45 Pack Steem Monsters Raffle, Grow Your Instagram to 100K followers - And More!

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steem monsters grow your instagram giveaway.png

Are you missing important cards during your monster battles? Well, now's your chance to win them.

I've got 45 steem monsters ALPHA packs to give away.

Yeah, the sold out ones.

You can't buy these anymore...except from another steemian card hoarder like me, mwahaha.


Sorry. I just never get the chance to laugh maniacally for no reason.

Anyway. There COULD be a card worth $1000!


I want to give 3 steemians a chance to win 15 packs each.

By doing something a little unconventional.

Raffling them off.

The reason?

I'm trying like CRAZY to make it over to steemfest.

Here Are The Raffle Prizes I'm Giving Away:

👾 👾Steem Monsters Raffles 👾 👾

Steem Monsters Raffle # 1 - Pack of 15 cards
Steem Monsters #2 - Pack of 15 cards
Steem Monsters #3 - Pack of 15 cards

If you don't have a steem monsters account already... sign up here and get your battle on!

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🌴🐚Free 30 Minutes - How To Get Huge Instagram Followings - And How To Monetize It -$300 USD Value🐚🌴


Here's what you get in those 30 minutes:

🐳I will show you exactly how I repeatedly grew my instagram accounts to large followings: 17k, 39k, 43k and 112k.
🐳I'll show you several different ways you can make money by doing this.
🐳And how you can promote your steemit blog by doing this
🐳 If you have a travel ig, I can tell you ways to land free hotel stays once you have at least 15k followers.
🐳Or let's say you want to make an ig for your dog. You can get free dog gear for him as a result of having a big account.
🐳I will show you how to sell your instagram account when you're done growing it if you want
🐳 Basically, I'll tell you all of my ig hacks that I had to take months and months to learn. Months of trial and error and failing. My advice will literally save you at least 6 months of your life trying to figure out all this stuff.
🐳I'll show you how to find your target audience and stay relevant
🐳 There are a lot of instagram gurus selling courses online to teach you how to grow and make money off of your ig. Some of these people are full of 💩. I'll show you who you should learn from. The most expensive advice is bad advice. Avoid bad advice by knowing who to learn from.
🐳I'll also review your personal instagram account and give you feedback based on your specific account.
🐳 Ways to get good engagement on ig... because it's not all about just the number of followers

I know, I know. Instagram is a dirty word, right?? We're all about steemit and steepshot now.

But the thing is, you can USE these other social media platforms to actually promote steem and steemit if that's what you want to do.

I sold my biggest ig account, 112k followers, for $1,600 USD.

Yes, that's a real thing that people do.

I was going to screenshot of my paypal to prove it to you...

...but this was all in 2016 and paypal won't let me go back that far.

So here's a screenshot of what other accounts are selling for instead:

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 12.43.07 PM.png

Don't worry. I've stayed up on current ig trends and algorithm changes.

So I still have PLENTY of relevant info to share.

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🎉💥3 Free Logos / Graphic Design Items 💥🎉

Whether you need a logo. Steemit sign off banner. Something for a side hustle you’re doing.

You want your own pair of leggings design.

I’ll give you 3 free ones!

Here's some stuff I've done:

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 1.21.54 AM.png

dj aphrodite logos.png

New Love For Lombok Discount Code.png

Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 2.38.42 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 1.11.58 AM.png

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You want Mene referrals? Fine. I'll promote your link instead of mine.

You want to promote steem monsters to bring more users to the blockchain?

Alright. I'll promote your steem monsters link instead of mine.

One post per week for a month.

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No, silly. Not the sweaty-pit shirt you're wearing right now.

I will actually design and make a customized shirt with a QR code that will link to your steemit profile.

Then, I'll wear it 1 day per week for 3 months.

Starts as soon as the shirt is finished being made.

I did x 3 because 3 steemians have a chance to win this one!!!!

Catch : This one needs a minimum of 8 steem because I need to also pay out of my pocket to get the shirt made after designing it.

steem divider .png

Here's How The Raffle Works

😀 All winners will be picked from a random generator on the interwebz.
😃Send minimum of 1 steem to me with the memo "steem monsters raffle #1" or "steem monsters raffle #2" or "Free instagram." You get the picture.
😀1 steem = 1 entry. 5 steem = 5 entries. You can enter in as many raffles as you want. You can enter all 5 of them for all I care. I want everyone to have a chance to enter, even if they don't have a lot of steem to spare.
😀Speaking of no steem to spare...

...there IS another way you can get an entry besides sending me cash!!

You see, there's this amazing investment jewelry company called Mene.

They sell pure 24k gold and platinum jewelry.

Gold > paper money.
Platinum > paper money.

Gold's so good that people will sneak out of their house at night to go find it.

If you sign up through my referral link for Mene, I will get $5 credit towards a piece of pure gold jewelry.

You will get $5 also.

It's a win-win.

I got an entire pair of earrings because of referral links. Worth $104 USD!!

So What I'm saying is this.

If you don't have steem to spare, but want to enter a raffle...

...then you can sign up for Mene through my referral link.

And I will give you 5 raffle entries!! 😀

Because it's essentially the equivalent of sending me 5 steem/SBD at the moment.

Gold IS money. So I'll totally accept that as help towards getting me to steemfest.

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 12.24.53 PM.png

I accept SBD, too.

What day does the raffle end? 🍁

October 28!

What happens if I don't raise enough funds or for some reason can't make it to steemfest?💰

Ok, my plan then would be to save everything I raised for Steemfest next year, and/or one of the steem creators conferences that I know will be coming up soon.

Orrr, if my laptop keeps trying to murder me then I may have to use a little bit to get it fixed.

Or some laptop therapy so it can stop it's homicidal tendencies.


P.S. If you resteem, I'll give you an entry as well! So let me know in the comments! If you tag 3 people, that's also an entry.



Hi @nomadicsoul, Steem Monsters has an extra SteemFest ticket that we will not be using. We would love to see you there so if you are still in need of a ticket please contact me on the Steem Monsters Discord and we would be happy to transfer it to you!

That is so cool that you guys are willing to do this for her. I had never heard of @nomadicsoul until I stumbled across this article. She's such a hustler! I love it!!

Aw, look! You made me smile again!!!

Our @thundercurator service isn't "A TON" but it's at least something to help out a little bit. Keep us updated on the project!!


Hey girl! I don't have time to do this RIGHT NOW but I'm definitely going to tonight! I seriously love how much you're hustling for this goal! You are so awesome! I really really hope you get there!! XOXO

aw, well thank you SO much!!! You're so awesome for this super nice comment!! You made me smile so big!

スクリーンショット (28).png

Sweet @dmiliz!! Thanks for entering!! For now I've got you at 5 entries for the instagram hacks! But if you resteem or tag, just let me know and I'll add more!

resteemed and sending steem and tagging @nicholas83 @acousticsteveo

Resteemed and signed up on MENE and here I am tagging my Steemit friends who can also take part in these raffles.
@oodeyaa, @juliawilliams, @bien

thanks @coolguy!!! Which raffle do you want to be in? steem monsters? instagram? both?

Hi @nomadicsoul, I would like to enter Steem Monsters raffle, I am more addicted to that right now :)

Best wishes for your aspiration to be in SteemFest 3 :)

thanks for making me part of that raffle @coolguy123

I just registered to MENE :))

thank you!!! what part of the raffle do you want to be entered in to @bien? steem monsters? or something else?

i don't have steem monster i just offer and give the raffle to @coolguy123 :))

Great!!! These raffles and giveaways gives additional chance of owning more cards as for as Steem Monsters are considered.

I will give the raffle to you friend :)) if ever wins you win..

Wow thank you dear sir,
It's really awesome.
Love you dear Sir.

Oh my gosh... I literally want to win each and every item! Can't wait to enter!

Also - check out my page. hehe <3<3<3


@aussieninja - since you were SO kind and gave me 10 steem to support the cause.... JUST BECAUSE.... please go ahead and enter this raffle.

You'll get 10 entries, plus if you resteem and tag anyone then you'll get more! <3

Thank you so much for being so generous, kind and supportive. AND funny, which is just a side bonus. Always making me laugh.

Ahhhhhh, am I too late? It's not my fault!
I ran outta gas! I had a flat tire! I didn't have enough money for cab fare! My tux didn't come back from the cleaners! An old friend came in from outta town! Someone stole my car! There was an earthquake! A terrible flood! Locusts!! It wasn't my fault I swear to God!!!

Anyway, I've resteemed your post because you're amazing even though I'm all the lates, and I'll superledge @just2random because I think he is a boss of Steemmonsters.

You silly goose. I love your late excuses, and I'll accept all of them. They all seem like they legitimately happen to you.

Sorry you've had such a rough week!

Actually, you automatically get 10 entries because you donated 10 steem to me already. I tagged youin a post the other day...but I think you missed both notifications!

I blame the locusts lol.

Thanks for the resteem and the tag! Oh, that means you have 11 or 12 entries now!

Do you want to enter the ig one? steem monsters? shirt? logos?

Dearest NomadicSoul, can I please enter the logo one? I also might need help coming up with a name for a new thing I'm thinking of, but we can discuss it if I win...

... thanks for being so understanding RE: tuxedo.

sounds fun! done!

Sent you 5 steem... Hopefully the Goddess of Luck will be with me and let me win some cool cards... :D
And see you in Krakow!

Resteemed. And calling upon @zord189 @joannewong @aaronleang @wilhb81 @bitrocker2020 @littlenewthings @bboyady

Awesome! thank you!!! Do you want to split the 10 entries between different SM monsters raffles, or put all in one?

Let's split them up. 3, 3, 4. Thanks!

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If I had the money, I'd pay for you to go to Steemfest, but I'm sorry, I don't, so the best I can do is give you my 100% upvote (which isn't going to get you there either). I really hope that your raffle works, and you make enough to get there.

It's the thought that counts. That's such a sweet sweet comment. I hope next year I can sponsor someone to go! That's my goal.

Thanks for your upvote! Resteeming, tagging people, or signing up with my Mene link really helps a lot too!!!

Because of you, maybe someone will see it who can help, or at least wants to enter the raffle.

If you do end up resteeming or anything, let me know so I can enter you into the raffle!!

Thanks so much for your support @steveblucher. I appreciate your kind words!

Well....I'm here thinking I will just go both routes. How about I just send 5steem ans use your referral link at the same time. I need that IG growth hack like crazy.

@danielwrites @dmilliz @oivas @monajam @abh12345 @lynncoyle1 check this post out.

@nomadicsoul. So I've signed up with your link, resteeemed, tagged 3people (with one extra), and I've also sent in 8 steem.

Got you down for 23 entries! If I counted wrong, let me know.

Math is my biggest enemy haha.

Also @solcross since you already tagged 4 people, if you think of 2 more that you want to tag, I'll put you down for an extra entry

Haha. Thanks mate. I think I'm supposed to be on 16 (8+1+2+5), then extra entry after additional tags, brings it to a total of 17.

oh gosh, seriously?! I was off by that much???

Hahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂. Cheers mate

YESSSSSS THANK YOUUUU @solcross!! Thanks for helping send me to steemfest! Now I hope you win the IG growth hack because you said you need it like crazy lol

Just trying my luck resteemed and tagging @twodorks @iam.jane @febemarie25 🤣😂

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thank you @maquemali! Which raffle do you want to enter? Here's an upvote either way

Entered the steemmonsters raffle and resteemed the post. I wish you much fortune with this goal :)

Thanks so much!!!! <3 entry accepted

I have been behind on everything lately! Very ashamed of myself...However, better later than never right? Resteemed. Are you accepting SBD? I'm all out of Steem Hhehe

YAY thanks for the resteem! You are SO sweet!

I'm write there with you. I will probably mysteriously disapper for a couple of weeks because I'm going to be busier than humanly possible.

Oh yeah SBD is fine.

Whoa. Since when did we start getting paid in SBD again?!

@nikolina @saffisara @hanen
Check this out

Oh and
Lets get half the entries for steem.monster pack #3
And half for the instagram techniques ;)

I just signed up through your Mene Link. My ID there is "Hanen" :D

awesome! thanks @hanen! Are you wanting to enter the ig raffle?

Yes! Ill be entering this one :-)

Sweet! YAY. I decided to give an entry for resteeming also. And tagging people. Just added that in there.

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 12.24.53 PM.png

Resteemed. Sent you 10 Steem. Tagging @reseller @luzcypher @joeparys

Thanks so much!!!! Crazy timing on this comment because GUESS WHAT?! I'm writing a post in your honor AS WE SPEAK @daveonarrival

Writing you down for 12 entries!

Haha I guess he should get 13 entries tho ;) :D

@matkodurko I'm re-reading through these comments and literally laughing out loud at how many times you so politely correct my mistakes!!!

Hahah :D sooo how's the current situation? R u going there?

Yes!!! :)! I'm scared because I'm writing on a one-star airline with horrible reviews, but it was the cheapest route aka the only one I could afford. Am I going to die?! lol

I actually don't have a ticket back yet, but hopefully soon!

Hahha I hope u r still alive then. But hey...if the one star airline has a wifi onboard, it can't be that bad :D What's the name?

ok good! 13 it is lol dude I'm going to need to appoint someone to double check my math. I better double check my math =/

I can check math in all your comments for extra 2 entries hahahh :D Kidding :D

Lol I'm seriously considering if it's ethical for me to take that deal or not right now. That sounds lovely haha

Ok I've read up how to get involved involved. You're so cool!

I don't have Steem as yet to send but I've resteemed this post and will upvote it when I finish writing this comment... (I also upvoted your other post too 😸)

I'm loving the community support I've witnessed since signing up to Steemit at the beginning of this month! 🙌🏾😍

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Aw thanks, no need to upvote! You can save it :) Did you see my SP delegation? You should enter. I like your posts so far! hi @ceeka-dacrafta, if you want to, you can message me on discord. My username is on my steemit profile!

wow crazy chit ;) i love this post, okay here we can win a thing, but nah i love this stuff all around it, graet post with a lot of messages, i really want to get in ;)

Hope im one of the lucky Pack winners, 15 packs sounds more like i actually have ^^


Also resteemed....

and then my power is gone :D

Awesome! Thanks so much @bembelmaniac!! Which raffle do you want me to enter you into?

wow this is such a good question.... ahhh ill take this one where im alone in it ^^

Nah its on you where you want to place me in ;)
If Fortune will be with me it will be with me :D

wow really? you have no preference which prize you want? wow lol that's a hard decision for me...but yes! I can put you where you have a higher chance of winning. Smart @bembelmaniac

im here to have fun , steemit is a very nice place for a lot of people around this world , you give us a chance for a win..So its much more fun then before... Thats why i dont want to choose one or say i want this... I will win if fortune is in a good mood till this moment i will hold my smile ;)


Yay thanks so much!!! Glad you like the contest! Which raffle do you want me to enter you into?


Wow girl, u know how to get things going hah :D wish u best luck and lot of entries :)

I'll only tag 3 people tho and would love to get the logo :)) @evecab, @zekepickleman, @macchiata

Hah well I don't know her as good as you then :) How come that you meet? Coincidence, travel?

Hmm I might do the Mana thing, actually considered it but was lazy :D And resteem....dunno, my resteem policy has always been to resteem stuff only if it's for the good cause - help, nature , some reasonalble fund-raise....and not because of personal benefit. Soo that I don't bother people who follow me. And I broke the rule 2 days ago and felt bad afterwards. Soo yeah, I'll pass resteem, but will probably do mana thing. If so, will let you know here :)

oooh you know @macchiata, too? I got to meet her in person and I adore her <3

Thanks for tagging!!! If you want to resteem or sign up through my Mene link, you'll get 7 more entires.

Also, I'll do 3 logos :)

Thanks so much @matkodurko I really appreciate your tags and nice comment

Heyy there, soo u persuadedme haha :D Hope u see me in your referral list :)

What a great post u've made, wish it'll be all enough for Steemfest. I live in a nearby country and will go there just for a day or 2, without buying a ticket, just to meet like 3-4 people I know and go there :) I admire all you guys coming from all over the world cuz of it :)

Oh and to help you with math, it should be 7 entriies now :P Haha :D

that's a great idea!!! honestly, meeting people is the main part of it anyway!!

Awesome!!! Thanks so much!! So you're at 7 entries.

Ok I make the rules here so I WILL give you extra entries for helping with math. Lol I know it's just counting.

and that's easy.

but I seriously have a way with messing up numbers.

I'll give you 3 extra entries for helping with math? is that enough??!

also, which category do you want?

Wooowowowow!! As a way to accept those extra 3 entries, I started to go thru the comments to really check the math (tho I know it's all just fun and u aint that bad)...and then saw that @yabapmatt took care of youuuuu!!! This is soo cool :)) You earned it :) Man I love this story :) In Slovakia, there's a saying:

Who doesn't really want it, looks for reasons why not, who wants to do it, looks for a way how to

Oh and in Slovak language it sounds much better and rhymes hahaha :D Anyway, this post is total example of that :) Instead of bitching about it, u took it into ur hands and then the "destiny" somehow formed around ur actions :) Cool stuff to see it :D

And regardingthose extra entries, I at first wanted to say that it's not fair and u should keep em :D But then again, we have a saying in slovakia:

If they give it for free, take it. If they want to beat u up, run!

Sooo F it haha I'll take 'em :D And yeah I'm all about logo :) Finishing my studies in Austria and want soon to move back to slovakia and start an free time + education centre for kids. We'll be doing programming + foreign languages + martial arts. Webpage is ready but I miss logo haha :)

I swear you and ur logo will be once famous if this comes to fruition and I win haha :D Peace and enjoy SF3!!

those are really good quotes!!! I think I like Slovakian savings!

i know, that was SO amazing, right?!

Your education centre sounds like an amazing project! I hope you win!

Thank you for tagging me :D and I hope I'll be seeing @nomadicsoul picture from Poland!!!

Epic raffle!!! I’m totally going to enter this... and so is @goldfashioned @ironshield @tbnfl4sun and @jbcoin... because they wouldn’t want to make liars out of me would they??

Awesome! Thanks for your robo hamster post surveillance, also

I sent some steem... i hope that's how i enter the raffle. (somtimes i'm not awesome at reading directions)
In any case @coruscate brought me here and now I want you to go to steemfest too!

aww thanks so much @jarvie!!! Just let me know which one! Or if you want to split entries between raffles! So if you want steem monsters cards, the instagram package, or logos. Just let me know which one!

Thank you!!!

Oh wait they're all being raffled? I'm a little clueless i guess i just thought it was the cards. haha

Maybe i should send more for entries into the other stuff?

haha if you want the other stuff, go ahead! So I'll count the 5 steem towards steem monsters packs, then? Sounds good! Writing it down

k just send 5 more for the logo raffle... it's a raffle right?

yes. Omg thanks so much!!!

I invite @chuck2u32 @borepstein @nuthman to follow @nomadicsoul and participate in this awesome contest!😁🎈


I also Resteemed this post!🍀

Good luck for everybody!!🤗

thank you @jenina619!!! which raffle do you want me to enter you into?

Hi!😁 @nomadicsoul The Raffle I want to enter is: - I WILL PROMOTE YOUR LINK ONCE A WEEK FOR A MONTH 👊### 🙌😀🍀 Thank you!

So I did the following things to get as many entry as I can:

1.I resteem this post.

2.I tag three people @makowrites ,@jonela,@felipejoys

3.I signed up in Mene website and here is the screenshot of my account creation:


@philipkavan thank you so much!!! Which raffle do you want to enter? Do you want to split your entries and enter more than one?

Got into mene via your referral -----([email protected])
And I tag @kamchore, @ilyastarar, @tecnosgirl , @a-alice, @emjoe and @karensuestudios
STEEMMonsters raffle
Hope you gather enough money💰💰💰 for #steemfest:)

awesome @xabi! thanks!!! You're so sweet. Enterd you!

Hi! Do you want me to put all 10 of your entries into one raffle? or split? there's steem monsters raffle 1, 2, and 3 (15 cards each)

What's your opinion???I am a bit confused here.
Put yourself in place of me and decide,please:)

I'm entering this contest. You better get that laptop seen to it knows where you stay. 😂😂

hahahahaha I better get on it then before I go to bed tonight, haha!

@dreamer007 are you still entering?

Signed up to MENE using your link !

Awesome raffle .....

@steven-patrick , @mysearchisover , @steemmonsters , @steembounty

I resteemed but will also be sending a cheap resteembot (@resteemr).

  • I would like to enter the 15 pack steem monsters raffle please ! Thanks for the cool raffle.

omg you are so awesome!!! thank you!!! Entered @mortgage-payment

Here it isn't much but you can have my 100% worth I think .11 cents right now. All that other stuff is too much. And this is why I don't do IG cause people are not who they claim to be selling accounts and all.

thank you @tecnosgirl I appreciate it! Yeah, I think most people who sell don't have a "face" behidn the account. Like just pictures of nature or starbucks drinks and stuff haha

Apparently I lied I do have an IG account. Guess I signed up for it and did nothing with it. I don't remember signing up for it though so... LMAO

lol that's funny. I forget stuff like that too!!! I feel like I'm 80! omg don't even get me started on the things I forget lol

Hear that big raffle, I die for the advice of Instagram and monster cards hope to win, that great idea, much success with your trip!


Awesome, how many entries do you want in each? For signing up for Mene, you get 5 entries! @betamusic

wow @camiloferrua you are freaking awesome. Which raffle do you want to enter? Do you want to enter more than one?

I just want to win some cards hahahaha!I don't know which raffle is better.

You are awesome too <3 :)

Okay I'll just split them up!

Tagging @joalvarez, @sunnylife and @zephalexia :)

Joined Mene

I'm in for the Instagram tips and tricks :D Good luck with your goal!

Thanks so much @nikolina! Appreciate it! I got you in!

And I tag @javgreen, @ran.koree and @theluvbug .
Too bad I already joined mene.

aw it's never too bad to join mene already!

thank you for tagging and resteeming! which raffle do yo uwant to be in? @faisal007

Interesting, I need that insta hack too.. Thanks @solcross

Thank you!!! Which raffle do you want me to enter you into?

Lol I hadn’t thought about that 😂 I guess the IG hacks

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lol you're funny. thanks!

Resteemed, upvoted, and would love to enter steemmonster raffle.
@funworlding @aykaco @azalealife.

Thank you!! Entered

We are SO proud to have you as a member of our
FANTABULOUS @steemitbloggers family!
uvoted and resteemed!

❤ MWAH!!! ❤

interested in joining the Steemit Bloggers Community?

Sign-up to Mene with your referral link (10/22, 3:21 PM).
Thanks for the Steem Monsters raffle!

Sounds good! :)

I have sent you 8 STEEM for "I WILL WEAR YOUR SHIRT :)" but I do not need a design because I am on my way to launch my own inspirational clothing brand and If I win that one I will send you my design so you dont have to spend time on it ;) also if you can make a picture in my tshirt and just post it online after launch you dont have to wear it for 3 months :D only if you want to ;) I wish to help you don't need any reward :)

Also I have registered by your MENE referall link and you can put me to "Instagram grow contest". If I win we will talk on SteemFest3 about it :)

See you in Krakow :D



This post was spotted by @theluvbug and has received a 100% upvote and possibly a resteem too.
If you would like to possibly receive future support from @theluvbug
then please make use of the #theluvbug tag.

Spreading the STEEMIT LOVE with upvotes and resteems of AWESOME Steemit content. Use #theluvbug to get my attention :)

In Proud Collaboration with @steemitbloggers
and their founder @jaynie

interested in joining the Steemit Bloggers Community?

omg THANK YOU for helping me to get to steemfest with your support!! Hey, if you resteemed, you get a raffle entry @theluvbug!

Congratulations friend

thanks so much @andreina89! You can still enter if you want just by tagging people, resteeming, or for signing up for mene

Being able to go to the steemfest is the desire of all steemians, I hope you achieve it and enjoy it a lot and then share with us the experience, I leave my small contribution, greetings and successes.

1 steem sent...... done
resteem... done
tag 3 people: @elprutest @luiscalzadilla @alexicp ...... done

I already subscribed with your referral link ..... done

Thanks so much for your kind words. That's a big contribution, @hendersonp! Which raffle do you want me to enter you into? Oh, nvmd. I saw your memo!

hehehe, packages of steam monster, I am addicted to the game and I want to raise my monsters to try to reach 2000 rank

@hendersonp do you want me to split your steem monsters entries between raffles 1,2,3? 3 points each? or do you want me to put all 9 entries into one pot?

this question is difficult jejeej, mmmm, I think that points in each entry, now I will cross my fingers XD

Suerte con este sorteo man.

jejeje gracias, esos sobres me caerían como anillo al dedo XD

I joined mene through your referral link. Looking to get into the steemmonsters raffle please.

Hello that is a pretty good idea this raffle to make it to steemfest. Good luck:)

Thank you @matdurko for tagging me , now let me tag three other person as my entry to this fun contest,
@inuke, @celestal and @marillaanne :D

thanks @macchiata! which raffle do you want me to enter you into?

I think this one I WILL WEAR YOUR SHIRT x 3 :D this is fun!

Hahhaha you're totally crazy for choosing that one :D But I love it :DD

I know :D but hey, the chance is remotely 0.1% I am winning. Whenever I am entering a raffle, it's tough luck!

lol it is fun though haha thanks for doing it macchiata. It is cute that you chose that one

Hi there @nomadicsoul! I really love the way your brains work! It is so awesomely creative how you thought about ways to fund your Steemfest journey! I have resteemed your post (1) tagged @metzli @alimamasstory @happycrazycon @crosheille @kaerpediem @ireenchew @brittaandjosie @iamjadeline @fitinfun @mumma-monza (6)

I have also signed up your Mene link. I have already been looking to buy something from there but just never got around to doing it. Will be scrolling through soon.
Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 6.34.36 PM.png

Lastly I have sent you 5 STEEM (5) to help you on your journey to Steem Fest! I wish I could go this year but I am starting now to plan to make it a reality! You inspire me with your hustling talent! Hahaha!
Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 11.43.47 PM.png
I thought that I would help you to calculate the number of entries so that you didn't have to crack your little calculator! :) See the numbers in the brackets? You just add them up! (Here's hoping that I would still get one or two extra entries maybe? 🤣 Oops, the hustling is rubbing off on me!)

All the best and hope that you make it to Steam Fest this year!

p/s would love entries into the Instagram and Logo Design one for the other entries

Yes, I am planning of next year
@nomadicsoul inspires me :)
Have sent 1SBD ... all the best :)

Ok finally just sent in some steem for raffle tickets!! :)

Thanks girl! Entered!

Hi. Hope I am not too late

I resteem (1 entry for Steem monster #1)

I tag 3 persons. @elizacheng. @joannewong. @bitrocker2020.

Sent 1 sbd.

Hope you get there, sweetie.

You have our teammalaysia support.

You are the sweetest!! Which raffle do you want to enter? You're not too late.

Thank you for your sweet words!! <3

Steem monsters :) although I haven't signed up. No harm trying. The other someone had asked me to sign up mene via his link or I would hv signed up with yours.

it's ok! Just glad you signed up! Entered you

Thanks for the tag... I am already in. 😉

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