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Almost 50 auctions are online while I am writing this. Still reading through the comments of the starting post, it seems there was just too much information in the announcement to fully grasp the very easy use of steembay for some.


The first misunderstanding: It is already working AND it works on the frontend of your choice on the steem blockchain.
You can use,,,, you can use python or any other way to access the blockchain. So there is NO NEED to enter a password or other information to a website you don't know or you do not yet trust.

Steps for selling an article:

  1. Make a post on your chosen frontend
  2. Include pics, what there is to know about the item you are selling, shipping conditions, return conditions etc. in that post
  3. use steembay as your FIRST tag
  4. use your choosen language as the second tag ( this will hopefully soon work and start the bot in your desired language)
  5. publish (we recommend to decline payout)
  6. wait for the bot to comment on your post
  7. PLEASE upvote this comment, this is our only stream of income else than donations and update posts
  8. start the auction with a comment "start x" (while replacing the x with the desired starting price)
  9. wait for the bids coming in ;-)


Steps for bidding

  1. reply (directly) to the post with "bid x"
    (replace the x with the amount you are willing to bid. Decimals have to be written with a fullstop instead of a comma AND a possible zero at the start has to be written out. The version ".5" will not work ( use 0.5 ) and the version "5,9" won't work either ( use 5.9 )
  2. wait for the bot to log in the bid (it will tell you in seconds if it worked... sometimes it takes up to a minute due to transaction failures of the system)
  3. You will get a replie when you were overbid.
  4. SOON you will see in the bots starting comment what is the actual highest bid and who is the actual highbidder
  5. if you need to retract your bid just enter "revoke bid"

Further possibilities for sellers

  1. if you have to end an auction because you are in a hurry just enter "end auction" this will end the auction and announce the highest bidder as winner
  2. if you have to cancel an auction because the item is no longer for sale or available just enter "cancel auction" this will end the auction and no winner will be announced


  1. using the encrypted memos will be a possibility to exchange details just click on transfer in your wallet and send a private memo to the person where you just bought an item. If you put a # without a blankspace before the message, it will be only for the reciever possible to read it. Learn more
    OFC you can use all other possibilities for communication. The suggested one is the one on the blockchain and thus unchangeable and legally pursuable in cases of fraud.
  2. using an escrow service can handle deals with a higher value (not sure how and where this already works, trying to get in contact with them... Also it seems that Steem is already working on implementing this to the blockchain. At least if I understood @lukestokes right)
  3. Buyers will have to provide contact details


General advice

  1. Don't use this service if you want to stay anonymous (at least when you are buying physical things)
  2. Use this service at your own risk. There are legal ways using the blockchain as proof if you have been cheated, still it can be complicated
  3. Avoid to trade with people you don't trust.
  4. Don't try to use fraud, it will hurt your own reputation and it will hurt the whole platform.
  5. Try to settle problems in a gentle and humane way
  6. To further continue our development and to keep up our servers, we are gladly accepting any donation in SBD, STEEM and Bitcoin ( 1282bwgz6tHMkgbV41c9REba8rQYC3c1tH )

BTC Adresse.png

I hope this helps a little bit




This will be interesting and exciting. We already sell on Ebay so hopefully we can use @steembay to our advantage. Great concept. Will have to work up a posting template. Thanks.

Very interesting. I will make use of Steembay.
May I translate this article into German? I will link the translation here.

Thx very much! Your offer is very much appreciated.

In Theorie sollte ich das selber können... komme grad aber zu ziemlich wenig.
Ich denke das kann der deutschen Community ziemlich weiterhelfen. Würde es natürlich resteemen und oben im Artikel mit einem dicken Dankeschön verlinken.

It is amazing how this community is working hard to make this into a better place!


ist ein eigenes steembay frontend geplant? denn das hier ist viel zu kompliziert :D :D

COOL!!! I will definitely be using this service. :)

Hey Thnx bro I vl do it

I was just wondering about how to privately exchange details after I had listed three auctions. 😂 I will check out that link about using a hashtag in the memo, thanks!

Thanks for sharing this really valuable Tutorial @steembay!

It was very easy with it to start my first test-auction:

Arctic F8 Gehäuselüfter

Im excited about the future developement of Steembay!

Nice tutorial.

Upvote and Resteem is out! Guys you make a great project, I love it!

is it good for selling art?

It's good for auctioning art :)

Thanks for clarifying how @steembay functions. The fact you’ve made this multilingual is a real game changer. I don’t know if I’ve seen a multilingual bot before.

So interessing thank you so much

We will be using steembay. Awesome job putting this together :)

Hey it's a really great tutorial and I had now understand it properly how it works.

This is just lifting off then. On a page a few months ago people were expressing real enthusiasm of how it was going to start. And now it's here! I've been looking for a more ethical alternative to ebay. #steembay im coming!

Fun Fact: We made sure that it works since the announcement...

I think it should be updated to start in U.S.D. In the time it takes for the auction to end the price of S.B.D. could change so drastically someone could lose a lot of money. I'm certainly not going to put any gold items up, or anything of great value, unless we can figure that out. Way to risky in my opinion...

Great project !
Thanks for this tutorial, very helpful :)

Thanks for the info

Guys.. plz build an UI. But still, thumbs up o.c.

;-) working on it ;-)

Thank you very much for this service! Can you tell me why you recomment to decline payout?

This is the work that we needed and you have provided this to us this tutorial had really explain it very well how we could put auction here on steembay. Hey thanks for providing such great information.

Great tutorial. I'm definitely going to apply it in the vacation rentals industry. Thank you.

Can't #resteem, so I'll copy and paste and credit back to this post.

Here is my post, let me know if acceptable to you (@steembay)

Thanks for sharing

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