STEEM.NFT - Preserve your art on Steemit & IPFS

Hello, this is @joviansummer. I'd like to introduce my new experimental STEEM project, named STEEM.NFT.

STEEM.NFT lets you tokenize and preserve paintings/photos of your own creation on Steemit & IPFS(Inter-Planetary File System, check here for more info). You can also buy or sell tokenized art.

This post will briefly explain how to use STEEM.NFT service.

How to mint(tokenize)

First, create a Steemit post with one image and indentify the permlink. Permlink is the last part of your post URL, separated by '/'. For example, consider the following URL:

The permlink of the above post is "3fz7ns-jswit"

To mint your post, send 0.05SBD(minting fee) to @steem.nft with minting request memo. Minting request memo format is as follows:

!mint [permlink] [creator_royalty_rate]

Creator royalty rate can be from 1 to 10(integer). If you set this value to be 2, you will receive 2% of the price sold when transaction occurs. Using the above example post, memo will be as follows:

!mint 3fz7ns-jswit 2

If successfully minted, you will get acknowlegement reply with unique NFT identifier and link to your minted post. If error occurrs, your fee will be refunded.

URL for minted NFT post will have the following format:[NFT_ID]

Check the following link to see a minted NFT post with NFT_ID "0x1000000000000001-01":

You can mint multiples times for the same post. This will generate copies. If you edit your original post and mint again, you will have revised edition.

How to sell your NFT

When minted, your NFT post is NOT FOR SALE. To change availability, send 0.001SBD to @steem.nft with sell request memo, whose format is as follows:

!sell [nft_id] [sbd_price] [designated_buyer(optional)]

For example, if you want to sell NFT whose identifier is '0x1000000000000001-00' for 2.5SBD, the memo should be as follows:

!sell 0x1000000000000001-00 2.5

The above request will change availability from "NOT FOR SALE" to "ON SALE FOR 2.5SBD"

If you want to sell the NFT to specific user, you can add designated buyer. If you want to sell the NFT to @jsup for example, the memo should be as follows:

!sell 0x1000000000000001-00 2.5 jsup

If you want to change availability back to "NOT FOR SALE", send sell request with price of -1SBD. Using the above example, the memo should be as follows:

!sell 0x1000000000000001-00 -1

@steem.nft will send you back 0.001SBD with memo containing processing result.

How to buy NFT

If you want to buy NFT on sale, send SBD matched to the price of the NFT to @steem.nft with buy request memo, whose format is as follows:

!buy [nft_id]

For example, suppose that you want to buy NFT "0x1000000000000001-00" which is on sale for 2.5SBD. You should send 2.5SBD to @steem.nft with the following memo:

!buy 0x1000000000000001-00

Ownership information for the NFT will be updated, and seller will receive SBD after deducting creator royalty and transaction fee(1%). For example, if creator royalty rate is 3%, then royalty will be 0.075SBD(3% of 2.5SBD). Transaction fee is 0.025SBD(1% of 2.5SBD). Seller will receive 2.5 - 0.075 - 0.025 = 2.4SBD.

Minimum fee/royalty is 0.001SBD. Suppose that an NFT is on sale for 0.01SBD. In this case, transaction fee will be calculated as 0.0001SBD, but actual fee will be 0.001SBD becuase the minimum possible value of SBD is 0.001SBD.

NFT showroom & personal galleries

You can browse all NFT posts in STEEM.NFT.showroom community:

You can also browse personal galleries. For example, to see the NFTs owned by @joviansummer, check the following link:

To see the NFTs owned by @jswit, check the following link:

You may have guessed it. URL for personal gallery is as follows:[ACCOUNT_ID]

There is one thing to remember. If [ACCOUNT_ID] contains a dot(.), personal gallery URL will contain double-dash(--) instead of dot(.). For example, personal gallery for @heaven.pool will be as follows:

If you have any question, feel free to leave a reply to any of my posts. I will try my best to answer it.

Thank you for reading!

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Wow is this for real? this is a good start in creating NFT. Thumbs up for this.

It's kind of experimental, but it's real. Thank you for the comment.

 2 years ago 

Upvoted! Thank you for supporting witness @jswit.

I've given @jswit my witness vote. I hope it turns out well.

Thank you so much!

buena suerte, por tus esfuerzos y buenos pagos, espero que siempre seas el mejor..

This experiment seems interesting, I will love to join after learning about NFT's.

Hello friends, if you support me, I will support you too. If you follow me, I trust you too.

Check here :- @ashutos

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