The Steem News @ 31 March 2020 - A Fundraiser for Sharon French RIP, & what next for Steem-Engine...

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The Steem News keeps rolling.

Today there is a special fundraising appeal for Sharon French.

Also this issue of Steem News has updates on the future of Steem-Engine, the new Symbionts and Ciska witnesses, WhereIN relaunching, ADSactly, and SSG Community.

There is Witness News and another Contest of the Day...

1. Fund Raiser for Sharon French RIP

Following the sad death in Malaysia of long time Steemian Sharon French @fitinfun, a number of local Steemians including @happycrazycon and @iamjadeline are helping to sort out Sharon's affairs.

Because of her poor health and difficult financial circumstances Sharon left behind various debts that need to be cleared.

@gtpjfoodbank and @littlenewthings have therefore set up a fundraiser to help...

2. The Future of Steem-Engine

Following the recent split off of the Hive chain from Steem, @aggroed and his team have been focusing their work on their new Hive-Engine.

This has led to concern from a number of users of Steem-Engine tribes and tokens about the future of Steem-Engine.

@aggroed has now posted on Hive about the future plans for both Steem-Engine and Hive-Engine.

He is also hosting an open discussion forum on the Steem-Engine Discord server on Wednesday 1 April at 1pm EST / 6pm UTC to talk about future options for Steem-Engine...

Those posting about their concerns about the future of Steem-Engine have included @khaleelkazi and @intrepidsurfer...

3. Two more Witnesses launched - Symbionts & Ciska

Two more new Steem witnesses have just launched.

The @symbionts witness team comprises two long time Steemians @fancybrothers and @dr-frankenstein...

@ciska is a Europe based businesswoman and marketing specialist...

The @symbionts witness is currently placed at #117 and @ciska is at #212 in the witness rankings...

4. WhereIN relaunching & going for SMTs

@iguazi123 has announced that the WhereIN dapp is relaunching and focusing its attention on helping launch SMTs...

5. ADSactly & SSG Communities to continue on Steem

Although it will also be operating on Hive, well known community project @adsactly has reaffirmed its commitment to continue operating on Steem as well.

The core members of ADSactly include @Adsactly, @Whatsup, @Enginewitty, @Morkrock, @Mrviquez, @Accio, @Alexvan, @Rival, @biglipsmama, and @ADSToshi...

The steemsilvergold @ssg-community managed by @welshstacker has made a similar declaration. It will be continuing on Steem but also operating on Hive...

Witness News

Contest of the Day

World of Xpilar Contest

Make a story out of @xpilar's digital picture. Upvotes to be won. Organised by @xpilar...

Steem Proposal System update

The Steem Proposal System (SPS) today has a daily funding budget available of approximately 2925 SBD.

Currently @gtg's Return Proposal has been boosted to 90 million SP.

The nearest proposal to that is @yabapmatt's Steem Keychain development proposal at 24.2 million SP.

No proposals are currently therefore receiving any funding from the SPS...

KEY DATA [ from CoinMarketCap ]

Steem price US$ 0.156 31 Mar '20 5.10am UTC
CoinMarketCap Ranking #66 31 Mar '20 5.10am UTC
FCAS Score 776 / A 31 Mar '20 5.10am UTC
SBD price US$ 0.740 31 Mar '20 5.10am UTC
Alexa rank ( #17,355 01 Apr '20 1.38am UTC
Unique visitors ( 185,986 / day 01 Apr '20 1.38am UTC
Page views ( 427,768 / day 01 Apr '20 1.38am UTC

This is #292 (31 Mar '20) of this daily news service.

[ graphics & images by @pennsif / Sharon French / Steem-Engine ]


Thanks for the mention @pennsif! Even tough I also belong in the NEW WITNESS section :D Hope you are coping the pandemic well, and I am super happy to have you here.

Hi there, now updated into the new witness section.

Are you on Discord?

Thank you for your support! Yes I took over the account of my husband who doesn't have the time anymore. Not all his opinions expressed in groups are mine though :D But this account is in all the major steem channels. Changed the name to Ciska [STEEM WITNESS]#3997
Everyone can reach out to me if they have a question regarding my witness or my plans for Steem. At this moment we bought the domain and working on a slack inspired digital workspace for steemdapps and communities. Entirely free for Steem. I will do an announcement when I have a clear idea when its finished. Speak you soon!

I can't seem to find you on Discord. I am Pennsif#9921 on Discord if you get a chance to connect.

you need to check, not and probably the market cap is missing, that's something that still had to be updated.

Hi @pennsif, a modest tip of appreciation:
Also, please check out my Fourth Nonsense Writing Contest.

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It is sad, the story behind Fitinfun. Now she will never post again, and her data will remain on the blockchain.

That is true. An immortal memoriam of Sharon's work will live on forever on the blockchain.

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