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01 . Bitcoin (BTC)

RANK - 1

today btc price $7,963.71 USD (0.27%)

Market Cap
$134,648,103,860 USD
16,944,712 BTC

Volume (24h)
$4,918,950,000 USD
621,844 BTC

Circulating Supply
16,944,712 BTC

Max Supply
21,000,000 BTC

1 btc = 25000$ in 2018


  1. Ethereum Ethereum (ETH)


RANK - 2

today eth price $448.90 USD (-2.14%)
0.05665510 BTC (-2.33%)

Market Cap
$44,204,732,276 USD
5,579,011 BTC

Volume (24h)
$1,526,040,000 USD
192,599 BTC

Circulating Supply
98,473,232 ETH

1 eth = 3000$ in 2018

  1. Ripple (XRP)


RANK - 3

today eth price $0.579228 USD (-1.47%)
0.00007310 BTC (-1.64%)

Market Cap
$22,644,471,090 USD
2,857,952 BTC

Volume (24h)
$274,448,000 USD
34,638 BTC

Circulating Supply
39,094,227,299 XRP

Total Supply
99,992,434,971 XRP

Max Supply
100,000,000,000 XRP

  1. Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Bitcoin Cash.jpg

RANK - 4

today eth price $857.83 USD (-3.58%)
0.10826700 BTC (-3.72%)

Market Cap
$14,619,917,227 USD
1,845,182 BTC

Volume (24h)
$333,220,000 USD
42,056 BTC

Circulating Supply
17,042,888 BCH

Max Supply
21,000,000 BCH

  1. Litecoin (LTC)

RANK - 5


today eth price $132.80 USD (-5.00%)
0.01678040 BTC (-5.00%)

Market Cap
$7,414,334,665 USD
936,885 BTC

Volume (24h)
$341,032,000 USD
43,093 BTC

Circulating Supply
55,832,095 LTC

Max Supply
84,000,000 LTC

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Steem should include also!

everyone seems to be on the LTC bash now that Litepay is dead
Still is going to be a big part once the market recovers
Great Post!

I am hoping that litecoin makes a nice recovery because ive good stake in it.

while I enjoy other peoples opinions on crypto I feel like you should explain why you like the top 5 coins instead of taking information off of coin market cap

he's just trying to game the system and make money off of garbage posts

Yea he isn't the only one though, theres a lot of BS post on steemit.


Hey cool this is total spam
@grumpycat @steemcleaners

Ripple?!?! NO XRP!!

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What about bringing some added value? I was hoping to find some analyze

Nope he's just posting garbage to make money

Thanks you for the information.

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I like to CardanoCardano

I like to move it move it

Your picks seem fair enough, what are the reasons why these are your chosen few? Has ripple seen its best days, went from nearly $4 in December and sitting around .50cent at the minute.

Your Bitcoin prediction seems a little ambitious at over 20 grand, what has you thinking it will attain these lofty heights?

How do you feel about Peepcoin rebranding to DAPS? It's a new project that's currently backed by a great team..The price has been going up since the release of their new website.

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