See The Additional Steem Witnesses I Have Voted On! (Kindly Support The 'surpassinggoogle’ Steem Witness)

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Many of the Steem witnesses i used to vote for have disabled their Steem witnesses. Recently thus, i have taken a look at my 'witness voting list' to update it. I have also voted for my Steem witness called 'surpassinggoogle'. It is a new witness on Steem. I hail from the Philippines!

I am hoping that this publication (endeavor) stirs further conversation at least about 'enhancement' that can be explored in relation to the 'governance model' for 'proof of stake' in general, Steem's and blockchain technology at large.

In this post, i display one of many possible reasons, why one may 'vote on a witness', other than the popular reason i.e 'playing a role in governance'.

Altogether, 'vote' by itself isn't sufficient when it comes to building an entire governance model. It is a very simple action; a button with a boolean!

A 'vote action' on its own doesn't carry enough context, reliable on for entire dire decision-making involving a community. It hasn't been effective in secular government, one of the reasons that has incited the birth of 'blockchain technology'.

When it comes to witness-voting, 'votes' on its own, doesn't constitute conclusive-enough data even analytically from which to derive facts sufficient for governance. Looking at it, the 'content vote-action' on Steem carries more context (weight) than 'witness-voting' when it comes to establishing 'the community's voice' e.g it has a dynamic cost, it is dynamically valued, its value can deplete, it is prominent on the UI, it is more timely etc. The 'content voting system' has more dynamics upon which to build better analytics, making for a more factual basis for decision-making, perhaps moreso than the current 'witness voting' dynamics.

Having said this, i allow room for evolution when it comes to these subjects and celebrate each attempt towards better decentralization. In my list of witness-voting today for instance, i look to inspire witnesses who have tried at all to explore 'options'; whether fresh or old.

Over the course of time, each one innovating (applying blockchain technology), there will be further revelations into the beauty of blockchain technology, till blockchain begins to attain its most tangible use; 'returning value to humans'. This will take time!

Different in its dynamics from mainstream platforms, there are tons of additional, unconventional reasons, even unheardof reasons for people's actions on blockchain, than what is popular or obtainable on mainstream platforms. I discussed some of these things here.

This is a short video discussing partially 'what decentralization means to me':

Blockchain technology is very, very, very interesting, especially blockchain(s) that use the 'proof of brain' model. For instance, even though the Steem blockchain constitutes a public ledger, it also has a privacy or anonymity paradigm. Too, while much of the 'value' measureable exists on the scenes (e.g on Steemit in the form of content), there is 'value' created behind the scenes, that we can't have entire insight into. Reiterating further that blockchain's most potent use isn't 'for governance'. Perhaps, it is a more potent tool as a 'mentality adjuster'? Who knows!

I have been on Steem for close to 4 years. In these years, i have come to know many people on Steem. This is also a factor in deciding who i have added to my voting-list today. As highlighted earlier, there are many other factors involved in my decision-making here, which can't have been captured by virtue of my 'voting-action' alone.

In the past few days, i started adding new witnesses to my voting-list. Those whom i have voted on in the past (still running their Steem witnesses) stay intact.

'Witness Voting' for me is not entirely indicative of supporting 'a witness views'. It is a simple action which on its own don't carry enough context. Among other things, my vote is to inspire those who attempt to build, to keep building.

I know how hard it is to build. I have tried to build,,, macrohard etc and it is very hard to build.

Here are some of the witnesses i have added to my list. (I Have A Small Vote Of 48MV)

  1. @blockbrothers - I know them to a measure, based on their history on Steem. Popular among their creations is the 'Steemify app'. I also know @exyle, a long-term Steem community member. May my small vote inspire them to keep building at least.

2. @steemhunt - They have been building innovations, tangible for the world at large. From ' to'. These are Steem applications that i have used.

In their history on Steem, they have very much involved 'community'. I have seen @jayplayco, @project7, @tabris
interact with the Steem community over the years and 'community' has formed a core aspect of their enterprise model. They have chosen MODs for their projects from all locations and this is very refreshing to see. I pay attention to the voice of the Steem community and i have witnessed how much '' especially, has come to mean to many.

@steemhunt have also explored one interesting facet of Steem's 'proof of brain' that has been under-utilized i.e rewarding 'value'.
While 'proof of brain' is prominent for rewarding 'content', content is only one form of value. @steemhunt have used their projects to reward moderators for instance, with vote.

May my small vote inspire them to keep building at least.

3. @dtube.witness -
This is the witness associated with, a video-sharing application that uses the Steem blockchain along with its blockchain. It has recently also integrated HIVE. This application is one of the oldest applications on Steem and it has history. It has explored various aspects of Steem and 'blockchain technology' overall. They have looked to stir awareness to 'blockchain technology' at large, providing options for people to re-post their content from mainstream platforms like YouTube on ''.

has explored other underlying aspects of Steem, inciting the creation of his own blockchain, while still integrating facets of Steem relevant to their model.

May my small vote inspire them to keep building at least.

- This is the witness associated with, an application that is steem-based, focusing on movie-reviews. They have tried to create something that enhances the lives of humans and brings further awareness to 'blockchain technology and digital currency' and that in itself is admirable. It is very tough to create these innovations, let alone maintain them.

I am not sure yet the community members behind but i have seen @virus707 at least curating actively on '', with a measure of interaction. May my small vote inspire them to keep building at least.

Curating their tag #aaa from my ' tribe', i am able to gain insight into their community endeavors and curation efforts on ''.

5. @zzan.witnesses
- This is a witness associated with the Steemzzang tribe, a steem-based application that stems from Korea but has been posed to serve all locations. I have witnessed the inception of their community, starting from a discord server that i was invited too, where giveaways where held to incite 'community'.

I also met with @cjsdns
briefly at Steemfest 4, managing a brief conversation. I have known the user '@ayogom' for a long time on Steem.

Curating their tag #zzan from my ' tribe', i am able to gain insight into their community endeavors and curation efforts on

May my small vote inspire them to keep building at least.

6. @kevinwong - I have known him for a long time here on Steem. Among the things he has done, is explored vast dynamics when it comes to the use of Steem and blockchain technology at large. Regardless, i love to see these endeavors and i celebrate these innovative aspects of human.

I noticed that i haven't voted on him yet, even though i vote for him with my other accounts. So, i voted for him now.

May my small vote inspire him to keep building at least.

7. @yehey - I have known him on Steem for a long time. He wrote one of the most in-depth resources online for setting up a steem witness from the scratch as seen on ''.

He has continued to innovate, explore and try out many community-based initiatives, since he started out on Steem. May my small vote inspire him to keep building at least.

8. @cn-witnesses - I am thinking that this witness is associated with members of the Steem CN community and the SteemCN tribe. I am not sure who exactly is behind this witness but i do know members of the CN community that may be part of this endeavor, based on my interaction with the steemCN community via curation, users like
@ericet @honoru
, @htliao, @minloulou

I curate the #CN tag on and i have become familiar with these community members. Users like '@htliao @minloulou', i have known from long ago.

May my small vote inspire them to keep building at least.

9. @indo-witness - I know the user '@levycore' (and for a long time on Steem) but more importantly, i do want to see a witness hailing from the location of Indonesia thrive; that is a rarity altogether.

According to me "nations are merely locations" and 'blockchain technology' will only reach its full potential, if also used to abate some of the world's renown dynamics and barriers like 'developed, developing, third-world' etc.

These communities labeled 'developing' by world-standards are quite under-looked and can play a role in bringing awareness to blockchain technology overall. I hail from the Philippines and i know what impact these communities can have in terms of bringing 'blockchain technology' to mainstreamity.

May my small vote inspire them to keep building at least.

10. @steemchiller - He is a long time member of the Steem community. He undertakes the route of innovating and in general, that is a big deal in itself. He has kept evolving the tool, intimating me on his desire to evolve.

May my small vote inspire them to keep building at least.

11. @dlike - This is a witness associated with the application ''. I have used this application several times in the past. I don't know the user behind the project but it is a project with some history on Steem. While curating the #dlike tag on, i see how much impact it has in terms of 'community' and in terms of creating further awareness to blockchain technology at large. I also know some constant users of, like '@kamchore,
, @iyanpol12
, @atongis etc'.

May my small vote inspire them to keep building at least.

12. @snackplus
- This witness is associated with trips.teem, an application that was once growing popular on Steem for content related to 'travels'. I got to know from the user @rosatravels who likes to travel. @snackplus has the intention of restoring the @trips.teem app to live.

May my small vote inspire them to keep building at least.

13. @dev.supporters - I want to inspire the motion of this witness as it focuses on inspiring 'programmers'. I am building an entire enterprise called 'Macrohard' that shares this focus, attempting to further remove barriers to entry from the world of programming. (You can find some information about its evolution on @macrohard.)

I know some of the community members behind this witness e.g @wonsama @glory7 @donekim. I do a lot of curation and learn about many users hailing from Korea, while curating tags like '#kr, #spt etc' on the tribe, a tribe that i run.

I have gained further insight into the person of @glory7 more recently, seeing his interaction, response to stimuli and views on several subjects.

May my small vote inspire them to keep building at least.

14. @thecryptodrive - This witness is a long-term member of Steem. He has carried out many projects on Steem and in relation to the projection of 'blockchain technology' at large and his endeavors has engaged many. Some of his projects includes

I should have voted on his witness in the past but my 'surpassinggoogle' was usually '30 votes full' in that past. Even though you haven't interacted with me, i have interacted with people like '@reggaemuffin @cryptomancer etc'.

May my small vote inspire them to keep building at least.

15. @actifit - is a popular application, one that has had a lot of community impact on Steem. I have actively curated #actifit on and it is very obvious how many people have become active participants of 'blockchain technology' courtesy of this application, among other things.

May my small vote inspire them to keep building at least.

16. @justyy
- This witness is a long-term Steem user. I have known him, interacted with him and used his application many times. His application is and

he has kept evolving this tool consistently, filling it with unique mini-tools, that help you fully explore the beauty of the Steem blockchain.

I have also consulted with him in the past about things related to programming in my journey to building my own applications. He is a programmer. I didn't have the chance to vote for him in the past as my account usually had its 30 witness-slots filled.

May my small vote inspire him to keep building at least.

17. @chronocrypto
- I know this user mostly on whaleshares but passively for the most part as i was on whaleshares, mostly to support as many humans as i could on there via curation. Altogether, he innovates too. He runs witnesses on several other blockchains and he has built interfaces too, in a bid to engage 'community'. He has been on Steem for a long time too and that is of essence.

May my small vote inspire him to keep building at least.


The witnesses whom i have voted for in the past (that are still 'Steem-enabled') remain the same, whether they run 22.5 or not.

My witness-list will grow gradually in the coming days or weeks to fill up my witness-slots.

If you are witness on Steem, you can leave a comment below indicating your interest in my vote. It is small (some 48 MV) but i would like to inspire your cause, especially if it is one that will involve 'community'; 'humans'.

You Are Invited To Vote For My 'Steem' Witness Too.

'surpassinggoogle' is a Steem witness. It runs 22.5 but currently shows '0.00' till it finds its first block. I am located in the Philippines and gradually i am building innovations like ' (tribe),,, @macrohard etc'. Read more!

Kindly Vote On The 'surpassinggoogle' Witness On Steem. (You can vote directly via steemconnect here or visit '' and scroll down till you find a witness search box, then type in 'surpassinggoogle' and vote.)

I have been a witness on Steem for up to two years but not with 'surpassinggoogle'. I now run a witness on Hive and Steem.

I love Steem and what it can represent and i will continue to be in its journey. I am on Hive as well. Where people rendezvous, i will be there to rendezvous too. My people are still here and i will be here too and play my role to build, create and innovate projects with the primary focus of 'returning value to humans'.

Read my witness announcement post here. It covers almost 4 years of my history on Steem and all the things i am building.


I hope that Steem witnesses can direct some more focus towards 'communities'. Now is the time!

While there is so much focus on building codes for a flawless blockchain, we lose touch with the beauty that already exists. It is already obvious even with 'blockchain technology' at large, that there is too much focus directed at 'developers/programmers'. For instance on Steem, since the inception of the 'communities' feature, how much have we looked into exploring this beautiful simple aspect of Steem? Did you know that it is now possible for thousands of people to own entire blockchain-based applications in relation to their dreams/innovations courtesy of 'their steem-community'? (They can even get a unique domain name and direct this domain to their own community space, further decentralizing entry points to the steem blockchain.) What will it take to propagate say '100 communities' till they have '1000 subscribers' each?

This is a very simple non-developer step to take, to stir more participation, growth and awareness to 'blockchain technology' but have really looked in this direction, even now that the code for communities is live? Will things like SPS support simple initiatives like this?

Code is something but among other things, these simple community initiatives, when mined, teach code.

Kindly read or support my Steem DAO proposal

Read full version of my proposal...

You Can Also Support Me I Other Ways.

Your Boy Terry, whether bulls or bears



Have you missed the Hive fork ???

No bro, I didn’t. I am on there. I am on both Steem and Hive.

So you are ok with a platform that started censoring? Should we not honour our ideals?

The context is grander than steem or hive or other forks or blockchain out there. This is more of a world issue. I am on steem as well as hive. I run servers on both and I have always ran one on steem cos it has history and much significance to me. I started my witness when my mum was dying. It isn’t much about supporting views. Adjusting views takes an entire curriculum and blockchain can be used to this effect in the long term, a mentality adjuster more that just code. I am open to playing a role by just building the things I intended to build. Prior to these times, that has been my focus as well. It wasn’t to be swayed by what others do. When I took this step I knew attacks were coming (not from you) and why should that be the case, if it was a hive or steem thing? Why should I be suddenly deemed undeserving of respect and forget anything that I may constitute cos I didn’t leave steem and well I am very active on hive. Even of the so-called nonsense I sift of to find sense there in. So for once, I came out with it cos I understand. I have 4 dapps as well. I will need to create my own narratives of the situation and that will take time. Truth is I didn’t look in deep cos I saw all this coming. Plus I have life of illness where I don’t see sunlight taking care also of my dad who is very ill. Again it has always existed in the world at large, from way before blockchain. Where we replay these ideals on blockchain, then blockchain will never find its purpose. My being here is not to support views. I have been here and have my space on it just like anyone. I don’t know much of the details about those posts blocked but steemit isn’t mine. I use the most. Look at my account for instance and see how my posts have been downvoted down to zero even other posts. Even so, I don’t carry out similar action or leave or suddenly forget a person’s history or their good. Even in the face of the notsogood, I find testimonial use for good. I used blockchain for many other things. I learn a lot from it. It is cctv into the true state of the world to me. I learn and build. I learn from all this.

Thanks a lot for supporting steem. I know you for so long time and I like everything you are doing. That's why I voted for you with both my account and @dcooperation and all those who are following my proxy. Keep going on !

Thank you a lot bro. It is not easy at all but with continuous push beautiful things can happen. Thank you for being inspiring me again today.

Thank you for your vote for cn-witnesses
Thank You!

No worries. It is long road. I am ill and slow but I will keep pushing. Please help me spread the word. To htliao and others. Thank you for your vote as well.

This is a very informative post. Thanks for this post. This post helps us to understand about the witnesses. There are a lot of witnesses I don't know about them. I know a few of the witnesses like @steemhunt, @dlike, @steemchiller,@actifit, @chronocrypto, @dtube. I lus to work on @steemhunt and @dlike and still working on dlike platform.

I Voted for you wish you the best of luck.
surpassinggoogle witness vote.PNG

Steem platform really need some people who are serious about this platform and witnesses are considered as the Guardians of the steem blockchain so we need some real witnesses, not some dummy witnesses who don't do anything for this blockchain. Also, we have to find some way to support the projects the old witnesses leftover and we should be thankful to the old witnesses who developed a lot of tools to support the steem blockchain.

Long Live Steem

Thank you for the vote. And it is a long road even from blockchain at large but it is possible to get there. Thank you again and stay awesome.

Thanks so much for such a detailed review/opinion :D

You are welcome. Thank you visiting my post and leaving a comment

You are welcome. Thank
You visiting my post and
Leaving a comment

                 - surpassinggoogle

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