Auction #8 ( GOLD FOIL AUCTION) : SteemMonsters Auction [ FROST GIANT (GOLD) ]

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Well in my opinion STEEMMONSTERS is the most trending topics on steemit right now. 2Days ago Steemmonsters team made an amazing update, STEEMMONSTERS have now added gold foil versions of all of the cards into the game! here is the Announcement I am so much excited about it. Its making crazy everyone. With in 7 days 10000 Booster pack sold out you can check out here and 6 days ago 1,000 Starter pack sold you can check out here And also Congratulation to @exyle who won the first Guild PVP Heroic Boss Monster honor with a 650 steem bid Announced here.On this Auction i am selling FROST GIANT (GOLD) which is 1 of 3 in the world.You can ask me why i am saying that? Well according to @steemmonsters JSON meta data there is Only 3 GOLDEN FROST GIANT CARDS DISTRIBUTED. You can see those stats from Akox' Weekly Roundup [#001]On my 2nd Auction i sold Full Legendary Monsters card set with in 2 hours.Thanks to @randolphrope for quick bid.I have total 4 set Epic Monsters Card set for my 3rd Auction. If you want all of them you can Contact with me on Discord, My Discord zaku#2422 .On my 3rd Auction I sold 4 Selenia sky Summoner Cards just in 30 minutes.Thanks to @oldtimer for quick deal.If you are not familiar with the game, I suggest you go check out the @steemmonsters introduction post by @aggroed and keep eye on @steemmonsters blog, also join Steemmonsters Discord channel here. Thanks to @exyle who bought almost 50+ Legendary Card from me. You Can see his #vlog about invest on @steemmonsters here

Everyday i face so many question from my country users about @steemmonsters .I just want to tell them at first you need to know about this project and if you feel good then join. And also want to add some motivation speech i got from @hiroyamagishi that " Billionaire mentor Mark Cuban very first business was also a collectible card game, a baseball trading card when he is just a high school. Who knows if in the future most who are trading steemmonsters card packs could be a millionaire or even billionaire someday?"

On This Auction I am Selling GOLDEN FROST GIANT. If buyer offer BUY NOW AMOUNT, he/she will get it immediately. SO grab it before someone take it.You can also checkout my GOLDEN LIGHTNING DRAGON Auction Running by AKOX Lightning Dragon [LVL 2 GF]


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Starting bid Price: 250 SBD

Buy It Now Price: 350 SBD


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bid 251.0
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Bids will be accepted until next 72 Hours.

The card will be transferred to the highest bidder after payment has been received.

If somebody offers the 'Buy it now' price, the auction will be closed before the end date.

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Because of no bid . I am ending this Auction. I have this 2 gold foil legendary . If you want to buy contact with me.


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Auction Summary

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Auction Finished

Start: 250.000 SBD

Auction ended at 2018-06-22 05:05:18 GMT
No bid


Auction Information

Start: 250.000 SBD

Auction ended at 2018-06-22 05:05:18 GMT
No bid

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Have to study about steemmonsters. Completely new thing read.


Why don't you join Official Discord channel : . You can discover whole thing there .


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Good work. Congrats for your lasts successful auction! @zaku

end auction


End of #steembay Auction confirmed

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I was summoned by @zaku. I have done their bidding and now I will vanish...

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