The Steem News @ 26 January 2023 : Booming Support - Applications Invited...

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Steemit is inviting applications from communities who would like @booming support.

The Steemit Engagement Challenge is now in Week 3 of Season 7.

Today's Steem News also includes news and updates about Power Ups & STEEM Burns, SteemPro, Press4Steem, Burning DAO Funds, Showcase Interviews, Live Steem on Instagram, Steem TV, Steem for Bangladesh, Incredible India, and Contests on Steem...

1. Booming Support - Applications Invited

Steemit is inviting applications from communities who would like support from the 1.5M SP @booming accounts.

Selected communities will be able to submit a certain number of posts each day for votes from @booming01-04.

To be eligible to apply communities need to be at least 3 months old, have at least 50 active posters, and have at least 1000 SP of their own in their community account.

The closing date for applications is 11:59 pm UTC, on Friday 27 January 2023...

2. Engagement Challenge - Season 7 Week 3

The Steemit Engagement Challenge has now moved on to week 3 of Season 7.

The third week of Season 7 has contests about family holidays, cryptech diaries, the Steemit Education Festival, food diaries, fruit delicacies, drawing photos, and understanding crypto trading...

Pennsif the Witness

After almost 2000 days on Steem I decided it was time to take my contribution to the platform to the next level.

I have therefore set up as a Steem witness... @pennsif.witness

If anyone would like to support what I already do, and what I am planning to do, by giving one of their 30 witness votes to @pennsif.witness I would be hugely grateful.

You can read my full witness announcement here...

@pennsif.witness has now reached #20. Thank you to everyone who has voted to help get to this position.

3. Power Ups & Burns

The latest stats from @remlaps this week have revealed a small increase in the amount of STEEM that is powered up.

The past week has seen a 205K SP (0.12%) increase to 167,651,646 STEEM powered up, equivalent to a value of $33,263,260...

@remlaps continues to track the impact of Steemit's burnsteem25 campaign encouraging people to set a 25% beneficiary to @null to reduce the amount of STEEM, which potentially will increase its value.

In the past week there have been 952 burnsteem25 posts.

The total burnt since June has now reached 113K SP, 77K STEEM, and 909 SBD...

@remlaps has also produced a fun bar chart race of the top-20 accounts from each week by number of VESTS sent to @null in beneficiary rewards since last May...

4. Developer Updates

Developer @faisalamin has posted further updates on new additions to SteemPro for Community Reports, Mass Voting and the Steem Watchers Portal...

@steemwow and @pennsif.witness have released an updated version of their Press4Steem plugin for linking Wordpress blogs with Steem.

The new version fixes a bug on certain server configurations, and also adds a new Settings page where you can specify the Steem API Node you wish to use...

5. Releasing DAO Funds to Burn Steem

Top 20 Witness @donekim (of @dev.supporters) has continued the discussion about the proposal to release funds from the Steem SPS (DAO) to burn as STEEM...

The suggestion for using the DAO funds for burning was posted a week ago by long time Steem investor @jondoe...

More on the background to the DAO and this proposal can be found in the last edition of Steem News...

6. Interviews with @kingporos & @rex-sumon

@ubongudofot has done two more Showcase interviews - both with members of the @bangla.witness team - @kingporos and @rex-sumon...

Number 12 witness @bangla.witness has posted a monthly update of its activities...

7. Live Steem

Nigeria Country Rep and member of the Steem Marketing project @ubongudofot is going live again on Instagram on Sunday...

@ubongudofot has posted a recording of his SteemTV interview with @skinnyblack all about diabetes...

8. Community Meetings

Country Rep @ripon0630 has posted details of the Monthly Community Meeting for Steem for Bangladesh on Friday evening...

@nainaztengra of the Incredible India team has announced details of a community meeting on Discord also on Friday evening...

9. Contests on Steem

@disconnect continues to publish his comprehensive daily list of current contests on Steem.

There are 83 contests in the latest list with over 650 STEEM in prizes...

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This post has been translated and reposted in the Berita Steem @ 26 Januari 2023 : Dukungan Booming - Lamaran Diundang...

Thank you - much appreciated.

you're welcome brother...

Gracias @inspiracion por traducir Steem News.

Buena sección de noticias, el programa de Booming ha sostenido a un gran número de usuarios que día a día crean contenido de calidad. Me alegra mucho que esten denuevo en busca de comunidades comprometidas

Con respecto a los nuevos requisitos de las comunidades, siempre pensé que una multifirma sería ideal para evitar el Power Down masivo de grandes cantidades de STEEM POWER comunitario, espero muchas comunidades apliquen y sigan construyendo su SP

Saludos y bendiciones amigo

Sí, MultiSig sería ideal para 'proteger' las cuentas comunitarias.

Hey @pennsif you might not remember me but I'm back to check out how are things on steem and the community. Could you please give me a summary or point me to one post that could be relevant to what has happened in say past 2-3 years lol

Hi Roberto

Yes I remember you in Costa Rica. You were connected with the tree project in Cameroon weren't you?

The two best places to catch up with events of the past couple of years would be @steemitblog posts, and my Steem News.

Contact me on Discord (Pennsif#9921) if you have any questions.


Exactly I've lost contact with @martin.mikes and I'm not sure about the progress in the project. @treeplanter was surely a nice project to be involved. I will try to see what I can do now in steemit.

I hope you manage to keep posting on Steem.

Are you still involved in any environmental projects?

Yes I'm but more hands on with the green team in the company I work for. I'm all in doing bee keeping and trying to save native stingless bees

Hope you can make some posts about the beekeeping.

I'm hoping to get started with keeping bees this year.

That is a good idea! I have been preparing my backyard to be able to sustain the new inhabitants

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