Let's Get @nomadicsoul To Steemfest! // Donating Liquid Rewards From This Post To Her Steemfest Fund

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Hi Friends!

There are a lot of people that I'm super excited to meet at Steemfest. One of the people that I really hope I get to meet is @nomadicsoul. This girl is such a bright light on the platform and would honestly make Steemfest better just by her presence in the room.

This Girl is Hustlin' Hard to Raise Money for Steemfest

I don't think I've seen anyone work so hard and get so creative about how they are raising money to attend this awesome event. She's not just making posts and asking for money - she's literally doing things that provide value to her fellow steemians.

She Designed a Line of Clothing Specifically for Steemfest...

That's right. She designed an awesome line of clothing to act as conversation starters for those attending the event. Check out her post about it HERE.

steemfest shirt.png

She is Raffling off TONS of Awesome Stuff. Alpha Steem Monster packs, graphic design work, instagram consultation and more...

This girl is a talented designer and marketer. She's putting those skills to work and offering them as raffle prizes. Not to mention... did I mention she's raffling off 45 alpha booster packs?!? Hello. Check out her post HERE.

triple raffle.png

All Liquid Rewards From This Post Will Go To Her Steemfest Travel Fund

I am also planning to buy some raffle tickets in her giveaway because I'd honestly love to win any of the prizes - but the money earned from this post will be a pure donation. I won't get any raffle tickets from that.

I wanted to make this video because I think as a community, it's important that we stand around and support awesome users like @nomadicsoul. My hope is that I'll not only be able to send her some SBD to help fund her travels - but maybe also help a few more people find out about her raffle. If you have the means to give this girl an upvote, or donate to her travel, please do. Steemfest attendees will be better off because of it. <3

Big love to you girl and I hope to meet you in Poland!

Xo, Lea


Meet me at SteemFest 2018 in Kraków


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OMG!!!! I usually suffer from tearstipation (tear constipation) but my eyes literally watered up at this post.

😮 Thank you so so much for making this!!!!! <3 <3 <3

Seriously this is the nicest thing ever...hmm now I have to figure out how many entries this post counts for! This is a big step above a resteem haha.

Also...dang! You make videos fast!

Thank you!!

So much love my friend! I really hope you are able to make it! <3

OMG you're donating the rewards from this post, too?! I just saw this. Ahhh I seriously can't get over this!!!!!! You made my year!!!

By the way, I think YOU'RE a light here!!!!!! Brighter than me for sure, but that's okay. You're so awesome.

Just finished watching. Nicest video in the world. Sorry I keep udating with comment spsam haha

She is freakin awesome! It would be super rad if she can make it!! <3

Agreed!! Super excited to meet you soon too @acromott!

I'll meet you some day for sure. I am not planning on going to Steemfest this time.
Looking forward to seeing all the fun content from the event though.

Oh man look at me spreading rumors. I totally thought you were going for some reason. Maybe we’ll get to meet at some point! :-)

You're going to be there! Double reason to want to go!! Thanks so much for your comment @acromatt <3

nahhh I don't think I will be able to make it.
I hope you get out there though!! :)

yaaaay!! I'm so glad you did! <3

Thank youuuuu!! <3

This is so lovely of you @coruscate.

I bless the day I signed up on Steemit more, with posts like this.

You're Awesome. Thanks for making this post, and for the love.

@emjoe you're awesome, too!!! You've been really sweet helping nominate me for contests!!! And I appreciate it more than you can imagine! You're a light on this platform, too!!! <3

Agreed, I think she deserves to go more than any other minnow. Let's get her there!

Aw thanks for making me smile! @daveonarrival

YESSSSSS!!! Lets do it!!!

:) My VP is wrecked from upvoting all these nice comments haha

We do have a beneficiary feature on steempeak... just saying ;)
100% beneficiary is an option...

However it appears you did the post with dtube and i'm not sure they have that same feature... but i can understand the hope for a good vote

I want @nomadicsoul there as well and I don't even know her. haha

Oh... and i'm now a 79% possibility. Been looking for best plane ticket cost.

@jarvie I wanna learn more about steempeak. I totally thought you meant steemspeak!

Thanks for your super nice comment. And for entering! I hope you make it, too!!

79% !! Yes! Getting closer! 🙌🏻

Yeah I was hoping for a dtube vote so the post payout would be higher and I’d have more to send her! Oh well 🤷‍♀️

I love that you can do 100% beneficiaries in Steempeak. Sooo cool!

Yeah it's fun because then you can do guaranteed charity type stuff. It's better than a gofundme page. haha

Perfect Steemian to support @coruscate! Would upvote twice if I could!

aww right back at ya @eoj!

I think @pharesim still has a ticket giveaway running, check it out :)

@pharesim has a golden heart just like @corusate and @emjoe and maybe even you too, @theaustrainguy!

Thank you for pointing out the contest. I actually am sooo lucky and grateful because I won 100 steem from him!

And I am putting it towards steem fest because that was the point. But, my round trip plane ticket is about $780 USD based the last time I looked.

And then a car to the airport will be about $20 USD and I don't know. Baggage maybe $30. Lots of little things still not covered.

BUT I MUST MAKE IT THERE! Becauase @anomadsoul was nice enough to get me a ticket before the prices went up. Just because he's on the list of people with a golden heart.

Although, I'm so bad at taking handouts I insist on paying him back when I can or paying it forward and buying someone a ticket next year.

Actually, my goal is to buy a ticket for someone next year.

Anyway, thanks for pointing out the contest. I already won 100 so I better stay away from that one.

BUT if you don't want to do the rafffle, @steemitblog is hosting a contest and I wouldn't mind being nominated along with 4 other awesome steemians!!

It ends SOON though!

Noble goal for next year, respect :) My upvote isn't huge, but maybe it still helps a little bit with the costs - who knows, maybe prices for STEEM rise soon!

Thanks for the support @ironshield!

Yeah let's get @nomadicsoul to steemfest. I just come across her post tagged by ppl and stumble here too. We teammalaysia love her after she become our guest for our discord's Teh Tarik session. So I totally agree she must go.

I totally agree
There is something about @nomadicsoul
I didn't get a chance to meet her, but I have heard so much about her.
Will go check it out in a bit
Hope I am not too late

By the way, love your energy :)

aw thanks for your kind words! You totally made me smile @kaerpediem!

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