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Thriving Through a Symbiotic Equilibrium

A lot of things have led us to this very moment, lots of ups and downs, however, we believe that there is no point now in regurgitating the past after learning from it. To become too obsessed with it without planning for the future and move forward. Many people have lost greatly because they decided to see the core issues of the past from different vectors, owing to the fact that there was an illusion of property safety and immutability. An illusion that was brilliantly orchestrated by several players in the Steem Blockchain who took an oath to always serve the chain, the values it promotes and its communities. That no one will be the object of public shame and reprisal simply because of their opinion or for any other reason. That oath was maliciously and unfortunately tied to an unspoken and tacit rule of a total ruling by a set of people who played on the capitalization of skills and knowledge about the chain to monopolize the hierarchy and the economy. A totalitarian system that was hidden beneath the reward pool and other artificial indicators of happiness, obedience, consent, and total compliance. The situation was clearly harmful and unhealthy, which obviously limited the growth of the community and the ecosystem as a whole.

Just to make it clear from the start. We will never run or support any code regardless of its technical feasibility (transaction refusal) which will directly or indirectly endanger the immutability of the chain and the property of all its users. No ecosystem will thrive if the actors that operate within it will see their culmination of efforts go into the void for reasons that go beyond their own decisions. The Blockchain technology is supposed to mitigate and completely remove the limitations and restrictions enforced by the conventional banking system, to have a decentralized system of authority that will guarantee freedom. Freedom of expression and the freedom from any retaliatory measures which could be taken by a centralized authority. The Steem Blockchain is a free market where everyone can compete, socialize, and innovate without fear. No one should be able to weaponize it and monopolize it for its own personal good, but this can not happen unless these ideas get implemented into the code and we are well aware of this fact. We need to revive user confidence in the chain, what they need is to be sure that the code is safe from the downfalls of human nature, the downfalls that we have all experienced here in recent weeks.

Despite their careful exercise of neutrality, people will generally and unconsciously (or consciously) infuse some of their own peculiarities and idiosyncrasies into any responsibilities or projects they undertake, hence the need for an environment that is completely immune to these flaws and conceptual relativity. The community must understand the characteristics of the Steem chain to anticipate potential contingencies and work to resolve problems before they become reality and damage the entire ecosystem. The community is and will always be the first and last line of defense.

We are not here to point fingers, we are here to make Steem the best version of itself. It is something that requires vision and dedication, on top of understanding that great achievements come with a high price, a price that we are all here ready to pay. We are going to help the community to set markers as a proxy indicator for efficiency and accountability. Because it is proven that quality and efficiency always deteriorate if accountability is completely absent.

We are also not going to take a tiny substratum and using it to represent the entire structure, we are well aware that the will to do what is right is alone is not enough to make things improve and change for the better. Below you will find points that we will focus on in our journey to make Steem a better place for all kinds of people and businesses:

  • a. Run a full node in the near future to decentralize and secure Steem even further.
  • b. Support infrastructures and tools that play a key role in the Steem ecosystem.
  • c. Promote Steem and attract more users and investors to the chain.
  • d. Encourage changes that enforce the respect of freedom of speech and private property.
  • e. Defend our home against malicious actors, spam, abuse, and disinformation.
  • f. Work on improving and unifying dev-related documentation and other connex resources.
  • g Work on changes that will make the Steem Blockchain more attractive to investors (PD time ...).
  • h. Push for a formalization of a Steem Foundation to facilitate intra-extra communication.
  • i. Work on demystifying what it means to be a witness to make the community a better judge.
  • j. Focus on the community, and enhance usability, user retention, and experience.
  • k. Work toward definite solutions to facilitate the onboarding process.
  • l. Work on defining the ideal criteria in order for proposals to get funding from DAO.
  • m. Develop tools to facilitate the interaction with the Steem Blockchain for the end-user.
  • n. Support and incentivize projects and initiatives that are centered around the Steem ecosystem.
  • o. Promote accountability toward the community by posting mandatory and detailed monthly updates.
  • p. Open channels with the community to answer their questions, audits, and concerns.
  • q. and much more ...

We are thankful for whoever played a major role in paving the way for us in the past and anyone who wants to participate in making Steem great. Although we are trying to do our best, there are realities that cannot be denied, this Blockchain, like many others, promotes the idea of ​​decentralization and immutability, which reflects the community aspect since there is no state actor who plays a role in its governance and in ensuring its preservation and maintenance. One could just imagine what steem would look like in the near future, but those imaginations would be either guesses or the outer edges of hypothesizing. Steem is what people make of it, thus, we are ready to pave the way for the people that will come after us, to honor the tradition that Steem is bigger the just oneself. Consequently, we will take responsibility and stop dreaming about a brighter future without accepting the hardship that comes with the process of crafting it.

We are here for Steem, proud to be a reflection of such an amazing community.

Initial Team Members:

I have been on this blockchain for almost 3 years, during which I have seen the ups and downs of the community, the success, the failure, the conflicts, things that did work and others that did not. My experience with steem was really epic, I was an active community member and although I am a real-life doctor, I have been passionate about programming since I was a child, Steem helped improve and sharpen my skills. For instance, I worked with utopian developing my own open-source project ‘steem voice’ and other mini-projects, then I moved to work with the Da Vinci team as an Arabic translation moderator. In the meantime, I was consistently sharing several scientific articles with the community in different languages (English, French, and Arabic). I truly think being able to speak several languages fluently is a huge advantage if we aim to make steem global and universal, I noticed in the past that many foreign communities lack support from whales and that does the opposite of incentivizing users to stay and eventually buy Steem., this is why we aim to make sure every user gets a chance to thrive and grow. It is a chain reaction, users attract other users and they form a small community that attracts investors and project developers.

I will take care of the technical aspect of the node along with my usual role as an active member and blogger.

I have been on Steem for more than two years now and was involved in several known projects (some of them are still running) that played an important role in the Steem Blockchain. Projects such as Utopian (Rewarding Open Source Contributions), Da Vinci Witness Project (Specialized Technical Localization), Curangel (Curation Initiative), and Localize-it (Localization Project). Furthermore, I am highly involved in discussions and well aware of the flaws that we, as a community, need to deal with. The lack of manpower forces me to play a multi-role which sometimes requires transdisciplinary skills and knowledge, a role that I am honored to play, hoping that more people will join us on our journey to a better future.

Specifications of the server:

  64G DDR4 | 2x512GB NVMe | Intel i7 | U1GBPS


If we reach the consensusTOP20stage, we would like to announce that the witness will shift to a non-profit model only and all resources generated by it will be redirected and dedicated to the improvement of the witness and other vital infrastructures to the Steem ecosystem. If anyone wants to help or share his skills for the greater good of Steem, do not hesitate to reach us.


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