Two Ways to Earn With SmartSteem: Do the Smart Thing!

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There's something everyone has in common on the Steem Blockchain, and that is the desire to grow their audience, voice and Steempower.

If you're looking for a way to promote your content or to simply maximize your growth rates in addition with your Steempower ... SmartSteem may be the smart choice for you.

SmartSteem and SmartMarket are fairly new in the Steem Blockchain, so we know many of you still are unsure on how everything works.

We also believe communication is key, so we like to keep everyone informed on how we grow and work to better provide our services to you.

Having that in mind, we thought about giving you an in-depth overview on our services and on how you can easilly and effortlessly work with us in order to maximize your profits and exposure.

Sounds good?

Then read below, as it's going to get better.

Earning as a Customer:

As we previously stated, there are two ways to earn with

  • You can earn as a Customer
  • You can earn as a Supporter

Let's start by going over everything you can do as a customer, which includes using our bidbot, buying votes on SmartMarket and making sure it is all done with the highest quality guidelines in mind.

Trust us... we hate SPAM just as much as you do, and low effort posters, spammers and plagiarists won't find our service cooperative.

But let's approach each of these topics in depth now.

Meet SmartSteem the BidBot:

If you want to use our bidbot, you simply need to send @smartsteem a minimum of 0.5 SBD or STEEM and link the post you want it to boost in the MEMO section of the transfer.

As of now, @smartsteem has a vote roughly worth $70, but that is subject to change on a daily basis.

This bidbot is ideal for the little guys who want added exposure as it has a low minimum bid amount ensuring even the smallest players get a say.

Go the Extra Mile with SmartMarket:

On the other hand, you have @smartmarket.

Smartmarket is a service that allows you to buy votes, but it has a twist.

Unlike its competitors where you buy a vote and get it done by someone, you can buy a vote with smartmarket and get it done by multiple people.

Sounds confusing?

It isn't...

Simply put, if you buy a vote worth $10 on our competitors' services, you'll get an upvote worth $10. On the other hand, buying a vote worth $10 from us can net you a $5, a $3 and a $2 upvote.

This makes it seem more natural and organic, so you can get all of the benefits with zero shame.

High Quality Standards:

You should also note that we review each SmartSteem account manually and Whitelist them or Blacklist them.

When the accounts are approved, we give them between 1 to 3 stars depending on their content's quality.

We care about the content on the blockchain and we take pride in ensuring a proper "SmartScore" is given to each individual, but more on that later.

Earning as a Supporter:

Now, there are a lot more ways to work with us and ensure your growth rates go through the roof.

You can:

  • Sell your Votes through SmartMarket;
  • Delegate your SP to SmartSteem;
  • Calculate your Revenue for both the cases.

...and even earn a percentage of the vote-selling profits from your referrals to the site!

It's a win-win-win!

Let's take a look at how that works.

Sell Your Votes to SmartMarket:

The above image is your "Features" page on the portal.

Through it you can sell your votes.

Simply select your voting power treshold, and choose the payout deadline.

Finally, you're given the ability to either sell your vote to anyone or only for SmartScore Star users.

While you'll get faster income with Everyone tagged in, choosing SmartScore Stars ensures you only vote for content providers manually approved by us, so you know it's quality stuff.

Delegate To SmartSteem:

You can also delegate to SmartSteem, our BidBot.

If you do, then you receive a proportional part of the 95% slice of the bid-bot's profits.

This can be a very lucrative way to ensure your SP is being used even when you don't plan to use it yourself.

Ever wonder why Whales delegate to bots so much? It's because it works as an investment.

Care to capitalize on your Idle Steem Power?

This may be the thing for you.

When in Doubt, Calculate Revenue: The Feature You've Been Waiting For!

We know what you're thinking - there's a huge problem with these services.

There are these different choices, but you never know what's the best one for you.

Introducing... a feature you have all been waiting for:

The Revenue Calculator!

You don't have to fetch a calculator and put on your geek glasses to see what's the best course of action - you now have a "Calculate Revenue" button in your SmartSteem page that allows you to easilly see what the your returns will be for delegating or vote-selling.

So, if you're in doubt, simply check it out and decide what makes the most sense for your particular case!

We got your back!

Do the Smart Thing... with SmartSteem!

So, do you now see why SmartSteem is becoming the go-to destination for both vote buying and selling?

Do you also see why more and more people turn to us to ensure their votes and Steem Power and giving them dividends?

But these aren't the only reasons, we have something else:

We know an attractive and intuitive GUI (Graphic User Interface) can make or break a business, platform and even blockchain.

That's why we strive to always keep it simple, minimalistic and easy to navigate.

You don't need to be tech savvy to use our service, you don't need to be a coder and you certainly don't need a huge tutorial.

It's there... try it!


Interesting concept. The Steem community never fails to amaze!


These guys have really figured this out. You can make money while you sleep, Just signup Download the free miner. There is never a fee. (not to sound like a shill) This is like a money drop! I will post again with details of my profits.

well your raison d'etre looks really good on paper and i did try your vote service all works well

Great Darsico, have you also tried to sell your votes to whitelisted members?

tell me more about whitelisted members? How to become one. The way the vote-bots are paying out i'm thanking my lucky stars i have a vote:)))

Go there and then register to sell your votes, in the same page there is a whitelist button, under the "smartsteem" tab;

There you can apply for the Whitelist condition.

P.S.: I also want one of your self-vote worth 1.43 ;-)

i'm a systems analyst, hey why does your @smartsteem take so long to vote after it's full?? everybody else does it in 2min or less and i've waited 30 minutes to see a regular payout is that your quality control? just gathering useless info you know :)

I sent 0.50 SBD and memo link and i dont get upvot

Hi Dan,

Are you referring to these ones?

please cheak it @santana33 ...i did not get any upvote for tree post ..


So can you tell me how does buying upvotes help the post other then make money for the person that posted the content.. but how does it help the steemit platform.. I do not get it..

How Much time it is taking currently to be reviewed. I have applied on 13 February and not got a reply yet. I know that pending list is long and it will take time. Just wanted to have an idea. Also is there any discord channel you have?

Hey @smartsteem, hope you are well,
I made this video of my thoughts on why vote selling/buying gets away from one of the main value propositions for the platform - quality content. It wasn't directed towards you or anyone in particular. But a good place for this discussion I think. Are you concerned at all about how vote buying could negatively affect the quality of the trending page?

upvoted to aggrandize myself

Hi Richard, thanks for your comment. Not representing Thereal or the team, though I am a moderator there, I can tell you that we look for the best content before providing users with a whitelist ranking. This means, that to receive a huge upvote from our users, you would need to have a rank 3 (excellent). Plagiarism, hate speech, racism, spam, etc. are not whitelisted, and even in some cases blacklisted, so that kind of content will not receive our support. That is why I as small Steem investor support from the inception SmartSteem and the reason why I work with the team to promote it actively.

I also consider that many bots which do not have this kind of quality separation, are indeed a bad seed for the success of the platform.

Thanks for your thoughtful response. What do you have to do to get rank 3?

I know these bots usually don't upvote and even blacklist plagiarism, hatespeach, spam, etc.they wouldn't get away with that for long, but the problem is that the goal is not about what is good, its about money. I see greed destroying all of our major institutions in the U.S., and I really don't want to see it destroy Steemit.

What do you see as the long term value propisition for vote buying/selling? How will it add value to the platform overtime?

An excellent steemer would be someone who is great at content, format, etc. but most important gives a great added value to the blockchain community. So, original content plus added value. We use standard criteria before vetting, but of course, there is room for subjectivity.

Would recomend you to sign in for the whitelist, use my link and apply for a whitelisted user, we have a lot of requests right now, due to this post. Hence, bear with us please.

You still didn't answer my main question.

What do you see as the long term value propisition for vote buying/selling? How will it add value to the platform overtime?

I do not know where Steem will be in the next 3 years, no one knows for sure. As for now, I can distinguish SmartSteem with its whitelisted solution. There is a blacklist with all those who plagiarize, spams or have simply thousand "follow me" requests. We try to keep the content quality at a min. of average. All that is below that does not get through the Whitelist.

If in the near future SmartSteem gets to be the most preferred upvoting solution for big players, those who do not have an average content will eventually leave Steem for good, leaving room for better quality content.

That is the main point in the short-term. Other solutions may arise if the Blockchain is modified on its core.

Transparency is key here, only by looking at someone wallet and posts you know on what they are now. Every anarcho system goes from total chaos to a self-regulated sustainable system. SS is part of that evolution, as many other Dapps.

I hope this answer is what you were expecting.

Thank you. If smartsteem focuses on quality content maybe thats an improvement over some current bots, but I still see these vote buying bots extracting value from Steemit over time and getting away from what made it great. I'll quite hassling you though. Thanks for taking the time to talk to me.

If I were to deposit/buy more STEEM or SBD does that mean I would earn more?

Hi Catdaddy, only by buying or having more SP you would generate more income through a service like SmartSteem. As also when you curate others content.

For more info, use this link; and click on the "Calculate Revenue" button on the right corner

How can we sell our votes by the way? or how do we know that the bots did the upvote for us?

Once you are registered to sell your votes you will have a user interface where you can see your balance and each of your upvotes sold.

ahh so if you don't have SP the bots can't use Upvotes from any account ? is that so?

If I were to deposit/buy more STEEM or SBD does that mean I would earn more?

Santana, I really appreciate all of your responses. I've been learning a whole lot more from your responses than the actual article which has been quite refreshing.

Thanks a lot @roselynn it really warms my heart that you consider my information so useful.

I just visited the smartsteem website today and I have to say that it is very user friendly and works nicely! I bought some votes and saw that I got exactly what I paid for. This is definitely going to be added to my tools on Steemit and used on a regular basis. In the future will there be capability to upvote your comments automatically? I think that is a cool feature and it would work very well for real, active users. Thank you so much for the service!

im using this service almost daily

When we take 95% back from @smartsteem or any other bot, we have the opportunity to give some back to those that need it and fund projects that grow Steem. While it is nice to have the option to take a maximum payout on our Steem power, we can count on the highest return on investment when we also help the value of Steem grow which is possible with giving back, funding growth projects, and generosity.

If we all delegate to a bot, take the maximum payout, and cashout, we are unlikely to build a community here worth participating in.

Bidding bots that automatically give a percentage back to fund Steem growth projects are listed at with the hand symbol filter.

Hello friend @jerrybanfield, what should be understood as a steem growth project and how can you opt for financing if you have a growth project?

That's good to know! I noticed your bot has the symbol. Which Steem growth projects does your bot give back to?

I'm not going to use any these votes or buy delegation. That's what everyone else does. They seem rather desperate. Especially these whales with crap content that need bots and delegated steem power just to get noticed but the truth is they suck

I'd love a way to scrape the site to make a list of users and automatically mute all of them.

That is a good idea and possible job opening! I'd like to mute about 80% of what I see on here.

I dont like this way

why you don't like this way brother , i think its amazing @rex1442

Just delegated most of my SP, because I don´t have a lot of time now to upvote things myself.

This bot is very helpful esp to those newbie steemians, they can use it for wider exposure of their posts. But some of our fellow steemians abused these bots for their gain. Hope steemit team will device a way to prevent these abuse issues for the continued success of steemit world.

This should also help to avoid the cat.

Lol...I presume you mean @grumpycat....I'm sure the cat's on the prowl. ;+)

There's something about buying votes that seems inauthentic; but, for those who are fans, this sounds like a winner.


The same could easily be said about buying advertising space on a TV, paying for ADs on facebook, twitter, etc, etc... It is paid exposure. It might end up bringing you revenue, it may not. One thing is for sure, it helps to keep things active around here.

It is paid exposure. It might end up bringing you revenue, it may not.

Great analogy! In essence, it becomes like a Super Bowl ad, which unfortunately, unlevels the playing field. Those with the most money, buy the most and best ad space and time.

As for exposure, I suppose this is a means; but, posts that are 'bought' which lack quality aren't really what I want crowding my feed.

I guess it's an ethical preference for earning. Bots are within the lines; and, I made peace with them long ago.

it helps to keep things active around here.

Yep, that's for sure! ;+)


I dont see why people wouldnt expect this, steem is an asset and so therefore you should be able to sell that asset. I think fundamentally it's problem of perspective. Are the rewards generated by your steem power your own? Well on the one hand I think it should be, as all this is essentially POS mining represented in a different way.

Under this point of view no one can be said to be stealing any rewards, becasue those rewards would have to come somewhere. Either they were bought or they were earned with someones own steem power. Except that perspective isn't exactly helpful when it comes to Steemit as it changes the whole way you see Steemit and that the reward pool functions more as a form of currency for advertising rather than someting that's indicating content people find valuable. Clearly how Steemit determines value is going to need to come from more than just how powerful an up vote is.

The reason people seem so pissed is because of a totally opposite frame of mind, where the rewards from your steem power not your own they are part of the reward pool. Therefore people end up obviously getting upset when they see posts getting huge payouts that don't appear to objectively match quality or match their own taste. That's because they see it as "stealing" everyone elses rewards, and so effectively stealing THEIR rewards.

Unless someone can explain it to me, I think that this is the key issue and unless some magic developer can find a blockchain solution the ONLY solution will then be to get a different frame of mind which might mean having to gain a radically different point of view of what Steemit is and will be.

I'll say it again, this isn't a problem if the rewards that are generated by someones Steem Power is their own which they can allocate as they wish. I understand this would really change the whole meaning of the upvote if this was made offical, as the upvote would then be seen as a form of currency in itself and as you can see is already being used as such. However that may well be the end point to all this.

All these people trying to mass flag are just making things worse because they aren't actually solving anything. The bucket still has the leak and people will only get better at exploiting what the system has enabled them to do making it futile, all the while at the the same time highlighting what I consider may well be a far worse problem which is how easy it is to censor or shut down other people on steemit. Where a single person can overrule hundreds of others.

Steemit will need to find a blockchain based solution for this or it will definitely fail.

An example of ways to deal with the voting + rewards system could be to make it so you're not able upvote yourself anymore. This would send a message as to the nature of how you're supposed to see the voting rewards as well as serve the practical purpose. You could also have it so that someone cant stick steem in a different account and upvote themselves, where it could be that after a while your vote becomes worth less the more you're only voting one person and so you;d have to spread your vote around making it far less profitable and more annoying to set up. These seem like good ideas to me if the objective is to treat the reward pool as I said earlier, not as something that belongs to you no matter what your steem power. There would still be problems but it would at least make it harder to do and make it clear what the purpose of them was. The problems related to flagging on the other hand, that to me is a lot harder to solve.

All of your suggestions are worthy; but, to sum it up to best enjoy your time on the platform is this:

the ONLY solution will then be to get a different frame of mind

Best regards!


"abused these bots for their gain"

I still dont understand what people mean. What's the difference between using them and abusing them? It's blockchain, it's supposed to be built so that you dont need to get people to cooperate. If you're doing something that negatively effects the whole system it means the system allowed you to do it and so it only highlights a flaw within the development that needs to be changed. Theres no laws in blockchain because laws are there to tell you what you should and shouldn't do, with blockchan there's just programming either something is possible or isn't. Steemit is effectively one big smart contract and so obviously just like a bucket of water if there's a flaw then you'll see the leak, but you blame the bucket for the leak not the water because it's the bucket that needs fixing and no amount of complaining about the water is going to help.

really this bot is very helpful newbie steemians like me..@elizahfhaye
i can use it for spread exposure of my post.

This is one of the best posts I have seen on here, especially the following paragraph really stands out.
It's truly amazing how great the transparency system is on Steemit and how it makes the whole platform more win-win. Since it creates more real trust. And as you say people are incentivized to behave well since they have a reputation score they want to keep up! This creates way less spam and creates an overall better user experience. We have so much free time these days and taking 10 minutes to care about someone else by producing some value to them will be so rewarding for both sides! I want to see Steemit be the best company in the world when it comes to transparency and communication!

Is this considered a new smart media token? SOUNDS AMAZING!

Totally agree on your website style, love it so much. And I want to thank you for approving for accepting me into the whitelist.

Two questions though:

  1. Any chance to move up from one star member to two or three star?
  2. What is the difference between different star members?

thanks for your question.

yeah one chance to move up from one star to two star.
i think there is little bit difference between different star members

When I get into Smart Steem, I loved it so much.
Clean interface and smart models for win-win solutions.

I hope from you a quick process for whitelisting users as it's a smart feature on Smartsteem platform, and we hope to benefit from it :)

Thank you so much for this positive info :)

I like your project and joined your organization because I don’t have the time for group work or curation. As an artist and novice writer I spend most of my time in my studio off the net. The rest of my time on Steemit is spent supporting minnows who comment on my blog.

I have been on Steemit producing original quality content for 1.8 years and support projects through delegation and selling my upvotes that support quality content app developers and minnows. I don’t understand why I received a one star rating. I would post this somewhere else but there is no link for chat or Discord.


Hey lovely lady. Sadly the fact that you didn't even warrant a response solidifies my initial feeling about this ad trending on steemit- not really for the people. A few people at the top maybe. I would like to hear some examples of people who have done well using bots as opposed to the way people like you and I built our accounts. Hard work, consistency, and persistence lol.

I have been exploring this area, since bots are new I am withholding my opinion. I do see a two tier system developing on Steemit, large accounts and small accounts. This troubles me and I want no part in a system that does not have a large population of middle sized accounts.

I've seen the exact same trend, and I agree it's very troubling. And seems directly related to these bots. I read a comment by someone who has been here for months using these bots, he said he's not even breaking even. I checked out his account, and there are posts bringing in fifteen to forty dollars, which tells me that he's spending more than that to get them there. This does not seem particularly beneficial to anyone.
I'm glad I ran into you though, I've always loved your blog.

I'm just kinda following this because if you only get a 1-star rating then that raises some fundamental questions about the underlying algorithm they are using.

I am also reserving judgment here because my idealistic heart believes it should still be possible to do OK for yourself here by simply creating quality content and interacting.

I am always positive until proven wrong, I hope your question is answered @denmmarkguy.

emaizing.. a remarkable achievement

emaizing.. a remarkable achievement

Has anyone tried this? Is it profitable?

I've a que that why does your bot need my main password to authorize your bot for upvoting when it can be done by using private posting key ? 🤔

I love smartsteem but I don't see why your post is worth more than $300 when I did a post in French so well done on smartsteem at $17. But it doesn't matter, you deserve it! Good continuation to the project!

i agree. how does one differs from another? is it just luck? cos if that is the case than it' s sad

Maybe most new comers are eager to know about voting bot, including me.
I will check and try it later to test if it works well or not.
If anyone has personal experience, please reply below to share your experiences, good or bad.

if it is against steem community, there should be ways to regulate voting bot, or is it part of such author and curator rewarding ecosystem ?

Thanks will be taking a look at this.

I like your communication, thank you for the interesting comments

Interesting, thank you

Thanks for the valuable info...steem power delegation is on my radar, other option i was not aware of is selling the vote...

Smartsteem is one of the greatest tools for the steem blockchain. This is the future of marketing!

Voted for you as witness @therealwolf and applied to get whitelisted.

Steem on!

I just found out about smartsteem today. I went to smartmarket and used it for buying votes and I am hooked. I am now waiting if my account will be whitelisted or not. I hope it will be approved. So happy I found this because it will really help planktons like me.

About delagation, I will probably do that in the future once I have a big enough Steem Power to delegate. As of now, I will just be buying votes. I hope that is okay. More power to smartsteem and smartmarket. :)

this was insightful.

you can already start selling votes as well, as of 20 plus SP you are able to sell the surplus voting power you have...
So if you make 1 sbd per month that might not seem much but might be 100 bucks in a coulpe of years

gooood i will try that

This comment has received a 1.71 % upvote from @speedvoter thanks to: @laefboy.

@therealwolf I was really impressed with how "clean" the project looks. I'll give it a try. Just applied for a whitelist and hopefully it goes through. I haven't been really active lately and can see myself using your services to fill the gap :) Thanks and cheers to the whole team!

Ive only been using smartsteem for a few days so far to sell my vote. Ive only got a small amount of steempower compared to other people. And i must say im really impressed with the system and im surprised how many votes im selling. Keep up the good work and long live Smartsteem !!

yep, the vote selling option was an eye opener for me and do not forget the new referral system

More and more services! Thanks for hardworks!

Tried it today for the first time. I'll write an update once the results are available. Let's measure what is the order processing time and if it actually gets processed.

It actually did work within the first 2-3 mins after submitting the order. Instead of one power vote, you get several small power votes. Interesting. Anyway, this technic seems to be good to use. I've sent 0.5 SBD and got about 1 SBD back

Hi Guys, great product, I delegated some of my power to smartsteem but I want to remove it, just for now, will be back, :-) dont worry. Just wanted to remove it for now, I went on and placed delegation as "0" as stipulated but it has not returned into my bsteem power? is there a waiting period or did I do something wrong?

just wanted to free up some voting power for my own votes, will reinstate once I have more to play with.

Please advise.
thank you for great initiative.

Good to know.

I've tried it and proved it. this is the best and reliable way, if there is a mistake or even smartsteem does not respond then it will be refunded entirely. prove it and be a stunning steemian.

Best regards

how much did you profited from this system already?

You can visit this web and klik calculate to predictin how to smartsteem earn you.

all the details are there you can directly check it and please follow the next step and to know the minimum value is 0.500 sbd.

on this system in addition to providing more value that is steem power and sbd you will also get an automatic upvote when do the next step by following smartmarket and upvote that I get is 26 member steemit.

I hope this helps

best regard @mrm-aceh please visit, upvote, comment and resteem.

I use your services daily and I am very pleased! Thanks for the effort and the platform's contribution!

I think my issue with this is that im so free with my voting that i dont need to calculate control yet, but i also see that as someone with huge amounts of delegation would need a platform like this to calculate everything before a decision is made on the account. As i grow im sure ill end up needing this so definitely will repost because the platform gui is beautiful just currently not necessary for noob minnows :) much love great share, you guys did a beautiful job!

Hey therealwolf, great work you are doing, I suggesting some slight change for buying votes, I think it would be better buying votes using our smartsteem deposited money from within the smartsteem interface itself like minnowbooster, it's handy. Smartsteem is the best just i miss that feature.

Smartsteem is the best!!! <3

What do you prefer guys minnowbooster or Smartmarket ?

What kind of question? Smartmarket is much better. Minowbooster hardly ever works with votes over 3 cents! Smartmarket always offers him votes up to $20. if you want to buy votes at 1 cent no problem but otherwise go to smartmarket xD

Thanks for the heads up! Looks great!

Thanks you for this information!

This certainly looks interesting. Maybe I'll try SmartSteem sometime in the future and see how it goes.

That sounds smart!

Hi, I applied to be whitelisted on Feb 17th. My status is still pending. I am in no rush, but just wondering where it is in the process, as I don't see my name on the "pending" list either. But granted that is a long list and I could have missed. Many thanks.

Greetings, I just learned about the service you offer and directly review the service within your website... sincerely I liked it and I plan to participate. I wanted to know if you would like Spanish versions of your publications to be made, I would be very interested in making these publications for you!

Win, win, win... Yes. That is right @smartsteem.

True but many Steemians fail to figure out their domain/nitche that is the essence of branding:

There's something everyone has in common on the Steem Blockchain, and that is the desire to grow their audience, voice and Steempower.

This is jus %&$King amazing. It all makes sense now. Savers are the biggest loser, because they could be delegating and winning on the daily. Thank you very much @smartsteem. This has given me so many ideas. I can't wait for Monday!!!

If just started using the bot. Hope iI will see some increase in my sp soon. Thanx for this information and the support.

Already Upvote and follow link :!/c/faridrizkia


What is ROI of smart steem upvote?

yeah great article and nice service

I've used this service and I am actually not satisfied as it is a low paying voting bot

i just read your post and i sent 0.5 SBD but receive it back with this message ?
(smartsteem transfer 0.500 SBD to azadhaso Minimum 3 SBD / STEEM
why you put wrong information in the post (If you want to use our bidbot, you simply need to send @smartsteem a minimum of 0.5 SBD or STEEM and link the post you want it to boost in the MEMO section of the transfer.

As of now, @smartsteem has a vote roughly worth $70, but that is subject to change on a daily basis.

This bidbot is ideal for the little guys who want added exposure as it has a low minimum bid amount ensuring even the smallest players get a say.)

Hello thank you,. I am interested in earning as a supportive asset. Following this now.

wow,i can sell my upvotes

Just tried @smartmarket and it was fast and painless. Deffinatly made the voting look more organic but if anyone looked into it they would see that they all came in within a minute so there is that. Overall I would give it an A+

Just tested Smartsteem with a few SBD. Great work guys! Great project. Go on like this.

Hello, I have delegated 75 SP to smartsteem. How often are the payouts?

That is pretty awesome! Think it will help allot to grow quicker

Hello @therealwolf
I send my application for whitelist position.

How do you check the application for me to become whitelist?

Ahm, one more thing. I voted you as my witness.
and post about @smartsteem if you want to check please do check my blog. God bless you!

Why is 0.5SBD the minimum?? And just how much is selling my votes gonna net me??

I've just recently started selling votes on this service. I set it up so that it only votes when my voting power is above 94%. I usually like to do my own voting, but sometimes I get busy, and feel that when my VP gets to 100% it's lost opportunity.

I send 1 SBD and received not upvote

Bots help get more exposure to your post. I’m not sure we need to make a game out of the system for profits. Let’s go to people up voting good content, let’s encourage that!

Hello, can someone tell me what a negative value when I sold a vote means? please?

i sent you 3 sbd for 3 post but you did not upvote .. please upvote or refund ....


The site appeared blank white (nothing appears) on my laptop.
Is something wrong with my own laptop?

I have to give a big thumbs up to The platform is very cool. Easy to navigate and they do offer quality service. If you are new to steem and need a bit of exposure, give them a try. You'll be glad you did.

hye smartsteem , something wrong happened with me ..i sent you
3 sbd for tree post but did not get any upvote from you .. please upvote or refund ..


You're right. You're one of my favorite service now here on steemit second from minnowbooster. I hope you can get better much better in the coming days.

Do The smart thing 😇