Let's get Steem listed on Dapp Review

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I think Dapps are a great thing. Dapps allow you to build your own idea or business on top of the blockchain and it is much easier to manage transactions, payments, etc. than building a business without the use of a blockchain. Two of my favorite websites for researching Dapps right now are State of the Dapps and Dapp Review. https://dapp.review/explore

Dapp review is another great website for researching Dapps because you can easily see the different platforms and the Dapps on each platform. Dapp Review currently lists EOS, Tron, ETH, Nebulas, Neo, Ontology, and more but Steem should be listed here as well.

Dapp review has a great layout in my opinion that allows you to quickly and easily see the most popular Dapps on each platform based on users in the last 24 hours, transactions in the last 24 hours as well as the total volume in the last 24 hours and more.

Dapp review also has a game section where you can see the most popular games on Tron, ETH, EOS, and hopefully Steem soon as well. Dapp review also allows you to sort the game section by different types of games including Casino (gambling), Strategy, and they even have an RPG category.

It would be great to see Steem on Dapp review as well because Steem has recently been listed on State of the Dapps and Dapp.com, thanks to @therealwolf. I didn't say this before but it's great to have a community member around like the real wolf who is committed to improving the overall value of Steem. It is going to take a community effort including incentivizing small honest business owners to build on top of the Steem blockchain as well as possible advertising, better delegation rewards, improving the user experience, etc. to improve the value, but I'll save that for another post. I would try to add Steem to Dapp Review myself as I have some coding skill, but I wouldn't call myself a developer.

Here is the link to get in touch with them on their Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/HDfanA9

Here's also a link to get your DApp listed on their website: https://dapp.review/about

One more link: https://dapp.review/explore


It definitely should be.

Is it free or need to invest some steem

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Yes, this is a free website. I'm confused, what do you mean?

I mean after sign up can I use it free forever

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You don't have to sign up to this website. It's free.

Oh I see now thank you so much for explaining :)

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This is an awesome initiative. I have been using Dapp.review to discover some new Dapps from TRON, EOS and ONT. I would love to see STEEM there.

Agreed! STEEM should be listed on every DAPP site. It’s one of the greatest DAPP platforms around (although most DAPPs are really just APPs utilizing a decentralized network)

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It definitely should be.

The bear market may be a good starting point for creating and increasing visibility.
Too many people are interested in crypto only by the value of the BTC and media information, they are gold diggers who once the market down, leaves this world. I think it takes deeper work to keep users in the different possibilities of the blockchain.
This is the basis of the success and a real launch of this technology.
Too many people know crytpo only for its value and not for this unlimited possibility. Dapp can bring real momentum to this work, allowing to give a greater visibility. resteem and upvote ^^

Agree with you take on the market. Most participants are just waiting to make a quick buck off of the bull run and absolutely uninterested when the bear or stable market hits.

That’s why there’s a grave need for awareness and market information. dApps are one way to do that.

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This post has been included in today's SOS Daily News - a digest of all you need to know about the State of Steem.

I cannot recommend dapp.review, unless it has a proper listing of all Steem apps. Putting Steem under "Other" does not cut it.

hi @the4thmusketeer

Wouldn't you think that best time to list STEEM on new exchanges or dapp.review would be during "bull run"? Right now it will not help STEEM much and it cannot even be used as an effective marketing tool. Interest is simply not there.

Once market will recover then listing STEEM can bring some extra hype. Right now I dont think it will make any difference.

But that's just my impression.


In the contrary it will help to let more people discover DAPPS of the Steem blockchain. I believe is not worth to wait the next bull run and act now. ;)


I disagree on you this time @crypto.piotr , there is no perfect time for steem to be listed on any platform it can be listed inorder for awareness will be met.

Truly that the increase of steem price is a sure catapult for steem, but small actions like these will cement, the presence of steem within the BIG GUYS of the blockchainosphere.

Increase steem presence in as many review/exchange platform that it can have. When the ticker bomb exploded, where are much nearer to the moon compared to other blockchain.

Its a marketing strategy my friend.

Dear @guruvaj

Thank you for sharing your opinion.

there is no perfect time for steem to be listed on any platform it can be listed inorder for awareness will be met.

I just believe that (at least from investor point of view) it's best to be listed once you can also use it as a marketing tool. Otherwise you're wasting marketing opportunity. Perhaps Im wrong, but I believe it's worth to take it always into consideration.

Its a marketing strategy my friend.

I understand. Again, perhaps Im wrong :) But I think the truth lies somewhere in between me and you :P haha


I think that's a fair point, but the best projects in crypto are working hard right now even in the recent bear market. I think it would be better to have Steem listed on Dapp Review now and then Steem looks more impressive in the next bull run. Again, this is just my opinion. Maybe marketing is better later on, hard to say.

Thanks for your comment @the4thmusketeer

Indeed, it's hard to say. I love that Steemit allows me to do little brainstorming with people like you :)



Thanks for sharing this website @the4thmusketeer - I am exploring as much about DApps as I can, and this adds to my excitement.
While I wish I had more programming skill to develop the many ideas running through my mind.... I am thrilled there are places to turn where I can find like minded people, and talented developers looking to build services on the blockchain we can all benefit from creating together.
Although, I must disagree with @crypto.piotr - I understand his point of view about creating ‘hype’ by getting listed during a Bull Run - but I’d much rather see Steem build steady lasting foundational strength by carving out its place in the marketplace with reliable trustworthy growth. Strong DApps that provide value to the people during high or low market value will last longer than hyped projects. In my opinion!

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Yes, I have to agree @aejackson. Crypto piotr has a good point here this would be better to release this info in a bull market, but timing is never going to be perfect. I wish I had more programming skill as well. I'm working on it.

Excellent comment @aejackson

Im glad to hear that you disagree with me and that you could back up your words.

Just like you said @the4thmusketeer

but timing is never going to be perfect.

I just believe that (at least from investor point of view) it's best to be listed once you can also use it as a marketing tool. Otherwise you're wasting marketing opportunity. Perhaps Im wrong, but I believe it's worth to take it always into consideration.

Thanks guys for being so responsive,

Who knew there were so many of these sites. But if it helps even a little bit its a good thing. ;)

thank you so much

Seems to already be listed there.

Or did you mean you want it to have it's own category, like EOS, TRON, ETH, ect and not be under "Other"?

I see what you're saying here, but it isn't listed as one of the main platforms. I would like it to have its own category. It looks like this is already a work in progress, I just didn't know before I wrote this article.

Yeah, would be nice in its own place. Would also be nice if we had the SMT's ready to go...but we all know that's not going to happen any time soon.

Thanks for supporting DappReview. We are working on the data integration and Steem will have its own place in the public chain tab. Will go live before end of this month.

It's free or paid. and guys are you play any kind of games. let me know and don't forget to check latest gaming update here- https://www.skgamerplays.ooo

That is really good

Hey guys, I'm the dev of Dapp.review, have talked with @therealwolf a few days ago. We are working on integrating Steem data with help of SteemApps.

Almost done, will test later this week and hopefully go live before the end of Jan.

this is a nice post,

this is a nice post

this is a nice post

That is really good a people like you always try to improve steemit and best of luck to you throught your codeing skills you will help a whole community . Thanks a lot really appriciated my friend.

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Thanks for this good news.

Although I'm just getting acquainted with the world based on the block string, I appreciate the information you provide in this post and the suggestion you give about the websites you recommend to us. Little by little I will get to know more about this wonderful world.

Looking for the good news of Steem. Who will do that?

I found your post very interesting, I did not know the site and the fact of encouraging the inclusion of stemmit dapps seems great, if you want I could do a translation of it into Spanish

Crypto will show steps to mass adoption in 2019, so this is a great idea! Upvoted and resteemed!

They have a bug with form. In "Blockchain" section in form steem doesn't exist. When I chosen "Other", form asked me about required smart contract address (steem blockchain hasn't smart contracts).

this is a nice post.

Steam is a social blogging site, where you can share opinion, advice, etc. with anyone around the world ...

Steem man. Steem = blockchain, Steemit is an interface for the blockchain.

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