The Steem News @ 6 February 2020 - the 250th edition !!!

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This is the 250th edition of Steem News.

Thank you to all readers and supporters who have helped Steem News get this far.

In this edition there is news and updates about OpenSeed and OpenLink, Waivio and Dining.Gifts, SteemKnights v2, Sonic Groove Live, an Arbitrage Opportunity for SBD, ecoVillage's €30,000 donation, the SteemSilverGold Community, more Steem-Engine charts, Hashkings, TULIP Mania, LootKit Games and NFTs.

And there are more additions to the Diary Dates section as well as regular updates on the Steem Foundation and the Steem Proposal System, and another Featured Contest.

1. OpenSeed update - OpenLink coming soon

The @openseed team have posted a progress update. Work is now well underway on OpenLink which will be the frontend that will act as the gateway into OpenSeed.

They are also looking for web designers and developers to join the team...

2. Waivio & Dining.Gifts

Founder @grampo has published a briefing on the current status of the Waivio Attention Trading Platform.

The team is now working with small group of entrepreneurs in Vancouver, BC to help them establish restaurant rebate program businesses...

3. SteemKnights v2, 'Eternal Artifacts', on its way

Steem's first 3D mobile multiplayer game @steemknights is back in action after a short break. They are currently working on a much improved second version of the game codenamed 'Eternal Artifacts'...

4. Sonic Groove Live submissions now open

Entries for week 23 of @sonicgroovelive are now open, first prize 100 STEEM...

5. 20% Arbitrage Opportunity for SBD

Cryptocurrency website and Steem witness @coingecko spotted an arbitrage opportunity for SBD. Bittrex and Upbit have been trading SBD at significantly different rates...

6. ecoVillage receives €30,000 donation

@eco-alex has posted an update on the ecoVillage that he, @orlev and others are working on in Portugal. An anonymous Steemian has given a donation of €30,000 to help the project buy additional land...

7. SteemSilverGold Community seeks SP

The SteemSilverGold Community is a long established and thriving community on Steem for people interested in precious metals.

To support their growing community @welshstacker is looking to lease more Steem Power for @ssg-community...

8. More Steem-Engine charts

@bluerobo has produced charts for more tokens including LEO, JAHM, WEED, STEM, SPORTS and CCC...

9. Game for NFTs

A number of game developers are now turning their attention to the NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) recently launched on

@hashkings is working on incorporating NFTs into its Cannabis farming and management game...

@busbecq is the Game Master of the TULIP Mania Game...

And @ecoinstant, @thecrazygm, @stuffbyspencer and @simplegame are developing Through this they offer SETS tokens to test NFT functionality at a fraction of the cost of creating your own token. They have also now formed an alliance with @battlegames...

Steem Proposal System update

The Steem Proposal System (SPS) today has a daily funding budget available of approximately 2470 SBD.

There are now 8 proposals receiving funding from the SPS - @yabapmatt (Steem Keychain), @netuoso (Vessel Desktop Wallet), @thecryptodrive (Power Down reduction), @anyx (API infrastructure), @thecryptodrive again (SBD Potato Top Up), @steemonboarding (Steem Onboarding), @thecryptodrive again (anti - Power Down reduction) and @howo (SMT testing).

These successful proposals are currently receiving a total of 797 SBD per day from the SPS...

Both of the Power Down reduction proposals are now in the 'funding zone' - one for the reduction of the Power Down period to 4 weeks, and the other against. @thecryptodrive submitted both proposals to provide some indication of community support for and against the reduction proposal...

@emrebeyler has produced a useful summary of the witness voting so far on these two opposing proposals...

@gadrian has asked the question whether it is better to edit SPS proposals or to publish update posts...

Steem Foundation update

The Steem Alliance Community Foundation @steemalliance have released the minutes of their last two meetings attended by @shadowspub, @phage93, @alexvan, @guiltyparties, @transisto, @aggroed and @inthenow...

Their next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 12 February 2020.

The Steem Foundation is asking all Steem DApp and App owners if they would like to be a part of its new website....

Community Watch

After @steemmatt's recent sales of curb-recycled Lego for STEEM to @brickmanbrad and @carlgnash, @galenkp has picked up the baton and launched a Steem Lego community...

For anyone interested in worldbuilding for tabletop RPGs @worldbuilder and @oblivioncubed have set up a Worldbuilding Community...

Contest of the Day

Guess how much weight @fredrikaa will be able to lift overhead after 6 weeks. Up to 300 STEEM to be won. Organised by @fredrikaa as part of the #getinshapechallenge currently being run by @actifit and @appics...

More about the #getinshapechallenge...

For a list of all the current contests on Steem check out this new list from @pennsif...

If you know of any current contests missing from the list leave a comment for @pennsif or message him on Discord @Pennsif#9921.

Dates for your Diary...

Friday 7 February - Steem Meetup Aachen #8

Organised by @detlev...

Sunday 9 February - Steem Witness Forum

Hosted by @aggroed on MSP Waves. Guests include Steemit Inc MD @elipowell plus a number of top witnesses...

Tuesday 11 February - The Steeming Pile, Vimm.TV

@johnspalding's live streamed open broadcast 'The Steeming Pile' is back, with new co-host @pennsif...

The recording of the last edition of 'The Steeming Pile' is now available...

Wednesday 12 February - Steem Philippines Weekly Meetup

Meetings every Wednesday in Davao City organised by @chrisrice and @steem-ph...

Thursday 13 February - Steem Munich Meetup

Organised [email protected], @chris4210, @peter2017 & @backinblackdevilat. To be held at Paulaner Bräuhaus, München...

Friday 14 February - Finally Friday On The Blockchain

First episode of Finally Friday - On The Blockchain with @coruscate and @cryptofinally live on @threespeak...

Thursday 27 February - Adelaide Monthly Steem Meetup

Organised by @mattclarke, 6pm local time at The Jade Monkey, Flinders Street, Central Business District, Adelaide.

Saturday 25 April - SteemCampUK #3

Organised by @shanibeer and @lloyddavis in Leicester...

Friday 15 - Sunday 17 May - DTube Forum 2020

Organised by @hauptmann, @artakush, @greencross, @sergiomendes and @tibfox in Hamburg, Germany...

Saturday 20 June - Steem Canna Fest 2

Organised by @canna-curate in Portland, Oregon...

Tuesday 23 June - Sunday 28 June - The BLOCK Party, USA

The second annual BLOCK Party being organised by @enginewitty, @bluefinstudios and @dreemsteem. It has now been confirmed that the event will take place in Olcott, NY...

@bluefinstudios is also organising a Steem Summit at The BLOCK Party...

Friday 26 June - Sunday 28 June - JAHMFest2020, Jamaica

Organised by @donald.porter and the @ReggaeSteem team...

KEY DATA [ from CoinMarketCap & @arcange ]

Steem price US$ 0.207 06 Feb '20 11.35pm UTC
CoinMarketCap Ranking #77 06 Feb '20 11.35pm UTC
FCAS Score 743 / B 06 Feb '20 11.35pm UTC
SBD price US$ 0.862 06 Feb '20 11.35pm UTC
No. of Whales 37 05 Feb '20
No. of Orcas 367 05 Feb '20
No. of Dolphins 2216 05 Feb '20
No. of Minnows 9283 05 Feb '20
Alexa rank ( #14,582 06 Feb '20 11.35pm UTC
Unique visitors ( 226,812 / day 06 Feb '20 11.35pm UTC
Page views ( 521,669 / day 06 Feb '20 11.35pm UTC

Follow @penguinpablo & @steem-data for more statistics.

This is #250 (06 Feb '20) of this daily news service.

[ graphics by @pennsif ]


Wow! That's an epic milestone my friend.

Kudos on the immense work that has gone in to keeping the chain apprised of what is happening, where, when and exactly who the main players are for such an unbelievable period of time.

I find it interesting and more than noteworthy that this project has taken place throughout bear and bull markets alike! It has carried on oblivious to the fact that the Steem price was on a meteoric ascent or a catastrophic decline. It has continued unfazed by people jumping on the on-boarding bandwagon or heading for the exits en-masse replete with proclamations that Steem was DEAD!

I think there is an over-riding message and indeed a lesson here for many of us on the blockchain - Don't 'TELL' the community that you absolutely believe in this fabulous platform and the massive, virtually untapped ((still)) potential, 'SHOW IT' in all you do, how you engage and the way you represent it.

I see you as an undeniable and quite spectacular 'ambassador' for us all and I doff my metaphorical cap to you Sir and thank you for keeping the flame burning and continuing to just keep on doing what ya do because of the belief you have and the vision you hold.

COMMUNITY appears to be just a word until it is solidified in such an unshakable, inspiring ((and intrinsically duplicatable)) manner.

My friend you set the standard, now it is time for many more of us to join you in the fabulous work of sharing just what we have here and taking a role in promoting the many benefits of being among our number here.

From the community may I wish you a awesome-bloody-tasticacally MASSIVE Thank YOU. 😀

Keep up the awesomeness, take great care and carry on laying the unshakable, unquestionably magnificent foundations for FutureDiary 2030, incredibly happy to know you @pennsif 😀

Many thanks for this Steven.

Hopefully I can get back to FutureDiary 2030 - unfortunately subsequent events in China rather pre-empted part of the story line!

Hey @pennsif, thanks for the mention and for drawing a little attention to the LEGO Community

It is greatly appreciated.

Can I be an official preferred supplier partner for this hive? Cough.

Haha, I was hoping you'd drop in but didn't want to tag you like a begger. 🤣

I'll probably do a post about your Lego-selling to promote it as I think it is cool and considering that you'll probably find more...Well, why not promote it. I was going to ask you first of course.

I may have a third sale developing. I literally have hundreds and hundreds of things I could sell here in my apt, but demand on Steem would be pretty small. However, even 1 sale per post would be more than awesome, especially since I can earn some more Steem and followers from the blog posts.

I'll be running out of recycled Legos soon at this rate. I did just found 5 more bags I forgot about, 4 of them are for Star Wars, Ninjago and Agent sets.

Promote away. Anything to help the cause.

Ah cool, sounds good. I'll put a post together about selling stuff in general and add a Lego spin on it too. I figure you'll always find Lego around. Feel free to post one in the Community yourself using the tag and letting people know about the Lego sale and that steem is a legit payment method. Anything Lego is permitted...Get on it. ✅

Its a great idea for a community. Looking forward to seeing some lego building contests, or maybe even some livestreams...

Thanks mate, I'm not sure about livestreams...Maybe a 6 hour one of a Lego-building-sesh? Would put everyone to sleep unless it was one in which I made an error and had to tear apart 3 hours of work to fix it! That might be entertaining, although there'd be a lot of swearing. Lol.

I haven't built any Lego models for a few years. Mine were all very simple!

Sounds like yours are a bit more elaborate...

Yeah, LEGO Technic is pretty complex. Moving parts and all. Great fun though. The latest I build is a Mack truck and trailer. It's almost a metre long. Looks good, and is fun to play with. I did a video post the other day, it sort of shows it off a bit although I'm not good with video.

(Just realised I left the (-) out between hive and 142010 in the intro post...Oh well, I'll do another post shortly and address it. (I am a dumb-ass sometimes). 😁

Wow, just watched the video.

Lego has come a long, long way since I last encountered it.

I can see why you would need time-lapse rather than livestream.

It's intense huh? It was a cool build. I built the Landrover Defender 2019 last...A big model. It has Lego's most sophisticated gearbox ever. Actually goes into drive, neutral, reverse, high-range, low range and 2wd and 4wd! It was challenging to build. I LOVE Lego. Lol.

That is well impressive.

I am guessing these kits cost a good few $$$ ?

Thanks for quick spot on that - now fixed.

I always put one dud link in to check if anyone is reading... 😀

Thanks for the mention! Really looking forward to 2020.

You are welcome. Hope it goes well with the NFTs.

Congrats. 250 is quite a number. Your news are really helpful whenever I‘ve been away for some time to find my way back into the Steem cosmos. Keep on going 😀

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Thank you. Glad you find them useful.

How's it going with your project? Will you be doing an update post soon?

Hi @pennsif. Thanks for asking. At the moment we’ve stopped development and concentrate somewhat on funding. After all - I have the feeling we’ve been too early with our idea. Support within Steem community was strong by a handful if supporters... unfortunately only a handful, so still a long way to go for mass adoption.

Posted using Partiko iOS

Good luck with the funding. Are you going for grants or trying crowdfunding?

We‘re trying to find an investor for our business. Has bern tough during bear market, but things seem to be changing 😏

Posted using Partiko iOS

Hope you are successful.

I'm wondering, how did you manage to count them?

There is a counter at the end of each post!

🤦 Silly me, thinking you had some high tech way!

Wow, congrats for the 250th edition!

Manually Curated

I do love my SteemNews! Now I feel better that I am not missing out on anything!

Much thanks as always @pennsif for your untiring efforts on behalf of our Blockchain. You do a fantastic job!

Now I am off to go play some @splinterlands and win me some cards! Blessings and groovy vibes. Take care!

Thank you again for your continued support @sgt-dan.

Hope you were successful in the @splinterlands.

Many congratulations on your milestone, @pennsif!

Steem on!