Steemit: The Curation Leagues - Sponsored by @carlgnash and @paulag! - STEEM and (possibly) delegation prizes!

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Hi all!

Yes that's right, from this week and for at least the next month, The Curation Leagues have sponsorship from the awesome @carlgnash and @paulag. Without this, and the support from yourselves and the likes of @fulltimegeek, @v4vapid, @acidyo, and @anomadsoul, the prize fund would not exist at present due to the more difficult times we are facing.

And so, thank you to all of the above and everyone who visits each week and gives their support, awesome!

To enter the leagues until you say otherwise, drop a comment below!

On your marks, get set, curate!



My general views on maximizing curation rewards (to score highly in League 1) are:

  • Voting in the first minute will earn you a curation reward of almost 0.000

  • Voting between 1 and 29 minutes will earn an increasing % of the curation rewards split, this value peaking at 30 minutes and remaining the same from this point onwards

  • The goal is to get in prior to the big hitters, but not too early!

  • It is commonly suggested that 15-25 minutes is the 'best' time to vote (especially on known 'power author' posts because they are likely to have more auto-votes coming in at these times - and you want to be ahead of these votes)

  • A vote of equal weight and equal Steem Power at 30 minutes will give more reward than a vote at, for example 1 hour - first come first served, but don't arrive to early :)

  • Voting on good dtube content and utopian-io approved contributions (prior to the vote by @dtube / @utopian-io ) can earn some very good curation rewards

  • Voting on @ocd posts is likely to gain good curation rewards as founder @acidyo, and @anomadsoul support these posts after giving time for other accounts to vote - you will be in front of a couple of large votes here!

As you can see, a combination of many variables such as Steem Power, voting strength, voting weight, time of vote, (and more) all play a part in the amount of rewards received.

My general opinion on maximizing engagement (to score highly in League 2) is:

  • Spread your vote and write lots of engaging comments!

The data for league 1

The raw data has been collected from SteemSQL - @arcange's MS SQL Server copy of the Steem Blockchain.

SteemSQL is now a monthly subscription service and so your support in this post is greatly appreciated!

The key formula used for 'quality of financial curation skill' is:

Curation Rewards DIVIDED BY Steem Power MULTIPLIED BY 1000

This will return the amount of Curation rewards gained per 1000 Steem Power held

The rules (which will cause auto-filtering of your account if not met so just enter anyway and see what happens!) to appear in this league:

  • Must have voted at least once on a piece of content in the past 7 days

  • Must not have leased or delegated Steem Power in the last 14 days

  • Must not have Started a Power Down (withdrawal of Steem Power) in the last 15 days

The 2nd and 3rd points above are required to reduce distortion of the figures.

And, as curation rewards for the past week are actually taken from votes made up to 14 days ago, we need a 15 day window as mentioned above.

Don't let this put you off entering though - you will be automatically be excluded/appear depending on the criteria above.

Curating for maximizing returns - League 1

See the rules above if you are missing from this table

The end column is what I think is a genuine indicator of how well you are financially working the curation game with the tools, including vested Steem Power, that you have at your disposal.

This weeks' winners!

Congratulations to @crypto-econom1st! 2nd last week and a storming week this week - With a low SP it is possible to score high, and in time some adjustments (like SP bands - argh more work!) might be needed for prizes. Good job dude!

@mys, last weeks winner who uses the '@utopian-io' approach is a good 2nd and looks like he'll be tough to knock out of the five too :)

Well done to @freyman (new entry), @williamsyee (new entry), and @patay69 who all take the remaining prize spots with an excellent number per SP owned.

Prizes for all of the above!

Community Curation Excellence - League 2

This the newer league which is not based around rewards and relates to engagement.

Everyone currently on my master list has a chance here - delegation dealings or not.

I've used some metrics (which is the fancy way of saying that made up some numbers) relating to:

  • Posts (P)
  • Comments - number of (C)
  • Comments - outside of your own blogs (C E)
  • Comments - length in characters (C L)
  • Witness votes (W)
  • Upvotes to others (V)
  • Upvotes to different authors (U V)
  • Self-votes - a minus score for this one sorry! (S V)

Firstly, if you are placed in the table above then you are doing great! Over 100 names don't score more than 1000 with my rather harsh (but fair I think) scoring system.

Congratulations to @gillianpearce who tops the league of engagement and excellence this week! A recent delegatee which has clearly inspired her to do even more this week, well done Gillian! :D

Well done to @davemccoy, @lynncoyle1, @bashadow, @themanwithnoname, @themobilewriter, @abh12345, @beeyou, @goldendawne, @aussieninja, and @blazing who take the remaining prizes positions this week, nice work all!

I am sending at least 1 SBD to the top 10 in the league (excluding myself so well done lucky 11th place!)

Do you want to be a part of the leagues? Let me know below!

(Calculations may vary from week to week but always with a goal to find top community engagers.)

Prizes sent!

Curation League 1

Curation League 2

And new delegations to:

Err, no-one this week!

Everyone in the top 10, bar the ones selling votes to bid-bots, is currently receiving delegated Steem Power from myself, and so I'm saving it this week.

But wait... that works in your favor though! 0 votes to self from moi means more SP for you guys :)

Potentially, repeat high scorers in league 2 could be DSP boosted, lets see.

A quick message to other Dolphins, Orcas, and Whales

Doesn't the league table represent how good delegating even a few hundred SP can be for engagement within the community?

If you haven't already, join me!


A few points:

  • If you have spotted any glaring errors in my post, please let me know so I can fix them

  • If you would like to be added or removed from my personal curation league, let me know

  • If you have any other comments or suggestions, please enter them into the box below

Thank you for your support, have a great day!

Asher @abh12345

Asher is a Steemfest 2 attendee who lives off the crypto he earns on the STEEM Blockchain.
He owns 1 pair of jeans and a bicycle and values engagement and community building here on Steemit above all else.
If you like this post and think it would benefit others, please consider an upvote, or a resteem, and a comment!


Well I am gob smacked to put it bluntly and . . . deeply gratified, because I set out this week, having received a delegation last week, to see what I could do with it if I went full out. So thank you @abh12345 for both the leagues and the delegation, they kept me going when I was beginning to flag!

Big thank you to @carlgnash, @paulag, @fulltimegeek, @v4vapid, @acidyo, and @anomadsoul for their sponsorship and support. We've not yet "met", but rest assured, your involvement has had a big impact on me and my activity on Steemit.

Congratulations to all the other winners and a special mention to @lynnecoyle1 and @themanwithnoname whose paths I seem to frequently cross. 😍

My plan this week was to slow down somewhat as it was so full on last week but now, finding myself in position 1, and being somewhat competitive by nature, I might just have to go full out for it again. 😁

You did very well!! Let's see if your name is in the # 1 spot again next week. Go, girl, Go!!!

Thank you @mariannewest. So far, this week I've had to slow down a bit and spend less time in front of the computer. It was getting a bit too much! 😊

I hear you!! Time disappears quickly when reading and commenting and and and...
Finding that balance is something I am working on as well. 😳

Yes. Finding balance is a good way of putting it @mariannewest. Not something we humans seem to be naturally good at! 😊

Congratulations on the top spot! We all had that feeling of wanting to take it easy when we reach the top 3 spot but it has the effect of wanting to do more because you see how much good you are doing to the community of Steemit!

Let's do it! Let us be more and welcome more people and make a difference to them! I am so proud to be part of Asher's League of Excellence!

Thank you @maverickinvictus. I think the euphoria has worn off a bit this morning. I need to be careful I don't end up spending all my time on Steemit just to stay at the top. Everything in moderation and all that.

I'm going to take a deep breath, pay attention to what is truly calliing me, and live my day from there. The temptation to chase points was big but now I'm settling back into letting it unfold again. That suits me better.

Have a wonder full week!

Here's the lady of the hour :)

I've left a reply further down but I just want to say again, that I'm happy the league has given you some renewed vigor for Steemit.

It is flipping tough to start and even harder these days, but as I mentioned in yesterday's post, now is a key time to see who's here for the the engagement, or just the money.

I've wondered about people hitting the top and going, 'ah well, that's it I can relax now', but for the most part it's been the exact opposite - I'm glad to hear it could be the same path you are taking too :D

Congratulations once again!


Thank you Asher. As I said, somewhere else (but not sure where as I'm commenting left right and centre here) I was thinking I'd relax a bit after a full on effort last week but now I'm in the number spot I'm not so sure.

I also meant to ask . . . what is "DSP boosted". Is that another cunningly contrived idea to keep us hooked @abh12345? 😁

Congratulations @gillianpearce for pipping the master, @davemccoy for the first place in league 2.
I am sure it's not easy for you to manage the work at home and then keep writing so much, but you proved that, that can be done!.

Good wishes for the coming week and have a great day :)

Thank you @coolguy123. You're right. It isn't easy and I'm feeling the after effects of it a bit today. I've just posted a blog about it.
May need to take more of a back seat this week but we shall see.
Wishing you a wonder full week! 😊

CONGRATULATIONS to all participants!!!
And a HUGE shout out to to @davemccoy, @lynncoyle1, @bashadow, @themanwithnoname, @themobilewriter, @abh12345, @beeyou, @aussieninja, and @blazing !!! WELL DONE ALL

@coolguy123 so happy to see you on the list too!
AWESOME!! Congratulations to all my friends @wwf, @fishyculture, @haphazard-hstead and @maverickinvictus AND SO many more!

Thank you Dawne!

Well done for making the top 10 as usual! :D

Thanks, @goldendawne! It's one of my favorite contests and I get to play it just by talking with people and reading/voting on their articles. Super fun! Hoping to see you at the top soon as well. :)

Congratulations to you too @goldendawne!! Thanks for the shout-out; I love how everyone's really getting into this ;)

Hey @goldendawne, it is awesome to see so many of our friends here isn't it! As always you are always at the top of the list and congratulations on being there each and every week! Also your engagement is more than just chit-chat, you have a meaningful impact on so many by your mentoring abilities. Thank you so much for everything you do, I am so happy to have become friends with you so early in my career here!

Thank you @goldendawne and congratulations to you for being in top 10 for yet another week.

There are more and more members getting added to the leagues, but some of you are keeping pace with that and proving your worth week on week.

Have a great day :)

First of all thanks to the sponsors @carlgnash, @paulag and others for spreading the love with their sponsorship.

It's so nice to see so many #newbieresteemday teammates starting with the ever top 3 guy, @davemccoy.

Happy to see one of ABC's of #newbieresteemday, @beeyou along with @lynncoyle1, @bashadow, @themanwithnoname and other familiar names like @goldendawne, @blazing, @themobilewriter and @aussieninja with the master of reports @abh12345.

I have slipped my way out of top 20 as I couldn't spend much time on curation since I have to catch-up with my daily blogs this week. But happy to see my name in curation league 1 after a long time!!

@congratulations to all my other friends @wwf, @maverickinvictus, @amariespeaks, @cryptkeeper17, @lyndsaybowes, @salmanbukhari54 and ....oh list goes on.

Thank you so much @coolguy123! And congratulations to you as well :)

Oh, yeah, happy to be back in league 1 and happy to see you all making it to the top. :)

Hey @amariespeaks! Congrats to you too... I know you've been busy, but I missed talking with you the past few days! Glad to see you here though! :D

thanks @davemccoy ! I've been spotty the last few days.. lot's of real world distractions lol but I'm happy to be listed and I see you slipped out of first place, I was wondering when you'd take a nap finally LOL good to know you sleep once a month ;-) but a huge congrats to @gillianpearce for hitting # 1 :-D

I have to take naps now, I have too many cool ladies to keep up with... There are threads everywhere and you youngins have so much energy! :P ... its fun though, I like trying to keep up :D

Glad to see you back for a bit, and hope the RL issues aren't serious!

We're making it through 😊 just gotta keep trudging along.. thanks for asking lol us youngins.. you're giving us a run for our money though! 😂

Thank you @amairespeaks. I'm still a little shell shocked to be honest. Do you think you could sing @davemccoy a few lullabies. Keeping him napping might help the rest of us. 😁

rock a bye davey on the Steem block 🎶 when the boss sleeps we have a chance at the top 😂😂 okay okay no more lol @gillianpearce your winning is well deserved! just sit back and enjoy the view from the top.

that's hilarious @amariespeaks . . .

when the boss naps his position will fall. Down will come Davey prizes and all. 😂😂😂

You are welcome @amariespeaks, happy to be back interacting with you all. :)

glad to have you back @coolguy123 your presence was definitely missed!

Oh, I too missed all those conversations I used to have with you, @davemccoy and others.

Thank you my friend, have a good day

Thanks coolguy123, I made it into the first league also this week. somewhere in the middle, so cool to see so many teammates like you said.

That's nice to know @bashadow. I was almost out of league 1 except for initial 2 or 3 weeks because of the delegations coming in or going out. But now, no more in/out delegations for last couple of weeks, so I am also back in league 1.

As I said last week, the leagues will be here when can put 100% back into Steemit. Until then, thanks for your kind comments as always and I hope things are improving where you are.

Yes, things are slowly back to normal and I am also back to my normal blogging and commenting, thanks for the concern @abh12345. Thanks again for everything you are doing.

Hey @coolguy123 its good to see you back too! I know I missed you and I think many others have too, so its good to see you posting and interacting again! You should take pride in what you have helped to create in #newbieresteemday and you, Dawne and Asher have been the ones that filled our gas tanks when we really needed fuel! Thanks and I hope to see you in some lengthy and meaningful exchanges this week! ;)

Thank you @davemccoy for the kind words as always. I really appreciate your messages and concerns when I was away for few days.
I am getting to spend little more time compared to last couple of weeks and my posting count is back with y daily blog and commenting has also picked up.
#newbieresteemday, yes, I can see that some votes are going on daily basis from my account and I think those and few of my comments here and there have helped me to stay in the top 40 for last couple of weeks, I just need to increase that.

Thanks again :)

You're back! :)

Wow Asher, what another amazing week of competition for "The League" :) Congratulations and I'm so happy for you to see so many people participate!

I would also like to thank the new sponsors @carlgnash and @paulag. You both are doing an amazing thing and really helping to strengthen and grow not only this community, but steemit as a whole! I know @abh12345 has been rejuvenated by your donation, and that is awesome to get him moving even faster to help make this place even better!

Congratulation to @gillianpearce, you did an amazing job and I'm happy to see your effort pay off by you winning! I see you out there all the time and know you are doing well, so its awesome to see it reflected in the scores.

It's great to see all of the other #newbieresteemday teammates of mine in the top 10 too. @lynncoyle1, @bashadow, @themanwithnoname @abh12345 @beeyou and @goldendawne. Congrats and I'm not surprised to see you here! :)

I'm also to see great performances from @maverickinvictus, @amariespeaks, @cryptkeeper17, @coolguy123, @lyndsaybowes, @moneyinfant @plushzilla @gjones! Great job to all of you and thanks for everyone's effort!

Asher this league is really doing some amazing things and once again I want to give you kudos for creating that spark that drives us. I know that I have had conversations with many people about your league, and it is the first thing they think about when it comes to what is important here. Engagement is key and we all intuitively know it. Your league is a fun way to highlight it!

As my good friend @themanwithnoname says, this is the thing I too look forward most on all of steemit! So thank you for hosting it, nurturing it, and being the "King of Engagement" each week! ;)

Finally I hope you are prepared to look at some logos and taglines. @beeyou and I have quite a few collected for your to choose from. I think you will be pleased with the efforts people have made, and you will see in their work how much they "get" what you are doing!

ps... thank you very much for the prize too! That is something that is always awesome for you to do and very much appreciated by me and others! I will be donating it again to @friendsofgondor in your name because I want to do my part to help the terrific @fulltimegeek support his awesome #stewardsofgondor which have helped to shape my path here on steemit. The SOG are my role models, I strive to uphold their teachings everyday! :)

Thank you Dave, you another very pleasant wall of text haha :D (I'd just finished replying and this appeared!)

I do mean it though, thank you for taking the time to respond in the way you do :)

I'm certainly ready to look at some designs and taglines, and I have a guest judge on board too. Could you please ping me over to the post it appears on, Gina will guide me there I hope.

The prize is yours, but I'm happy to see it heading over to the @friendsofgondor, yet another fine initiative.

Lets hope for a resolution to 'this' soon, the falling prices everywhere are enough as it is!


There is so much to say that the wall must be created! lol ...

This is one post of the week that I like to make sure that I remember to make my points. I think it is important and hopefully a few will listen to my big mouth.

I will get you that list by tomorrow, my better half @beeyou is the one that makes sure it is completely correct. And its a good thing too, because I'm prone to make a mistake or two.

And yes I hope the resolution comes soon, but I do think the drop in prices is going to help make it happen. I have been predicting for a great reset if the people at the top don't realize the importance of what @fulltimegeek is doing, and sadly it seems that is what its going to take to make them take notice. Its as old as time itself, hit em where it hurts... in their pockets.

Cheers to you Asher and I am excited to see who your mystery judge is! ;)

Thanks @davemccoy for the encouragement. When I first saw this competition I didn't think I'd have a hope in hell of being above you in The League, given all the things you are involved in. It's amazing what a concerted effort and the motivation of a bit of delegation will do!

I love being able to upvote loads of people whilst searching for great content and yet still keep my voting power at a decent level.

Have a great week!

I saw that Asher also gave you a little more encouragemnet! ;) ... That is awesome and I'm happy to see it!!! Keep it up @gillianpearce! :D

Ha, ha, ha. Yes @davemccoy. He made a little bit of a mistake that worked in my favour!
Very nice for me. Thank you very much! 😁

Majority of the spots are with the awesome people of newbieresteemday! Good to see you @themanwithnoname , @beeyou , @amariespeaks , and @lyncoyle1 @bashadow be in the top!

All of you are all rockstars of engagement!

@moneyinfant you are standing a few places above me and I am happy we both made it this week haha

Expect more comments and upvotes from me this week! I have a new project that will put more investors in Steem and I'm pretty excited about it.

You have called your shot this week Mav so I'm excited about it too! I am looking forward to seeing the full power that you possess! I am happy to see you and @moneyinfant as part of the "team" we are all a part of. The future of steemit is within this group and I can't think of any better people in total that I've seen in one place!

Light it up Mav!

thanks for the mention @maverickinvictus. It is pretty damn wonderful to see some many familiar names up there ;-)

Oh yeah I am back from a long vacation well rested and raring to go!
This is a great competition as everyone comes out as a winner! The community as a whole and us for engaging and making a difference.

I am proud to be part of this program and seeing that the king could be toppled you have to wait for what I am going to do!

oh, I missed all these messages from you for last couple of weeks @davemccoy, this again shows you mean business and the business is not just for yourself, you are doing that and helping other through the #newbieresteemday initiatives (with a big hand along with other teammates) and I would like to appreciate your initiative of helping SOG's with @friendsofgondor account by donating all your winnings, it may be a small amount, but more than the amount, the initiatives you start needs to be appreciated.

Thank you so much for all the work you do and the way you express.

Thanks for letting me know that you noticed @coolguy123... You are a very big factor in both of those initiatives.. I know I seem to tell you every time it comes up, but I want you to realize how much you have made an impact here. On not just me, but on others. I was just talking with @cryptkeeper17 and he mentioned how awesome it was that you mentioned him the other day. You get lots of respect for the person you are, so I hope you realize that you have many fans and friends!

Good to see the comments flowing again my friend, I can see it won't be long until you are taking the lead!

Thank you for letting me know about @cryptkeeper17 and the interactions with him.

And thanks for helping me realize my potential. All I have done so far to you and others is to utilize the power I have to reward the guys and here and there I tried to interact with you all when I had some time.

Having said that, you are one of the key reasons along with the members of #stewardsofgondor and curation leagues of @abh12345, which gave me an opportunity to write freely and more meaningful comments, otherwise, I am very less expressive outside Steemit.

Thank you again for all those encouraging words as always and I will try to increase my interactivity with you and others as much as possible.

Good if that is true... I think that your engagement is very valuable here! And you have done more than just your delegation. You have taken the time to get to know us, steered us in the right directions, taught us how the trails work, and gave us credibility!... Don't underestimate the significance, because you can do all those things to help many others in the future! ;)

Glad to have you back! And I have some ideas coming up in the next few weeks that I think you will be interested in!

ps... I understand your point about being less expressive outside of steemit... Me too actually... Even though I was forced to interact in my job, away from my job I'm actually quite shy!

I don't believe you are a shy guy outside Steemit. But, yeah, may be that's true ;).

I am happy to be part of your ideas which suits me although I am trying to explore some other categories apart from my daily blogging.

Have a great day Dave :)

I'm seeing a lot of familiar names at the top of that list. Congratulations to the other winners, especially @gillianpearce for getting the TOP SPOT!!! Also, @lynncoyle1 and @bashadow for leap frogging me. @davemccoy, we had great competition. That was fun! This has become one of my favorite aspects o the Steemit experience. It's fun to see how we can encourage each other to become better every week. I'm definitely looking forward to another likely competition this coming week!

I agree Blondie, this is fun! I'm also happy to see that you gave someone else a chance to win this week. It was nice of you to pretend that you had RL issues to deal with! Having said that, I'm sure @gillianpearce will have here hands full with both of us gunning for her this week. It's be nice to be your partner this week and look forward to seeing what threads get created this week too! :P

Good job @themanwithnoname!

I think I did fairly well. I got off to a slow start this past week, but I held about steady from the week before. That's not too bad. There were just a lot of you who stepped things up... a lot!

Now that the prizes have increased, I'm going to have to work even harder to get up there again... that or finally focus on writing articles. Nah, engagement is so much more fun!

Yeah. Focusing on writing articles, that sounds good @themanwithnoname. That's a great strategy in my opinion. 😁

Nooooooooooo. Please don't encourage my competitive streak. Take pity on me please! I have to live with myself, you too don't! 😁

I also have RL issues. Me!!!!

I have to say when I first saw these tables I thought I didn't stand a chance with @davemccoy at the top. I don't like the sound of you pair stepping up your game. Maybe I should just retire gracefully while I'm ahead! 😁

hahaha... that's funny @gillianpearce! No worries, though because @themanwithnoname is all talk, he is really a cuddly teddy bear and not a lion.

I will do my best to push you, but I think you have me beat quite handily in several areas, so I'm not sure I can catch you! ;)

Good job, I'm so happy to see you did well and I have no doubt you will remain in the tops spots for many many weeks. :D

Ha, ha, ha. I love your faith in me. I'm not so sure myself. Sometimes I am still tempted by the dark side, i.e. bots and self up voting, especially when I see so many people I like, getting ahead that way.

I'm not interested in spending $200 to get on the trending page but I do envy my friends who self upvote to the tune of 0.50 say. It's not a huge amount in reality but psychologically it is.

I'm just curious to see how it all unfolds!

Thanks so much @themanwithnoname! @bashadow and I had a fantastic time playing leapfrog with you:) The competition really is fun, isn't it??!!

It certainly is fun. Win, lose, or draw, we are all winners, and make a lot of people happy.

It's true, we all win. I had a clever comment, but is terrible and deleted my comment. You're great, they're great, we're great. Everyone great. :)

That's what I said to Dave earlier today; although technically I guess it's a contest, but in the end, everyone's a winner ;)

It's heating up. I didn't think you all were going to let Dave and me win it every week, but wow, did you bring your A-game. Well done!

This has become one of my favorite aspects o the Steemit experience.

That's all I need to hear to march on to the next week! :D Thank you!

Wow! Thank you so much Asher! I surprised myself this week;)

Congratulations to everyone on the list, but especially @gillianpearce!! For someone who was second guessing yourself not too long ago, you sure did an amazing job this week! Way to go! You should be very proud ;)

It's great seeing so many family members from @newbieresteemday as well! Nice work team ;) And it's exciting to see so many new names...more and more people excited to help make an amazing community here!

Cheers everyone and thanks again @abh12345 for hosting the fabulous Curation Leagues! :)

You did a great job, @lynncoyle1! I had been hearing that you were tearing up a storm out there with your comments. You did really well. I'm going to have to quit my other daily activities if I'm going to keep up with the likes of you and @gillianpearce. Worth it! Ha ha

Thanks so much @themanwithnoname! Where did you hear such crazy talk ;) Congratulations to you as're still up there !!

Oh, I can't reveal my sources. You know how models are, we talk, but what happens under the hairspray, stays under the hairspray.

No really, the hairspray is killing my brain cells. I can't remember who told me.
'Do I know you?"
"Where was I going with this thought?"
"The train left the station without me!"
"I was supposed to catch a train?"
"Who am I?"
"Good day, sir!"

hahaha That is soooo Fab ;)

the "Good day, sir!" is killing me...I can't even explain to Brian why I'm laughing without starting all over again!

It was supposed to be Dwight Schrute from The Office (yes, I watched that show a lot) when he goes to buy a pewter wizard. He gets frustrated trying to be polite because that's not how he normally acts.

Hopefully you weren't drinking anything this time. ;)

hahaha I should have known...The Office!

...and no, I've learned my lesson...twice ;)

I have a big mouth.... and are you calling me crazy? lol

Awww I should have known!! :) You are anything but crazy! "Crazy" is what @themanwithnoname just spewed forth here haha

I'll have you know that I take crazy pills to get this result! You don't just get there on your own. I asked the doctor and got these prescribed. I'd say I'm at least 3x crazier since getting them. That's a win! :)

"Normal" is for the real crazy folks!

I need your doctor's name please. "Normal" is totally over-rated; although I don't know that I consider myself 'normal' anyway, but I'm certainly not 3x crazy, that's for sure!

He's a bit hard to find, but let me see if I can get a hold of him...

"Hey, Doc, you there?"
"Yeah, what's up?"
"Those pills you gave me..."
"There's perfectly good. Don't worry about the side effects."
"No, it's not that. I have a friend who is interested in getting some."
"Those are special for you only. Remember we talked about this?"
"I thought you said "forgetting" was one of the side effects. I can't remember though."
"Just remember, the first rule about crazy pills is there are no crazy pills."
"Doc, what do you mean there are no crazy pills?"
"I mean that we've been having this conversation over and over again, but you won't listen. Look at the time. We have to get going.. ooops, our leg is asleep."

Sorry, he said he can't help you. :P

Well done!

Yes I'm really glad to see Gillian at the top, she was a little down about things and I think/hope the league has sparked a revival!

We have a good mix of seasoned members and new ones in the leagues each week, and the scores are really close which I think shows how competitive and fun it is.

Thank you and everyone for taking part and making Sunday the highlight of my Steemit week! :D

Thanks @abh12345. The league has definitely sparked a revival. It's great for me because I like to try and beat myself in these games so that incetvises me to comment and upvote more. As a consequence of that I am learning more about upvoting and how to manage it and, most importantly, I am finding new people to have conversations with and deepening my connection to those I've already "met".

Watching numbers go up and connecting with people is what really keeps me going here. I'm not interested in the financial side at this point, I have no idea what my account is worth, but I like to play with numbers and see how I can affect them. From that perspective my main goal is still to get to 500 SP.

But, without the conversations, even the numbers wouldn't be enough.

It's an interesting journey and I'm still working out how I want to play the Steemit game. 😊

Thanks @abh12345. The league has definitely sparked a revival.

This is great news and makes the time spent on the post all worthwhile :)

I'm glad you've made connections here, another really satisfying aspect from my point of view too.

500 SP is certainly the first goal for minnows. I think I bought 150 when I reached 350 as I found out about the Slider at that point, and there weren't any other interfaces at that time.

Well done!

I love seeing the new names every week! You've really done a great job here @abh12345; I'm beginning to really love Sunday Steemit as well! And btw, I got my act together and wrote a blog today touting this contest and the importance of genuine commenting on steemit; you put a little bird in my ear and gave me the idea from a comment I left you some time thank you for that as well ;) Enjoy your day!

Thank you @lynnecoyle1. So glad to see you there too. As I've said many times you are an huge inspiration to me. "Meeting" you on Steemit has most definitely been one of the highlights. 💙

You're welcome @gillianpearce! And thank you; that's such a nice thing to say! I'm so glad I met you too ;)

5th... 5th... 3rd... what comes next???

I think I know. Do you?


Awesome job Lynn! I knew you were getting close to the top. If you wouldn't have self-voted, then you might even have won the crown (lol)... Seriously though, you are leading the pack in the amount of cheer and warmth you spread. I love seeing your comments and I'm very proud of the work you do!

Great job farmgirl down in Mexico! You have showing the city folks how its done! ;)

Thank you so much Dave!! Who knows what next week will bring? :)

...and I have NO idea what you're talking about? Self vote? What?? ;)

That's a really nice thing you said there! Thank you for noticing and for taking pride in my work. I'm pretty proud of your work know you're the glue that keeps it all together, right? :)

And yes, city folk got nothin' on this farm girl haha

Of course I take pride in your work! It is incredible what you farmgirls can do ;)

First of all congratulation to everyone who have made it to the top. Your efforts to engage and curate content on this platform will definitely help this platform grow. I am waiting for that one day when the comments and posts here will receive thousands of like & shares ( Upvotes and resteems) like status updates receive on facebook. I hope one day people will comment on steemit to engage with the author. This curation league and engagement league definitely builds a bridge or a path to attain that.

There is a request to all the participants to upvote this post. This will help Asher increase the reward pool for winners. Specially thanks to @carlgnash and @paulag for supporting this contest. Thanks again for being sponsors.

I could see that i am in the sixth position this week. I am feeling happy about it. This is the 2nd time i am in the sixth position. After some bad performance from my side in previous weeks i went all in this week. Participating in the Asher's engagement league is a good way of increasing the number of followers. I got 20 new followers this week alone because of me participating in this league. Who knows you may also get new followers if you participate and improve your performance in the league.

Thanks @themobilewriter, I have the same hopes as you.

Any show of support, comments or votes are welcome, but not compulsory of course - I wish for as many people to enter as possible, and as long as I have sponsors, or can cover the prizes then that's fine by me.

Participating in Asher's engagement league is a good way of increasing the number of followers. I got 20 new followers this week alone because of me participating in this league. Who knows you may also get new followers if you participate and improve your performance in the league.

Glad to hear that and I think it deserves sticking in bold for anyone passing by, thank you!

Great job @themobilewriter! You are doing very well! Its good to see you consistently up here and I can see you are a great engager already!

Very good point you made here:

"There is a request to all the participants to upvote this post. This will help Asher increase the reward pool for winners"

That is a good thing to point out... I love when I see people like you who help others to understand things, and also at the same time show respect to the people like Asher that deserve it!

Well done!

Next week I will appear. You, with your analyzes, make Steem better.

Thank you @cranium, I'm really glad you think so. Good luck next week, see you there!

Happy to see your message @cranium, and yes, you are being missed from those conversations and hopefully we can have more discussions in the coming week.

Ahhhhhh! Thanks so much dude! This league is amazing! It honestly does get my engaging and commenting when I probably wouldn't normally... and then I get so many comments back like 'this comment made my day' - and that's all thanks to you man! This is an incredible idea, and you're amazing!

Super interesting that @blazing absolutely destroys me in every single category except two... which I think shows your weighting system seems pretty amazing to me. Well done!

Wow thank you!

That's a great comment and has helped make my day! :D

I was looking at the numbers this week thinking, shall I tweak anything, but I think they turned out pretty good and I'm happy with the formula I have going at present - thanks for pointing this out. Cheers!

wow talk about engagement - 137 comments on this post, that's really awesome

Top 10 last sunday according to @arcange :D :D :D

Thank you!

I'm glad I saw this post today. My delegation issues keep me out of League 1, but I would like to try in league 2 to see how I do. I try hard to vote for minnows, comment and visit their blogs. And this will force me to look at your other metrics to try to improve. I really appreciate all your efforts even though I stopped here in December. I wish I have know about league 2 because you seem to target what I do.

If you already do a lot of commenting here then league 2 is going to be best for you.

Good because I do think I comment a lot on other blogs - but now I will know how I measure up!

I think you will be pleasantly surprised how you do here @fitinfun, my experiences in visiting with you have been nothing but pleasant. I think it's only a matter of visiting with as many different people outside of your own blog. Easier said than done I know, of course you visit inside your blog, but it does force you a bid to get out of that comfort zone. I hope someday to build myself to get into a comfort zone at some point as you have done so successfully on here. I am glad to see you joined the league, you always want to compete among the best!

That is true - I try to stay with the winners if I can. Thank you for the compliment - that means a lot to me.

League two has been here since the start of the year so it is quiet new, I know you were around for the first league last July/Aug time I think.

You are already entered into league 2 (64th this week) :D

Thank you Asher - I learned so much from you and everyone when I was here and I am glad to come back. I stopped curation for the rewards and now do it to help the tiny minnows, but I still have the lessons learned here in mind.

I'm going to try to get my son @bxlphabet in here too. He's got an older account but really just has been active in the last couple months. He's in the "very confused" stage of steemit life, so I tell him to just post and comment and post and comment. If I say much more than that he is done listening to me :)

Glad to have you back!

Yes, you need to fit all you have to say in a 5 second window, or else he man no longer be listening :)

lol - 5 seconds! This is a big problem for me - I have so many words to say.

A guy I used to supervise was a really good worker and once he told me he never listened to a word I said! He was still good and we got alone fine :)

Congratulations to all winners! It’s ni e to see so many familiar names.
I had quite of a rough week this week, but that motivates me even more. I want to make it to the top of league 2, so I’ll be working my ass of sgain next week :-)

Thanks @simplymike! Heard about your 'rough week' too; glad to see you here ;)

Glad to be back :0)

I see you creeping up there Lynn, this week might just be the week... 5th 5th 3rd... ??? I will enjoy helping to propel you and I'm so proud to see you up here. I think you will want to keep an eye on @simplymike, she will be working her ass off to catch you! :P

ps... the upvote showed. hahaha

@davemccoy, you should stop warning everybody. You’re taking away my chance to sneak up on them - lol. Now they’re all going to be at the top of their game, knowing that i’m coming for first place next week :-P

Ohhh don't worry @simplymike, we can all see you coming for us... You were the one that told us you were going to work your ass off, and don't forget we all have witnessed your drive and determination for many many weeks now ;)

I think it will be this next week:

top 3 in no particular order:

@lynncoyle1 @gillianpearce @simplymike

I'm making the call... :P and buying the trifecta ticket :)

Ha, ha, ha. @davemccoy. Not sure I'll be in the top three this week. I'm feeling a little weary. But maybe things will pick up a bit when I've had some breakfast! 😊

Yes a good excuse, well not a good excuse but certainly a reason for not being at the top this week - next week then!

I’ll give it my best shot... for sure! ;0)

Sometimes bad things happen, it is what happens after that is telling, You handled an awful situation very well, and now back on your feet, life goes on, and we have fun.

I couldn’t have said it better 😁

Hey @simplymike, we give you a pass given the turmoil you had to endure. When you say you will be working your ass of this week, I believe you. I am already preparing my congratulations comments to you right now! :P

Glad to have you back and I'm excited to see the week ahead unfold ;)

Oh Wow! i found a bit improvements in my digits and soon i will achieve the top 5 spots in future.
A heartiest congratulations to all the great members of the league especially @gillianpearce , @davemccoy, @lynncoyle1, @bashadow, @themanwithnoname, @themobilewriter, @beeyou, @goldendawne, @aussieninja, and @blazing
Thanks lot for the GREAT efforts @abh12345 :) :)

Thank you so much @salmanbukhari54! And congratulations to you as well:)

Excellent! Glad to hear about personal improvements, it's hard to check how everyone is doing week to week and so its good that people are checking their own scores each week and comparing.

Thanks for your support Salman!

Thank you @salmabukhari54. Glad to hear you're improving too and aiming for the top 5. Keep at it! 😊

Thank you @salmanbukhari54 and good job on you improving your digits too ;) ... Keep it up and its great to see the building of this league together! :)

Hooray! Back in the top 20 this week. Hopefully I can hold that given my commitment to writing contests in the coming week.

Thanks for all the kind words everyone. It's good to know I'm making a positive contribution here in some small ways.

I really appreciate you efforts on the contests. It has helped my find new ones so I am not so stale!

I've seen your name popping up on some of the contests, so yeah it's a great motivator to me when I see people benefiting from my efforts.

Are you on twitter? If you get on my list and tweet your posts out - I will be sure to RT. I have over 200 steemers on this list now and you have the type of post they need to see.

I am but its an account more geared towards crypto than writing, so posting this contest list there wouldn't be suitable. Feel free to go ahead and tweet it to your followers though, that way they'll get to see the post anyway :-)


Glad you are sticking with it and are consistent :D

Thanks Asher. I was kinda surprised to be honest, but I guess I'm just getting more into the commenting groove so it soesn't seem like I'm doing as much as I really am - if that makes sense.

This is a good groove to be in for sure, I'll look out for further progress next week :D

Congrats @moneyinfant! Nice to see my new friend here rising so high! And also glad to see that you are in our @newbiegames group as an observer, I think you will see some action now that @simplymike is on the scene! hint: she is amazing!

I'm seeing some really great things on the horizon there just based on today's conversations. @simplymike is a great addition to the group!

Yes @simplymike is amazing and exactly what I've been waiting for... She is a "doer" not a talker, so I expect big things as she lights the spark there!!!

You’re making me blush ☺️

This week I got same 5th place but a better performance in score. Ive focus in promote Archer's Excelence League in the portuguese language #pt community with a post and some comments. @abh12345, @paulag, @carlgnash thank you for prize.

5th is a great job, well done on reaching the top 5 in league 1 again!

Congratulations for being in top 5 @pataty69.

Although I haven't got a chance to interact with you, I have observed that you are one of the constant supporter of my daily blogs, thank you for that.

Wishing you many more success in curation leagues :)

Oh wow I did not really expect to be in this week as I was on long vacation. I have been out since Thursday and is currently just checking in using the internet in the airport right now.

I took a long deserved trip and got some sun and lots of topics!! So I will be back to content creation, engagement and upvoting this week!!!

Still happy to see my name and a lot of great people engaging folks through the whole system.

I would have not believed that someone toppled @themanwithnoname that baseball bat might have done the trick @davemccoy hahaha

Thank you Asher for making this league as it has brought together people with the right idea of what Steemit truly is.

I am so glad that despite the low SP that I have I am able to make a difference and engage so many people.

Even when you aren't here you can still make the top 50 :D

Thank you Asher for making this league as it has brought together people with the right idea of what Steemit truly is.

Very nice of you to say so! Thank you for being here :)

I am pretty amazed myself as I had little time to be online while on vacation! But I am well rested and raring to go for this week!

Excellent work again @abh12345, it's very cool to see so many names in there I recognize. I wanted to congratulate my friend @gjones15 for an excellent showing in his 1st submission to this contest!

Congratulations to you and @giones15!!

Excellent work on your part @lynncoyle1 you were everywhere on steemit this week apparently!

Thank you so much! And that's what I keep hearing haha

see... there are you... point proven! ;)

It's a full time job trying to stay one step ahead of you @davemccoy!

Thank you very much, and yes, good to see a referral of yours set a decent benchmark to start with. Cheers!

Great job @cryptkeeper17! And I love that you include your cool friend @gjones15. Its nice to see how everyone is growing together! And good start this week on @greetersguild!

Dang, going to really have to yup the game. I just delegated, to a fellow minnow, so I'm going to be off the charts until that clears... I may still be off the charts given the top tier. Gonna keep at it though. I intend to make your list 😎

Bravo to you for the delegation out to a minnow, that's what I like to hear!

Yes you'll be out of league 1 for a week or two, but league 2 is always an option. Good luck!

Congratulations! To all the winners and all who participated, we are all winners in our own right. @abh12345 , I would love to participate and see how well i fair
Afew queries

  1. Some steemians argue that the best time to vote is at the 16th minute, how true is that?
  2. Do auto votes count too? There are accounts I follow that I have put on auto voter does it count to participate in this?
    Apologies for the mundane questions

Great, I have added you to the list :)

  1. 16 mins is quite early, but if that means you beat the bigger votes then it could work
  2. Auto votes certainly help, there's no way of truly distinguishing between a manual and auto (although by looking at something like you can make a good guess)

See you next week on the lists :)

Congrats to the all the winners!
First week I did participate, now I do have a benchmark. Lets see if I can improve!

A week to test and see where you stand is fine, now it's time to top the score each week :D

I will be glad if I do see some improvements. For some reason I will try to chase a top spot in League 2, probably cause it more fits my behavior on Steemit.
I'm just bad at the curation game, still will also try to improve my position here. Always ran out to quickly with my voting power!
But you are giving a lot of us a great motivation to be involved on Steemit!

I appreciate the valuable information. However what is more important to me is that you took the time and effort to create the Curation League in order to help others. Of course by raising others up so too are you. THat is a win-win for all and shows the spirit of Steemit we all want to be part of. Blessings.