The Steem News @ 31 May 2021 - Steemit Crypto Academy - New Courses & a 2 Week Break

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The Steemit Crypto Academy is back with the final set of courses of Season 2 before taking a two week break.

It is all about powering up with SPUD4STEEM happening tomorrow.

Today's Steem News also includes news and updates about SteemAlive, Promo-Steem, World Smile Project, charity projects around the world, SteemField, Steem in Azerbaijan, businesses on Steem, some useful guides and how-to's, and many more contests...

1. Crypto Academy - New Courses & 2 Week Break

The Steemit Crypto Academy is still going strong with hundreds of Steemians taking part every week.

The Crypto Professors are back with another set of diverse course topics including Tron wallets (@abcallen), Privacy Coins (@levycore & @alphafx), Hashgraph Technology (@pelon53 & @imagen), the Wyckoff Method (@fendit & @sapwood), Pivot Points (@stream4u & @yousafharoonkhan), and Bollinger Bands (@kouba01 & @yohan2on).

The Steemit Team have announced that Season 2 of the Crypto Academy comes to an end this week. There will then be a 2 week break while they prepare "some exciting new changes for Season 3".

There has also been one further rule change this week -

to further encourage Academy students to build more of a stake in the platform we are increasing the minimum Steem Power requirement to be eligible for votes to 150 SP....

2. SPUD4STEEM Incoming - Power Up! Power Up!

Organiser @kiwiscanfly has posted a final reminder about the imminent Steem Power Up Day on 1 June.

This is a great opportunity to grow your influence on Steem, increase your curation rewards and be in with a chance of winning a share of the 21K SP of delegation donated by generous sponsors as prizes for the best power-uppers...

Powering up is definitely the place to be at the moment (and always !).

@irawandedy has published the second of his 'Steem Investing and Power Up News'...

@steemcurator01 seems to like this with a good vote and this comment...

This is most useful.
We will definitely be looking to visit as many of these accounts as possible.

3. SteemAlive going for 1 Million SP !

In his weekly report Nigeria Country Rep @focusnow has announced the plan for the SteemAlive Community to reach 1 million Steem Power in a year...

Part of the strategy to achieve this ambitious goal is through the establishment of a network of 10 City Curator accounts for the main cities across Nigeria and Cameroon.

The account for the city of Uyo @citycuratoruyo, led by Country Rep and City Coordinator @ngoenyi, has already received over 2000 STEEM ready to be powered up.

The SteemAlive City Curator Program will formally be launching on 1 June...

Another SteemAlive project, @save2soar, is making great progress in collective saving to build Steem Power. It has now reached over 7,000 SP since it launched in February...

4. Promo-Steem Round-Up

To encourage members of the Promo-Steem Community to power up and grow their influence on the platform, coordinator @arie.steem has announced a new Power Up Level System.

Members will be given badges marked as PU Level 1, PU Level 2 or PU Level 3 depending on how much Steem they have powered up...

In Ghana @massachussets reports on a succesful Campus Connect meetup at the University For Development Studies, Nyankpala Campus...

In Indonesia @goresanpenaanfal has given an update on the distribution of his Steem promotional facemasks...

In the Philippines @julstamban has posted about a coffee shop meetup that he and @naufal organised to continue mentoring newcomers that they have recruited to Steem...

5. Charity Around the World

World Smile Project founder @el-nailul has given an update on activities for the past week.

Working through @mariana4ve in Venezuela the project has been able to continue to help families and children in need. In the Philippines @el-nailul has been able to provide support through @rosevillariasa for a wheelchair that is needed by 19 year old Ruellan...

In Sri Lanka @thisarani96 has given an update on the SL-Charity Phase II house renovation project in Ingiriya...

In Nigeria @peachyladiva reports on help she has been giving to a school in Nunku village. From her Steem earnings she is paying for school uniforms for 97 children...

In the Philippines @sweetspicy has given an update on the Steemit Community Pantry project that she runs with @georgie84, @steemitcebu and @jufranketsup...

6. SteemField Updates

The @roadofrich development team continue to post regular updates on SteemField...

7. Steem in Azerbaijan

It is great to hear of a Steem community being established in a new country.

This time it is Azerbaijan.

A community run by @revan746, @cameron99 and @famil has been set up along with a community curation account...

8. Businesses on Steem

More and more businesses are opening accounts on Steem - here are two more in Venezuela...

@representaciones is a paint store in Puerto La Cruz, Edo Anzoátegui introduced to Steem by @LRSM13...

@bodegontoribio is a wholesaler and retailer of alcoholic beverages also in Puerto La Cruz, introduced to Steem by @marianaceleste...

Hopefully many Steemians in the Puerto La Cruz area will give their custom to these businesses and pay with STEEM.

9. Guides & How To's

@zology69 has produced a guide in the Steemit Nursery showing how to place bids when buying STEEM on the internal market...

10. Contests, Contests, Contests...

As an offshoot of Steem News @pennsif now publishes a daily listing of the 'soon to close' contests on Steem...

@habercitr and @masumrbd have both produced compilations of current contests on Steem...

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