STEEMIT ESSENTIALS: Links to Useful Guides and Hints & Tips

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I've made a post about what is the honorable thing to do when it comes to posting other peoples content. The replies were helpful so if you could create a post based on that, you may make some $ + add to the list :-)


Fascinating dilemma, particular when large sums of money are involved. I've added to the list. Thanks for sharing! Will add my opinion on the topic to your post.

One thing i have started doing is listing tags across the last row with two spaces between each tag. I think this looks better than list tags over mutiple rows.


tag tag tag tag




Good point. I will add this. I've created a post on whether it should be best practice to put the tags at the top or the bottom of the post.

Just by way of background,

I first created this post a few hours after joining Steemit. Steemit is a great platform with bundles of potential. I am really excited about it's future. I do think however it would be useful to have either a BEST PRACTICE and/ or a HOW TO and/ or HINTS & TIPS sticky thread for newbies (like me). I've already made a few rookie mistakes and I'm sure I'll continue to! However I'm keen to learn and help the site grow. I'll share whatever useful information I gather here with my fellow Steemians. As such the OP will be subject to constant revision. I hope you find this post a useful resource.

I wish you much RUSP (Rewards, Upvotes & Steem Power!)

FYI There are some A's in the Steem's .. Could you change to e's so I can share on Twitter? :)


amended - thanks for pointing out!

Amendments -
Added (5th Jun 2016): Where will the Steem buy demand come from?(@cryptoctopus)

MOST helpful post, many thanks. Steemit is a most exciting, awesome vision and opportunity, but it's got some challenges to master. Hope to be contributing helpful info soon, too. ~ljl~


Glad you found it useful. Look forward to seeing some of your posts.