#3 Minnowhelper Writing Contest is over!!!!

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Hello Steemians,
The #3 writing contest of @minnowhelper is over, thank you very much for participating.

We want to thank the following users for funding the contest prize:

UserAmount of Donation
@minnowhelperteam10 SBD
@innerstellar0.010 SBD
@ninoh220.001 SBD
@mittymartz1.000 SBD
@durrani0.100 SBD
@saini880.437 SBD
@pjay960.200 SBD
From blacklisted/flagged users on @minnowhelper Bots3.554 SBD

The winners are the following Users:


Thanks for your support!
The @minnowhelper team.


please refund my SBD @minnowhelper

I am glad to see my name here in your post.. I didn't expect that I will win this contest.. By the way congratulations everyone.. And thank you @minnowhelper for doing this kind of contest..

Hello @minnowhelper, am I a winner? about contest writing

Thankyou for your support,when we announce another contest ??

Thank you very much. This was fun!

thanks to @minnowhelper... i really appreciate. ..and am glad am one of the benefactors...thanka alot. ..you are da bomb

Congratulations! Go Steemers!

haha I upvoted, resteemed, sent 0.01 sbd but did not post my link on the comment haha i'm really clumsy. Oh well. I'll just wait for the next contest haha.

thank you @minnowhelper for this nice contest...it was so good..... and waiting for another lovely contest...☺

Thanks, for your support, i don't believe that i won a prize :).

congratulation the winners

Thanks minnowhelper keep the good work going

Delegation to minnow is not a bad idea you know 🙈

thank you very much and congratulations to all winners!

Congrat everyone.

plz refund my 0.05 sbd for my boost plz check

Thanks for the contest and for your big contribution to this wonderful platform!

congratulations minnow nice very nice service for me

Hi my brother
Teach me to use better and useful esteem
Until you have more vote like you ....
Thank you

thanks for organising this contest. pls when is the next one.

Follow and upvoted can I get a free upvote

Fuck minnowhelper why refund my 0.05SBD and i cannot get upvote

Dear @mgzayyar,
You are on the blacklist, for abusing our promotion system. In your blog you publish only images with a short description. Read about the blacklist at https://steemit.com/steemit/@minnowhelper/blacklist-update-18-01-2018

Writing comments in other users post about refund, or in @minnowhelper posts, or my posts (@minnowhelperteam) will not be tolerated as valid refund procedure and not be refunded i can monitor 10+ locations.
Also users on ban list cant be refunded sorry.

Users who request help with technical problems in our publications will be ignored and in repeated cases will be placed on the blacklist. If you need help, contact us through Slack Chat.

What to do if you are on the blacklist?
First to be removed you should change your style, posts with one picture, video and one line of text are not compatible for upvotes. If you somehow start to produce good content contact @minnowhelperteam to review your work and remove you from ban list.

best regards.

Minnowhelper Team

So stupid and stolen my sbd .why i cannot find my name on the blacklist.

U shoud write too long or too short your info but i get back for my 0.05 SBD.

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