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Nearly 4 months ago - after countless hours of development - was officially launched.

We kept innovating and improving over these last few months, but one thing is still untouched:

Our Fundamental Values

Empowering Quality Content

Our vision is and always has been: to empower quality content on Steem.

Regardless, if that content is published via,, or

We believe, that post-promotion (vote-buying) is a valuable tool for every steemian; as it gives the content-creator the power to reach more users, future readers and also possible curators.

But we want to make sure, that only great content and authors are able to use our services.

Only Great Content Allowed

We achieve this goal with our whitelist-system by manually reviewing users who want to promote their posts via

Based on strict guidelines, which are explained in detail below, the user receives a rating between 0 and 3 stars.

Depending on the received star rating, a user is eligible for the purchase of different amount of votes. Because we allow every vote-seller to decide to which star-rating his votes should be sold to.

We also blacklist abuse-users, which prevents the use of all services from, in addition with a report to @steemcleaners.

And in extreme cases, votes will even be removed from those posts.

Review Guidelines

We innovated and developed a set of guidelines to effectively review steemians - these are called SmartStars Guidelines, which every reviewer has access to.


These guidelines are followed and are also getting refined by our reviewers - which are motivated steemians who have reviewed already over 1400 users.

8 Reviewers - 1400 reviewed Users


Making sure that only great content & users get whitelisted is quite a lot of work. To do that, we have a growing number of reviewers who reviewed over 1400 users so far.

Of those 1400 users - only 740 have been whitelisted. And we still have over 700 users waiting to be reviewed.

Our vision is that every active steemian knows about and has been reviewed at least once.

If you want to help us to achieve this goal, then please join us on discord:

Do you have what it takes?

Do you want to get whitelisted as well?

Don't worry. It's really simple.

Just go to and click on login.

Afterwards, click on your profile-image and then profile.

There you will find a big, blue button - called: Get Whitelisted.

A click on it, will reveal our simple application form.

Afterwards your status will be on pending, until our reviewers have reviewed your profile.

You will receive a notification-transfer when this happens.

But you can always check on your profile if you have been reviewed.

If you are not happy with your result - don't worry. You are able to request a re-review after 1 month.

Simply ask us on discord:

Earn with SmartSteem

We are doing all this to ensure, that the votes from our vote-sellers and the steempower from our delegators are only getting used for great content, authors and contributors.

But we also take pride in offering the most profitable services for investors on Steem.

Which means: if you want to earn the most out of your steempower, then go to and read our post Two Ways to Earn With SmartSteem: Do the Smart Thing!

If there are still questions left - then please join us on discord:

Disclaimer: This post has been up-voted via @smartsteem and all delegators have been credited accordingly.


@smartsteem you should also create a mechanism how to report some abusers are still bidding and promoting spams ,There should be communication between Bot ownership and steem community so that we do our effor to find the spammers

smartsteem is the best on steemit platform

Yes it is really the best as i read it.

it is great but still cant understand why i cant sell my votes with @smartsteem

I hope other similar services follow this evolutional step soon. Trending page is what Steem is being judged by a lot and Smartsteem will help as gain more positive outlook.

I’m glad you all offer the service, I just wish there was a way for you all to filter the content that can be relentlessly upvoted.

It's fantastic idea!!! great job

I've been a happy customer of smartsteem since I joined the platform. Definitely look forward to seeing all the innovation you guys come up with!

Your group has the best organization out of the bid bot groups I’ve researched, if you need more curators to help register people I will donate a couple hours a week.

Thanks a lot for sharing this info with us and for your advice about the quality of content.
It's one of the most important things for Steemit platform success is the quality, as if there is a high-quality content that will attract more audience and more entrepreneurs and agencies to start using steemit and promote their products here as they do on other platforms such as Instagram or Reddit.
Congratulation! for this success :)

Very interesting, I find it an excellent initiative! So that only good content is supported. Great work @smartsteem :). This way you can limit the problem that too many junk articles are in trending.

I have been selling votes on @smartsteem for some months and it is no doubt a great platform. Now I am thinking to delegate power to smartsteem.

This looks like an interesting way to operate here on Steemit. I’m just starting to learn more about other ways to use my Steem Power. It seems like curation is dying and other methods are replacing it. I will research your program a bit more and I’m excited to continue learning about different options I have as a Steemit user and Steem Power holder. Thanks for the post! Resteem

You did a great Job!!

So happy to be a little supporter from the beginning.

Will update my little delegation soon+

I agree with you...can you please tell me how the above horizontal rule was created??? I too want to make my own... please help...

it's an image...

as @rasor said, this is an image

copy this and add it to your post

Just joined and asked for white-listing. Is vote selling a good way to make more SBD? Will your bot activity increase an account's curation power and reputation on Steem? How active are your bots? I'm looking forward to seeing how this goes

wonderful site @therealwolf - will apply for whitelisting soon, hope our blogposts are suitable and acceptable..

really hats off man. Works great on mobile too!
btw who made your avatar?

keep it coming, kind regards

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