SteemFest² Updates - New Names Announced - Spotlight: SteemFest Blockchain Hackathon announced - register now!

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Another busy week. I managed to do a little kitesurf after my crazy coastal trip of 3 weeks ago. Wind was crazy stormy but nice to have a couple of hours away from it all and focus on one thing: Surviving the wind & water, while having fun doing so :) Back to that other thing now.... SteemFest!


View from LX Factory - SteemFest hackathon location

New names talking / performing at SteemFest² announced:

  • @voronoi (US): Curious urbanist. Co-Founder of Sndbox
  • @quinneaker (US): Visionary & Founder of the Garden Of Eden EcoVillage
  • @the-alien (BR): (Ghost)Writer, entrepreneur, world traveler, blockchain and open-source enthusiast
  • @timsaid (DE): Crypto Challenge, scientist, photographer and free runner

Week updates

Cut the location video tour I did last week, will publish it next week. Wrote a press release in draft, discussed with Ned and some others. Shared with some outlets, will push more next week. Prepaid venues partly in order to reserve them. Also I got pretty hyped up by this idea coined by @originate to see about interest to do a 'SteemRally' - Gumball 3000 inspired roadtrippin through Portugal.

Had an IRL meetup with @peerplays about the sponsoring for the SteemFest Blockchain Hackathon, and they are going to! Also Decent and Bitshares are joining us for the hackathon (and Steemit obviously :D) Worked on the dedicated site for the hackathon and published it (read below about that).

24h session - 1 November - Cowork Lisboa @ LXFactory

Developer, designer, creator, hacker? Come 1 day early to Lisbon for developer pre-drinks and kick off the conference with the SteemFest Blockchain Hackathon. On Wednesday 1 November 9AM sharp the SteemFest Blockchain Hackathon kicks off in Cowork Lisboa at LXFactory Lisboa.

As launching event of the SteemFest Conference we challenge you to make a proof of concept, working(!) app on (any) blockchain. Be smart and check out the prize-sponsoring blockchains (Steem, Bitshares and Decent) and tune your apps for those chains and get a change to win those crypto monetary prizes!

SteemFest Blockchain Hackathon Schedule:

Wednesday 1 November - 24 Hour Hackathon
CoWork Lisboa @ Lx Factory, Lisbon - see full schedule here.

Friday 3 November - Hackathon App Pitches
SteemFest Conference Day 2 venue: Montes Claros - Lisbon Secret Spot

Participation to the hackathon is free of charge and includes 24h food & beverage as well as drinks & afterparty on Friday 3 November.

Click here to register for the SteemFest Blockchain Hackathon

Please note: a (free) hackathon ticket is NOT a valid entry for the full 5-day SteemFest conference.

The SteemFest Blockchain Hackathon is made possible with the support & partnership of:

More names and location updates to be announced :)

Please... Don't forget to book a room in HF Hotels starting at € 82 / room / night including breakfast. Book directly through the HF hotels or

1.★★★HF Musicbrand new with a swimming pool on top
2.★★★HF Gardenbuild in 2008 with several awards and a city garden
3.★★★★HF Lisboacosmopolitan 4 star hotel with city garden and spacious lobby - this will be the SteemFest homebase
4.★★★★HF Urbanspacious rooms (at 500 meter walk from the above 3 hotels)

Wishing you a great HOLDR weekend,
Greetings from Amsterdam,


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Anyone interested in forming a team for the hackaton?

see @ayondatta's post/reply. Also on the SteemFest Hackathon site you could register and then hit 'find team members' button...

Trying to reach out the people I know living in Lisbon. Can anyone go to this?

Trying to reach out the people I know living in Lisbon.

@jabez518 : This will be another great milestone.

@furion : this might be a good idea
I agree.

same to you.

Hi there let's upvote and follow each other. Reply me 😊.

Just Booked tickets two of us will be coming this year. We look forward to meeting everyone.

Alright we now have a hotel and also the Steemfest tickets themselves. So we are all setup and only have to wait :-)

Looking forward to meet you there too!

Thank you @awesomianist we look forward to meeting as many people as possible.

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Anyone interested in forming a team for the hackaton?

see @furion's post. Also on the SteemFest Hackathon site you could register and then hit 'find team members' button...

Wow @roelandp the Gumball steem rally event sounds freaking awesome, what a great idea if only I had the money guess I got to get steeming, hopefully see you guys at steemfest

@simonjay : Where do you think?
I came from Indonesia fallow money
which I must prepare to meet with the steemfest
there. hhh

check @originate's blog about the SteemRally as he coined the idea!

thank you @roelandp , the hackaton is a nive addition, i am really curious what comes out at the end of the day..

presentations on day 2 of the SteemFest conference days... So hackers can still finetune their app and get some sleep in between :P

Whoo-hoo blockchain hackathon 💕💕 see ya!!

@roelandp Do we have any titles of some of the presentation yet?

I cannot wait to get there. Are you @johngentry going to the Hackathon?

Maybe, I want to talk with Randy and see if he is going first.

I have been so busy this weekend I didn't see this post until now!

Super honored to be contributing to the fun and success of SteemFest2 while furthering the cause of Steemit!

Already excited to see you all there soon!


can't wait to see everyone's posts from it :)

Wishing great success for the Steemfest. Videos from the last Steemfest were awesome. I believe that this fest will have even better ones. :)

Si tendra gran efecto

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The SteemFest is awesome, @roelandp! Thanks for sharing those updates

Haaaa... Alcantara... so many runs to catch the boat...

Hey @roelandp, where did you did kite? Trafaria? or over the Costa da Caparica places?...

I'm from Amsterdam, the whole dutch coast :)

Best of luck for Steemfest 3. I am not able to make it this year as I just returned from my Trans- Mongolia Adventure. However next year i will go, no matter what.
Spreading Positivity One Post At A Time

lucky you are, to take part to this event...

Hey @roelandp, I'm interested in the hackathon, but I live in the States and cannot make it to SteemFest. Is there a way to participate remotely>

idea is to have an on-site hackathon so ideas flow within ad hoc team, being there is ofcourse the nicest. I would have to see about remote participation especially with presentations / demos.

In any case: Please register on the hackathon page and you get updates about it and maybe you can join in either remotely on a team attending the hackathon or see how it works out... If you register you can apply for 'looking for team mates'

Sounds good, will do.

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So wish to go

Warming up...


Don't forget to get the BBQ chicken here, it's the best <3

so true!

So excited for Steemfest 2!
(... and also for the creamy & delicious pasteis de nata 😋)

Hope to see you there too @agent!!!

hmm they are nice @agent maybe see you there if I make it.

I know where the best ones are!!! Just to sort out work leave 1st ;)

Wish great success on steemfest......

So excited for Steemfest 2!😍😍

Anyone interested in forming a team for NCR (India)? I think it will help us if some expert guide us(about steemit) face to face?

Definitely It will be a great fest :) Have fun Steem Family ;)

Hi @roelandp.. I'm new Here, I need a push , thank you for up vote this post

Wow awesome!!! we need to organsize a Steemfest in Germany!!!

A Steem meetup in Germany would be great! I think many would like to come as they can't make it to the SteemFest this time

You can always organise a Steem meetup. SteemFest will now after 2 editions in Europe move to another continent, so this is your change to still join in. Find a cheap flight and come join the weather in Lisbon!

very cool, wow, Nov. One isn't even that faraway now. the SF2 site looks very slick!

This Steemfest will be a success, for sure!

well , the place is quite wonderful
after reading and watching these picture
my eagerness is telling to me that u need to buy tickets for visit this place
i love your post
content is too good i never getting bored anywhere
i mean i enjoyed
Keep posting

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Too bad I can't be there, it would be great to meet the Steemit community and some of the people I already have contacts with.

Ah well, let's aim for the next fest, gives me some time to collect some more Steem.

I missed the first one @rmz but in hope I can collect enough to make it for this one shame you cant make it.

good post and useful
thank you @roelandp

can't wait to see everyone's posts from it :)

New to steemit enjoying it

Good post friend , ,

great !!

Hey! Checkout blog post on eSteem!


Wow looks great
I'm still new here so I don't really understand steemfest

Nice work proud of you and we will wait for your next post..

So excited, awesome 😍

the hacathnon sounds super exciting !

Whoa !!! What a ride !! This is going to b

Very good post, very complete information.

My Daammm BAD bad-luck. :sob:

My vote is for the support for the project. I wish to be there.

You write very well hopefully this paper gets the upvote that there is and resteemed everyone. so your position is quickly upgraded. keep working waiting for the next post

HAKATON, nice, please keep us posted about the outcome! very interesting.

wish i was able to make it to the event, will you guys be livestreaming the event cause some of us who are far away will like to participate?

Yes we will use for livestreams from both conference days.

You write very well hopefully this paper gets the upvote that there is and resteemed everyone. so your position is quickly upgraded. keep working waiting for the next post

upvoted and following you @roelandp
Can u do the same for me.

Wow, this Steemfest sounds great. Can't wait to read more about.

very nice article you have a @roelandp..SteemFest Conference Day very great..keep it have my upvote

Hi, Good Post, Is Anyone interested in forming a team for the hackaton?

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Спасибо очень полезная информация

This is really very good and I look forward to attending one of these days.

This is awesome,thanks for the update

hmmmm its sound more and more epic closer it gets, I've already started saving some cash to make it there.. yeah boi

Sounds cool! thanks for sharing

Wow! That is splendid , you rock @ roelandp I am on it ASAP

Steemit is a trend now! Looking forward to the fest!

Come and read my blog about shopping addiction :)

Thank you @roelandp for your hackathon steem fest success :) I believe you I support you for your upcoming sucess :)

Anyone interested in forming a team for the hackaton?

Very good. Good luck ihope you succes only

Sorry I can not go

wooow...nice post...

Good job
I like it ...plz vests send SBD n follow me @mudatnad
Thks u
Good luck today

Really appreciate all you're doing for the community here. Keep up the great work! -Dan

Blockchain hackathon!! So Good!! Wow

Lisabon will grow crowded with the Steemians who follow SteemFest. I can not attend, but my spirit is there @roelandp.

dude you gotta get that storm trooper outfit and do a full vlog series wearing it!!

I nece posting you.
Follow my @imamalkimas

Anyone interested in forming a team for the hackaton?
who can reply to me

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Wishing I was going! Thank you for sharing :)
Were there any pictures taken from the kitesurfing?
Best wishes.

Wow! I hope I am able to attend such event someday.

@roelandp A pleasant put up..I am exciting..

me gustaria partecipar...

This will be epic!

Thanks for sharing this amazing post Sir

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Nice post.

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Followed and Resteemed ^_^ More power @roelandp and @steemfest

Can't make it 😢

cant wait to see everyone's post about it :)

The greats and awesome.. Thanks my friend @roelandp.
Suppose I can and can be invited to the steemfest, maybe from now on I'm going to go there, it's really amazing to be in touch with my friends in steemfest .. i do not have so much money.


excellent idea as everybody wnated to eplore this idea can prove to be arevolutionary

Thanks @roelandp for your effort for us, it's very informative and interesting,


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