My Entry for the Blocktrades + Open Mic Steem Fest Ticket Giveaway

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Hi Friends!

I am so excited to be throwing my name in the hat for the Blocktrades + Open Mic Steemfest giveaway! If you are thinking of going to Steemfest - I would highly encourage you to check out this conest HERE and all of the other Steemfest ticket giveaways that @anomadsoul is running with Blocktrades.

Getting to Know the Person Behind the User Name

In my application - I share a little more about who I am, why I joined Steemit, where i'd like to see Steemit go, and why I want to attend Steemfest. Here are the different questions answered in this video.

  • Tell us about yourself. The real person behind the Steemit username. After all, if you win, we´ll be meeting in person in less than 3 months.

  • Your story on Steemit. When did you join, why, how etc. How do you engage with the community, what do you do on a daily basis on Steemit or any of the other DApps.

  • Why do you want to attend SteemFest and what can you add to the community by attending.

  • And the most important part... This is an @openmic contest, so get on the mic and tell us the direction you would like to see Steemit move towards. The idea is to record yourself telling your fellow Steemians what you want Steem to become and how you think you can help that reality come true.

My Open Mic Story

In this video, I share a bit more about what an impact being part of the open mic community made on my time here. It was really the first place that I felt at home on the platform and I couldn't believe how encouraging and supportive everyone was. Open Mic is a truly unique and special corner of Steemit. <3

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I just watched the whole video and enjoyed every minute of it. You have so many valuable things to say that 20 minutes just spin away :-)

You're such a cordial person with an admirably positive attitude, I bet a lot of the people you mentioned here can't wait to hang with you and hug you either :-)

Also hugging's gonna be a pretty good strategy to fight the cold temperatures in Krakow, haha

Keep on being awesome, Lea!
We're very lucky to have you on Steem.

Awww your comment made my day @surfermarly!

I am touched that you watched the whole video! There will be so many hugs going around and your right - they might be a necessity to stay warm. 😆

Thanks for the love and support my friend. I really appreciate it!

Glad you enjoyed the comment in such way. Have a nice day!

Thanks for making this video and entering.

I lived in Seattle and Snohomish for a couple years and started on Steemit there before moving back to Cancun. It's beautiful in your area.

Listening to you talk about following the flow speaks in my language. Steem has changed people's lives in such a direct way and I can tell you get that. Love your curation strategy and your energy.

You're a big part of the Open Mic community and we love that. It's so cool you're getting involved in meetups too and you're going to love the @steembirds. They're a lot of fun.

Thanks again for the lovely video and good luck. Hope to see you in Poland.

Crazy that you lived in Seattle when your first joined Steem! Being in Poland this November will bring back all the memories of Seattle winters. I’m sure you’ve tried hard to forget the cold and the rain! 😄

Thank you so much for your kind words and I’m so glad you enjoyed my entry! I think I it is so cool that you guys are partnering with blocktrades on this contest. ♥️

I’m excited to meet the Steembirds in a few weeks! They definitely look like trouble. Haha

Thanks again for watching my entry and for taking the time to leave such a thoughtful response!

Very nice video, I watched all the video, I'm glad I know you more now. ☺ I hope you will win that ticket, thanks for shating your ideas about steem, you are very interesting person. ☺

Aww thanks for watching!! ♥️

I’m glad you enjoyed this video and for your vote if confidence. 😃

I'm delegating all my power to @dcooperation , it's a project I'm working on, you get full upvote of @dcooperation , I always upvote people with 100% from that account.

Wow - that's so kind of you @clixmoney!! Thank you so much for your support!

Have fun in Toronto and at Steem Fest! You and @maryjaney were definitely fun to hang out with and you will be a great asset to both events! I won't be making it to either of those but I am hoping to make it to a Steemit Meetup in San Francisco this Tuesday. @happymoneyman has organized it, looks like it should be fun, and I'm looking forward to hanging out with another Creators Conference steemian again. Cheers!

Wow that sounds so fun!! Give @happymoneyman a hug for me! 😃

Perhaps I’ll see you again at some future conference! I have a feeling that more and more will continue to get planned! 😊

Should be and will do!
I'm sure of it! I plan on going to the Austin creators conference that's been talked about... Have a great evening!

ah man, i totally got my entry wrong. I just sang but did not talk! :'(

but I got my first @dtube upvote, yeah!!!

Ooooh congrats on the Dtube vote!! That's such a huge moment!

When they first announced the contest - it included singing, but they changed the rules a bit later to include everyone. You probably just read the rules before they changed it. :)


Thank you @wendyth16! That’s so kind of you. 😊

Nice vid!

Thank you @bostrot! I’m glad you enjoyed it! ♥️

Thanks for inspiring me to participate in this giveaway, I included you in my entry, you can watch it on dtube here :

Or read the post in steemit, I wish you win as well. ☺