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Nearly 4 months ago - after countless hours of development - was officially launched.

We kept innovating and improving over these last few months, but one thing is still untouched:

Our Fundamental Values

Empowering Quality Content

Our vision is and always has been: to empower quality content on Steem.

Regardless, if that content is published via,, or

We believe, that post-promotion (vote-buying) is a valuable tool for every steemian; as it gives the content-creator the power to reach more users, future readers and also possible curators.

But we want to make sure, that only great content and authors are able to use our services.

Only Great Content Allowed

We achieve this goal with our whitelist-system by manually reviewing users who want to promote their posts via

Based on strict guidelines, which are explained in detail below, the user receives a rating between 0 and 3 stars.

Depending on the received star rating, a user is eligible for the purchase of different amount of votes. Because we allow every vote-seller to decide to which star-rating his votes should be sold to.

We also blacklist abuse-users, which prevents the use of all services from, in addition with a report to @steemcleaners.

And in extreme cases, votes will even be removed from those posts.

Review Guidelines

We innovated and developed a set of guidelines to effectively review steemians - these are called SmartStars Guidelines, which every reviewer has access to.


These guidelines are followed and are also getting refined by our reviewers - which are motivated steemians who have reviewed already over 1400 users.

8 Reviewers - 1400 reviewed Users


Making sure that only great content & users get whitelisted is quite a lot of work. To do that, we have a growing number of reviewers who reviewed over 1400 users so far.

Of those 1400 users - only 740 have been whitelisted. And we still have over 700 users waiting to be reviewed.

Our vision is that every active steemian knows about and has been reviewed at least once.

If you want to help us to achieve this goal, then please join us on discord:

Do you have what it takes?

Do you want to get whitelisted as well?

Don't worry. It's really simple.

Just go to and click on login.

Afterwards, click on your profile-image and then profile.

There you will find a big, blue button - called: Get Whitelisted.

A click on it, will reveal our simple application form.

Afterwards your status will be on pending, until our reviewers have reviewed your profile.

You will receive a notification-transfer when this happens.

But you can always check on your profile if you have been reviewed.

If you are not happy with your result - don't worry. You are able to request a re-review after 1 month.

Simply ask us on discord:

Earn with SmartSteem

We are doing all this to ensure, that the votes from our vote-sellers and the steempower from our delegators are only getting used for great content, authors and contributors.

But we also take pride in offering the most profitable services for investors on Steem.

Which means: if you want to earn the most out of your steempower, then go to and read our post Two Ways to Earn With SmartSteem: Do the Smart Thing!

If there are still questions left - then please join us on discord:

Disclaimer: This post has been up-voted via @smartsteem and all delegators have been credited accordingly.


@smartsteem you should also create a mechanism how to report some abusers are still bidding and promoting spams ,There should be communication between Bot ownership and steem community so that we do our effor to find the spammers

smartsteem is the best on steemit platform

Yes it is really the best as i read it.

it is great but still cant understand why i cant sell my votes with @smartsteem

I hope other similar services follow this evolutional step soon. Trending page is what Steem is being judged by a lot and Smartsteem will help as gain more positive outlook.

I’m glad you all offer the service, I just wish there was a way for you all to filter the content that can be relentlessly upvoted.

It's fantastic idea!!! great job

I've been a happy customer of smartsteem since I joined the platform. Definitely look forward to seeing all the innovation you guys come up with!

Your group has the best organization out of the bid bot groups I’ve researched, if you need more curators to help register people I will donate a couple hours a week.

Thanks a lot for sharing this info with us and for your advice about the quality of content.
It's one of the most important things for Steemit platform success is the quality, as if there is a high-quality content that will attract more audience and more entrepreneurs and agencies to start using steemit and promote their products here as they do on other platforms such as Instagram or Reddit.
Congratulation! for this success :)

Very interesting, I find it an excellent initiative! So that only good content is supported. Great work @smartsteem :). This way you can limit the problem that too many junk articles are in trending.

I have been selling votes on @smartsteem for some months and it is no doubt a great platform. Now I am thinking to delegate power to smartsteem.

This looks like an interesting way to operate here on Steemit. I’m just starting to learn more about other ways to use my Steem Power. It seems like curation is dying and other methods are replacing it. I will research your program a bit more and I’m excited to continue learning about different options I have as a Steemit user and Steem Power holder. Thanks for the post! Resteem

You did a great Job!!

So happy to be a little supporter from the beginning.

Will update my little delegation soon+

I agree with you...can you please tell me how the above horizontal rule was created??? I too want to make my own... please help...

it's an image...

as @rasor said, this is an image

copy this and add it to your post

Just joined and asked for white-listing. Is vote selling a good way to make more SBD? Will your bot activity increase an account's curation power and reputation on Steem? How active are your bots? I'm looking forward to seeing how this goes

wonderful site @therealwolf - will apply for whitelisting soon, hope our blogposts are suitable and acceptable..

really hats off man. Works great on mobile too!
btw who made your avatar?

keep it coming, kind regards

hey there click on my link to earn 2000 per month free vote and tell me if you like it

I like that! It's like you're building a secondary reputation system.

Is the @smartmarket bot down? I didn't get votes or a refund for my last transfer.

Screenshot 2018-03-24 at 10.10.17 AM.png

Finally I got to know how you guys classify the SmartStar rating. Guess I gotta work harder for get that 3 stars, feels like playing the Angry bird game ya? Haha.

I am still Two Stars :( Haha!

This prior whitelisting is unique and useful!

I will be trying smartsteem this weekend. Thanks.

wow thx , another great service.. didn't see it before but will read into it...

thanks for the update. I love your service both as a buyer and seller and I appreciate all the great customer service I receive as well. Im interested in reviewing whitelist applications as well. I really believe in what you are doing.

What a smart way of engaging with the community!
Love and shared :-)

I love it how they focus on offering service for good content ONLY. It is sad to see how spam and bs posts are being upvoted highly by bots, they are doing the right thing.

Been pending for a month now, hoping to get whitelisted soon :)

This is such a great idea! Good luck! Upvoted!

That answers my question on the Stars Rating. I am glad that I got a 2 stars out of 3 and I know that I can still improve.

I am an avid user of Smart Market and SmartSteem as I like how they review the users and their posts.

I see using the services as a means to get my post to a bigger audience and know that it should not be used as a crutch to boost perceived earnings in a post but rather as tool to get bigger votes.

The platform needs both good content creators and investors and we are bringing that in with Filipino investors in @steemitpowerupph

We already have a very active content provider community but see the lack of investors. We need to put in money as well so that the economy remains vibrant and moving. So we will continue to power up that account and bring more investors who want a passive source of income while we also have good content that is about cryptocurrency.

Greetings, I just learned about the service you offer and directly review the service within your website ... sincerely I liked it and I plan to participate. I wanted to know if you would like Spanish versions of your publications to be made, I would be very interested in making these publications for you!

You have a great team of people and I believe you will still do a lot for steemit! Regards

I just get white listed and is amaizing to be part of this team !! :D You rock, you are making the change here, absolutly a great work

This is great to read and also quite refreshing compared to other services on here.

Steemit is great but my god!!

The trending page is full of crap half the time by people with little quality articles who just use every upvoting bot available.

Love the service you guys provide already and this is just another great way to ensure people who put in time and effort are rewarded in the long run.

Keep up the great work.

Smartsteem , i just came to know now about it. But reading the article all i m is supercharged . This is how it should be done in steemit . Incentivization should be promoted as a way to promote good deeds not a way to satisfy greed. KUDOS

Good post!

I applied to be whitelisted simply to boost any @paywithsteem posts I decide to make and got the lowest rating. Any specific reasons why? I am the owner of @paywithsteem btw so I am talking about boosting announcements etc

Amazing initiative. Now natural tallented Authors got best reward in the shape of @smartsteem. Enjoyed your services. Thanks for providing such opportunity.

I support Smartsteem! We need more to follow in it's footsteps.

Hi @therealwolf, When I applied for whitelist I was looking at promoting my weekly contest but I've decided I'd prefer to promote my art and educational art posts instead by moving the contest to its own page.
In the application I spoke of the contest but I've decided not to use it. Will this affect the application?
Thanks, Adam

@smartsteem and @upme is the best bot in steemit
good The project is lovely and serves a steemit
thank you @smartsteem for youre efforts

Great work sir thank you

excellent, all this seems interesting to me, because the system works only for the authors. If you want to promote paywithsteem - then you have to get whitelisted with paywithsteem

Is it possible to move up a rating? Maybe from 1star to 2star rating, if possible how can one apply for that upgrade?

Are you considering to revaluate already whitelisted users? For example, give somebody who currently has a 2-star rating a 3-star one? Is there some kind of application process for it?
Besides that, it might be helpful to know, which content is considered "only" good and which one excellent - so users can improve accordingly :)

I appreciate your efforts on only to promote quality contents. I also got whitelisted with one star. English is not my native language, so I am not good at structuring contents. If I continuously make good contents (usually I post on can I move up to two or even three stars?

Bots are popping up everywhere like this. So hard to tell which ones to use...

information is good but patience is also the key

I'm pretty sure 'quality content' is subjective and shouldn't be handled in a centralised manner. Remember, one man's junk is another man's treasure.

True. I really don't like the bots posting on shitty posts, but decentralization is the key of blockchain technology. We are still in beta and learning how to grow responsibly. Is just up to us, don't want to end up like Facebook.

Indeed, @anglotrucker!

I think also their criteria should be revised to assess the big picture behind the Steem users contribution as well that go beyond just blogging.

For instance, I spend many hours working on @flagawhale updates and designing / executing the background script tasks which have been part of the campaign against Haejin that have recovered over $25k SBD to the reward pool. This sort of thing is all part of my ethos to render Steem more friendly to the little guy which honestly, any way you shake it (whitelist or not), bid bots are the antithesis of. They make Steem pay to play. I think we get enough of that shit with politics. I did have a positive outlook about the whitelist and hoped it would have happened once they seen what I am about. I believe there is a niche on Steem for people like me whitelist or not.

My blogs are ok. I like original memes variations. I like to zap when I feel I have thought of something I believe is insightful. These things are considered substandard. Hell, I get some serious laughs from a good meme. That's value. I don't care who ya are.

Yes, my full blown blogs are sparse since I have gotten deeper in my projects. If you look back far enough, you'll find some well written articles about religion if I don't say so myself.

But to @smartsteem, I am just another reject. Welp. I'll take that as fuel for the fire.

Hi @anthonyadavisii . Thanks for your comment. I too am in the same boat. Still pending after joining Steemit in January. I guess @smartsteem deems my content not good enough either. Do you know what? I no longer care because I won't be using any bots or selling any votes. They are not making Steemit a better platform to use.

I agree wholeheartedly. This seems like a very easy way for a lot of STEEM to go to a few users, making it harder for people new to the platform to make a genuine difference.

The mechanics built directly into the blockchain should accomplish what smartsteem is trying to do, in a more decentralized and more fair manner.

The fact is that humans will always have biases, and a small group of people (i.e., the smartsteem reviewers—only 8!) will have a very narrow set of biases. These will necessarily influence the selection of stars, biasing which authors get propelled to profit and which don't.

I trust the masses more than I trust smartsteem to determine which content should be valued.

This is a mission that is very nice, I like the way you apply but if one is asked for a delegation from sp's smartmarket whether it will be fulfilled.?

Hey @smartsteem.. Appreciate you doing this. Im applying too :)

You do great job! I'm also working on creating quality content with my original artworks. But i have a problem. Yesterday i sent you 3 sbd for and another 3 SBD for, and haven't get any upvote yet. I think both posts are quality content with beautiful art. Are there still any problem with them? I'm whitelisted with 2 stars.

I noticed recently that I was rated 2 stars. Is there any way to be moved up in the near future?

after a month you may ask for a review.

Thank you :) Do you know how I can go about doing that? Do I just post a comment to smartmarket/smartsteem?

yeah that should work.

never knew about this platform but i think now that i am sure I will be putting my bid in to become part of the smartsteem community.

my content is getting better and I am feeling confident!!

tried it a couple of times, I just wasted my money, showed a high return on steembottracker but returned $4.33 for my $3 stake.

I can get that from other bots with a $1 stake.

Thanks a lot for sharing this info with us and for your advice about the quality of content

What are the criteria of a good article? I think it depends on how we see it its content. There articles that I really appreciate its content but its not that catchy to others. So then, how can we judge that the content of a certain article is of good quality?

It depends on the preference of the reviewer :)

It is good to see you here!

IM a witness to smartmarket or smartsteem promotions, I use smartmarket on my post and I get satisfactory results even recently when other promotional bots are failing , smartmarket has been awesome and reliable. Thanks for this wonderful vision . Keep touching lives , humanity is watching

Would be really nice to see similar services take the same approach.
Great job

I love smartsteem and how it’s adding value and appreciation for the good writers. Keep it up guysn 💕

Sounds really good. I will follow this project and maybe use it!

This is a good post and help on steemit to make strong and easy for all who post real things :)

Nice initiative. I've applied for the whitelist.

I'm quite new on steemit. Usually I'm spending an average of 3-4 hours to create a post, sometimes only resulting in several cents only. I get very jealous of those posting on dmania where plagiarized meme could earn around $50. I mean posting plagiarized meme would only spend me like a minute. Hopefully I get whitelisted fast. Thank you once again.

mentioned you guys in a post today about delegation and how steem has this utility belt of sites, you being one of them. thanks! :)

Sorry for my English. I use the translator in some cases, like this one.

I'm new here at steemit. I did not know until then smartsteem. My question is: Is it only allowed in English? Or other languages ​​can also be part?

Thank you

@ smartsteem muy buena descripción del trabajo y los valores. Esperamos mantenernos con ustedes.

yes, that's great. thx :)
LG Harald

Love Smartsteem. Best platform for Steemians.

How would you mine qaulity content out of the rubbish out there?

I'm not sure whether or not you guys have received this complaint or not but, I have been noticing some inactivity when it comes to selling votes. All of the settings on Smartsteem appear to be functioning properly but then nothing happens. I hope you guys can fix this soon. Thanks in advance :)

Yes empowering the ordinary people with great content is what this platform is really needed. Thank you for this innovation.

Great initiative!

I would really like to know why I would be denied whitelist when I post blogs like this?

Please, someone explain? Because I truly believe I fall within the guidelines of acceptance. It didn't take long to be denied. Perhaps someone will have an answer for me just as quickly...

Who's reviewing the "smart scores"? Mine got rejected, not even a 1 star... Surely my content isn't that shit that I've been bundled up with the plagiarists, fake profiles and shit posters?


I am totally for it. Looking forward for it.

Hey, Please I need help! I Transfer 0.500 SBD to smartmarket for this post

And I Ididn't get votes or a refund for my last transfer.

Please Help me!

Iam beginning to read smartsteem ,coz i am not familiar with for the initial info..i will read more for better understanding..:)

This is a welcomed development.....thumbs up......i believe it would help us new comers a lot

Hy all
I just started to giveaway SBD on this account
Check to participate

Hy all
I just started to giveaway SBD on this account
Check to participate

This is informative as I'm thinking of how the quality content viewed or checked by the reviewers?

Good Job

This is my referral link

haha, it makes Steemit diverse!

thank you very much for your work👏

Thank you for the information. Good luck in work!

very good contribution keep it up

wow really nice post

Great man. Thanks for information

you are leaning towards youtube and google. i understand that there needs to be some kind of control check. but what stops somebody who has big sp and a upvoter to spam the site.

I love the idea...upvoted and resteemed to help get the word out.

@smartsteem good writing, thank you for sharing

Am pretty new to steem and these posts are obviously helping me out, keep up the good work. 🤗

This is the best way to make a community with valued contents .Good work from the reviewers !

Hi there, i have some trouble with Smartsteens, i have a several days without any vote i don{t know why, can you help me?

good work

smartsteem is tool that help many stemians :)

Terimakasih @smartsteem very good

I think this is excellent since this can work in real life

New to know now, I will join, hopefully I will be able to improve the quality of my posts, it's not my fault I tried and planned from the beginning, though now plankton

I think that you should focus on providing good content and that attracts thousands of readers

What new users can join the smartstar rating? What should be many post in advance so that it could join in the smartstar rating?

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