STEEM Blog Post Ideas: The ULTIMATE Monthly Blueprint

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We’ve all been there… a new day is here and you want to post on Steem, but you simply don’t know what to post about!

Well, I don’t want that to happen to you!

This is why I’m sharing with you guys a WHOLE MONTH of content ideas for EVERY DAY of March!

If you want this blueprint for the next month, grab it! It’s yours!

Day 1 – Make a Contest Post:

Content posts are awesome because of two things. First of all, they attract new people to your blog and make everyone participate, and secondly you can get free votes or resteems from the “Entry Rules”. Cough up some SBDs and get creating.

Day 2 – Review Something:

It can be a movie, a book, a video game. There are a lot of people who make reviews in an exciting way and these are always good for people interested in your product’s niche. For example @vincentnijman pretty much only reviews movies these days.

Day 3 – Write a Tutorial:

Write an in-depth guide on something. How to use @utopian-io, how to upload to @dtube, how to create memes and earn with them on @dmania, a Steemit etiquette guide, something along these lines. I write newbie guides often, and they work great.

Day 4 – Interview People:

There are a lot of ways to get fresh attention on your blog, and one of those is to interview influencers. By interviewing an already successful blogger, you’ll get exposure to his audience as he will probably resteem it. Even if he doesn’t, you will be able to get some importance by association.

Day 5 – Create a Steem Data Infographic:

Most of us in Steemit are interested about the Steem Blockchain. We love to check data and that’s why Steemians like @arcange, @abh12345 and @paulag are so successful. On the other hand, everyone loves infographics. How about merging the two?

Day 6 – Tell Your Audience a Dark Secret:

Every single one of us had bad moments and we keep dark secrets. People love to feel “in the loop” and as such knowing about a secret from you will make them feel part of your blog. On the other hand, sharing a bad moment of yours can also humanize you if you play your cards right. Just be careful to how you put it.

Day 7 – Time to Get Motivated:

Writing a motivational blog post can be a great thing. People get tired of working, and even bloggers get tired of blogging. If you feel like you can write a piece that will make users motivated to give more of themselves, do it! It will energize your audience and once the “high” fades they’ll be following you for more.

Day 8 – Make a List Post:

Everyone loves list…

“The Empire loves their damn lists”, as once a great mind said. But it’s true, people love lists and the fact you feel compelled to read through this post is not a coincidence.

Bitesized lists are easier for our human brains to digest, and as such form an attractive piece of content.

Day 9 – Make a Round-Up Post:

STEEM has a lot of content but people have so little time.

It takes a lot of work to search around for articles about a single topic, so you can take your audience’s workload away by making the round-up yourself. @moneyinfant wrote a round-up on ALL of the writing contests currently going on and though the post wasn’t rewarded fairly because he’s a new guy, I see that it had tons of value.

If it was a big steemian writing it, it would probably hit Trending.

Day 10 – Record Your Thoughts:

Sometimes you feel a bit more on the flexible side and you also had a day in which you did a lot of thinking. You could write a post with your thoughts. Writing down everything that came to your mind is great entertainment. “I wonder if she’s wearing pink panties under that”, “this hair on my coffee is disgusting, but did it come from a head?” and so on…

Day 11 – Make Your Goals Be Heard:

What’s the best way to ensure you are kept accountable for your goals? Well, sharing them with your audience.

If you say you’re going to do something, then you’ll get closer to doing it than if you just think about it. Plus, whenever I share my goals on a Steemit blog post, people get excited about them and react positively so I can vouch for this one.

Day 12 – Analyze Current Events From Your Niche’s Point of View:

Watch the news or read the paper. Check what’s going on with the world.

When you’re done, consider the news you’ve read or watched and think on how they can influence your blog’s niche or your preferred topics – share your findings.

Day 13 – Making a Case Study:

What’s better voting wise, a long comment all in the same line or the same comment divided into paragraphs? We mostly all know it’s the second but there are tons of topics that aren’t as easy to answer.

Think about one of them and make a case study on it. Share your findings.

Day 14 – Make a Tribute Post:

If you admire a Steem Blockchain blogger then write a tribute on him. Craft a post telling everyone why you love following that blog or author and telling him that you appreciate his work. Better yet, make a HUGE tribute post on ALL of the bloggers you love.

Make sure to tag them so they can drop a vote and resteem it.

Day 15 – Make a Top Comments Post:

If your blog isn’t fresh, then you’ve accumulated a lot of comments through the days. Craft a post about the best or top comments you ever received and share them with your audience.

Tag those involved for added effects.

Day 16 – Share Your Success:

If you’re a successful blogger, share your blog’s data to inspire other people. Show everyone your growth throughout the days and months and let everyone know that they CAN do it with work.

Don’t rub it on everyone’s faces though, do it in an inspirational way.

Day 17 – Become a Myth Buster!

There are a lot of Myths in EVERY niche. It’s high time somebody in Steemit puts on its Myth Busting hat and start writing about how those Myths aren’t facts.

You can be that person!

Day 18 – Ask the Audience:

If you follow me you’ve seen my last post on “If you could have lunch with anyone in the world, who would it be?”.

This is na example of an “Ask the Audience” post. Make one yourself, just don’t steal my question :P

Day 19 – Sharing Regrets:

We all know we don’t want to regret a thing, and the saying that “I only regret things I didn’t do”.

The truth is most of us have some regrets. How about you show everyone you’re not different by sharing yours? It can even be something you regret doing in Steemit.

Day 20 – Lie and Hide the Key:

Post an obvious lie, for example “Dan to be imprisioned after assault on Ned”. Of course you can’t create these lies normally, but here’s the drill – you tell everyone it’s a lie! This will have people who only read the title and first line to comment and others can spot those people and generate discussion that can either give everyone a laugh or become sour. Dangerous idea, but it can be a blast, it’s legal as you claim it’s satire, and it helps detect people who don’t care about your content but care about your votes.

Day 21 – Share Your Blogging Secrets:

What’s the secret? Some people can post about their blogging success secrets while minnows and fresh newbies can post about the secrets to keep themselves motivated. If you’re a content producer and not a low effort poster, you got to have something to keep you on track. Share it!

Day 22 – Offer Free Help:

If you have any talent, you can offer free things or help. For example, @overkillcoin is one huge artist and makes the best artwork from under the sea. He is always posting free avatars and offering to help people.

I believe the Steem Blockchain is all about cooperation and playing nice, @overkillcoin does so as well… do you?

Day 23 – Time to Make a Pie… Chart!

There’s something very attractive about charts. Bar and pie charts are very interesting, and if you have any cool data piece you want to share, consider doing it via a graph.

For instances, you can analyze your rewards and have a pie chart that shows POST REWARDS versus COMMENTING REWARDS.

Day 24 – Bring Guest Blogging to the Blockchain:

If you know and admire someone’s content, then bring guest blogging to the blockchain. Arrange an article swap with someone. You publish their piece in your blog, and you publish a piece in his blog.

This can be a cool networking experience that will switch things up.

Day 25 – Have a LinkBait Day

Google link baiting and learn its subtle (NOT) art. Even if people know it is clickbait, they can’t help but click it anyway.

Make a linkbait post and try it out, maybe it’ll do well, maybe it won’t, who knows? Try it!

Day 26 – Hypothetical Scenario

Think about an hypothetical scenario and discuss its implications. For example, talk about what would happen if STEEM was to reach $100. Or on the other hand what would happen if it would reach $0.20 again.

What if…

Day 27 – Write as You Would Say It:

“Screw rules, Imma talk like I speak now” kind of post. Forget about formatting and correct grammar and punctuation and just go berserk typing exactly as if you would just say it. Alternatively, get a speech-to-text tool and just speak your article to life.

Day 28 – Ask For Your Audience’s Help:

No, I’m not telling you to beg for votes. However, if you care for your audience, your audience cares about you as well. Having this in mind, ask them how can you improve your blog, and what they think may need improvement.

Then suck the answers up and improve!

Day 29 – Make a Curation Post

@Enchantedspirit and @catweasel have @thesteemengine, a project that curates great content, however they do not hold the patent and there are certainly other good groups out there that do this. You can put on a curating mantle and make your own edition for a day.

Choose a topic and curate great posts!

Day 30 – Tell Everyone How You Discovered Steemit

In my case, I was googling for “Faucets” trying to discover new ways to earn free crypto. With Steem I hit the motherload and discovered not a faucet but a WATERFALL of free crypto. Share your story, how did you find out about

Final Day (March has 31 Days):

Day 31 – Thank You Post

Write a thank you post where you thank everyone who influenced you, but even more importantly everyone who follows and votes for you.

Thank your supporters, share the love you have for them, and let them know you care.

So, as you can see, there’s a WHOLE MONTH of free content ideas right here you can use and adapt for March.

No excuse on not having anything to write about now.

Liked the post?

Share it with others, it took me a long time to craft and I’d like people to read it…


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God, I hate you so much!
You have no idea..
You and your marketing things.

Well, anyway, I made an icalendar:

Save the content into a file and import it to your google, outlook, whatever calendar.

Now I have to do this in March!

That's going to be fun!

You should make a post out of this. It adds value :D

Since when do I want to add value?
And adding to what?

Hmm, maybe later.
Not to much Postings per day.. ;)

this is genius you both rock together @isnochys and @spiritualmax

just added to my google cal! thanks!

Very nice post dude, with lots of useful ideas for what we'll have of March. We'll need much patience and time to do all of this, but for a person who is hooked on Steemit, this wouldn't be a hard work at all. Good info, bro, greetings

Thank you, well you can always use just some of the ideas.
It will still save you work of thinking about fresh topics.


Really nice from you mate, I bookmarked your post, someday I fell really out of
inspiration and I think this will help.

By the way, you are doing an amazing job, I love your blog ;)


Exactly! I would definitely follow some of the ideas. Thanks @spiritualmax

Thanks Wolf!
Glad you liked it! Yes, use it at will!

Boom and that is how you become as successful as Max! There is simply no reason why people are limited to those daily challenges that bring no value whatsoever (Troll Alert!!)

There are tons of things that people can write about and gain more followers and finding their niche.

Saved and added to the tip section of Ohana @steemitfamilyph

Thanks Mav for the kind words and for the tip section pin.
Glad you liked it and saw that there's plenty of stuff to write about, but you already know that, you could probably craft a post like this yourself it you sit \down to do it.

These are awesome ideas for people that can never figure out what to post. I personally keep a running list of things I want to blog about'as well, but I am also trying to think of ways to add some structure to my blogs.

You do well... it's never too late to improve, even when you're a 64 Rep Community Leader :D

I'll definitely take some of these. Nice brainstorming! The free help one. And the dark secrets one. Hrmm hmmm.. and distort it a lot.

The spiritualmax March madness challenge

I could have made it a challenge...
Perhaps I'll post a challenge soon enough :D

Thanks alot for the list, sometimes the brain is just blank and clueless. As you wait for ideas to form in your head, you could read other people's post and comment it helps you to make friends, and earn!
I was writting a thank you post yesterday but paused, ill complete it today. I'll also be sharing a dark secret which will be a good lie, or not! Haha

Glad I inspired you Kim!
Cheers man, stay cool

I restreemed this just so I can easily reference this multiple times in the future. I wish I could give this more of an upvote thanks for putting this guide together

Thank you for the upvote and resteem mate.

I wish i had seen this a few months ago,i wouldnt be suffering with writer's block.No more going a day without posting.

This list is so comprehensive, i had always wanted to make a contest,i do tutorials alot..

I need to add these ideas to my writing arsenal.Let me bookmark this.

Yes, go right ahead!
Glad you think this post will be helpful to you, that's why I made it.

Thanks for the list....I like lists too....make at least one every day. My dad taught me to keep myself focused by making a list every night of what I needed to accomplish the next day. I used to start with:

  1. wake up 2. get out of bed 3. take shower 4. have breakfast.
    You get the idea....haha....took me a few months to get past all the wasting my list to get to the "meat" of the day. That was back about 50 years ago and I still make the lists. Afterall, everyone tends to forget somethings, which makes them "put things off" way too long. Like paying a bill and then getting an interest charge on it.

Ah, forgetting bills and paying interest on them happens to me all the time!

This is fantastic, a great way to help your fellow #steemit contributors get past a mental block!

Thanks grolelo! Yes, I tried to help :)
Glad you think I did.

I'll take some ideas from the post and create a monthly schedule for myself :-D

Go right ahead Luna :D

Great ideas! Appreciate all the suggestions. I'm currently struggling to reactivate my writing skills, which have been dormant for nearly a decade.

Hehehe, you know they say there's no time like now.

Amazing list! So fitting as the first one is Make a Contest. I'm in the process of creating a brand new one myself. A good omen I think as I was a bit reluctant, but you've helped set my mind on it. Thanks!!

Contests are a great way to start.
Cheers, glad you liked the post.

Thanks for the mention on Day 9 and no worries Max, I may be small now, but I'll keep on sending out that daily list every day until it does hit trending. And then I'll keep on sending it because I feel it adds great value to the platform.

@spiritualmax has noticed your work, I have noticed it too and so do a lot of people.

Keep doing what you doing or better improve on it if you can.

You are on the way up!

Thanks for the encouragement @golddeejay. I have every intention of continuing and improving on the current work. I've already seen some areas that could probably be done better - just need to find the time to get some feedback from others to make sure I'm moving in the right direction, to make my work more valuable to the community.

No problem Money,
Will see you around, glad you're disciplined enough to stick to the long term goals.

Sneaky. Mention some important people and there's a very good chance they'll show up to see what all the fuss is about.

Day 24 - If you can't find someone to exchange blogs with, Wish @enchantedspirit a happy birthday.

Trust me, I'm a doctor.


Are you a doctor in literature?

Doctor of Divinity.

Trust me, I'm a doctor.


That just makes me more suspicious.... I think i need more proof of your doctorness....

Doctor of Divinity and it's the doctor part you are questioning?

Trust me, I'm divine.


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Wow. This is a really comprehensive guide. I have a good series going where every other day I cover a new Google Chrome extension. I am 10 in and it really hasn't picked up the viewership I hoped it would yet. I might try some of your ideas here as a supplement. -@bozz

Thanks, glad you took value from the post and hope your readers increase, it takes time.

Believe me when I say I had very bad writer's block today xD.

I 've been writing a new blog post every one or two days but it happens sometimes: starting to write something that was a good idea in your mind only to stop midway, staring at it not liking it one bit and deleting it all together lol.

Your tips are spot on, I usually seldom lack the inspiration to write but rather the motivation to edit the posts and make them all look beautiful.

Very good tips nevertheless! I'm going to consider writing about some of the times I F'd up, a dark moment; and continuing to write inspirational posts since we all need them from time to time, they are the ones I like writing about the most ;)

Keep up the good content!

You are a good writer if you look at it midway, dislike it and delete it.

I must confess when that happens and I stop midway not liking it, I just say "fuck it" and continue regardless.


“this hair on my coffee is disgusting, but did it come from a head?”

LOL :}

So useful. Great job, Max. Another page for my bookmarks.

Anj xx

The quoting technique :P

Lol. Wonder where I learned that one? :D
I read this all the way through.
Anj XD

You're good and i would like to also say thank you it has helped a lot...

Wow that's a nice list post. It will be very helpful for many people.

This is great!!! Thanks so much. I just might take you up on this offer :D

Hard to make a better post than this one. Thanks for the time and effort.
I one day I need some post idea I will simply come back to read it.

Thank you for the kind words... yes feel free to come any time.


Whoooa that's sick dude :D

Wow, i never get tired to read your new post. It always helpfull and motivated. I will try all the point as i can. This article will really make my work on steemit better. thank you sir

Thanks for the kind words.
Stay cool!

Thanks for such a loaded nice post

This is an amazing post. Of course! Every Steemian should do this. I need to resteem this.

Thank you very much for the resteem!

I want to make a collection for children with cancer in my country. Does someone help me? pls

Vote follow @vor3ss88 my back oke

Very helpful advice, much appreciated!

buen amigo, te invito a ver mi blog

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Well this was just an amazing post! I wish I could bookmark it!

So instead I resteened it. Thanks again!

Cheers! Thanks for the resteem :)

How'd I miss this? Good stuff ... :p

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