Exclusive Blogging Course: What can I contribute to Steemit?

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A Little History First!

Days ago, I was challenged by @sparrowbernard to a little blogging contest in which the topic of choice will be coming from an impartial third party. Luckily @legendchew hosts this Exclusive Blogging Course Giveaway Contest every week in which a topic will be given to the steem community to write something about. (You can read the full details of this weeks contest here: Exclusive Blogging Course Giveaway Contest Worth USD 94.99 & @steembasicincome x [🎁] lifetime upvote [Week #13]! ) Anyway the topic for this week and the one that I will be participating is:

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What can you contribute to Steemit?

Most of you will probably agree with me if I say that being a Red Fish or Plankton on this platform is equally excruciating and painfully hard. Aside from competing for attention and visibility among other small fishes in the sea, there's also the issue of what to post or what even to contribute to the community. Because of this, the first months I have been on Steemit I honestly can't help feel worthless and useless. I don't know what to write that will be of interest to people and in terms of social support, If I could give more to an author for his/her blog post that I enjoyed reading then I would, but I can only give $0.003 at that time.

I remember the first time I joined this platform, everything was completely new to me. Most of the posts I saw were all about Crypto-this and Crypto-that and some charts and analysis about a random coin I never even knew existed. Someone like me who have little to no knowledge about Cryptocurrencies are somewhat expected to be intimidated by this very platform we all now enjoy. Moreover unlike other social platforms, the way Steemit (or other Steem platforms actually) works are just completely different and way too complicated for a new user. And in this area is where I think I can be of help and contribute greatly to Steemit. Which brings back to the original purpose of this post:

What can you contribute to Steemit?

My Answer: My curiosity and knowledge about things!

Weeks after I joined the platform, I spend time researching and reading things about what the platform is all about. As you all know, Steemit is still in Beta and honestly is still far from the platform that we all envisioned. There are still many many things and features that this platform lacks. A perfect example for this would be notifications. Back then, @ginabot wasn't even that popular and only a handful of people were aware of its existence.

What I have been doing for some time now is spreading out information about some Steem Tools people might have missed. As someone who likes to know everything about the platform and likes to dig things up for fun, it is in my interest that everyone also should at least know and be aware of that there are already some existing tools that can help them have a more enjoyable Steem journey.

Some of the tools I speak of:

SteemLookUp - Discovering Exceptional Content

Fast-Reply - A tool to easily view unanswered comments and reply within seconds

Steem Payout Checker

Tool to see a list of people who MUTED you

Steem Ocean: A handy tool for breaking down one's voting activity

Steem.Agency - A simple tool to know how many people you follow have gone inactive

Spectacles - Tool to know who your Active and Inactive Followers are

How much in total Community Support Projects have contributed on my posts

Steemfollower is back! Get More Upvotes via SteemFollower!

Steemit Rankings! What's your rank compared to others?

Finally! A way to hide "resteems"

Human, Spammer or Bot? Whom are you talking to? A useful extension that helps categorize accounts

Tutorials about some basic stuffs and need to know informations regarding Steem, which includes other infamous steem platforms:

Steem Account Creation : Creating an account for someone else

How to Delegate Steem Power and why I am finally giving in!

Today I Learned about the Dust Threshold

Steemgar - A new fun way to earn Steem

Parley - a Steem based Reddit competitor?

And I also wrote some articles on how some platforms and community bots work:

How to Get an Upvote from the Busy bots (@busy.org & @busy.pay)

How to determine "vote weight" given by the busy bots

How to get an Upvote from a Whale using Whaleshares

How does Qurator's exclusive only bot, @Qustodian work?

Now, to reiterate the original question: What can I contribute to Steemit?

Information Spreading! Even if I am still a red fish or a plankton, I can still do good to the community by spreading out information like the ones above. It doesn't matter how big or small an account is, as long as it is in you to help the community, a small gesture such as spreading information is enough. XD

Posted from my blog with SteemPress : http://jlordc.vornix.blog/2018/06/30/exclusive-blogging-course-what-can-i-contribute-to-steemit/


This is pretty useful, I would do one at a time and write a mini review of each though... But I'll bookmark this post as I might end up using some of the things you mention here - nice work on collecting them all together in one post!

Was surprised to see some big snot muted me XD and that guy whom you mentioned muted me as well lol

Thanks! I added the links here so I'll have an easy time transferring some of them on my wordpress blog :)

Was surprised to see some big snot muted me XD and that guy whom you mentioned muted me as well lol

I've always thought that the guy who muted me was just an accidental mute lol now I guess not.

Also didn't you say you got some flags days ago? Not pointing fingers but probably that's your guy xD

I have saved that post to check every single on of those links the following days :P indeed very informative and you have already contributed so much!

Thanks! And you should. Those tools are just underrated, but they are really useful :)

You have good knowledge on steemit my friend. Thanks for all your sharing and keep it going! Haha..

Ha ha Thanks!

Hi @jlordc, thank you for your participation in the "Exclusive Blogging Course Giveaway Contest".

Nice entry, sorry it took me so long to comment. I have been busy checking out all the links you dropped on post... They are really good stuffs...
Hmm... am i ever going to win this entry?

Salamat choi! :)

Tsarr kaayo chuy noh? :)

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