The future and some 'vote-giving'

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It seems Steem isn't cooperating for me at the moment to reply and upvote the comments made but, they are all appreciated. As you can see from the picture, she hasn't lost her sense of humour yet. My wife is there with her while I dropped back home to prepare some more foods for her as she will be in hospital at least tonight also.

We have gone through quite a lot of this over the last few years and each time it causes evaluation of circumstances, life and our position in it. Although I am grateful for many things, with every one of these types of events, I realize that I have to be more prepared than I currently am. Yes, all of it could work and my daughter will 'grow-out' of some of these things but, I do not think she will ever experience being completely free physically. She has been given her lot though and I will help her do the best possible with it.

My part in that as a parent is being prepared and with every event, I find more and more weakness and areas of opportunity to grow. With the last week being what it was, financial stability needs to become somewhat of a priority in my life as the way we are currently living, it causes far too many problems. Healthcare in the future is going to get increasingly expensive and if my daughter is going to have a lifetime of issues, I better take care of that now.

Steem might take care of it also but, that is a risky bet and I am going to have to do more in the real world to try to increase chances and spread probabilities. I am not sure what this is going to be yet but, I have to start taking it more seriously, especially if we plan on living in another country where healthcare may not be as affordable.

But, that is not what this post is about.

I will be gone the rest of the day and since I can't vote on comments yet, my VP is dangerously close to 100 so, I am giving away 6 x 50% votes on links posted that are:

  • original
  • of decent quality
  • people powering up (at least, not powering down)
  • people who have consistent, quality content in their blog roll
  • people who have thoughtful comments.
  • posted in the comments section in next 45 minutes or so. (the post itself can be older of course)

Note: long-time supporters who engage in comments well will have increased chances

My vote is worth ~6$ at the moment so about $3 dollars for 50%. It is not much but perhaps one day with a little market luck, it will get someone out of a sticky situation.

This is not the way I would normally curate however I just don't have the time to spare currently but I think it would be a waste not to use it.

Good luck and I promise that I will do my best to get to previous comments later....


[ a Steem original ]


Instead of 6 x 50% I gave a little less but curated more for about 500% of votes instead of 300%. Congrats to the "winners" who was everyone who posted up until the time I voted.

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...And the links come rolling in. :)


What does he mean by links for upcoming please?

Hi Taraz. I am glad your little one is feeling better. She looks adorable and unaware of the scares she has caused. Being prepared is the smart thing to do and only on each event do you learn how prepared you are.
Private health care is the way to go wherever you may end up. It is not that expensive but is still a cost. This is non negotiable as it is your family.

my daughter had a heart murmur when she was young and fortunately grew out of it. I am sure your daughters problems will improve and you will all grow as a family. Health and happiness are the important ones, wealth will come.

Sir, I posted last night, what can still be curated?

Oh f@%k, I'm sorry to hear she's in the hospital, Taraz. That really sucks. I hope it's nothing serious and that you and your family are home soon, safe and happy!
good health to all of you <3


Thanks, she/we will get there eventually :)

I've tried to comment on the yesterday's post, but I just couldn't find the words... stay strong man.


Cheers mate. These were enough.

WThey don't make many men like you @tarazkp. Your wife and daughter are lucky to have you. You just be patient, your investments will pay off. It'll work out for you guys

I'm glad it's not just me having trouble with upvotes and replies. I was beginning to think it was my internet connection.
So is the offer for upvotes a challenge to see who perseveres enough to get a comment to actually work? 😆😉

Yay, spamming with permission, ok just kidding, but here's one anyway:

Also, wish your daughter gets better so I don't come up as a douché.


Also, wish your daughter gets better so I don't come up as a douché.

Also, wish your daughter gets better so I don't come up as more of a douché. :P

Its seem this
post is good to for me. Thanks for this type of promotion @tarazkp


Adey apdiye bit aduchitiya da

This is very generous of you my friend @tarazkp, after our discussion sometime ago i took to your words and started writing post again. This is a short poem i wrote yesterday

Maybe you wikl ease my pain.. lol

Thanks very plenty for you kindness
Here is my entry.

No matter what we do we are never prepared . For me it was the helpness . I truly hope it is not for you . Our children at times gives us so much strength .
You and your family are always on my mind and I wish your little one a speedy recovery .

Do not worry about the finances you've worked to keep things running smoothly...
Lucky to have a dedicated wife and a struggling daughter. Encourage your little daughter to be in a good mood, ready to play with the camera and read her peppa story.
Tomorrow everything will take its course.

Sorry to hear about your daughter @tarzazk, I'll pray for her quick recovery and overall wellness for your family. And what a beautiful family you all make :)

Here is post I made a few days ago, talking about my surgeries:

You got a 44.41% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @m31!


Thank you @m31... naughty girl.

I remember my oldest sister because she was both Father and Mother to us siblings and even though she had the option to strike out on her own and go to film school in NY with a scholarship, she chose to stay behind and be our parents.

I remember her because she unselfishly made a choice to put her sibling first before herself and took several jobs that put us in the best schools that she can enroll us, and give us a brighter future.

I don't think I would be in the life I have now if she did not do that. She was a parent that she wanted the best for us.

I know you are not really crazy about Steem being a charity and for people to cashing out, some of the earnings they have to support advocacy but that is something I care about because I see it as a way of humanizing the Steem Blockchain and a good way of earning karmic points of being a good person that is looking after humanity.

So I would present my post Promo-Mentors Challenge: Which project would you like to support? | Charity Projects

Majority of the projects that I see does not have that sense of entitlement that since it is a charity if needs to be funded. Like most charities that is out to help we are mostly grateful for what we receive.

I am not powering down but mostly powering up but most of my SP is in my charity account @giftinkindph where I curate for the upfundme and charity tag. I am committed to powering up that account as well.


I don't think I would be in the life I have now if she did not do that. She was a parent that she wanted the best for us.

Some people pay everything to give others a chance at something.

I am so happy to see this picture of the family with smiles, to see that although they are going through a difficult moment they are united and with the confidence that they will succeed.
God rewards man with the good woman... And your devoted and loving wife is a sign of blessing. You will see that here or anywhere in the world they will always move forward. Regards!

Your daughter is blessed to have a caring father like you. I hope she will get outgrow some of the health issues she is experiencing now. I am glad she is still cheerful despite the condition. You will be financially secure to take care of her future health care.
Thanks for your generosity. Despite what you are going through now, you still think of helping others.Remain blessed.

I'll have a crack....

It's good to see everyone making the best of the situation in this photo @tarazkp. Given a long enough time frame, things always seem to work out. Best wishes.

Hope the day runs as smoothly as possible.

Links? I got nada!


Meh, I will find you anyway.

"Let's not let a crisis go to waste!"

Feel free to exhaust your VP here good sir! hahha
Steemit and Busy have been wonky for me too today! Some comments didn't stick and some of my upvotes didn't stick either! Hang in there and in the wise words of somebody famous....

This TOO shall PASS!

Petals ~ Pink FlowerDay ~ WEEKEND GEMS ~1e


He looks like Captain Archibald Haddock


They do have similar noses! hahaha


I almost forgot to mention how Righteous your beard is bro! Last time I saw you.... Too Nice Taraz aka Good Guy Taraz

Taraz 2.0.jpg

Now it's the ZZ-Top post Funland Winter leftover beard!


lol, i need to work out what to do with it.


You could give Billy Gibbons (guitar player for ZZ top) a call and ask for some grooming tips!

I wish with all my heart your daughter improve, friend you are a hardworking man and fighter, do not despair.
In your country or any other will always come forward as the good family man he is.

Hey @tarazkp I actually recently wrote an article about powering up (inspired by an early blog post of yours)


I only skimmed them but good work :)



Wishing your daughter a speedy recovery and your contribution here is appreciated.

Here's an entry from my recent posts:


@tarazkp many thanks for the post upvote. It is much appreciated and will be powered up!

Its seem this post is good to for me. Thanks for this type of promotion @tarazkp

Am I supposed to drop the link here? If yes, this is it;

If no, I apologize profusely.

You've got beards? That real cute. Looks good on you. I am glad your baby is all smiles and willing to rough and tumble. You will definitely get some way to leave a secure financial future for your family. As long as the will is strong, the way will come.

Thanks a million for the generousity. I pray to almighty God that your daughter gets well very soon so your family will be united and happy and so u don't have to spend your money on hopital bills. Here is a link to my most recent post. Thanks.


Oh my God!!! Guys i just got 2$ upvote from @tarazkp. Thanks alot buddy. U re a good man.


Thanks for to sir

I hope your little beauty gets well soon!

Well my good friend @tarazkp, I am very happy to see that beautiful photo depicting the three of you with such shiny smile drawn on your faces. As I've said before, everything will be fine in short despite some transient scares & hiccups. :)

On other hand, I realize we are on different timeline dockets as to be able to catch up in sync with the publications of each other. In our case, we must be around 8hrs apart on our time zone. And additionally, with our messy biorhythm to post our stuff and curate those of others, it's not a big surprise we end up missing a good chunk of our content that prolly we'd like to read and enjoy in time sometimes.

So, that's why I've arrived late again to share within the 45 minutes timeframe, the link of my post with some decent quality original content that I suspect you will like to read and comment.

Yeah, of course, another one of my usual extravagant articles that just by having one of your comments there, I will feel well paid and more than satisfied. }:)


This is a very generous thing you are doing.
I pray that your daughter does grow out of it.
I know how much of a toll it can take on a parent
to see their child in such a situation.

I think this is the best dance partner had for my vlog

Wow, sorry about your daughter, I pray she becomes physically free soon, and also what do you mean by you can't vote comments?


The system was going slow.

Thanks a whole lot @tarazkip for the upvote, seen it

God gat you dear.... thanks for the nice work here!!!👍

this is really interesting

If that's you in the pic, you look far better with a beard. #nohomo