Smartsteem Referral System - Earn Vote-Selling Shares

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smartsteem has an exciting new feature.

Referral System

You are now able to invite your fellow steemians and friends to smartsteem - and as referral bonus, you will receive 0.5% of the their vote-selling profit - which is subtracted from smartsteem's (smartmarket) profit.

How does it work?

After you are logged in on - you will find a new option called Referrals under your profile navigation.

A click will bring you to this site:

To start, simply copy your ref link and share them with your friends. If they become Vote-Sellers (activate vote-selling and authorize smartsteem within 1 day) after clicking on your link, you will receive 0.5% Profit of their sold votes (but this is not subtracted from the vote-sellers profit, instead from our profit)

Did you refer someone before today?

Chances are there that you have already shared smartsteem with other people, who became Vote-Sellers. If that is the case, please come to our discord (link at the bottom of this post) and tell us who you referred and when.

What does smartsteem offer?

Join us on discord

If you have any questions, feedback, want to collaborate with us or something else you want to tell us - come and join our discord! :)

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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"Wow!" It looks interesting! Will try out soon!

Thise are interesting news, I'll try it :)


Glad to hear that @davidconstantine! :)

Wow great idea !!!

뭐가 뭔 말인지 머르겠네요.

Looks interesting...

Hi. Can you send me a link to join smartsteem. I'd like to register. Thank you

· :)

This is a really great idea @smartsteem . I've loved using your service and the customer service I've received when asking my questions. I will definitely refer out to my contacts. I'd never thought of selling my votes or explaining it to others. I've just used it to buy votes. Looking forward to this option.


Thank you @cflclosers. We are glad to hear that!

This post has received gratitude of 4.73 % from @appreciator thanks to: @therealwolf.

Rock on! This service is definitely worth the investment. Delegating SP is a great idea as well as it proves to have a long-lasting effect. Great work @smartsteem


Thank you @kenmeldendez for the feedback and your delegation!

You got a 11.04% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @therealwolf!

Want to promote your posts too? Check out the Steem Bot Tracker website for more info. If you would like to support the development of @postpromoter and the bot tracker please vote for @yabapmatt for witness!

Pretty informative. It's interesting that we are all used to just endless contribution but steemit incentivizes less content that is more impactful.

Spamming degrades your value, but not posting enough does so as well. Where the happy medium is, is hard to find. And it can kind of suck when you feel you have to balance interaction with your account value/ability but I guess the end-goal may be worth it (curated, paid-out content)

Hows this any different from the other bot systems currently available such as minnow support? Just trying to figure out the differences


I would say that for now is smaller than MB, still has a lot more potential. They are looking for quality content, hence you can apply to be "Whitelisted", this means someone manually checks your blog and gives a rating to your posts. If approved you can get a higher voting value from specifi vote selling users. For more info check their FAQ or check on my blog. Feel free to support me through this link :)


Interesting! Thanks for the response @santana33 I'll have to give it a look over further. Not sure my votes are really worth anything to anyone at this point of time but would be interested in being "whitelisted" in the mean time :)

P.S. you got my support!


Sorry for the late reply! I think we all start with a low value, in 3 months we will probably smile at that, but for now we are a grain of sand in the beach. Still, we make a huge difference I think, we are still in the early-adopters phase, Steem is far from being popular in a global scale.
My best recommendation is invest in your SP to have more voting power and curation rewards, keep seeling your votes while you do not use it. And, of course, keep creating quality content. Cheers!

Awesome, thanks for the info @smartsteem, I'll definetly give this a try.
Hope you recognize me @smartsteem

What is the difference between Steemit and Smartsteem?
Are they connected?


Steemit is an interface for the Steem-Blockchain. Smartsteem is simply a plattform for different steem-related services.

below is what i sent for upvote. please refund so i resend with correct link. if u check my wallet, you find appreciator and minnowbooster has done the needful. thanks

yesterday Transfer 1.000 SBD to smartmarket!/v/etilda/rt6egbii


Refunded :)

Out of this world idea and post! I absolutely love it! This is PHENOMENAL news! Perfect concept! All the best! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)


Great I will try, thanks 👌


Please visit this link
i am sure changing your mind

Carry on dear

@smartsteem I'm pretty sure that I made a mistake by putting the wrong URL from DMania in the transaction:
Because I only followed the instructions on which stated: "For an upvote - send your URL as memo to @smartmarket with your desired amount of SBD/STEEM. You can also use our own tool on"
Did not know that it was supposed to be the not the
But right know I also discovered that it seems that smartsteem is not selling anymore votes for Dmania posts.
So may I ask, if smartsteem could get me a refund?

And also, because I don't understand it, is there a specific reason for upvoting selling services like Minnowbooster and smartsteem not to sell upvotes on Dmania posts?


Refunded. :)

And also, because I don't understand it, is there a specific reason for upvoting selling services like Minnowbooster and smartsteem not to sell upvotes on Dmania posts?

We have currently only a limited amount of votes and dmania's post are with high probability low quality.


Thanks very much and I can't deny that. It's not helpful, when the whole "Hot" side of DMania is full of "Upvote me" posts and not "normal" memes like on 9gag.
Good to have that information now. 😎

You guys said that you vote around 2x-2.5x on posts to make it profitable. But for some days, I have been getting not more than 1.5x-1.8x votes on my posts. Can you please check and verify if everything is okay or not.


@babysteps smartsteem always votes around 2x - 2.6x (depending on the age of the post). It could however be, that the value changed due to steem price fluctuations.

@smartsteem, I've invited three people, they are the link referral came in and only one of them listed my referral. How to be??? Also, the second day nothing comes from the sale of votes(((. The balance tab is empty ((((. Please explain to me, I am a new user)


@olesia Amazing! All have to become Vote-Sellers and authorize smartsteem in order to be listed as referral.


Understand nothing.((( They had registered had as my referrals all three. But there is only one referral. Why so?


Please don't create so many comments.

1.) Your referrals will be added as soon as they do the steps required to be a vote-seller.
2.) You have already paid out your balance 1 day ago.
3.) We haven't voted with your account since 2 days.

Nice feature, is it pyramidal or referrals of your referals will only give bonus rewards to the direct referer?

Really nice initiative by the way and the website is really sharp, good job.


Thank you @orlandumike.

It is direct referrals only - I think that is the most fairest. I personally don't like pyramid systems :)


I totally agree ;)

I've joined and applied to be part of the whitelist, can I make a feature request?

Selling voting based not on users but on topic (Tags)?


@rasor interesting - I'll keep it in mind!

I joined Steemit few hours ago, I found this interesting although a friend told me and s couple of us about Steemit I just discovered something he hasn't. I still have a lot to learn tho


@loxside All good, it took me quite some time as well to understand everything.


@therealwolf Yeah I'm learning but looks like it's taking forever lol

I have refer 3 friends to join smartsteem and they did all process required but only one is showing in my refer. why can't I see other two?



If your friends activate vote-selling within a day after you invite them, then you will be added as their referrer. But you can tell me their names so I can add it manually

WoW! So, Easy interface.

wow! That will be so helpful then. :)

Yea this is pretty cool. I'm gonna have to add this to my footer and try out your service.

Just a quick question: Do all the smaller amounts (under 0.001) add up? Or are the smaller amounts rounded down to 0?

My vote still still 0.01 ☺

That's a great idea. Two days ago, I accidentally sent 1,78 SBD to smartmarket without a valid URL. Is there any chance to get it back?

Hi! Today i refer my friend in smartsteem but he is not shown in my refer list kindly check and add to my list. my friend id name is @imbooster

I followed & commented

I've sent to @smartmarket twice now on two different posts and not had an upvote from them?


Go to and login. Then go to your profile, where you will find your received upvotes.


Thank you, didn't realize it was split up :)

Hi, is down? Or is it on my end? I cannot display your web site...

smartmarket bot is increasing the bid day by day. It has gone to minimum 0.2 due to bandwidth issues. Even after that I got partial up-votes as vote-sellers reached threshold. I think we have more vote-buyers than sellers. Right ?

hi, I sent 0.1 sbd 4 hours ago, but I don't receive any upvote :(, what shoud I do now?

Hi Smartsteem,

I love your service but since yesterday I'm experiencing visual issues; I can't see my profile, balance, sold upvotes etc.

Are you experiencing difficulties?

Thanks in advance!



This issue has been resolved. I had to log-out and log-in which fixed it.

Much love!

I've been following @smartsteem from the start of account creation.
but I just saw @smartsteem today.
Hopefully this will be a good sign for me.
I really hope to @ smartsteem to visit my blog.
my blog is very quiet.

thanks @smartsteem

Hi, I sent 22.358 SBD with the memo
This was 11 hours ago
So far I don't see an upvote on
My post now shows that its 4 days old. So I can't get an upvote. But I haven't received a refund. Are there any technical issues?

Great job on upvoting copyright abuse and helping it to get to the no. 1 position on the trending page! Thanks to services like yours that upvote content without having a look inside, is full of overvalued trash.

Hello sir not got any Upvote for my transaction and also not get any refund. Can you please check what is the problem. And resolve it plz,
Here is the transaction proof....


Yeah, haven't received mine either. Wasn't for nearly the amount you have in, but would like it as well. I had this issue the other night with another upvote bot and notice Steem Bot Tracker watches for this and keeps pushing them to the bottom of the queue, as they did the other service that was delayed until they honored it. Guessing they will honor it as soon as they fix the bot.


And there it is. Thank you Smartsteem.

Hi @therealwolf I appear to have been short changed again. I sent 0.310 SBD to upvote my URL and I received 0.171 in upvotes and a 0.234 refund. That makes 0.405 returned. However after curation at 25% it actually leaves me with 0.303 SBD in 7 days and half of that will be paid in STEEM (which will take weeks to power down). So I made a loss? I do not remember seeing that adverfised at Can you look into it please, my upvote URL is :


Hi. I have sent you 1 SBD to smartmarket 5 hours ago for the below-linked post. but i didnot received your upvote. kindly take a look. Response will be appreciated​d.

Very helpful😊

I’ve always sucked with referral links but I’ll give it a go! Thanks.


great site for future

thankyou for welcoming, and who follow me and upvote i do desame.
new here

smartsteem offers are very good

but why referrals are not added to my account only one referral is added.
and 4 5 accounts that are come to smartsteem using my referral id not added to my referrals

Wow its perfect for every one

When does the vote selling start? - I have activated the feature 2 days ago, the voting power has gone up to 100% since at least a day ago, and not a single vote has been used since.