10 Best Newbie Tips When You Create Your Account And Join SteemIT

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Every new enthusiast faces the same problem when joining the platform, namely, "now where to start?"

I read a lot of different posts, did this or did not do that ... finally I realized that I would have to find out what works and what did not and I started to test everything all by myself.

I will give you my advice that I found to work as a newbie to newbies.

My 10 priceless tips are as follows:

1. Don't post any story

Everyone is excited to have his account entered and write some interesting post for him and thinks the money will flow in a second

Well ... things do not work out that way.

The problem is that you do not have followers to follow you, and in reality when you post something, it is visible to everyone in a very short time.

The time is not enough to be seen by enough people ... in most cases they are just one or two and you really can not get either upvotes or anything.


That's why ... don't post anything at first and focus on commenting on other posts

2. Introduceyourself only

Practice shows that the only exception that results is if you make a post with which you present yourself to the rest of the audience

You can see what others have written or just write what comes from inside.

It's a good idea to put your photo.

At the end of the post in the tag box, you must type "introduceyourself" ( I will speak more about tags later)

3. Start commenting

Here begins your school what and how to write to attract attention to yourself.

Choose a topic that's interesting to you and you have an opinion on the subject that is being discussed in it.

Your comment should be meaningful and interesting, not simply a "great article".

It is essential that the article itself has potential.

You can search them in the HOT section.

Everything else is a matter of luck, who will read your comment, who will like it with how much steem power it will be and so on.

But... there are several things that can increase your chance for that

4. Where to post your comment in article if there are many comments there already

There is a little life hack here.

Reply to first comment in post if there are many comments already.

So you will get your position in the front position and not somewhere after 2 minutes of mouse scrolling

5. Use a photo to attract the attention of others

Choose something relevant to the topic you are writing

6. When and who to upvote

The moral side is to promote the article you like, no matter what else.

From the dark side is slightly different.

With your vote you participate in the distribution of the potential profit from the article, but under several conditions.

The most important thing is to do it at least 30 minutes after it is published and the article is not older than 2 days

The choice is yours from which side you will stand


7. Followers and how to attract them

There are several options and the choice is yours again

Slow and quality method or quick but with a much lower return

For the slowly one we will talk a minute later.

Here I will mention the other one.

You know the phrase "there is no fish and the cancer is fish"

You want someone to read your stories, you want an hour sooner to have followers.

The fastest way to do this is to bet on the tactics, "I will be your follower, I hope you will become my".

Without posts, no comments... just follow random people

I can't say it's a good strategy, but it's got it and it works

8. When to post during the day

This is of great importance and at the same time I can not help you anyway.

There are many wooden philosophers who will tell you different things about that.

It all depends entirely on how your followers from which part of the planet are and on your luck who will read and like your article just when you post it

In the beginning you will have to experiment a lot and build your own opinion when it is best

Don't underestimate this

9. Find your place here

Find your niche to writing and people will follow you.

Write with passion and don't just think about money.

When you do something with love sooner or later you are rewarded

All this leads to the last and most important point

Most Important - Make Quality Posts

hrcG4Wa - Imgu345345.jpg

Welcome and hopefully find your place here


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Welcome to Steemit @sir3nal :)

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Here are some helpful tips to get you started:


Thank you for this good & helpful advice! :)




Very helpful!


Very interesting and some great tips for newbies. I have also written an article called STEEMIT TIPS FOR SUCCESS it adds value to what you have written and at the same time offers different advice. I dropped you a follow and have resteemed

Nice blog :)


Thanks buddy

Good advice thank you, I still have no idea what to and am nervous about posting my articles, after reading this it will take a little bit of preasure off. Makes sense not to go out to fast if you have no followers.

Welcome to Steem @sir3nal I have sent you a tip

Yeah I agree. We have to know for ourselves what works and what did not. Some posts will earn and some will not. But anyway enjoy and keep on writing.

Really helpful post..
I am agree with u in all aspects..
I am also new on Steemit and i have little time to give to Steemit coz i've some other works too.
As u mentioned, i did the mistake too, i posted an article on the very first when i joined the Steemit and so it did not attracted any Upvote or anything..
Then i thought it is better to read other's article and Upvote them and i am doing so.
I think it's working coz now i've 60+ followers..

Thanks again for the this helpful article..
Steem On!


Thanks and good luck


Thanks for sharing the tips. I am new too. It's really helpful. I made the common mistake to start writing and posting right away. And guess what, minimal views. Will follow the suggestion and see how it works.

I learned alot from this post. Upvoted and thanks for posting! Im a newish user here just getting started. I do travel and food photos, hopefully some videos in the near future. Please follow if you like!

Great post man, answered a lot of my questions. One question though, whats the difference between Steem, SP, and SBD?


there is enough info if you ask uncle Google :) I will tell just one thing... Invest everything you earned in steem power


True lol. But thank you for the tip! I will definitely keep that in mind

Welcome to Steemit @sir3nal! Nice to meet you. Remember me when you are rich!

PS. Follow @enazwahsdarb for entrepreneurial value content, my blog!

Good advices ! I don't know if several people follow me if I write things about martial arts haha but nevermind I like it :)

This is a great article! Keep sharing like this. You got a new follower ;)


This post just needs to be resteem to reach more ppl

Thanks for the advice.

First of all thanks for the post, it was great. I have a question. Can't I reshare my posts? In order to make more use of them?


It's called resteem. If you resteem something, it will show up in your blog wall and your followers will see that post. So you have to wait someone else to resteem your post


thank you

Thank y

Well my best advise is to be yourself and not to try to copy others! ;)

I just happened to see your article and decided to click on it. I was amazed how informative it was and brought to mind, key issues that I was wondering about. You really wrote a clear and organized guide on Newbie tips and how to be successful on Steemit. During my first month, I mostly found similar posts of interest and started commenting on them. It helped me to find fellow Steemit uses of similar interest. I will use your guide to help me along the way. Appreciate your useful information and I will resteem so others might find your article and use it to help them. As you recommended, I will follow you and hopefully you will follow me. :D Again thank-you for your wonderful post......Cabbagepatch


Thank you for nice words buddy :)

Im happy because you find my post useful.

That's was my goal

Very well written and welcome you will love it here, I do.


I hope so and thanks for your comment :)

Thank you for this really helpful article and reading some similar posts means that I am on the right track, I may have been over eager posting however, but I guess it's part of the learning process.


Yeah...just patient and steem on

Good advice, quality read thanks :)

Good tips, thanks :o)

Well done
You have very good advices
Very helpful article

Thanks for the great advice!!