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Smartsteem.com offers multiple services. One of those is our bid-bot:

@smartsteem - the currently 2nd biggest bid-bot with over 2 Million Steempower, where you are able to buy votes by bidding for a share of a 100% vote. The votes are then cast every 245 minutes.

Over the last few weeks, we've analyzed the landscape of similar services and realized that there is big potential for improvement.

That's why we've made some changes to improve our service for our vote-bidders, delegators and for us, as well.

Problem: Overbidding

If you have used a bid-bot before, the chance is high that you were over-bidden at least once.

Which means: multiple users bid and paid more SBD & STEEM than what the vote was actually worth and the result is: loss of investment.

Paying 20 SBD for a 30$ vote (11.25 SBD + SP after Curation) is not fun and for many smaller users, a drastic loss.

There are different reasons for overbidding and we believe that we've eliminated nearly all of them.

Revenue Loss Limit

Our first measure against overbidding and pro-profitable & -neutral bids is through our Revenue Loss Limit.

We believe that a bought vote should be used for promotion and not in the first place for profit-reasons, however - as we've written above - losing a huge sum of money is not ok.

That's why we decided to put our Revenue Loss Limit at -10%.

This will protect you from losing your invested SBD & STEEM through overbidding - by putting your potential loss at a bare minimum of 10%.

But keep in mind that vote-bidding is still somewhat risky and not as guaranteed as instant votes from our vote-selling market, @smartmarket. (smartsteem.com for more info)

25% Curation as Default

Another reason for overbidding is that some people calculate their revenue without curation and create their post very shortly before the end of a bid-round and bid on it.

While this is lucrative for the individual as they don't have to give away 25% of their vote-revenue to @smartsteem (due to the young post-age) - it however totally destroys everyone's profitability who bid on an older post or earlier in the bid-round.

That's why we've implemented the change that posts will be upvoted as soon as they are 30 minutes old (=25% curation).

Example: If a user submits a post which is 10 minutes old, when the bid-round starts, then we will wait 20 minutes until the post is 30 minutes old and then vote.

This gives everyone the same profit-calculation and the same risk of overbidding (but max. -10%) - which will prevent egoistic voting.

More balanced payouts

While writing this post, @smartsteem has over 2 Million Steempower from users who are delegating to @smartsteem and in return receive 95% of the daily-revenue. (smartsteem.com/delegators)

We believe that the changes above will result in more balanced payouts and most importantly: less frustrating bidding.

Additionally, the guaranteed curation revenue for smartsteem will help us to keep the payout-percentage as high as possible (95% is a very solid number) while still having enough revenue to keep developing and enhancing smartsteem.com.

Last but not least ...

We want to thank every single one of our delegators for supporting and delegating to @smartsteem!


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Disclaimer: This post has been up-voted via @smartsteem and all delegators have been credited accordingly.


Hey, @smartsteem @therealwolf
Nice to see you growing so big so fast. No wonder that yor're a leader in delegation market.

But... How exactly do you solve overbidding?.. You just push overbidders to the next round or what?

Awesome post.

Nice one @smartsteem great to know that some bid bots are pushing the boundaries of being a good responsible bot for the community!! Well done future will improve this further!! I enjoy supporting and hope to delegate soon

This is a wonderful question, been wondering the same myself. If steemit becomes more mainstream, I could see this becoming a massive problem with a bid bot influx shortly following.

Nice to know about smarteem.

I think bid-bots can be good, (but we have to use: https://steembottracker.com
to see what bots are active and profitable). I am going to try @smartsteem next time I get a chance.

Ohh really OK maybe next time. My friend

@smartsteem is fucking upvoting service . I send 30 sbd but he can not upvote my post .


Fucking upvoter

Fucking upvoter

Fucking upvoter

Back my sbd

Wait, you posted that garbage on steemit clogging up the blockchain with that shitty fucking poor excuse of a post and you're complaining about losing money. You're lucky they gave it back to you.

Why don't you sell your steem and go buy your other 5 top cryptos them you provide no value to this blockchain.

I'm using smartsteem to promote all of my blog posts now. Knowing that I haven't ever supported bid bots, this is quite a personal revolution for myself :-)

Quality always rules.

You're nickname tells the whole story. Investing in @smartsteem is currently one of the smartest ways to re-invest in your own blog and the platform itself. Maybe it's even the very best way.

I guess your competitors will lose a huge amount of clients in the near future that'll all start to use your services... And they'll do quite well doing so :-)

Great job!

Hope @smartsteem will be a real profitable bot.

Nice ..
Yes, we must be confident of ourselves, this is the basis for doing anything correctly
Well done .. great post

I liked your work, well done
Thanks for your positive tips
Great post

@smartsteem - thank you for a great service and for the improvements.
I have delegated all my SP to you guys, as I really enjoy what you are doing and putting the community first!

Do not support withdraw auto?

2 Million Steempower delegation is simply amazing. Unbelievable achievement for a young service!

there are so many bots out there but to be one controlling over 2 million SP it is proof they you guys @smartsteem is doing a fine job. Thanks.

Thank you smartsteem ! Good continuation !

I like the curation and delayed voting changes. Time to make the switch. ;)

The fact you may have solved the over-bidding is huge! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a bid and then in the last 30 seconds get overbid from people rushing in. It is quite a pain in the ass haha.

I was about to ask how you solved the overbidding problem. I love the idea of “revenue loss limit”, gives people more incentive to go in on a bid without the chance of losing half of their money from over-bidders. Also, the “25% curation as default” is going to weed out the individuals who rush a post just to get a bid in.

Kudos to you @smartsteem for recognizing this ongoing problem with bidding on votes! Hopefully this is the first step in the right direction for us who do rely on bidding to promote our content :)

Good idea

Is Brad Pitt really in on this? Why is jonah hill giving Brad that kind of look?

Haha, Hollywood's elite knows what's best :-)

haha good question, I guess Jonah was not ready for the camera and was probably talking to him and felt awkward.

Nah. Just lost a bunch of SBD on your services. Never again.

30-minute-post age is for @smartsteem alone and not for @smartmarket? Or for both? Thanks. :)

Indeed, I have used the service a good few times. I have to say it is well designed and easy to operate. Good job. 😊

Since the price has gone down from its peak is it still profitable to bot


Thats a good one!

hello sir ,i sent 10sbd smartmarket since 15 hours ago,but you haven't upvote . that's my memo https://steemit.com/photography/@smsulaiman/3jg8bp and back my sbd @therealwolf

hi @therealwolf i sent 10sbd to @smartmarket 23 hours ago but i did not get either upvote or refund . please check my link and refund

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I'm just starting out and I have thought about bidding but wasn't sure yet about overbidding and losing what little SBD I had. The revenue loss limit makes a big difference so I'm going to check it out.

Actually I've tried to bid. I fill my name, amount of sbd and link, then I try to submit and I see blank site and I cannot confirm my bid, any ideas why?
Yesterday it worked normal and today it doesn't want bid on any bot :/

I can only say thank u smartsteem ur a very good helper and supporter
Keep it up ur great

Thank you smartsteem your post is helpful for new users who are using your services. I was also calculating without calculation of 25℅ curation.

I hope more initiatives like @smartsteem come true. Hugs from Brazil!

What is the difference between your bid bot and others ? No theres is not any differences. You are just making the trending page like a dumping site.

Most of the bid bot with high sp give -10 ROI we need 0 . Then only we will appreciate your effort. Otherwise its only loss of sbd for us just like from other bots.

It's great to hear you have made an effort to limit the possibilities of over bidding. This is one things that has kept me back from trying out the bidding. I always wondered how i would ever breakeven by paying so much.
this has given me the confidence to try it out. Thanks for caring.

Haha @smartsteem i delegated to you my steem power and guess how many SBD you send me ?? Null ...

Great adjustment here that is why I admire this bots. Great!

Good luck,brand upvote 100%

hello sir ,i sent 10sbd @smartmarket since 15 hours ago,but you haven't upvote . that's my memo https://steemit.com/photography/@smsulaiman/3jg8bp and back my sbd

The law of cause and effect. If you do what other successful people do, you will eventually get the result that other successful people get. You don't have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great.... Congrats smartsteem

Thank you for the post very interested for me because I am new in Steemit I hope check again and try it

nice post
very helpfull

bid-bot intelligent idea , i will try , thanks for your post

this is good platform

That good friend @smartsteem @therealwolf, these new adjustments are pleasant to the bot, already came following the results in several publications and do not hesitate to use them soon. Prosperity.

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Great post! Enjoyed reading it. Also for anyone who wants to check I'm giving away some SBD today for more info check my posts.

Glad to hear it. Yesterday's bid was not good for me.

Good pos amazing

your post is always helpful,, 2 Million+
Steem Power delegation is simply amazing
good luck @smartsteem

nice knowledge smartsteem

this is the profitable bot at this moment (in my opinion)

This is an innovate way of estimating the possible loss in a bid round, and helps to take the risk when one fully knows the possible implications when the bids are not favorable.
more power to your elbow

Steemit has become the kingdom of bots and upvote services lately... And I am starting to get tired of this.

interesting view @ smartsteemu

how can i join it?

nice post sir. restemeed and upvote!! :)

Great update @smartsteem, i like it!

this is good work and i hope it is very help full you are good man

@smartsteem very imformative & interesting information. 👍👍

This is good adjustment. It will help a lot

Thanks for sharing valuable post.
I continue follow your post.
I appreciate your contest


Great post, I like @smartsteem it is definitely one of the best profitable bots out at the moment for me compared to most upvote bots.

good info. resteemed

Nice development

You got a 24.13% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @therealwolf!

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nice project but more developable

I need a support.
I have configured everything correctly and it a works week for me but not nwotlsothi:/
rks What I have to do?

Please how do i invest on @smartsteem ??

Great explanation and offering amazing services ❤keep it up the amazing work.

Great news, happy to hear team Smartsteem is taking steps to make voting bots more fair! Bravo :D

Flying blue whale small.jpg

Can someone please give me 0.001 Steem Dollars so I can verify my Streemian account?

Great post, i love this alot.

thank you for sharing the moment of postponement of voting change.
I like your post, I wait for the next chapter,
Thanks @smartsteem

Good deal, i like what i see here. Im new and had no idea about this sort of thing. 👍👍

You run a great service here! Thank you for being around to help us minnows!

sorry, why i am blacklisted smartseem&smartmarket will not return any transaction anymore?

That's great.

Follow and vote for me thanks all

Really?!! Is this what Steemit is coming to. I have played the bot game. I have tried it all on Steemit to no avail. I thought Steemit was about quality content but that is not the case. It is a game. I am disappointed and Steemit is slowly loosing me. Sorry in advance but having a reality Steemit meltdown.

maybe it's your content?

Very well could be @edb1984 Maybe Steemit is not for me and I am not for Steemit. I still think it is a game in playing the bots and being part of cliques and families that upvote each others content. JMHO, it will be the downfall of Steemit. Just really disappointed.

This is what I think of the 'bid-bots' LOL

Mantap dan luar biasa postingan anda, terimakasih telah berbagi

Hi @smartsteem @therealwolf, can you please explain me why the bot answered me returning the steems I sent and saying it doesnt support spam? I think my post are quite obvously not spam, and its all original content.

Nice post!

Thank Smartsteem. I have grow with you support.
I trust your service because your honesty

Smart steem is awesome good luck steemit

dear @smartsteem
Is Brad Pitt truly in on this? Why is jonah slope giving Brad that sort of look?

@smartsteem is platform where you can improve content of quality

This post is resteemed by @coe87

nice a good temparing quetion!!

@smartsteem all the best 💕👌

You guys are growing so fast...Bravo...
Thumbs Up

thank u @smartsteem u a really doing good job..thanks for sharing this service..😍

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