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RE: @smartsteem - the smartest bid-bot available

in #steem3 years ago

Hey, @smartsteem @therealwolf
Nice to see you growing so big so fast. No wonder that yor're a leader in delegation market.

But... How exactly do you solve overbidding?.. You just push overbidders to the next round or what?


Awesome post.

Nice one @smartsteem great to know that some bid bots are pushing the boundaries of being a good responsible bot for the community!! Well done future will improve this further!! I enjoy supporting and hope to delegate soon

This is a wonderful question, been wondering the same myself. If steemit becomes more mainstream, I could see this becoming a massive problem with a bid bot influx shortly following.

Nice to know about smarteem.

I think bid-bots can be good, (but we have to use:
to see what bots are active and profitable). I am going to try @smartsteem next time I get a chance.

Ohh really OK maybe next time. My friend

@smartsteem is fucking upvoting service . I send 30 sbd but he can not upvote my post .

Fucking upvoter

Fucking upvoter

Fucking upvoter

Back my sbd

Wait, you posted that garbage on steemit clogging up the blockchain with that shitty fucking poor excuse of a post and you're complaining about losing money. You're lucky they gave it back to you.

Why don't you sell your steem and go buy your other 5 top cryptos them you provide no value to this blockchain.