To Keep Her You Gotta Put the Time and Effort Into Her

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By her I mean Steemit.

She didn’t fall at your feet the moment you started talking to her, and she’s not going to stick around for your bullshit.

Steemit is like a relationship. You first go into it with starry eyes and an excitable stomach. She chose you. She likes you. You don’t know why but she does.

You keep doing what you are doing because obviously it worked.

You think about her all the time. Come up with ways to make her happy.

Little things. You don't understand, but those little things mean the world to her.

The looks. The hand holding. The little surprise note she'll find midday.

Anything to make her smile. Because her happiness is your happiness.

Time goes by.

The two of you enjoy the newness of your relationship.

It’s all peaches and rainbows and unicorns farting cupcakes.

You ride the high. Loving and being loved is a natural endorphin in itself.

You guys get comfortable.

Fall into your happy routine.

Live your happy routine.

Day after day.

You get more comfortable.

Slack off a bit.

Start leaving the toilet set up and stop hugging her for no reason.

You don’t look into her eyes and remember to cherish her.

You don’t need to, right? She’s already yours.

You start getting lazy and slack off more.

And that, my dear, is the beginning of the end.

If you want to keep a quality woman, you have to keep reminding her why she chose a sludge like you.

You have to work at it every day with the exact same amount of effort you put into getting her to fall in love with you in the first place.

To grow on Steemit, you have to do the same. Your followers are people who fell for you. If you slack off, they are like an ignored girlfriend- they know they can say goodbye to you and find somebody who will treasure them and provide them the same high quality from day 1 to day 1001.

If you give it your all, your girl will be happy and stay.

Give Steemit your everything, everyday. You will get exactly what you give.

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You gotta work your ass off for anything good in life.
The rewards are always better when you give it your all, and I don't just mean financial rewards. Nice post babe 😉


Thanks Sir Knight of Dazzling Debonair



Muah right back at ya!

Fell in love with it. Great piece of literature! :D


Awe thank you darlin :)

Damn excellent post. I was going to comment these words in agreement with your post and then I saw they were your closing line, "you get what you give." ❤️


Great minds ;)

Cute analogy! Just like with anything in life, you get out of it what you put in.



True story.

I know I can rely on you for quality content @arbitraykitten. Not sure I qualify as a girlfriend though. 😏


So you misspelled my name as a proper boyfriend would? That's how you wanna do this? What, gonna forget my birthday next?

Fine! You proved your point. You are all male.


It's Monday, btw :P


Lol, wow. I deserve that one. 😄

Ms @arbitrarykitten. 😏



I'll let this one slide, but there shall be repercussions if there is ever a next time.


Noted. 😁

Sensational post 👏. Resteemed, people should enjoy this as I have ☺


Thank you! I am so happy you enjoyed it :)

I love this metaphor! Yes...I too have had the experience of being obsessed with thinking about what posts to do next and what she will like the best. Resteeming and following.


Thank you hun <3

This post has received a 0.78 % upvote from @drotto thanks to: @banjo.

I enjoyed reading this and noticed that I had a big ole smile on my face. It's not that often that I read something that literally brings a smile to my face. Definitely worth an upvote!


That makes my heart happy <3

Thank you!


And a Resteem!


Awe, thank you hun <3

In love with this piece. Yes yes yes.



You are so right about steeming it. Got to work hard at it every day. The magic is the process! 🐓🐓


Every day :) Yes Maam

Thank you for sharing with us! I hope you enjoy the upvote!


I'm happy you enjoyed it!

Thank you so much <3

This is a fabulous post, thank you for sharing it!


I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you :)


Thank you for enjoying it <3


Every time I come visit your blog I'm never disappointed in the array of topics you cover. So much quality here and much evidence of you putting into practice what you preach here in this very post.

This is a testament as to why it's important to find the time to continue improving on any relationship you want to maintain. Steemit is no different. Other than the sheer numbers of people you feel the need to stay in close contact with. How ever do we find the time to keep up to it all?

All relationships also require communication. Nobody, and I mean no one, is a mind reader. So tell me...tell me do you feel I've been neglecting you whilst out surfing my feeds and finding other love interests?

You know the song...and yes it's kind of a sad story...but still...

"And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make."

~The Beatles...The End.




As humans we're not created to be monogamous, so knowing this I cannot get too offended ;)

Relationships take work, that is true. And all interpersonal relationships require communication :)

Thank you so much, your words really made me happy! So glad you enjoy my work <3


Well that is a relief to hear. I never set out to offend someone. And yes sometimes we make mistakes in our communications, and actions don't always speak the loudest.

I am glad I made you feel happy. I do like your work...and kittens! };-)>

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DJ scratch kittens! Yas!