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Yesterday, @smartsteem received a 1 Million Steempower Delegation from @thejohalfiles.

We are extremely grateful for this and vowed to use this POWER to support GREAT CONTENT.

Now - there are some people, who think they are smart and try to abuse our system by creating Posts with EXTREMELY LOW QUALITY - which are then bought votes for.


Smartsteem.com is the first voting-services with a detailed whitelist-system. This system however, is currently only partially active for @smartmarket (our Vote-Selling Market). Most of these Votes are for whitelisted-users only, but some are for everyone.

There might come a time where we will offer all of our services, ONLY to whitelisted-users. But we still want to allow Steemians who might not know about smartsteem yet, to use our bid-bot and our market.

However: From now on - we are NOT TOLERATING SPAMMERS that are trying to profit from @smartsteem or @smartmarket.


While everyone has their own opinion on great content - there is one thing most of us can agree on:


We understand that not every post can be a masterwork - but creating such low Quality-Posts in a timeframe of 1 hour - is NOT OK.

And then - this also happens:


Researching about abuse-cases and then doing the action of actually blacklisting them and refunding, takes time.

And time is valuable - which could be spend much better on actually improving SmartSteem.

That's why we decided to create a NO-REFUNDS rule for extreme cases (as above).

Now, if someone creates LOW-QUALITY POSTS but is not spamming us - we will refund the person and then blacklist him / her.


What is ABUSE?

1.) Plagiarism
2.) Technical Analysis without any details
3.) Pictures and Videos with a title and nothing else
4.) Memes copied form the internet

What counts as extreme-case?

Multiple Posts per Day with multiple transfers to @smartsteem or @smartmarket.


So much Power is currently in the hands of smartsteem and we won't allow people to profit by abusing the system.

We understand that there is a need for promotion on Steemit & Co. - that's why we offer our services.



That's amazing. I hope you guys will be doing incredible works with it .

Thanks, very good post !!!!

Awesome Work!

Keep it up!!!


What is your favorite Hardware Wallet?

Ledger Wallet protects your bitcoins

It's a nice plateform I have tried their vote buy but still don't get I did not get the 2x yet as promised

Hi there, did you notice the refund?:

This happens when we can not upvote you with the expected rate, since there may be not enough voters at the moment.

It’s great to see an honest bot! I’m fairly new to Steem and searched for weeks before I even used one and came across yours, this is the only one I use so far , I like how you can just buy the votes as I don’t think I could really compete in the bids yet and plus I can’t really figure out how the bid votes work, I can’t believe there’s isnt any good videos even on YouTube or d tube explaining bid bots , maybe there is and haven’t found them but I have searched for the last month and haven’t found one , there are a lot of videos talking about bots and their results with different bots but there isn’t any videos explaining exactly how the bid bots work and what you are bidding/competing on etc

Thanks a lot for your meaningful comment Justin, I made this post more than a month ago but I think is still quite timeless on that matter. I could try later on to do a youtube and d-tube one, but it takes ages, I am waiting a friend to organize us on that matter. It will require some investment for proper lights and a lot of time.


Also there is another one about SmartSteem I made before joining the team, so far I use 90% of the time the SmartMarket and no other bot, just a little of MB, but only for comments.


In case you have so far not enrolled to sell your votes, use this referred link below.

Awesome I’ll look into it !

so how does this work?
you just cast it however you want to whoever you want?
do you bother reading the posts as well?
do you cast more % of ups on a day old posts than a 2 day old posts?
how are you different from the others?
I just tried you and am not happy

edit : what happened to you won't be casting much on effort less posts?
you upvoted so many posts that fall on those ABUSES you enumerated there
just in case you don't know I checked
FYI and no offense your Steemworld account is very much visible to everyone

sample 1
sample 2
sample 3
and that last one tsk tsk tsk
should I go on?

comment upped for visibility

I love your way of thinking, and I love the fact that Johal @thejohalfiles supports it in such manner :-)

You just got an 100% upvote from me for your post, which means a lot (rather in an ideological than in a monetary sense ;-)) since I'm usually not the biggest bid bot supporter. Still your concept is in tune with the times and will be exemplary for your competitors.

All the best!

I agree too. With the power that smartsteem now has, it has a great responsibility to refuse to allow spammers to abuse it. The bots should be used for people who are pushing out great content. I am proud to be a part of the smartsteem community. I use the service which is great and I am going to be delegating. Thank you smartsteem for A1 quality service and commitment to end spamming.

Agreed - I think @smartsteem seems to be trying to do the whole 'support the community with a bot' thing the right way. I've submitted my channel for whitelisting and joined the voting community for 'good-content' only.

Hoping for big things from this project 👍


So I sent 3 sbd for this post and still I d’identità receive any upvote from your side

wow ..
master @prashant you are the best, I am very admired and very interested in every post you, you have a very extraordinary talent.
with that talent could be you who will make all mankind awe, and fascinated with the intelligence, the greatness you have master @prashant
hopefully with the talent and excellence you have can be learned by all humans around the world.
please help upvote my posting.

Yes, Smartsteem is rocking!
This is great :)

I am really happy for you :)

Hi smartsteem me send 5.01 sbd you are not upvoted my post plz check this and refund me https://steemit.com/photography/@alisanadeem/information-about-coconut

master @ahtasham12 you are the best, I am very admired and very interested in every post you, you have a very extraordinary talent.
with that talent could be you who will make all mankind awe, and fascinated with the intelligence, the greatness you have master @ahtasham12.
hopefully with the talent and excellence you have can be learned by all humans around the world.
please help upvote my posting.

Fighting spam will improve Steemit. Most people think that they can earn money without effort, posting some pointless things. We all should fight against it. Bring good content to improve Steemit. Good job.

No spam is tolerated in Steemit!

Great more SP for paid upvoting bots....
This will be the downfall of Steem. There is just too much SP delegated too paid upvoting bots. That's why paid votes generate auto profit and allow abuse in the first place.
The whales keep delegating because it is basically money printing for them.

You are a wolf in a sheep skin @therealwolf. Telling others that you want to prevent abuse when you are actually enabling it with your service.
How about creating something useful with your coding skills like a new app on Steem. Everyone can create a voting bot...
Voting bots like yours don't bring any new users and only harm the system.

Sounds like a plan, although I fear some innocent people will get hit with collateral damage. At least its a start.



This is truly needed.
But... to be honest, bots are not profitable...

You end up losing money everytime...
Why using them? for visibility, ok, but theres no ROI in investing in bots...

Anyways, i migth be wrong, am i?
Cheers, and help to erradicate the damn SPAM

That’s awesome! We need more people who run these other bots to take more responsibility also to curb the nonsense out there. Great job guys!

This is really great project, we dont need this spam and low quality shit in here, glad you are trying to sort this out. Im always using your service, currently pending 8 days now.

Hello @smartsteem and @therealwolf ! Great, great project you have here! I am absolutely in love with it!

I am afraid I do not know how else I can get in touch with you to ask what I'm about to ask, so I'll give it a shot here.

I want to start a 6-month experiment with the SmartSteem platform, as a supporter who sells his voting power, and keeping a track of the rewards I get back from doing so, the amount of SteemPower that my account grows by everyday through posting on the platform, etc.

Here comes the question tho, would I be able to use the content you have shared with us, such as the .gif at the end of the post or the logos? Share your guides and your updates on my blog posts? I know we're on a decentralized blogging platform, but I thought I should ask first.

Thanks a lot! Looking forward to your reply and hopefully it will be a positive one! :)

hello @smartsteem
i had send total 8 SBD but didn't receive any upvote yet!
kindly @upvote or @refund

Hello stock-market,

you have been blacklisted due to:

  • excessive Spamming of low-quality posts
  • excessive copy and paste. Posts are all pretty much the same.
  • abuse of voting-bots

We are not refunding Spammers who are trying to abuse the system.

don't try to make new system everyday.
a day 4 post is not forbidden in @steemit!
and i had not collected my analysis from google or stolen
from other's person!
this is my won creative post!
im sharing technical analysis so that people's can learn
something as how to analysis market movement!and
for making technical analysis you can't write so much...

but before adding blacklist anyone you should let them know
what kind of post is allow for your bot.

you should learn something from other's bot as if anyone send money for upvote
more than one or two post they don't accept bit and refund and
write a message - this round is over try next round!

than no one will send money more than one post!

Hello stock-market,

we are sorry that you feel that way.

We have made our stance against SPAM known from Day 1 and that we only support Quality Content. We don't mind a low quality post here and there - we are all only humans.

But you have been abusing the system.

Your posts are sadly not only SPAM, but also copies of actual traders advice

We don't have problems with multiple bids, but with abuse.

And we spend at least 10 minutes on your case alone - which could have been used for a lot better and more useful things.

@smartsteem you are yet to redeem your promise,i made a transfer of 0.900SBD https://steemit.com/poems/@marylene-roy/psychopath-poems-strange-love-article honestly speaking I so much believe in you that you are real and would never play scam please revisit my wall
Thanks for your cooperation

Thank you for your good information.
as our first time mistake,you should conceder ...
kindly-refund @smartsteem
thank you

Don't take it as a loss take it as a way of improving your work if you want to earn here.

this bot is scam,he came here for robbing peoples money.
i had check your post and i have seen you had used small,medium,big every kind of bot but they had no problem about it but problem is this guy came here to robing peoples money.it is a rabish bot i have never seen before...we should be careful from this bot

Finally a plan is in place to stop spam and improve the quality of Steemit content.

If the majority (hopefully) all upvote bots adopt similar practices it will go a long way to bring Steemit to the platform we all hope for. At least this is a better practice than trying to get whales to flag every spam/ low quality post.

Keep up the great work. Steem on!

I totally agree. It's demotivating seeing your high-quality post you've put a lot of effort in on just few cents and on the other hand those with shitposts and hundreds of dollars. It's nice people care about that and I hope you'll help in the way you mentioned in a post. Thanks for your time and effort.
Have a nice day - @tonac :)

Agree, I have been spending 2-3 hours, going thru material before creating my better posts and then you see people posting memes being way more attention.

Yup, I'm taking notes, listening to people's advices and all things I can. But let's be honest that in some way completes and pleases you. Knowing you put in an effort and time. You're improving yourself surely :)

There is no question about that. I feel my writing has improved. Also it helped my perspective with which I looked at things and how to come up with new articles.

I absolutely agree on everything but one point, however I do not quite have a solution to it as it's a subjective thing for most people.

3.) Pictures and Videos with a title and nothing else

Should not a good photograph or a well made video be enough on it's own?

Quality amateur and pro photographers seldom share details in text on why and where he took the photo or how he took it and least of all technical details. This is the reason why Instagram is so successful as you don't need to write supporting text content.

I understand that while it's not hard to differentiate between good and bad photographs on most cases, it is hard to differentiate between low quality and quality-less photos or spam photos with the sole objective of milking the system.

This is why I said I do not quite have a solution, but this is something which I think will slow the onboarding of good photographers on to Steemit. It's a problem that most similar services do not allow photographs without supporting long text.

The text does not do justice to the purpose of a good photograph which should be able to say what it wants to say without the need for words.

Extremely staisfied to see such attempts from you . Right step and rightly said " great power brings great responsibilities"

I've been really acquainting myself with all the Smartsteem services and I absolutely love them. The customer support from @therealwolf is always stellar. I think this large delegation is a huge vote of confidence. I think if someone wants to post something quick and easy for their followers it is find but paying to get votes for it is not something that should be tolerated. Smartsteem is a strategic tool to be used wisely.

Thanks for doing your best to combat spam. I use your service and really like it so far. I applied to be whitelisted. I am also looking into the selling upvote option now. My vote is worth more than a cent now, which is exciting (and sad that im excited about it!) lol!

@smartsteem can you please remove me from your blacklist? Or how can I remove from blacklist?

master @zakia you are the best, I am very admired and very interested in every post you, you have a very extraordinary talent.
with that talent could be you who will make all mankind awe, and fascinated with the intelligence, the greatness you have master @zakia.
hopefully with the talent and excellence you have can be learned by all humans around the world.
please help upvote my posting.

I'm in support of this, spammers need to read this so they can stop it ...some people can't seat down and write, all they do is to go online and copy, some even use it to win contest..smiles
What is bad is bad, plagiarism must stop

That is awesome!
After reading more about your service I think I might make a full guide in English about it.
The only certain thing I know is that I'm using and will use your service even more.
keep it up! and great by him for delegating.

I hope you are the now 300- VS - the spam army. Let this be your moto.

I have written a few posts moaning about this, lol I say "moaning" in the nicest possible way, but really it gets a bit tedious when you spend hours and days and sometimes even months setting up a post and you write your heart out, and then you get 2 cents, if even that. Then you scout scroll about and find post that make no sense have no content no pictures no video no effort and they earn $100's. I usually take out my tissues after seeing that and cry myself to sleep.

But alas seems we may have a super hero at hand to save the day. thank you for great initiative and best of luck evening the playing field by rooting out the weeds.

stay blessed

sir i am really sorry please cancel the blacklist sir next time not use in low quality post

You are kicking ass! You are a mad genius and really strive to build this platform. Hell Yeah! You bust your ass everyday and for that I am grateful.
I believe you will continue with your awesomeness and not let money steal away your solidity.

Don't be scared folks, buy a vote from @smartsteem!

One of the many reasons I love smartsteem. I actually wrote a post on it a few days ago. Can't wait for my case to be reviewed. Was on page 50 a week or so ago and am on page 31 now for pending. Only a few weeks away from review at this rate. Keep it up guys!

This is 100% Great!!

I currently use your service and love it, it is great that you are looking at stopping spam being upvoted.

Can I ask a question - How many times can you submit a post in a 3-day window?

I have sent Steem before and refunded and submitted again later, just want to double check as wouldnt want to be on a naughty list :-)

Keep up the great work!!

I sent you 1 SBD yesterday but I didn't get upvote. Yesterday I comment you for refund but you didn't reply me. What happend??

I sent you 20SBD.
But I did not get a vote.
I want a refund, please

hello dear smartsteem sir, 5 hours ago i am 1+3 =4sbd sent your account but you miss upvote please check your memo and refund me ... my memo https://steemit.com/nightselfi/@smsulaiman/6hktq

I support this. Smartsteem is credible that it is the only bot (so far as I know) that would upvote quality content. Great job.

Although I'm not a huge fan of upvote bots, you are to be highly commended for your conscientiousness. Puts you well above others running bots, to be sure. Also speaks highly of you that you got this delegation from @thejohalfiles.

I may be a nobody, but I have grown to love this platform so this 'nobody' will say something. It seems to me if you want to empower quality content, you would find quality content and upvote it. Under the current model you empower the content of those that purchase your upvote. Keep in mind that content that reaches the trending/hot page is content that has the potential to give STEEM its value.

We are always at a crossroads with STEEM, because there are no rules against the selling of votes - just what the market and the platform's users will allow. It seems evident that my impression of what this platform is does not line up with what it actually is. I am saddened by this development. But I will not be silent to protect my tiny stake and my tiny reputation. It just isn't worth it to me any longer. The vote purchasing that takes place on this platform makes me question the viability of STEEM.

I am guilty of it myself--I bought a vote once. Somebody explained to me that I could do much better making connections with people than purchasing votes. I made a post about it. I spoke about how buying a vote brought a small return to me, and it lined someone else's pocket threefold. My return was tied up in a 13 week power-down, while theirs had the ability to be spent immediately. I wrote about the value in meeting people and making friends.

That is the extent of my personal vote-buying experience. If my experience is lacking and doesn't seem enough to justify me having an opinion, stop reading and flag me. I'll still love this platform for what it can be and fight what it is becoming.

I have come a long way since I joined Steemit in September. I am most proud of the connections I've made. I joined a writing group that changed my life, another group dedicated to bringing a voice to those without one, another group dedicated to helping those in need, and another group where I shared my passion for pinball once a week. I've had pinball posts viewed by hundreds of folks that didn't even know competitive pinball existed. I shared a short story that I am proud of. I learned about other countries, other cultures, and others. I donated STEEM to charities. And I recently I drank a kale shake as part of a pledge I made on this platform to get healthy. These are things I have not done on other platforms, and I am grateful for these things. In order to accomplish these things I put in work.

None of the gains I have achieved have been 'easy' and none of the time I spent feels wasted. @smartsteem I don't believe you when you say you are dedicated to empowering quality content, because I can't figure out a way to line up what your doing with your stated goal. Quality doesn't seem to be involved in this process. "Not spam" is not equal to quality. If my account tanks because I speak my mind, so be it. It is the same in life.

hey sir 13minit ago i am 1+3= 4sbd and memo sent you but you miss upvote...please refund me


good to see whales getting on-board with your service. I’ve been trying to get my account re-evaluated from 2 stars to 3 stars in terms of smart score, what’s the process for that?

Bravo @smartsteem! You’re giving all the content creators a big chance. Unlike any other bid bots, you are unique and you set your own rules and abide to it. This gives motivation to all content creators to strive even more to create good content posts . Cheers to that! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻😊

By the way I have a query, i delagates 25Sp days ago though i love the fast profit, i removed the delegation for the meantime yesterday as i only have a very less VP/SP. however until now, the delegated sp wasn’t returned to me. Hope you’ll take action to this. Thank you so much and more power to smartsteem. 😊😊😊

This is a great change. I believe that this will be so.

Это отличные изменения. Я считаю, что так будет справедливо.

Please unblock me. Because I used to sale vote on smartsteem.com, I also had 10 references. Please unblock me, I can re sale vote for you again.

This sounds simple and great! Good work DJ

Hello, I delegated 100 SP a few days ago, I just wanted to ask when I can expect any return on this - I had the impression it was supposed to be once a day? Thanks

Hi there, with that amount of SP expect it to happen once a week since the payouts happen from a minimum of 0.5 SBD and up.

Awesome, thanks for the reply!

Feels like a good idea. I wish it was available across more of the votebots out there.

People can make a pretty good payout with nothing but poor quality content and a bunch of bot friends. This is ultimately damaging to the Steemit community.

I believe it will be widely accepted when other bots owner realises they are losing "clients" due to spam abuse. We are a self-regulated community, so for changes to happen there is only needed mass adoption.

But do clients know that their bot percentages are being eaten into by poor quality content?
You'd need some way to highlight the problem and increase awareness.

Maybe have bot tracker pay attention to the length of the posts its voting on as well as reputation as a rough estimate of quality.

Unfort. we have no say on how steembottracker works, you should contact their creator. In any case if you want a security that your vote is casted at a decent creator, use our SmartMarket service to sell your votes for Rank 2 and above users only.

-> @einundnull fights spam!

Spend Steemdelegate , no risk

Copy this :
https://steemconnect.com/sign/delegateVestingShares?delegator=YOURE_NAME&delegatee=einsundnull&vesting_shares=30000 VESTS

Overwrite YOURE_NAME with steemname out of @

hellow smartsteem , i sent you 3 sbd for tree posts but you did not upvote .. it is my own work

... it was poem of my language .. i did not collect it from internet ... please refund .. i added link here ... 1. https://steemit.com/writing/@desh2/6uzvgk

             2. https://steemit.com/poem/@desh2/7vzkzz

             3..  https://steemit.com/poem/@desh2/3fxs5i


hellow @smartsteem , i sent you 3 sbd for 3 post but you did not upvote . it was my own and creative work . i already promoted this post by others like postpromoter . but you did not upvote ..please refund ..3 post link i shared here ...it is a tutorial created by me https://steemit.com/steemit/@farhananipa/how-to-open-a-steemit-account.....it is another link my own work and own photography ... https://steemit.com/photography/@farhananipa/a-wonderful-cactus ....it is my own work , bangla poem https://steemit.com/poem/@farhananipa/2suti8. it is not collected from internet so why did not i get upvote? .. please refund

Nice one ....i just register with smartsteem and i wish to learn so much from them

This all makes perfect sense to me and I am no techie. I want to try and pass on knowledge in my areas of expertise and in turn learn from others or even just be dazzled by something beautiful, interesting or funny.

Thanks for your support, buddy! @growingpower just upvoted your comment ;)

Hey @therealwolf I transferred 6 SBD's to get an upvote from @smartsteem but unfortunately i didn't get an upvote nor the refund . Please let me know what is the issue here .

Now i got my upvote at the 30th minute . So i guess @smartsteem only votes after 30 minutes not before that . Let me know if i am right .

We have seen blacklisted msg from smartsteem.

If you consider it and look at analysis posts, they are with details and valid reasoning and logics.

So, Please consider removing our account from blacklist as we want some visibility to our analysis and using your service.

It is further stated that we will be careful from next time to use smartmarket or smarsteem on valid analysis only. We will not use it on Short Signals posts.

Normally we are posting 1 or 2 posts in a day and this cannot be treated as profit taking thing from smartsteem.

Hoping to have a positive response from your side.


Hello! I don't know if you will see this, but I was blacklisted. I have no idea why, and I even use your service to sell my upvotes. I recently created a vote bot, and have plans on using it to generate income that I use to power up and upvote great content. I don't understand how this happened. I did use my account @monte67 to upvote my recently created bot account, @smartsteembot. I do not understand how I could have possibly been blacklisted, and I think this may be a glitch. Could you please fix it? Thank you, and I hope you guys see this comment @smartsteem!

wow i think you are a smart person. I like your post
Good post @smartsteem

I recently wrote my 1 month recap on Steemit as an artist... and though my overall impression is positive this is one of my concerns still. I have stumbled upon so much plagiarized content and spam, and It shows as a "desperation for the numbers" to me. I know starting up takes time, but I have to trust that building up meaningfully and something that represents my work is the only way to get a real significant and supporting audience here. So I have to trust that I must build my feed accordingly. I have seen constant claims in the contests of people stealing other´s work as their own, and as a newbie it makes me feel hectic and afraid to share too. It will not deter me from sharing but It is scary. So hoping in time these bad habits are flagged as abuse until they understand It must not be done, if only so they understand it won´t be profitable and have consequences, if all is about the numbers which I think it shouldn´t.

Plagiarism,copy paste are easy solutions.Cheating must be punished and banned from steemit. By the way I agree with this content. I am new and sometimes I found difficult to understand everything in Steemit. Nevertheless with willingness we can see success.

I agree ..... who cheats should go out for the future of steemit, no one can cheat, remove from steemit for long.

Hello! You have still not removed my blacklist on Smartsteem. Your reason was that I was using my bot account @smartsteembot to sell upvotes through your service, so I removed authorization for that account, yet you still left my main account @monte67 blacklisted. Could you please fix this? Thank you.

What I regret is a comment that does not match the post. can it be called Spam?

So amazing. I'll do the work


This is truly needed.
I appreciate your support a lot.
great post

perhaps direct them to an inspirational message on how to improve their content

ijin restem,,,, semoga bisa jadi pelajaran bagi saya dan sahabat semuanya

scammer bot if upvotes on multiple posts are not allowed then refund my money stop stealing money of steem users in the name of spam

i totally agree with you bro, nice initiative, and there is every need for promotion too. thumbs up

you are doing great job for community

Looks like i'm late to the comments. But I still wanted to let you know that the efforts are appreciated. I see more and more spam - which makes it harder and harder to catch it all. It'll take all of us to keep the platform clean. Anyhow, thanks!

Indeed and thanks. We need of the community support, just by selling your votes to verified users you are doing a lot. Spammers will eventually leave by the effect of joint efforts.

Wow - as a newbie this was certainly illuminating! I continually am learning what to do and not to do on Steem and this helps.

I agree with your position
posts that many bangus abandoned

You are right sir

You actually make a loss with smartmarket though right in USD terms? I just 1 SBD and got a $2.22 upvote. In real terms the pay out will be worth $3 and I've just paid $3.56.
I think you should make it a little clearer that people make a loss. 'Receive a upvote worth 2-2.6x' is correct obviously but kind of misleading.

Nice post. I wanted to know what time I would get returns for delegating to you and also I applied to be whitelisted almost a month ago and I have no update. I was just wondering these things. Also I noticed Johan delegated a ton of steem. That is crazy. I wonder how he got all of that. PEACE!

Hello, I transferred 0.50 sbd yesterday two times for my two posts. But the problem is I don't even get some upvotes. Can I refund what I transferred to your account? Thank you, hope you can help me.By the way here's my screenshot.received_434967473606877.jpeg


Well said @smartsteem I've only just joined this platform and have come across a few posts which have little to no content, yet they are earning so much SBD, I don't intend to spam and am glad you are taking a stance on this :)

Welcome to Steemit!!! saw your intro-tag post, what a front picture ;) good quality! keep it up.

Hello, I am still amazed by the existence of a platform like Steemit, its work is praiseworthy, and it seems to me that it is only the "tip of the iceberg" because I predict a great future, it seems to me that to diminish the Spam could implement systems to filter to the new ones, like me, like:

  • That there are different types of users, including the "recommended" ones, who will enter on the advice of those who are already there and know that they are not spammers.

  • Different levels, such as a pyramid in which you climb, until you reach the top, and only those who are not spammers are at the top.

  • Penalties for spammers, such as fines or others.

Thanks for creating Steemit.

Thank you for attempting clamp down on spam. It's quite a pain to go through the "new" section sometimes because there's really a lot of extreme low-quality posts. Appreciate the work put into improving the platform. :)

sir i have a big mistake, i didn't see your message i sent 1 and 1 sbd in my 2 post 3 hours ago and didn't get an upvote, sir next time i send 3 sbd please sir refund my sbd, please, my post.

thankyou for welcoming, and who follow me and upvote i do desame.
new here

Smartest thing to do! I'm still new here, but in the future I will count with you!
Thank you for all the work you are doing to all of us.



I post good quality memes, to entertain The Whole Community, check my timeline!!!

I post good quality memes, to entertain The Whole Community, check my timeline!!!

This is not so easy..there are more and more new Steemit user have different personality and some try to fake their identity in the introduce yourself tag but who are already in the Steemit for a long term they may have something fishy on a quick big earning...I may not have all the quality as describe and will learn as fast as I can to have a better understanding about this platform...Thanks useful content to read.

how do you order to visit in each of my posts?
please explain me so i can do it.
Thanks @smartsteem :)

Nice question sister.

that’s awesome. good plan ...

Spam happens because people want to make a lot of money in a short amount of time. The sad thing is that it is actually more common among whales

theres alot of spamers lately adding me eventho from i start steemit. i wish it has a system where i can do report so the acc will be ban and terminate forever. i really hope so.

I think its time other whales with much power in their hands also take responsibility. The steemit community is slowly becomming a dumping ground for all sorts of trash with the sole aim of making profit. As a result, lots of quality contents get dwarfed in the process. I do understand that it is not meant to be a fair for all situation, but there is tryimg to cheat the system, and then there is extreme idiocy.

I loved reading this, i also feel steemit inc can improve in certain ways too (spamming included). I made a post of it sometime yesterday here... https://steemit.com/steemit/@seesladen/3-ways-steemit-can-and-should-be-improved

It woukd be awesome if you help spread the word too. With great power, comes great responsibility.

very good news @smartsteem
however, for memes copied from internet and properly cited with some narratives for me does not constitute spam.
based on your analysis of spam, you do not accept posts from dmania i guess.

am excited for this news as i checked and now your steem power is above 1.4m which means many of my requests will not be rejected due to low steem power. do you still do instant upvotes or what is the timeline?

Thank @smartsteem. I trust you about vote.
We believe smartsteem always share beware information about spam. So we will be carefull about spam and scam

hi there @smartsteem I just sent a SBD payment of $3 but the memo hadn't copied properly, it sent you text from a conversation instead! Please coul dyou use the following link to upvote with the amount. https://steemit.com/life/@beautifulbullies/living-in-peace-how-to-be-a-better-person
If not, please could you refund the payment amount? thank you for your help and sorry for the inconvenience

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