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Hello-Hello Group #11 is back! For this week, I feel like celebrating again. My followers now 3500+ and my SP 600+. YAY! I feel so happy and blessed. Thank you for standing by me and growing with me from strength to strength. I sincerely love all of you!

I think it is not to late to wish Ramadan Mubarak to all Muslim Members and Steemians all over the world. May this Ramadan be a month of blessings, a month of full of forgiveness and guidance for you and your family ~ @ainie.kashif.

Let's get straight to the topic!

Hello! Hello! Group Topic #11 (#HHG11)

Last week we have decorated our blogs with flowers. We got to learn so many things about flowers, including traditions and cultures around the world. So this week, let's continue to focus on our Culture and Traditions. Culture is defined as the characteristics of a particular nations and people, encompassing language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and arts.

Always remember your roots, your cultures and traditions as they represent your identity ~ @ainie.kashif.

Tarian Gamelan
Tarian Gamelan was brought to Pahang and performed in Malaya in 1811 at a palace in Pekan in conjunction with the Royal wedding between the Riau-Lingga government and the Pahang government. The British resident, Frank Swettenham wrote in his 'Malay Sketches' record in 1878 about gamelan performances at Istana Pahang.


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thank you for sharing the culture of Bangladesh to us all.
@aaarif do you know?
I am very interested in where they put panta-ilish. it is very unique.
is it made of clay?

thank you for sharing the culture of Bangladesh to us all.
@aaarif do you know?
I am very interested in where they put panta-ilish. it is very unique.
is it made of clay?


Yes! this is made of clay. Using clay is also a tradition included with this 1st baishakh.

Hi @aaarif, Greetings from #HHG11! I am so happy reading this awesome blog about your country Bangladesh. When I got to the part about those boys stealing that pot of dates juice and got chase by the owner, that's really funny ROFL. And what a beautiful culture to start the first day of the spring with girls wearing yellow sarees... awesome info.
For this great Culture Blog, here's my gift! Thumbs up, please create more quality contents that can intrigue me. Stay Blessed and Have a wonderful day! :D


Thanks a lot for the tip :) . Its glad to know that my blog is make you happy. Though my English is poor but i tried my best to give it a good shape. Your appreciation give us strength to write more.

Hi @aaarif, you are doing just fine. We are all having English as our second language, they are not our mother tongue, same here with me so no worries. To me your English is very good so don't worry okay. It's the message that we tried to deliver not merely the language :D


Hello brother, you nicely represent our country. Attractive description you gather. thnx for that @aaarif.....


Hi @aaarif, thank you for a well written and informative post about your culture, country and lifestyle. I have learnt that a country can have 6 seasons, whereas I though 4 was the limit.


This is such a comprehensive overview of you country, I feel like I know it all ready. that fish looks so delicious, I'm craving it from my home. ROFL, about the naughty lads stealing the juice. The lovely clothes and festivals you guys have, it is so desirable. thank-you for writing this fantastic post.

Here is my 3rd post about culture I hope you like and visit my page ..


Stay blessed Steem on!

Hi @syedkashifhussai, Greetings from #HHG11! This is new to me. We don't have this type of culture in Malaysia. Thanks for sharing this great culture blog. I hope you will continue to share good contents. I wish you a great day and Stay Blessed!

Here is my 2nd post about Punjabi culture .I hope you like and visit my page .
Stay blessed and Steem on


School life can not be forgotten. Those are the sweetest memory in our whole life. Every character attached with this life pinned in mind. And there your memory partner is a tree that is 187 years of old. That is really old one. This kind of tree's shadow can help us feel comfortable when people feel too much heat from sun.
Your blog with school memory & this peepal tree is nice one combination. best wishes.

Everything exactly is shown in this post I have a very close relationship with them . My primary school and this tree and the cricket ground with him can never forget those things. Thank you very much @aaarif for your visit on my page .
Stay blessed steem on.

Hello @syedkashifhussai, Greetings from #HHG11! Such an awesome reading about the majestic ancient 187 years old Tree, Peepal (Sacred Fig/ Ficus religiosa). It's interesting to know that important decisions were made under that ancient tree.
I enjoyed so much watching that most romantic, sweet, melodious and beautiful cultural songs of yours. Please give the title and the singers.
And your primary school so antique :D
Okay, for this great cultural blog made specifically for #HHG11, here's my gift! I am happy with the quality of blog that you produced on cultural stories. Kudos and Keep it up :D

Yes, this school has been almost 53 years old . This is the time when there is no school door and wall . And it is also true that this school too is very old. And many of my memories related to this tree. When I was younger then it would climb up the tree . Thank you so much @ ainie.kashif for your visit to my page
Stay blessed steem on.

wooow @syedkashifhussai
the tree looks very solid standing, like a culture that survives all the time

Thank you very much @poocut for your visit .
Stay blessed steem on.


Hello @syedkashifhussai I am glad to know that you have many stories of your country, always in our place of birth we have that emblematic tree, it is good that it is kept for so many years, and that you keep those memories intact.

Thank you very much for the first time you like my culture . My culture is my memories that I want to share with you . Thank you very much for visiting on my page .
Stay blessed steem on.

Intersting story about “peeple ka ped”while reading your story I went to my native place and started remembering my childhood. Wish we could bring back our childhood and could enjoy once again. Thank you Syed for taking us to your childhood places and sharing your stories. Stay blessed!

Here is my entry about pakistani punjabi culture.
I hope you like and visit my page...

Stay blessed steem on


God's lovely creatures eating the grass by praising the God in a very innocent way, what a lovely scene

You describe it well with this saying.

Hi @syedkashifhussai, that is such a great sharing about your Punjabi culture. I am happy to see how cow farming was done in your place. The grass cutting machine is very antique and classic. Really traditional. For this great culture blog, here's my gift! I hope to see more culture blog from you and wishing you a pleasant day :D

I thank you for encouraging me and now I'll keep writing in such a way as well ;-)
PS: thanks for the tip by the way .
Stay blessed and have a nice day ahead.

Hi @syedkashifhussai, you are most welcome! You deserve it, keep writing good stuff :D. Stay Blessed and Steem On!

Hi Syed! How are you feeling there in Pakistan with your family? Thanks for showing us Pakistan Panjabi culture. It seems like I’m seeing Indian village culture, everything look so similar. Great to know about your culture Syed! Take care and stay blessed!


Pakistan was once part of India @shanu. It's no surprise that they have similar culture.

You are absolutely right... there is only border, culture and tradition still the same.

Yes, Pakistan and Indian culture are very similar . And when someone sees his culture five years later it is fun;)
Stay blessed steem on

Yeah, agreed with you.. 5 years is too much, now enjoy fully before you go back. Take care n stay blessed too


Hi @syedkashifhussai, it's great that you are back home with your family for the holy month. I wish you and them all the blessings for this month. Thank-you sharing these amazing pictures from your culture and home life. The post made a great read and takes us back to simpler lifestyle.

Thank all my supporters and #hhg members...

You're welcome @syedkassifhussai, keep up the great work!

Yes, the culture of India and Pakistan is almost same . And this is a very old culture of the subcontinent .
Thank you very much for your arrival and good wishes .
Stay blessed steem on;)

Yes, I've see the similarities in the pictures! Excellent job. You're welcome.

Hello @ainie.kashif, excellent and blessed week for all, grateful for your teachings in this way of Hello Group, I wish you a happy Ramadan Mubarak,
We start with our customs and traditions, we have so much to give and learn.
Theme of # HHG11-Day 1
I present to my country. Venezuela.

I'll start with the national flower of my country.
The orchid:

The orchid named Cattleya mossiae was decreed as the national flower of Venezuela on May 23, 1951. Its name pays tribute to the botanist William Cattley, who was the first to achieve its reproduction in a greenhouse in 1818. It is also known as the "Flor de Mayo", since since the 19th century it is used as an ornament for the May.

Hi @rvag5, how are you dear? I feel great to
know about your national flower Orchid. This is wonderful!

I like it @shanu. thanks for your comment I will continue all week showing you all the wonders of my country.

Hi @rvag5, that's an excellent start. Beautiful orchid is the national flower of Venezuela, awesome! I always adore orchid, it's such versatile flowers that have that lavish look and have always been a decor in many expensive hotels and restaurants around Malaysia.

Thanks @ainie.kashif, if it is beautiful, that's why I started my introduction to costrumbres and traditions showing first the beauties in our presentation.

Good to know @rvag5 we shall exchange knowledge about our culture in this #HHG11, by the way, is that your photo in the ID? very beautiful :)

Hello my dear, I am very jealous - ROFL, that your country has the best national flower. Orchids are so revered the world over for its beauty and strength. I wish you well for the entire activity. :)

Thank you @happyhairdays, I like that my national flower is so appreciated in the world.

Your Welcome, my dear! :)

i wonder to see the flowers of different countries. All the flowers are so beautiful. When i see a high resolution flower photos that clear the visual i just kept watching. Flowers are the heart of beauty.

Thank you @aaarif, this is the flowers are a sign of love, friendship and sincerity !!!


The orchid is such a special flower and you must be very proud to have it as your national flower. The thing I love orchids are that that they make excellent gifts. Once they are given, and with proper care they can flower over and over again...

Thank you @rlt47, if for me it is an honor to enjoy this wonderful flower and be the national flower, they are beautiful, delicate, I have one on my balcony and it is yellow, and it costs a lot to bloom.


It's great to know you guys have a national flower.

No one really has time for flowers where I'm from.

Hi @jacksondavies, really? where are you from?

Hi @jacksondavies, come on over #HHG12 has started, see you there :D

@ainie.kashif - Boy am I excited, I simply love HHG activities. Welcome everyone to HHG #11 You know how much I love to start with my Gif teasers... so lets go everyone!


Submission - Day 01

One key aspect of tradition and culture is dance...
Let's have these wonderful Indian woman doing a traditional dance to open the HHG#11

Tenor Gifs:

Awesome awesome grand opening! Yes you are very right @rlt47, traditional dance is the classical side of the tradition. Great choice to start our activity this week :D

@ainie.kashif, You're welcome - I'm glad you enjoyed my selection.

Thank you @rlt47 for starting activity with indian traditonal classic dance.😊

@shanu, You're welcome! You know how much I enjoy Indian culture. I think inside I may have little Indian living...Lol!

Lol @rlt47 ROFL :D

Hi Ainie, apologies for being late (again) - was very busy in the salon today. Also today is the day I travel and do the hair of the elderly! But I'm here to read everyone's comments. I will start posting soon.

I see you are using "ROFL" - very good!

Hahahha... Philinda it's fun to use... ROFL! I am following your fun style. Happy feeling of using it lol :D
No worries about that... please entertain the elderly, I am sure they will look better in your good hand dear :D

You are welcome to use it, it suits you well...

These elderly are a complete nightmare, but I love them too bits. The one is my mother who is forever never ready for me...ai!

The other lady is 78 years but has Alzheimer disease so she sometime forget I'm coming or she gets ready on the wrong days...ai!!

The other one is 94 years and she like me to drive her places, I must take her to her friends and family and to the shops...ai!!!

So now you know the day I had...

Hi Philinda, I understand... oh my that must've been a really hectic day for you but very fulfilling right. I am so happy you can make their day. And you made my day by telling such a lovely story. Take care and Stay Blessed!

Where are you from? @rlt47
Our Bangladeshi culture have some similar with Indian culture.

I'm from South Africa...

@rlt47: I’m happy to know that you love india..😂 So, your love for india should bring you here? India is calling you.

Yes @shanu, India is calling me... It's calling me! I'm walking I will be their soon enough. Don't forget I love my tea, keep it nice and warm.

Image Source

Sure, we are big fan of tea and I would make delicious and refreshing tea for you but what if I die before you reach India because you are coming on foot.😂😂😂

Hha! @shanu, you forget I walk quite quickly OR I will die first from the walk...

Lol both of you... no one dies in imagination hahahahah :D


Hi, this a very good way to start a topic on culture. Very creative.
Wouldn't it have been better if you did a post from South Africa, though?

Thank-you @happyhairydays and you're welcome...

True, but I told @shanu, that I have a little Indian living inside me...lol!

Hi all, here's my first Culture blog - Malaysian Traditional Kuih Names https://steemit.com/life/@ainie.kashif/hhg11-malaysian-kuih-names


The foods! are really mouth watering. This is 1:54 AM now and i am feeling hungry by watching those photos of foods. Almost of these foods are unknown to me, first time watching this. It is to be realized that Malaysian foods culture is so colorful and tasty culture :D

Hi @aaarif, they look very tasty right? You know the problem that I face all the time is whenever I go to Ramadan Bazaar I cannot control my appetite, so I will buy so much until all my hands are full of plastic bags and sadly at the end of the day cannot finish them all, just a waste. So, that's the reason I rarely go to Ramadan Bazaar hahaha :D


Yes, they looks so much tasty, yet i did not taste those but 1st expression after watching photo is feeling hungry :D It is true when we go to Ramadan bazaar its hard to control own self.

Hahahah exactly, I have hungry eyes... cannot control ROFL :D

I read this post, now while I'm fasting.
and it instantly makes my stomach chime, and I feel hungry hahaha lol.
(just like a child)
but the blog from @ainie.kashif really inspired me for the idea of cooking later when breaking the fast, maybe I will make a tahu sumbat (if in Indonesia we know as tahu isi)
because I prefer cakes that have vegetables and prefer to taste salty rather than sweet cake.

Ohhh tahu isi. Okay @poocut, you can blog about that, that will be one nice story about making traditional food :D

I read this post, now while I'm fasting.
and it instantly makes my stomach chime, and I feel hungry hahaha lol.
(just like a child)
but the blog from @ainie.kashif really inspired me for the idea of cooking later when breaking the fast, maybe I will make a tahu sumbat (if in Indonesia we know as tahu isi)
because I prefer cakes that have vegetables and prefer to taste salty rather than sweet cake.

Alhamdulilah jumpa lagi di #HHG11
On The Topic
Hello @ainie.kashif
Hampir semua makanan yang ada disana sama seperti makanan tradisional di sini.
Kue Lemang adalah kesukaan saya.
Lemang dipakai selai srikaya
So delicious
Great post

Oh Lemang juga namanya ya di sana. Kita kan serumpun bangsa :D

Desserts look so delicious and yummy... feel like tasting all desserts. We have some similar sweets but with different name.
( Til Ka Ladoo)
Thanks for sharing sweet post! Take care Ainie..

Oh wow! That's great to know that we have similar Kuih. Til Ka Ladoo is Kuih Bom. Petha is Kuih Getas Gula and Gujiya is Karipap. Take care Shanu :D


Congratulations @ainie.kashif .
For sharing your culture I love sweets, but you owe us a recipe, how to prepare some of them.

Hi @rvag5, okay will share some recipes and how to make them :D


How fierce is the strength of a nation? How deep is his capacities? All of this depend on tradition of this nation.
You bring up the special one from your tradition of nation. Soo nice to see those desert.
We have the same as your tradition. We called this 'Pitha'. My mother sometimes make some of them. I talk to my mother in lastday, and she tells me, Different pitha will make in couple of days.
I share some pic of traditional pitha with you....

nakshi pitha--


OR many more..........

Hi @shariif, that's such an amazing kuih, I feel hungry looking at this awesome photos. Please please create a blog when your mother makes it. Don't forget to take photo step by step so we can learn how to do it. Hopefully before our #HHG11 closes. Wishing you a pleasant day.


@ainie.kashif, It could only be you! Forever with her eye on the the lovely sweet snacks for the tummy and the eyes...

Without you post on these delicious delights the blog would be bland!

Lol @rlt47, I am happy to make our blogging world more scrumptious :D


Hi Ainie, I finally found some time to create some posts and respond to the to the comments. Now when it come to these sweet beauties you are talking my language. You have just inspired me to create a post on South Africa desserts. Please watch this space! ROFL!

Hi Philinda, that's awesome, I can't wait to see that traditional desserts of yours ROFL :D

I hope you found them... ROFL!

the view of the river is very beautiful @aaarif
I want to ask you whether the river is safe and calm. because I was a bit afraid to see the deep river, and if suddenly appear wild bush from the river like snake crocodile etc.


Do you know how to swim? @poocut
if you don't then it is little dangerous to travel on river with little boat.
In your country's river there is no such dangerous animal appears suddenly, so no worry :D

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Hi @aaarif, Greetings from #HHG11! A river is our friend that helps us in so many ways throughout our life. Amazing photo choices, your teaching of life is true. Spending time with nature is the best stress reliever that keeps the mind fresh. Stay Blessed :D


When anyone walk beside the river and a gentle breeze touches the body, it feels like the breeze touches the heart, the soul, the full body inside. That feelings can not be express in words :)

Spending time at river and getting fresh is amazing feeling, no doubt. You are so lucky have so many rivers and these are your hang out places. Nothing can be better this. Real nature and fresh air touch our face, and give us piece of mind. Very refreshing post @aaarif. Take care and stay blessed!

Ramadhan kareem for you @ainie.kashif
May Allah bless us. ameen
For me Culture is the identity of a nation, if culture is good then the nation will be good.
In this week, we will know about the culture of the whole world by reading the post at #HHG11

Hi @poocut, ameen. I fully agree with you, by respecting own culture then the whole world will respect you. Yes we shall be showcasing various culture of the world in #HHG11... let's make the world see our culture in the best way possible. Happy Steeming and Stay Blessed!

Wow, the #HHG11 is already started... This time is about "Culture & Traditions" - absolutely a very interesting topic indeed @ainie.kashif sis :)

Oh yes, let's tell the world the rich culture and traditions of us as Malaysians :D

Hello @wilhb81, I trust you are well?

Hi @rlt47, it's been a while... Yup, I'm doing good and you? :D

@wilhb81, I'm all good my friend. You please need to share you secret of being such a prolific commenter...WOW!

@rlt47 lol No secret behind - just keep alert and replied back once I saw new replies, that it my friend :P

Wow! It still seems incredible though...
Anyways, go well my friend!

Yes I agree, how to make around 60+ comments per day.. Awesome!


@ ainie.kashif, I'm not sure - but it sure feels like it when you busy comments on HHG, lol!

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