STEEMFEST MINNOW: All expense paid trip to STEEMFEST

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Want to Go to STEEMFEST? Are you a MINNOW? The Minnow Support Project can help you go!

Contest Rules

This is going to be done in 2 steps. First step is judged solely by me and is meant to narrow down to 10 finalists.
Second round includes many judges scoring from 1-10 and will be announced on Monday, June 26.
First round please write a post and then submit it as a comment in this post.

  1. At least a 1 paragraph bio
  2. Describe what you bring to STEEMFEST (not an object list, but what skills and talents you have that will improve it for everyone)
  3. A budget


Initial plan is judge solo for the first round. I reserve the right to include others if I'm swamped here.
Judging is first based on who filled the requirements.
2nd Judging is based on who seems most likely to provide high quality representation of the minnow community.
3rd judging includes consideration of a thoughtful budget with favoritism towards those who cost less.

Votes and dollar value of the comment will be considered and weighed as part of the contest, but it won't determine who gets through. If you think you have a good application be sure to campaign for it.


You must be a Minnow
You must have 500 or less followers as of Today.
You must have earned less than 5,000 SP from posting as of Today.
You must speak English and write your entry in English, but you can be from anywhere.
You must be a legal adult in your country of origin.


  1. All expense paid trip to STEEMFEST
  2. 100 SBD
  3. 50 SBD

Alternate ways to get there

@theprophet0 started a rolling admission contest where he covers plane fare.
@steemfestdreams has a rolling admission contest too where some needs are met.

After STEEMFEST MINNOW I'll be working with them on those.

Any additional funds raised will go towards the Minnow Support Project community account.

Round 2

A second post must be written by the finalists and submitted as a comment to the followup announcement. You must include

  1. Mission statement
  2. Set of goals
  3. Effective plan

Winner will be announced by @minnowsupport

So, make sure you follow that account.

Please support this post and this project

Minnows are the life blood for this community. It's how we'll grow. Please help send a Minnow to STEEMFEST by upvoting and resteeming this post.

Join us in Discord

618 unique people have joined us in the Discord room in the last 5 days.
844 votes have been cast on posts
We have the number 5 most trending curation trail on Streemian-
We're trending over 100 people chillin' in the channel at any given time.
The community account @minnowsupport has 110,000 Steem Power at its disposal.

Please support the witnesses that help build this community


Image by @hakiros



This is awesome. Very impressed with what you're doing for the Steem community.

thanks Eeks! Doin' my best. Only been a Witness for 3 weeks, but I feel as though I'm punching above my weight already. I'd love your support there and grateful to see it on many of my posts!

Looks like you got some fans :)


Congratulations! This post has been upvoted from the communal account, @minnowsupport, by lucashunter from the Minnow Support Project. It's a witness project run by aggroed, ausbitbank, teamsteem, theprophet0, and someguy123. The goal is to help Steemit grow by supporting Minnows and creating a social network. Please find us in the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network (PALnet) Discord Channel. It's a completely public and open space to all members of the Steemit community who voluntarily choose to be there.

If you like what we're doing please upvote this comment so we can continue to build the community account that's supporting all members.


We are really blessed to have people like you @aggroed and @theprophet0 who are so helpful and supportive.

Thanks. He's a great kid. Proud to support him!


Steemfest is a very exciting initiative! Would love to join and find out what's instore, but... just too many buts right now.

Resteeming though! 😉

I like contests, because these are good for improving our skills and talent and it bring our potential talent energy and skills to kinetic...I have joined Steemit platform in this month( June 2017) I am a MINNOW..I am a software Engineer and need a platform to highlight my skills and talent ...And I am really inspired by this Platform that provide us the opportunity and helping us in many ways specially improving and polishing our talents, skills and energies...I have learned a lot by Reading Informative and useful Articles try of Posting and by writers are here and they are sharing there useful knowledge, experiences and creativity with the community...


Your initiatives and guidelines for Minnows like us are pretty good....

Welcome and thanks for the comment...

I would love to see Fat Panda at Steemfest! Good luck!

Thank you as always! You're awesome and I always love the gifs you share :D

What part of Thailand are you in? Do you speak any Thai?

I'm currently in Chiang Mai.

Kab kun krup ;)

and I am in Vietnam

No shit! How are you liking it there? A few of my buddies went and they said it's pretty chill.

I would love to visit Thailand.

It's so amazing! :D



Though I can't compete, I sure will support it: Here's 100% up vote! All for one and one for all! May the best one win, namaste :)

I would love to go and represent my country kenya here is my bio

hope you guys can upvote so it can be seen thanks so much in advance.

Better late than never?

Amazing job here @aggroed , thank you for the opportunity!

Might be a good idea to define what you mean by minnow. I consider anybody with less than 10M VESTS according to steemd a minnow and that makes me a minnow. Others define it differently. Although I'm disqualified by having 500+ followers anyway

you are big fish now in the big league but not the biggest fish in the hood finding Nemo or Dory

You must be a Minnow
You must have 500 or less followers as of Today.
You must have earned less than 5,000 SP from posting as of Today.

oh sorry ... I thought they were just added requirements to being a "minnow"

hey follow me pleaseee i follow you

This is such a great contest! I'm glad us little guys are getting some recognition :)

you guys are genius. and no doubt you are doing a great job and also a huge competition with a big prize. Good luck to all .

Bro thank you for all that you do here man, forreal!

Here's my submission

Would love to attend, would love to grow my following, would love to win.....
here is my entry.....a post just for the competition

I have upvoted and resteemed

When you say minnow I think the rules should be expanded to consider older steemians who have kept on here even when the price of stem was cents. There are so many of them on here, they have only amassed followers because of how long they hav been here but when you check their accounts they are minnows and I exclude myself as I say this. There is a ton of older steemians who wished they could be in the first steemfest and mayb couldn't cos they were new at time and would wish they could take part in this as they actually minnows and really struggle too but can't take part because their followers count mag have exceed 500. They would so love to have a chance at this conspidering that they were here all along when it was all tougher and that they missed out on Steemfest one. Again I will exclude myself to speak for the others.

If there's a good case I guess I can make an exception.

Hi @aggroed, @abh12345 was able to make an entry, though he has more than 500 followers there was process to find him among others and he does have a good story, he was also here long before steemfest 1 and he is still a minnow.

I saw. I'll make a post announcing all the contestants. It's very likely he'll be included.

Really nice aggroed, thank you!

Did the "Hard Fork" help fix any of these issues? I mean, is time being on the platform of more value or the quality of the content posted? Anyway - I followed you for no other reason that you seem like you know STEEMIT inside and out and I've only been on a few days.

Thank you for the opportunity! Here is my participation

Thanks @aggroed what an awesome competition ..
Here is my entry .. Good luck to everyone..


@aggroed and his team are awesome. This is great news for everyone. I just won the steemfestdreams grant to go and shared my thank yous in my last post. These offers are real! Steemfest is real. YOU are real. If you believe in yourself and know why you deserve to go, I am wishing you the best. Thank you MinnowsSupport for helping out the newcomers to the Steem Universe.

Gratz Bro!

So here's my entry :)

Good luck to everyone.

Also, I will be off-grid from possibly tomorrow till Sunday/Monday so I hope I won't miss out on anything important.

i only just figured out i have to post the link here..

Great initiative, congrats. Upvoted and resteemed.

I won't be going to Lisboa but I wish you all a great productive and entertaining time there.

It will certainly be very exciting for all participants. With your help you make it possible even for those who can't afford it and are big assets to the community.


I love dogs too

Great ☺️

You just got to love animals there are more honest than most of the humans !!!!

Exactly. They are honest by nature. We are (most of us) honest by determination.

Have a great weekend.

thanks for this chance :D
This is my submission

Really appreciate the things which you and your team is doing for minnows. I would have loved to go to the Steemfest, but it seems I have no plans, goals, mission statements etc right now. But best of luck to all those who are participating in this contest. May the most deserving minnows get the all expense paid trip to steemfest!

that's a week from now. Now is just bio, what you bring, and budget.

@aggroed hey joined steem 3 days ago and loving it didnt knew dt steem has its own fest thanks alot for increasing my knowledge about steem hopefully ill do good untill next fest so i can also take entry but voted u bro and resteemed this post ill be thankfull for ur vote 🖖🖖

Awesome project. I can't be there myself due to other reasons, but you've got my support.

and thanks with cheese on your head

amazing good post

exploration is the gateway to success and discovery and the future

Love the offer, I am all in, Done

all the way to the bank

Great...same here

WOW, steemit has so many incredible offerings!
I'm entering my 4th day on steemit and there is too much I don't know.
I need to know what and where is steemfest, please provide some links about the steemfest event details.

Thank you so much for this giveaway!

Amazing work guys! It's hard to believe how much minnowsupport has done in so little time!!!

how many entries so far? i've seen a couple

It's been 20 minutes! peeps gotta write posts. The other ones have between 10-20.

oh maybe those were for something else that i saw then lol

Thx for all the hard work
Your support to minnow is appreciated .

Great comunity @aggroed

My name is Dmitry. I live in Ukraine & wait for STEEMFEST here))) lol
I have many wonderful author's photos, which I intend to share with the community!
I have golden hands! I know how to make original jewelry and repair electronics ...

I believe in the STEEM community more than in the state pension system!

I attract new members of the community from the platform, helping them with the registration and the first steps on Steemit.
I recommend your project to worthy authors.
I can help the community translate materials into Russian or Ukrainian.
I know them much better than English))) But Steem helps me to improve my communication skills in English!
Thank you for your work @aggroed & Co.
Vote for you

and now i need a find a job:(( Can I be of usefull here?

Good luck

Make you sure make a full post in steemit and link to here. Thanks for the vote.

This is great for all minnows.

Here is my official entry. I'll give a shot.

When you cease to dream, you cease to live.

hey @aggroed thanks for all your efforts to help the minnows of this wonderful platform called steemit. I´d love to meet some of you on international floor. I just started setting up a regular´s table for Vienna :D
here´s my sign-up for the contest, thank you <3

Thank you for the opportunity (and the dreams ...), @aggroed.
Go there: I and my reasons to attend the Steemfest2

Ready for the steemitventure!!


Nice! Finally someone who's part if the 1% helping the other 99%!

I'm not even close. I have 13.5k SP. That's 1/3 through dolphin.

I would enter, but I am having a baby in august, so it would not be practical for me to take a trip like that at that time :( Good luck to all those entering, though!

RESTEEMED! :) WoooHooo

How exciting .. what a cool prize great for someone starting out :)

I want to go to STEEMFEST

I am a software developer working on iot stuff. Got interested in block chain and learning the same ..
What i bring to the table
I am trying to setup a witness node and understanding the technology behind steemit . Would love to experiment with few project ideas like user curated news feeds. A video based feed channel categorized by topics.. would love to migle with the folks and may be get together with folks to develop something
I guess costwise it comes around 1200 to 1500..
Good luck to everyone

Make a post boss. Then post the link in here.

Love the pic above? Is that an @aggroed special?
Luggage packed and off we swim!

Yeah the pic is great :-D

My name is shehryar shaikh and i'm from Pakistan, 21, I'm a student of Chartered Accountancy. I'm just a simple guy who loves writing stuff. i usually write about sports and motivation. I really want to be a part of this steemfest as I want everyone to know how important his site has been to students like us. There are only a handful of steemers from Pakistan. I want students from pakistan and all over the world who love writing to know importance of Steemit! and there's no better place to do it than the steemfest itself! Although I'm a minnow right now, I aspire to be whale and a part of minnow support one day so i can help other minnows... as I know how it feels to be a minnow who writes quality content but still doesnt get what he deserves because of no support!

im trying to add peoples to this social network and nothing happen , they don't give them approve... what is going on?!

Takes time to weed out those just trying to abuse the faucet.

that's ridiculous.. i mean it's beta version but my friends telling me that they are trying..and can't be approved

Like he said it takes time... Steem Blockchain is a totally different concept .... SteemIt actually uses their funds and voting power to get the accounts started.... because the posts are scored mathematically you cannot have zero Steem power accounts... a million times zero is still zero... there are ways to fund your own account though personally I just tell people to be patient on Steem unless they are a baller then I might help them self fund/create.

Xiobus, that was an important explanation. My wife has been waiting 1 week. Is there a way I can fund her instead?

Yes... there 4 ways to setup at Steem account

  • website (they give SP or delegated SP for a while plus witness fee)
  • cli_wallet command (I'm open to helping or doing this for you)
  • Paid third-party registration (these charge a little more than the witness fees and run the commands for you.) like
  • Being a witness and doing with the PoW (complex lots of server stuff and hosting)

It should be noted not to trust another party registering your account... it's a good idea to change your owner private key (master password) afterwords instead of just trusting that they did not save a copy of it

step by step was a good TV show

Well said! I am surprised no one wants to up-vote your comment....

nice fish with omegas for brains but not zombies

Great initiative!! Thanks for the generosity!

Well, I qualify for the giveaway so this is my entry.

I am Bruno Daguerre from Uruguay. I am 29 years old, consider myself a free spirit. Have been working as a Chef since 2009, and in the last years have been traveling a lot. Lived in Brazil for a year when I was 6. Lived in New Zealand for 4 years recently. And I am at home at the moment spending some quality time with my family and friends. When you live some time abroad, you learn no appreciate the simple things from home. I speak spanish of course since it is my mother tongue, english because I studied it for around 10 years and portuguese because I did the first year of school in Brazil. So.. I guess I could help as an interpreter with the local people. Also I think I could share my little experience with crypto, I have been holding ETH for over a year with 2800% gains.
Ooops almost forgot about my budget. I reckon 2000usd would do for my flight tickets, hotel booking and a little more.

Looking forward to reading everyones entry on this one!

Thanks again @aggroed for such generosity !!!

make a post. Link the URL here.

such a cool opportunity for minnows! but unfortunately i can't make it to the steemfest :/

snowboarding is fun when i play it with my hands in video games but a bit too scary in real life when played with not just my hands but rather my whole body but i did do skiing one time or something and that was ok

really awesome post full of the right stuff and we upvoted it 😁

My biography started in 1985 in Oregon, USA and I bring 32 years of CRAZY OATMEAL EXPERIENCE to this Mickey Mouse steem rolling, Michael Jackson is or is not alive trolling, fun house of a website that is part of our future and is sadly not MEA OMNIA which was a website I was working on in 2011 which was to compete with Facebook and Twitter and YouTube and the others and MEA OMNIA is Latin for my everything and that was the goal and this Steemit Land actually got money plugged into the social network system better than Neo could have in the Matrix.
I joined Steemit on Fathers Day 2017, which was yesterday. As an English Teacher in Saigon Vietnam, I do a lot of talking, writing, and sharing experiences and especially misunderstandings between culture and language barriers. As a blogger and as a filmmaker, I love ability to observe and to start discussions about life like comedians, entertainers, and educators do. I can play some guitar, piano, and I sing. I've wrote songs and I'll share some of that later. Life is better when we do what we love and love what we do.
My income comes from my freelance teaching, tutoring, and coaching gigs and jobs in Vietnam as I teach at houses and coffee shops as a freelancer, as in my own boss. My income is normally less than a thousand dollars and I've been in Vietnam since 2012. For over a decade, I've been blogging and I started making videos when I was almost 11 years old in 1996.
Here is a link to this post below for the contest:
2017-06-19 Monday in Saigon Vietnam

You need to make a post. Put the link to the post in the comments.

Lol, no, only @aggroed. The others are other people who do great things for this community. One of which is help support/manage teh Minnow Support Project.

ok I will vote for you and also the other 3 and tell my friends to vote for you too

you are welcome
I follow you since i registered here and like your posts and also your upvotes helped a lot to get my first payout
thank you so much

Sure thing!

photography is art and good work

Just asking, where would the STEEMFEST take place?