Power of Networks to Find Helpful Content on Steemit

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So I have just found myself on a whirlwind tour to discover the usefulness and power of a platform called SteemAuto.

My journey started about 45 minutes ago when I was reading this excellent post by @mountainjewel on How Steemit Has Changed Our Lives. Within this post, they mention the excellent @tribesteemup initiative and how this has helped them get their content discovered and rewarded.

Piquing my interest, I followed their link to @flauwy's equally excellent post on how to Increase Your Curation Rewards By Supporting Some Of The Best Content Creators On Steemit. Again this sets out the benefits of the TribeSteemUp initiative that aims to support content creators - but this post goes further into how we can help support this initiative by using the SteemAuto platform to pre-set upvotes to benefit these carefully curated authors (and to earn us some curation rewards in the process). A win-win!

I have been looking for something just like this for a while so it's a really useful find - although I was a little confused by references to FanBase votes and Curation Trail votes etc...

Fortunately, @flauwy mentions in the comments section to his post a handy guide on getting started with SteemAuto by @kennyskitchen - so we come full circle as @kennyskitchen is a founder of TribeSteemUp!

I have been playing with the SteemAuto features and have pre-set some FanBase votes for some of my favourite content-creators (admittedly many of them are already included in the curated TribeSteemUp list) plus I have added myself to the curation trail for @tribesteemup.

Really helpful content - thanks guys! I'll let you know how the SteemAuto experiment pans out.

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I found it last week and its been great!! As I was upvoting a lot of them anyway I found I'd go to do it but steemauto beat me to It, too easy as they say here in Australia!!


Yes, it saves the hassle of having to manually find your favourites plus it means your non votes aren't wasted if it's one of those days where you just can't make it onto steemit (rare I know, but they do happen from time to time ;)).

Thanks for your comment


What... away from Steemit? I suppose i have to sleep at times 😉


Yeah, and dream about steemit!

Very cool. Appreciate you giving us a heads up on this. Been looking at SteemAuto for a while now and have scratched my head time after time...lol

And anything Flauwy recommends, I always take a strong look at. Because of his recommendation of Qurator, I've dove in there!


Dive in there!

It's a natty tool - wish I'd found it earlier. They also have a schedule post option which could be handy too. Cheers for your comment :)

So many tools to try out....don’t know which one is good


There are lots of tools here it's true. Give some a try and see which work for you.