[ENG] Introduction to jsup upvoting service

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Introduction to jsup upvoting service

How it works:

If you delegate SP(STEEM POWER) to @jsup, @jsup will give upvote to your new post once a day. If you delegate SP, upvoting will start the next day.

Please Note that timezone is GMT+9.

Vote weight is proportional to your delegated SP. Reward is about x10 of self-voting. For example, if you delegate 11% of @jsup's current SP, you will get about 98%~99% vote weight.

As of 2021-07-28 22:00:00 GMT+9, @jsup's SP is 18311sp and 11% is 2014sp.

Check the following post about how to delegate SP to another account.


Specifying beneficiaries:

You can support your family members, friends, and favorite authors by specifying beneficiaries for your SP delegation.

Delegate SP to @jsup, and leave a comment to @jsup's latest post. For example, you may leave a comment like "split my delegation as follows: 30% to A, 20% to B, and 50% to myself".

@jsup will check the comment, configure the server accordingly, and leave a reply to your comment.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.

Thank you, and let's do steemit!



UPDATE: curation reward will be also distributed!
@jsup curation project will distribute your curation reward

split my delegation as follows: 100% to myself.

with current steem power of @jsup, you would need to delegate at least 4~5sp to get upvote because the minimum possible vote weight is 0.01%.

What of the one I just delegated

you should increase delegation to a feasible amount, or undelegate.

delegation of 1sp results in vote weight less than 0.01%, so upvoting is not possible(everything is automated)

If I add extra 3sp will it do?

for now, i think if you delegate 4sp you'll be able to get upvote. but note that if @jsup's total sp increases, your vote weight might become less than 0.01%.

split my delegation as follows: 100% to myself.

it's already done. default configuration is 100% to yourself.

I am not getting any reward on my post

your post have been upvoted and vote weight(reward) is proportional to SP delegation. currently you delegated only 4.8sp and vote weight is 0.04%.

Very good

Very good

@jsup upvoted❤️

@jsup If I delegate 500 power to you, how many votes will I get in a day? And if I delegate 900 then

You'll get one upvote per day(timezone GMT+9). Vote worth is about 10x compared to self-voting. If you delegate 500sp, for example, vote worth will be similar to 100% vote of 5000sp.

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