain should counteract any bandwidth used so that's fine, just don't hit claim 10x a day on any random amounts of 0.001SP from curation votes :)

light on posting, I think it might be better to use smaller amounts of images and possibly avoid 4k hihg-resolution images that are large file size, since there is an upload involved it might be taking this into consideration so you would be able to post 10x as many small images as large HD ones. I think for every giant image you could have 10,000 words under normal computer rules, so they are probably the heavy hitter for bandwidth.

Hope that helps

Thank you so much - that really does help. I know I need a jpg for the first photo, but I can convert any others to pngs. That would help a lot with file size. It's not like we're talking about fine art here (except in my own mind).

And no more chasing after those pennies. I will just do the wallet thing in the mornings and it will be more thrilling if I do it that way. I thought I should unload it any time I saw it had money, but obviously not. Learning curve!

hahaha "They would all be ready to murder me" So, so true!!
As for your Q. "light on what you post" mean less photos or less text or both? ... I fear both. But that would probably mean about 10 posts a day instead of 20 - I'm just guessing!
All the best - you have a new follower!


Thanks so much for following! I'm just barely able to do two posts a day, but one recent one had a lot of photos so maybe that was it.

I was advised to comment more than posting, so that's my story and I'm sticking to it! (Until someone else tells me to do something else! I'm flexible.)

I had this issue earlier but I haven't been posting much the last few days so it didn't make sense before I made any post for the day, I rebooted my computer and the problem was gone. Someone else said they logged out and logged back in on another post I saw about this, and it fixed the problem for them. I fall into category B

According to what I learned at Steemit.Chat your "bandwidth meter" is tied to the amount of Steem you have or possibly even the value of Steem. So with the value of Steem tanking this past few weeks it probably has decreased the "bandwidth meter" as well. This bandwidth takes a VERY long time to recharge also so be careful not to hit it.

Thanks for the explanation. I went through this problem a few times during the day today. I wonder how long it lasts. It really sucks not being able to upvote and comment and interact with the community. I hope they rethink this limitation because it makes nonsense since it affects mostly people who just want to participate in the platform.

It's not supposed to last very long but seems to be happening more often lately. I am hoping it's a temporary problem that can be solved sometime soon.

I ran into that earlier on this evening, and was totally baffled by it. I did post a question over on the help channel, and have been able to make a few comments this evening. Not sure if my comments on the help channel had anything to do with it. Like most things about Steemit, I am totally confused. LOL! Thanks for writing about it!.

u have spelled my own experience here...thanks for the post.....

Hello, i'm new in steemit, i'm that entusiastic person.
Yesterday when i was to give a "like" emerged a little window and said me that i was exceed Bandwidth and that i had to buy Steem to solve. I had some Steem Dollars and i was to bought Steem, but when i did, i lost my Steem Dollars. That wasn't a lot, but because i'm starting is a very bad step.

If someone could tell me how to solve this problem i'll be very grateful. And give me some like, it could help me to recover that i lost yesterday XD

Thanks @alphacore, I didn't even know this occurred. I'm a new steemian, I like to put lots of creative & technical effort into my my posts & replies, & now I'm wondering if it's just a waste of my time.
I want to contribute valuable, useful, meaningful material & commentary to steemit, but not if it's devalued the moment I hit post.
Very discouraging, to say the least.

some fixes are already taking place, this post is mainly intended to draw more attention to the issue so it can be resolved faster

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If steemit is going to punish people for being engaged, active and valuable contributors to the community, it has just fallen on its own sword.

Last night for the first in a long time I decided to post valuable stuff. With valiant effort I creted a steamy little post. And can you believe this bandwidth thing begins hitting me?! It was so shocking, so frightening. I though that effort was lost in time, until I returned thirty minutes later and sent it through. I even reset my WiFi, believing it was that bandwidth lol!

That the reason why exchange are for! Steem and steem dollars are sold for new steemians to purchase and increase power. More power to vote, comment, resteem and more reward move happiness 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

if you run into the bandwidth limit you can't power up, so even if you buy from an exchange you have to wait around in purgatory

Steemians who been in steemit.com should advice new steemians who follow them to increase their steem power and its benefits. Bandwidth limits only occur to me in few minutes. It replenish on its own.

I had this problem yesterday. I had to buy 1 more STEEM in order to fix it.

I had no idea that there was such a limitation. Is it possible to view track your own bandwidth usage? Sees strange they can limit you without telling you what that limit is, or how close you are too it.

I found this post today and have entered myself into it to get this nice person's report of where I stand. https://steemit.com/steem/@elautomatico/maximum-virtual-bandwith-at-0443
But I have read the replies to other people who have gotten the help on the post (a bunch of numbers) so when I get the reply, I will have to find a place to ask what it all means and what I should do to improve.

I'm doing 2-3 posts a day and 20-50 comments/replies a day. I have had the problem on and off for about 24 hours now. One of my posts yesterday was the most photos I have ever put in a post.

I got the ability to post for about 30 minutes earlier, emptied my wallet and replied to a few people - no posting of my own. Then I got kicked out again for about 4 hours. So now I am answering replies again :)

I have been advised to:

  1. Not post a lot of pics in a post
  2. Don't worry about how many pics since it does not matter to bandwidth.
  3. Make short posts with just 1 pic and a bit of text (create spammy posts???)
  4. Get more steem power somehow
  5. Do not empty the wallet often
  6. Empty the wallet immediately if it has SP in it so it will help with this problem.
  7. Do not worry about steem power and just keep posting when I can get in.

Needless to say I am highly confused now and I am not endorsing any of these answers since I do not know if they are correct.

Thanks the info. It seems that as a user of a "social media" platform you'd have to manage bandwidth. I can't imagine this will help the overall growth of the platform.

Hi @alphacore Its happen to me yesterday i was about to post a article i have written just before and the message come Exceed bandwidth limit so i made some search and answers were like you don't have enough power or you just pissed off a whale. I was thinking how do i know what's happen and if i piss off a whale what can i do and also how long this will last? I try to convert some SBD to STEEM but no chance to do so. I was really piss off by the way if it runs for days what will happen, also i cannot get any rewards, comment, votes nothing works. I have try nearly everything but all was just a big fail. At the end i was thinking lets try again to convert some SBD so i go to my wallet and again no chance than i notice i have only 1.059 SBD and 0.229 SP in my redeem rewards it was so small but i try to transfer it to my balance and the magic happen everything works again and i can post and everything goes well. So my advice about this issue as it is today is try to keep some SBD and SP to redeem just in case it happen to you. Peace to all of you

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nice post information @alphacore
follow me @hattaarshavin

This is good information and insight, as usual.

I had the problem yesterday. I could not participate for about 5 hours. I believe it is because my voting power went to 72% or samething, quite below the supposed threshold of 80%.

I am voting much less now. Makes the experience less interesting, though. I do not feel well commenting on articles and not voting them. But hey, that´s life (I´m voting this one, it´s very early in the morning here, I´m just starting, and the post is particularly valuable to me).

Didn't realize that this could happen, thank you for the info

Hey, I had a problem to get my WIF after I regitered.
But thank god I'm here now :)

I was first given such a warning and in my opinion I was not very active. Only one or two posts in one day. The solution I did was to sign out of my Steemit account and log back in. After that I can transact smoothly.

Thanks for your sharing @alphacore...

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This happened to me a few hours ago. Its very annoying!

My name is Poewuttyee. I am from Yangon,Myanmar.There is only a few day that I know steemit and use it.So,please help me by upvoting and following back freindly.Thank! @poewuttyee

Interesting info, was not aware of this, thanks
Image of dksartRegularSteemit

I hit that problem today :(

I'm getting Steemit withdrawal symptoms!!!!!

Just when I added 5 steem to power up

I believed I only posted less than 5 comments today

Try it now! The reserve-ratio has more than doubled :-)

thanks.let me check

This post is spot on man. I'm addicted to Steemit and all of the awesome people I am meeting. You said, "Correct Answer: The enthusiastic person, the most valuable person, and the one trying the hardest to contribute. Steemian B hits the limit while the other continues to post junk." ** That Decribes me exactly....I had just purchased steem also...I tried this trick and it worked. I switched from chrome to firefox. Then I had no issues. It let me power up then I went back to chrome and was fine.

Hi - I'm new to Steemit so I don't understand it all but your post is well written - and with time I can learn.

Very important, i wasn't aware of this because i'm a new user upvoted!

I thought one's bandwidth was in relation to the type of internet modem one used I've resteemed as I think this is great info that needs to be shared quickly.

I didn't know that there were ANY limitations, so this post is worth thinking about

I have ths problem from yesterday. it's like a punishment for being active user! That's very anoying.

It has happened to me twice. My Hubs who is also on here transferred SP to my account so I didn't have to sit and wait. Bummer.... I try to use BUSY now so I can change the percentage on votes ex. when I upvote a brief comment vs an awesome post. It happened for the 2nd time last week. I have been on almost 60 days and am pretty active, well try to be. I say don't give up... Keep on steemin' Thanks for posting on this!

Claiming a tiny reward got me out. This may be because the reward was already there, waiting to be claimed, and not in the process of generation.

This post got a 4.35 % upvote thanks to @alphacore - Hail Eris !

It happened to me. Until now I'm learning about Steemit. Thanks for illuminate me!

^^Totally Agreed with you.Thankyou fo sharing i had the same problem.i searched on google/Youtube but nothing found.please take a time upvoted my posts i am very Glad if you voted @funnystuff

I have this problem all the time. It really drives me crazy~ Actually the bandwidth limitation happen again when I try to leave this comment. And my bandwidth remaining was 53.93% at that time. What???

This is all very interesting and new information to me as a beginning steem user. Thanks for posting this.

This just happened to me over the past few days and i was thinking about posting about it. No need to, you nailed it! Good work!

I'm just went through that yesterday and today. Though I was able to trade some steem dollars for sp. But then again it happened today. Luckily it happened right after my post. Though when I went to edit it. My edit was denied. Lol thanks for sharing this. I did not realize that the size of your post affected it. I thought was based on number of actions like reestem upvot post. It funny cause I got the notice for following someone, but it still marked them as followed. Interesting information. Thanks again.

Ran into this a few times today and it is infuriating!!!!

Thanks for the advisory post - I had no idea this was an issue. At least now I will know what is happening if I run into it. Cheers

Honestly i never knew there is such limitations huh you are a life saver thank you :D.

Yeah, same problem here :/
Luckly I erarned my first SBD so i can Power up some to skip this limit.

Thanks for posting this, because I was just about to post something about how, if this continues, people are just going to quit and find a place where they can post without such problems - myself being one of them. But, I couldn't. I had exceeded my bandwidth. Oh, and you can add the option to follow someone to that list - it can't be done. You have to bookmark that person's page or post, and get back to it when you are unbanned. It is ridiculous, and really giving me a bad view of Steemit (coupled with some other things I have noticed). Let's see if I can post this now. If I can, I hope I can still collect my rewards, which are waiting for me.

If you check out @lexikon082's comment in my thread on the same topic you'll see an account with 2k+ SP and 68% VP triggered it. It also reset automatically after 15 mins. Granted he was going for a marathon posting day which may be the trigger. X# of Comments OR X# speed of Comments --> Trigger

Thank you for this information.

This happened to me today and when I looked for more information, I just found conspiracy theories. I was wondering if I had offended a whale or something.

This should be added to the SteemIt FAQ.
(I'm assuming there isn't any info on it there. At least, I haven't seen any.)

Excellent post, buy good and timely your information, thanks for sharing

IDK.... In the last 3 days I have seem blame fall on everything from disgruntled Whales hacked the system to limits being set on our activities based on the Steem Power of the individual account. Existance of documentation of the subject (as well as many other technical details of steemit) seem to suck at best, non-existent in most cases.
None of it makes any sense, from my experience so far. See, I had it do it to me a few nights ago. I had 0.333 Steem, so I 'Power Up'ed it and was able to post. I immediately shut down the laptop and did not return until over 8 hours later. In trying to comment on a reply that same post received, I got the same warning! Thinking 'outside the box', I cleared all data from the browser (cookies, everything) and logged back in. I was now able to post the comment.
In the time since this has happened to me at least a dozen times. And the vast majority of the time simply clearing browser data and re-logging in has allowed me to continue using the site "as intended (?)".
So much wrong with/so much right with this site, I don't know if I should be praising and promoting it or warning the masses while running away as fast as I can (I prefer fighting to running, so the answer becomes quite clear).
I have upset some Whales since joining over a month ago, so my lines are already blurred.

Thanks Alphacore! Best explanation I have seen yet. Ugg, If I had only read this from the beginning..this really sucks and is totally unfair!! Just saying. resteeming. You are da bomb..

You'd think as much money as steemit is making, they could simply purchase more bandwidth..duhhhh

Wow that is good to know! If there was a bar to let people know when they are reaching that limit, that would be great to know :)

Thanks for this post. I have had this problem.

Thanks for the article and explanation!

So i just joined and i would classify myself as a "person B" and got the message you described.

When this happens you start wondering about the things you post, but actually its this mechanisme that should prevent spam that is causing this :(

i made several post over the last few days and wanted to post the best things first, but now i get the feeling i could better post memes and pictures of cats :( instead of putting a lot of time and effort in posts.

...Or the other option is to buy something to fix this ?!!!

(Sounds like those mobile games that force you into spending money to progress in the game...)

And the scary thing is that the simple things get upvoted

Thanks for this posting. We were having some bandwidth issues as well. This clarifies the impossibility of this predicament and help to resolve it. Resteeming. 🐓🐓

Wow, this is really valuable information. It seems like this would be addressed from the very beginning just to make everyone aware. Although, I do understand that this is a Beta but still. Thanks for sharing this, resteemed!

This has been going on all day. I've probably made a dozen upvotes and a few replies. I went to make a post with a half dozen photos etc and ban, I hit my limit and couldn't post anything. I couldn't even power up what little steem I have. The system seems a little counterintuitive.

This post has received a 1.56 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @alphacore.

Bandwidth Limitation, I have felt it...Hopefully not too disturbing..

I did not know about this, thanks so much for this post:-) Resteemed and upvoted.

THANK YOU! I've been trying to find this information, but with no luck. Then this popped up in my feed!

It would be one thing if the Bandwidth Limit actually measured bandwidth, but it doesn't it just randomly blocks people. It's so random, all it does is hurt the people interested in Steemit.

I've got over a million Vests, but I'll get hit with bandwidth limits after I've been watching netflix for hours. Looking at my account, NOTHING has happened for over 4 hours, but I'm at -600% bandwidth?

I wake up in the morning at -5% bandwidth for no reason at all.

If you're going to make shit that stops spamming, make it sensible, please. The current system just randomly blocks users, it's stupid and only discourages legitimate users.

really important information . thanks for sharing to all.

Thanks for attraction attention to this, because I've been having the same thoughts and the more people mention this, the faster they will hopefully fix this.

But this is also useful and I can resteem this one! Hehehe read you around!

Interesting post. I have been posting long posts since I joined and never ran into this problem though.

I totally started out as Steemian B, and I had no idea about this. Thanks for the info.

One thing I noticed: It's written kind of poorly, but if you read it carefully the warning doesn't say you need to power up to post, it says you need to wait to power up or post. Wish I had a screenshot for reference... but I really hope I don't get the chance to screenshot it in the future.

Hey your help discription is always help us.u ar always keep it up.and go ahead.we always follow ur post.tnks

you are really correct. i had the issue and i was almost frustrated. when i saw other people complaining on a group chat about the same issue, i felt there was something wrong we were doing. thanks for talking about this

Thank you for this! I just found out about bandwidth yesterday, @VenusPCS was explaining it, and showed me where to look to see where I can check on it.

i get to undesrtand it... but i dont know how the pay out works.... can someone educate me

Thanks for shedding some light. I suffered from BW limitations early on, like during my first 10 days. After that, I never seemed to have a problem.

This is a very good article, and I am guilty of doing such mistakes myself, especially endless editing posts and comments, as well as upvoting just to support. At some point I got the award for the most upvotes, I thought was funny, didn't know there was such award.
Now I try to squash all the imperfections before I post an article or comment.
Thank you!!

All these comments and I still do not understand how to get my bandwidth to go higher again. If I stop contributing will my bandwidth go up or down? If I continue contributing will it go up or down?

Hey, well I hope you'll see this, can I translate this to Hebrew for our Hebrew guides account? it's an account dedicated to new users. I'll give u a credit ofc.
thank you in advance!

I just fell victim to exceeded bandwidth. I think that I need to put myself on a daily post quota and use low resolution images exclusively.

I'm going to offload all my images to the cloud and link externally and offload as much resources as I can instead of directly using Steemit. I'm also going to post my articles on Minds instead and just do a post on Steemit to link to the Minds article. I'm not going to focus so much on Steemit and d.Tube anymore, I hit that bandwidth limit and I'm not sure if I can even post this comment reply yet. I'm 2 planck lengths away from going on a "Fuck Steemit" campaign.

On another account of mine, I'm on about -440% to -1000% bandwidth, fluctuating between the 2, how can i fix this? I've already paid over $120 for SP on that account? Steem took there delegation to me away and now my account is messed up, what can I do? The account is not even 2 weeks old and i'm not paying $120 per two weeks because whales have so much power users can't even pay $120 to use their account.

If i didn't put money in and didn't have 2 accounts then I would have left already, i've had bandwidth problems before and the platform is literally unusable. Will this only get worse as minnows get less and less vests or is there a solution in the works?

Update: Initially I waited 2 hours and had the same issue, then I waited 2 more and it was back up to 100%. My advice is just wait bandwidth problems out or create 2-3 accounts so you can comment as much as you like

What is the follower limit? I can only follow like two people at a time.

Thanks much ... I had this happen to me for the first time today

Wow I feel so lucky that someone told me about this before I went through it myself! I must admit i am now scared to post and feel super over whelmed with steemit and what it truly is beneath the surface. I definetely should have researched more before joining. 😕 not sure if i can comprehend thw financial aspects.

I've hit the limit, twice now. My account isn't even a week old as of this comment reply. Look over you my content and you'll see it's all longform, no short nor spammy posts. Now imagine how much of a middle finger I want to raise to Steemit and stick with Minds instead where I don't have this limitation and can still get a payout?

As a newbie, this has been frustrating me all week. With LOTS of posts to be published, I'm being held back by an annoying system. Thanks for your post as it helped me understand what is going on.

I love your point about those that get locked out, can't even post to say so! I also found I was locked out of redeeming my earnt rewards, which would have allowed me to get out of the rut. Finally, I've been able to do so! Waiting for the recharge and then able to power up.. System isn't appealing to genuine new posters.

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