Don't sweat the small stuff - Why earning low rewards today shouldn't be a big deal

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I recently did an interview with @terrybrock where I talked about my experience since I first joined Steemit, and my advise for new users on how to be successful. I talked about what it was like starting out as a new user with no followers (earning practically no rewards), and how I went from a 'nobody' on the platform, to one of the more well known users.

If you haven't watched the video yet, I highly recommend you check it out:
Steemit Success Series- @timcliff on Who To Target With Your Content

There have been a lot of thoughts spinning around in my head since the interview, and the recent spike in SBD prices to over $10 has reminded me of something that I should have talked more about in the interview. To me, this is really key for every user to keep in mind - and probably one of the most important things that we can teach new users to improve their experience.

Most users are looking at their rewards in the wrong way

The tokens that we earn today (through our blogging, commenting, and curating) have real value. That is part of what makes the Steem platform so amazing. Anybody can join, post content (about whatever they want) and earn rewards for the value they produce. Where else on the internet is this possible?

There is a lot of discussion about the rewards on the platform, and how we should not make rewards the main focus. While I totally agree that the Steem platform is SO MUCH MORE than just earning rewards, let's face it - most of us that are here do want to earn some money.

The three biggest complaints that I hear from new users are:

  1. The platform is unfair (other users are earning more, and they clearly don't deserve it).
  2. It is way to difficult to get noticed and earn significant rewards without putting in a ton of effort.
  3. My upvotes are worth practically nothing. After I upvote something, it only rewards the user a penny.

When users are so focused on rewards, it is easy to look at the small amount that they are earning and think it is not worth it.

Everyone seems to be focused on how much their rewards are worth today though. A 0.02 may not seem like a lot today (and it is not), but that 0.02 upvote may actually be worth a lot of money some day. (Seriously.)

The average user needs to be more informed about the investment side of Steem.

Any user can take 50% of their earnings and cash them out after 7 days. The other 50% can be left in the platform, or cashed out over a period of 13 weeks. When they cash out their rewards, where does that money come from though? It comes from an investor. Someone on the other side of the exchange (wherever the tokens are being sold) is buying those tokens. They are giving the user "real money" in exchange for the tokens. But why? Because they are expecting them to go up in value. Think about that. They aren't giving users free money out of the goodness of their hearts. They are paying for these tokens at the value they are being sold at, because they think/hope/expect that some day - they will be worth more.

I just went around to all of my friends accounts today and collected up all of the "loose change" SBD rewards that had collected in their accounts. Most of the accounts had around $0.10-$2.00 worth of SBD. While that may not seem like a lot - SBD is currently trading for over $10. It made for some very interesting conversations. Hey, remember that small amount of SBD that you left sitting in your account? It had actually gone way up in value. I just cashed it out for you. It was worth 19 bucks. It's really too bad you hadn't been more active on Steemit recently.. If you had just earned a few more dollars, you might have had over a hundred bucks.

Lots of little rewards can add up, and if those little rewards each go up in value - they can be worth a lot!

While SBD going from $1 to $10 was a pretty big surprise, STEEM going from $1 to $10 is something we should all start to consider a possibility. @steemitblog recently wrote an article comparing STEEM to Ethereum and it is pretty clear that the Steem blockchain blows Ethereum out of the water in many ways. ETH is currently sitting at $455.02 a token with a marketcap of $43,780,733,655. STEEM is sitting at $1.81 per token, with a marketcap of $445,703,080. Why couldn't STEEM be worth more? Why couldn't STEEM be worth a lot more?

With the plan to launch SMTs in early 2018, STEEM is going to be getting a lot more media exposure. It is not outside the realm of possibility that we could become one of the top 5 tokens. If that happens, STEEM tokens are going to be worth a lot more.

Users should really be asking themselves the question - do you want to be cashing out your rewards today, or would it be better to invest the money back into the platform? One of the easiest things to do with SBD rewards is to go to the internal market and use the SBD to buy STEEM. If the STEEM goes up in value, the same rewards will be worth more.

This info is not intended to be a price prediction, and it does not constitute investment advise. What it is intended to do is to point out that the rewards we earn today can be viewed in a much different light if we take a step back and look at what they could be worth several years down the line. Those few pennies that you earn today, really could be worth a lot.

Back in 2010, some guy bought two Papa John’s pizzas for 10,000 BTC. Assuming the pizza was about $20 USD, that puts the price of one BTC at $0.002 USD at the time. Today, BTC is sitting at around $15,000, and those same 10,000 BTC are worth about $150,000,000 USD. One penny worth of BTC from 2010 is now worth $150. Think about that for a second..

Closing Thoughts

While it is fun to think of STEEM tokens one day being worth $15,000 or more (and of course it is certainly possible), we do still have a ways to go. There are a lot of big improvements that need to be made, and our platform and community need to scale. My personal hope is that we can make 2018 the year that we get to $10 STEEM though, and I do think we can make that happen.

One thing that is important to keep in mind, is the token is not going to get to $10 (or $15,000) on its own. It is important that as members of the community, we take an active role in getting it there.

As yourself the question - what can you do to help increase the value of STEEM? Can you encourage local merchants to start accepting STEEM as a form of payment? Can you convince someone who will add a lot of value to join? Can you create an article that will start getting picked up by Google, and bring a lot more eye-balls to the site?

There are lots of ways to make the platform more valuable, and everybody has different talents and skills to offer. You might even have some way of adding value to the platform that nobody else can. I'm pretty confident that if we all work together to make this place as amazing as it can be - we really will reach the moon.

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I (and maybe everyone too) have learned a lesson with SBD: HODL it as much as possible and wait for the next (abnormal) pump. SBD peaked at $22 last May, and here we are 6 months later with another massive pump. It's fair to say nobody could have anticipated another surge like that until today, thanks to those Korean exchanges. Who knows what could happen in another 6 months, or less!

And that's not all! I've been paying close attention to its price on Bittrex for a few months, and very often it got a weekly pump. For example, it would surge to $2-3 in the space of a few minutes! If you're lucky to have placed a sell order (which I did a couple of times), then you would get a nice little quick weekly profit!!!

As for STEEM, having it stored in Steem Power is the best incentive to hold it for the long term. After all, we NEED Steep Power to transact and increase our stake/influence. DASH and Ethereum were cheap last year, below $10, but once they got their recognition, they skyrocketed. Everyone who missed on those look back and slap themselves: Why oh why didn't I get some?

I think STEEM is the perfect opportunity, I can't wait to see its value in one year. It too is bound for a glorious moment. Almost every coin and altcoin had their 10x surges (whether by a pump or by slower growth). STEEM is no different. Get it now while it's still cheap. And finally, investors seek price stability. STEEM price remained relatively stable despite all the market volatility since this summer. Major coins got up and stayed up, shitcoins got pumped and dumped into oblivion, yet STEEM is still here unbudged! THIS is a good sign for the future. Things can only go up from this point on.


STEEM/USDT pair in most exchanges will provide more stability and more trading opportunity. LTC, DASH, XMR, and most top coins have USDT pair in top exchanges. For example, one did put a buy order in BTC, BTC fell 25% and STEEM fell 10% against BTC, therefore, it fell against USDT by 32.5%. It is hard to trade inter-day with STEEM against BTC. Hopefully, STEEM will be added to top exchanges and traded against USD sooner than later.

This is motivational.

Let's do this together, let's talk about it, let's show the world what is being done on blockchain already, on what scale, with what speed and how secure these wallets are.

It's game time.


Yes #fitzgibbon it is so much motivational, before reading this post i decided to withdraw my SBD but i will not do it not this time.@timcliff

I really needed to read this, thanks. As a new user to steemit (aged 10 days) I have come across other new users with similar complaints that you've pointed out here regarding rewards. While some of my posts are only generating between 2 and 8 cents, it is important to understand that as a new user with next to 0 followers, there will be some hurdles to cross in order to get noticed. As for putting too much effort in, absolutely! You always have to put in 110% in everything you do. This is what will build an audience for you, and while you might only be making 8 cents a post now, as you gain more followers, you will get more exposure and thus higher rewards for your posts. Not only that, but regarding @timcliffs point about 1 pennies worth of BTC in 2010 is now worth $150, the 8 pennies I made on my last article could be $80 within the next few years. People buy because they know it'll go up. I plan to hold as long as I can and together we can all make the value of steem go up. I see new users joining every day by the dozens if not hundreds. If anything, STEEM is getting quite a bit of recognition and that alone increases the value of STEEM.


Some really good points in this article. As a new user I feel like sometimes the platform isn’t “fair” , but then I look at what successful people do on here and for the most part it’s making solid, consistent posts and finding a niche. Over time it all adds up and I’m seeing now how it’s really done! Thanks for taking the time to post such a well thought out article. Really enjoyed it. Kudos!!!

I invested in Steem when I joined in September and am happy I did. I love that my vote can pay out those that interact with me. Looking at it with the long view perspective 2 years to 3 years goes by pretty fast in life and we will all benifit from being early here and starting out with nothing even my friends that just join have started there journey in crypto and blockchain. I think Steem is the best place for people to start as you have the most to gain with the least to loose. You are already posting and sharing on other social platforms and all you get is the value of using it but no investment in the platform. I see steem as a tool to empower community and empower the individual to have a place to speak there mind and share the unique point of view. When communities come together in an open way such as then we see the real power of empowering others. Investing in people is investing in steem when the value of this is realized then there is no limit to where the price can go. I am proud to be a part of this forward thinking self supporting community that runs on the steem blockchain. Thank you for taking the journey with me.
Allowistic Artist
Vincent Wilhelm Vaughn Strader
Creativity flows in the waves of now #allowistic

Really appreciate both the concise points and the infectious enthusiasm with which you convey them @timcliff

"I'm pretty confident that if we all work together to make this place as amazing as it can be - we really will reach the moon."

This statement alone speaks volumes as to the profoundly symbiotic nature of Steemit. I don't use the word "profound" lightly I use it because I believe the entire platform gives a tantalising glimpse at how our entire society could be structured. Working together as opposed to working against each other, helping each other to fuel the platform and in turn help ourselves. In many ways this concept is the antithesis of the ruthless dog eat dog structure our society so often morphs into. Baby steps? yes but even the smallest of acorns can grow into the mightiest of oaks!

The average user needs to be more informed about the investment side of Steem.

Of course you're right. There were many articles on the subject of prospects of tokens steem and SBD. All experienced users and heavyweights talking about what we need to think about the future. It is absolutely true. But most new users don't read this information, I think. This is due to three reasons, which you also mentioned in your article.

Since many new users are focused only on receiving awards specifically in this moment, they do not see what is happening on the platform as a whole. They just votes and left comment "nice post".

And there is another reason, perhaps, many people think that all this may soon end. On the basis of this idea, they prefer to realize the funds received immediately. I'm not a hypocrite and I admit, I'm one of them.

Only recently have I seriously started to think about how to change my attitude to the platform and to think about the long term.

First and foremost, this is not due to belief in the success of this place (although I believe). The reason is simple, I got rid of the need to immediately change the crypto to real money. I received a financial stability that allows me to make long-term decisions.

This is a very important circumstance. Because it is difficult to get people, who are in dire need of money at the moment, to put aside their needs and think carefully about the future. Unfortunately.

I needed to read this! I have been wondering why my posts were not making any real money at all when others posting in the same challenge are making great rewards on their posts. I guess it all comes down to who follows you and if your followers are active or not. I went to the dead follower's website and found out that over a third of my followers have not posted or anything in months. I guess things happen for a reason and it was a learning experience for me.

i have been on steemit from 20 days ...this is the best blog i have ever read to help the i get to the real importance of steemit....thankyou so much @timcliff ....lets

I just went around to all of my friends accounts today and collected up all of the "loose change" SBD rewards that had collected in their accounts.

Your friends all left you with the keys to their accounts? I hope you at least bought them pizza with the $19 and had a little party!


Hehe, I figured someone would ask about that :)

Yes, I do actually offer all of my friends to hold on to their keys for them. I teach them about the security aspects of the platform, and if they want me to - I transfer their private keys to my backup securely. I also help a lot of them with the cash-out process, until they feel comfortable using an exchange themselves.

I wouldn't ever touch anyone's account without their permission, but most of my friends are happy having me provide them with that service. It helps them focus more on the 'fun' parts of the platform, and I do my best to slowly teach about crypto currency along the way.


Ha, I thought you had done an exercise of summin up what it would be worth, ha ha ha


That's a great idea. I'm not very good at getting friends involved with crypto.

I tried to get a coworker to open a coinbase account a couple of years ago and put $100 into it so we could both get the $10 bonus they were offering at the time. He didn't do it... and messaged me few weeks ago saying how much he regretted it.

That $10 bonus (assuming he cashed out the initial $100 right away)... would be worth over $1000 now.

You are so right @timcliff about Steemit requiring a long-term outlook. I must admit it is a little down-heartening sometimes to put a lot of time and effort into a post just for it to disappear with hardly a trace (and that has happened to me a lot!). However, taking the attitude you outline in your post eases the pain somewhat and hopefully, everything we do will pay us dividends in the future. Thank you for a dose of motivation to keep us going.


You should totally check out that video! I talk about my feelings on exactly the same thing :)


I will - thanks again.

@timcliff I totally agree with you in this. Even the tiny 1 cent SBDs count here. Many people that are here actively on steemit by now its because they found value on the platform, and they found they could contribute in something to make it a better place everyday.
As you mentioned several times, on steemit and steem you are in a never ending learning process of new things coming and going, and we are in something that never existed again. Earning rewards by creating, discovering and commenting on value content for the benefit of the community and the growth of the blockchain.

Many new ideas, concepts, developments start here everyday, many of which we here from them, some not yet, but all are efforts done by lots of people that trust on the platform.

What @aggroed mentioned if a site like Freelancer existed on a blockchain, I just wanted to let you know I thought of this idea, of developing a freelancer site with the steem blockchain. The only thing that kept me out of doing it, is that until know I do not know developers of the blockchain personally that would make a team with me to develop something like this. I have lots of ideas (in addition to the 14 ideas I already published to improved the steemit interface and in this way capture more visitors into signups), and ideas to capture big investors. My issue is I am not a developer, technical like you and many others are. If not I could have been adding much more value directly into it.

But you know you count on me and the steemit community, with my ideas, everyday, and will continue adding more ideas I have in qeue to publish.

Thanks for giving this motivation to new steemians, and minnows, since they are the highest percentage of signups. If we can make minnows grow, we will have the biggest spreading word power already stablished.

Regards, @gold84

Very good points, @timcliff. It was great having you on the interview. You did a great job.

Your points are very astute. Powering Up and putting more into Steemit makes a lot of sense right now. The future looks promising to me.

Keep up the good work, my friend. I look forward to hearing more from you.


Thanks @terrybrock - you do an amazing job as an interviewer. More users should be checking out your blog!! I really enjoyed working together, and I look forward to more collaboration in the future :)

Thank you for your post.

Since I make money for life another way than on Steemit, I just collect all rewards on my account and see what happens in someday.
Maybe, I become rich or lose, it's just a game, the same as our other life.

It's all the same as in real life we can try and do out best or just wait for nothing:)
I prefer to manage my own life but not to be a victim of circumstances

Totally agree !
since the first day here 6 months ago, I have invested my time and energy and bought steems with each sbds earned and powered up each with the intention to stay and grow, I have invested some euros here and there, not a lot,because I have not so much.. LoL... but considering I invest on me, on my time, on my skills, on my energy, I see much further and I trust in the cheerful energy that is mine and that pays off every day...

and because I'm having fun, I know that I am at the right place, at the right time ;-)


I remain very bullish on Steemit and Steem... and I feel very encouraged by the recent upwards movement.

Small rewards do add up... but you just have to keep plugging away at it; I remember doing so when Steem fell to 8 cents or less. Whereas I have had to cash out some for unforeseen personal financial reasons, I do believe we have a great gig here... and $10 Steem is totally in reach.

Hi @timcliff The No 2 witness at steemit [I just give you vote as witness cuz you deserve it]
In this blog post the most beautiful lines are as under:
That is part of what makes the Steem platform so amazing. Anybody can join, post content (about whatever they want) and earn rewards for the value they produce. Where else on the internet is this possible?
I bet no other channel is available at web who provides such opportunity. Also I do agree with your statement that in 2018 we can cross the value of steem on Ethereum. Yes we can make it happen. Thanks a lot for giving very positive vibes regarding this awesome platform. Steemit Community is growing everyday and people like you should take part and should boost the morale of newcomers. All the best dear @timcliff & stay blessed!

I watched this video the other day and it was very helpful - thank you! I'm new to the Steemit platform and as you can imagine - there's a lot to learn.

Moving forward I hope it doesn't get overrun with trolls and negativity. Steemit has a long way to go and I'm glad I'm here in the early days and able to help contribute in a meaningful way.

Users should really be asking themselves the question - do you want to be cashing out your rewards today, or would it be better to invest the money back into the platform?

I intend to hodl for the long-term and can see no reason to power down for at least several years.

Excellent post, Tim, thank you. I've been trying to increase conversations lately about investors and how they ultimately drive the financial value here for everything we see. If we just focus on bloggers (who often want to extract rewards) and don't also talk about the investors who want to see a good financial return (or they'll take their investments elsewhere), then we could end up killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.

We could have a great social media platform with excellent content, but a token few care about because the investment value is pushed down but bloggers cashing out on a regular basis.

At the same time, we could have a nice speculative cryptocurrency increasing in value and a site full of useless spam and self-voting bots on junk, just to extract the highest investment return possible.

Neither scenario is very pretty. Posts like this will hopefully get more people thinking about the long-term value of creating valuable content and promoting actions which bring great financial returns to investors.

Thank you.

That's why I invest every SBD I earn to steem, steem has a promising future.

Back in 2010, some guy bought two Papa John’s pizzas for 10,000 BTC

Wow, the most expensive pizza in the world hehehe, had to get in the guinness book

that 0.02 upvote may actually be worth a lot of money some day. (Seriously.)

Yes, when I look at someone's decent post that earns $0.20, I remind myself that someday that may be $20... or $200. And if I upvote that to $0.24, I've just increased that by $4... or $40! Looking at the future value can have an affect on how we look at these pay outs today.

This post is worth over $1000... or $10K That's $7.41 per word or more!


i'm watching the episode right now. thanks for the advice man. i'm trying to get in on some of the action. i'm still somewhat new but i keep hearing your name pop up so i had to check you out brother. peace. take care man

I see that in life a lot of people can’t equal lots of small actions repeated regularly to reach a goal is actually easier than one bug action once.
I was just having this discussion with my boys yesterday.

ReSteem'd this one Tim! And Im voting/following all your Posts/Resteems much closer now :)

of Fruit

I agree with most of what you put forth here, but I have to admit, it's still kind of hard to watch the gap increase between those who were here early and the rest of us, but I guess that's what we get for not getting in earlier.

That being said, I keep investing my sweat equity in hopes that I will be better off than those who come in after me. We are still pretty early in the advent of Steem and, in fact, still beta on I look forward to the day when the spell checker recognizes that "Steem" isn't a mispelling.

With regard to making the platform more valuable, I must have read your mind because I just started accepting Steem and SBD for payment for my side business selling Cinnamon Glazed Nuts. I made my first post about it an hour ago. I'm honestly not expecting a lot of business from it, but hopefully it will get people thinking about the things that could be done on the platform.


I agree with most of what you put forth here, but I have to admit, it's still kind of hard to watch the gap increase between those who were here early and the rest of us, but I guess that's what we get for not getting in earlier.

I know what you mean, but at the same time they are the reason we even have a platform today to complain about how little we are making :) If those early adopters didn't put their time, resources, and energy into getting the project from a dream to a reality - it would be nothing more than an idea. They have a lot, but IMO they are fully entitled to what they earn. I hope that we can earn them billions, because that means everyone that is here right now has the potential to earn millions :)

I had the same impression when I got here too, but I worked my tail off for a year and a half. Now 1.5 years later, I'm probably one of the people that the newcomers will point to as being way better off because I was here first. You will always be here first compared to everyone else that comes after - and if we continue to grow the platform and the value of STEEM, then no matter what time you join - you will always have the opportunity to work you way in for a slice of the pie, then work with the rest of us to grow the value of that share :)

I look forward to the day when the spell checker recognizes that "Steem" isn't a mispelling.

Haha, I like that! Me too :)

I just started accepting Steem and SBD for payment for my side business selling Cinnamon Glazed Nuts. I made my first post about it an hour ago.

That's pretty awesome! We totally need more of that. I just re-steemed your post.


They have a lot, but IMO they are fully entitled to what they earn.

Oh, I agree. They have put forth the investment and therefore reap their just reward. I also like the perspective you put forth regarding them paving the way. I do think that questioning algorithms is helpful nonetheless. There is room for improvement and voices (even the complainers) show perspective. Not saying we should all be trying to please everybody, but sometimes one change will improve aspects from many perspectives.

That's pretty awesome! We totally need more of that. I just re-steemed your post.

Thank you so much. I don't know why I didn't think about doing it sooner. Your resteem has certainly gained a lot of exposure for the post, and I am grateful for it.

Excellent work dear friend @timcliff, I share and support all your words, you have a lot of reason in what you say, there are many people out there crying in the corners, without making effort in their work, here the results are long term, ! A mountain of sand is formed by thousands and millions of granites. As my grandfather used to say, the tree does not stop you from seeing the forest
Thank you very much for your experience, words and conclusions
I wish you a happy Friday


A mountain of sand is formed by thousands and millions of granites.

I like this :)


But seriously, Steem is a great investment in its infancy. It is such a blessing to be earning something that is continuing to grow every day


Ah, crap. Did my horrible spelling skills show through? lol. Thanks for catching that!! (fixed)



Funny that you mentioned the value of friend's accounts. I convinced my buddy to join a year and a half ago and he did absolutely nothing with the platform since. Somehow his account is worth $25 today


Hehe, yep - exactly. It's a fun thought to think that someday these dormant accounts could one day be worth thousands. Hopefully he still has his keys, and keeps them safe! :)

How true it all is. I completely agree with you. I joined just last October and yes i am new to the platform and yes I don’t get tons of money for my content (yet) but still... i have been able to cash out $300 ( it was originally around $90, but because i’’ve paid attention to the price changes during all this high peaks i turned it to $300 .
That was all from pennies like you said. That, and writing every day and interacting with others and making friends.

We can’t expect to have it all or be successful right a way . we gotta be patient and put some work into it.

Thanks for sharing your opinion and you advice!

I loved the article! Following you for more!


That's awesome! I'm happy to hear about your successful blogging, and how you have been able to turn it into even more through trading :)


thanks!! i am trilled! i did not expect such good results so soon! but that is to show that there is so much potencial here on Steemit!

this is very interesting writing, I am very detailed reading it, even we in Aceh there are already some coffee shops in Aceh have received payment with steem or sbd, imagine when this is done by all of them, steemit would be a fantastic platform. in these few days at a coffee shop in Aceh there are many who harvest sbd, because the price is skyrocketing. but, it's a natural thing for them small fish because of the economic situation and conditions that can not make them invest here. I think personally, this is a great investment opportunity for people who realize it, because One price sbd can get seven steam. people forget that steem will be the same as sbd. they are all negligent. and I also think that, it's better to buy a delegate as this will make the opportunity to print both steem and sbd. you have to pay that which with one sbd current value will get sp reaches 240 more sp. this is also an opportunity for all small fish who always expect an upvote from friends. thanks so much I like you

I've been here for a while now and am active in the community most everyday. I say this due to not running across you before? I say this because what you've posted here is the type of stuff I like to read. Glad I stumbled over you today. I agree that the more active the members of the community are outside the platform the more exposure steem will get essentially growing into something very special in the future. Being active within' the community is very important and fun also as you are a great representation of this. One day just as with other cRyPtO's steem will rise to something extraordinary and people will look back and say, just as they are doing with BTC, "shoulda......'" coulda'..... woulda' !?!" Subbed and enjoyed!


I comment quite a bit, but I have a certain genera of posts that I usually hang out. Historically I'm a pretty active poster too, but recently I've been pretty busy with some projects "behind the scenes". Someone asked me recently to post more, so I'm trying to start up again :) Glad you ran into my post!

@stillwater - just curious, any relation to the city Stillwater, Minnesota? It's near where I live :)


No. I'm outside of the ATL

Very informative post, and some great advice. I need to get some money invested into Steem tokens, and resist the temptation to Power Up everything. lol

Like I keep telling... just enjoy the ride but one more thing before is find your niche.

Thank you for the information. This is very confusing for me. I am preparing myself to teach what I have learned from many different subjects. Personal Professional Development, Language and life experience.

I found new steemit users, learned a lot from your post. I will be of many benefits, to succeed, all the people like you were looking for. I think I have found it that I want your cooperation so that I can get some tips to succeed all the time. Thank you

The dip in STEEM allowed me the opportunity to exchange the little sbd I had into triple the amount of STEEM. Had I waited one more day....

Keeping it all in the Steemit platform I powered up SP, but also kept 25 STEEM. I'm game for seeing it go up to $10.00.

The point you make about writing an article that gets Google's attention also feeds food for thought. I assume every post on the Steemit platform has the ability to get indexed by Google, Yahoo, Bing, and even Duck Duck Go.

Actually, I've already found some searching Google.

We should all be helping to drive organic traffic to :)

Thanks for the reminder about value and solid advice.


Yep, totally! Just yesterday I spent several hours putting together a post on this new "CryptoKitties" craze, as I'm sure there will be tons of people searching for it in the coming months. I'm hoping the guide I put together can be one of the top results :)


Man I dig getting posts to the top spot. Whether it's on my own blog, or other's I write for. Good luck with the rankings and thanks again for the article. Gave me an idea for my next post. :)

Really these are very good advices for me as a beginer, i will change my vision on steemit, thank you

writes post about earning low rewards Gets $93.20 In first hour.


Hehe, yes. You should really watch that video that I linked though (if you haven't already). I talk about the many months I spent when I first started out writing posts that didn't make money, and nobody knew who I was. I 100% understand the frustration involved with spending hours and hours on a post, only to earn 0.03 in rewards.

Thanks for these many good points you made. Everyone has something to contribute and make Steem profitable for all of us.

Will include the link to this post in the Crypto Growth Forum Transcript part-2... :)

well on my post i am not getting 50 % in sbd not sure what was the problem i have got so very small in return maybe my bad luck


Which post?


I have few post a.week ago. Setting was 50 50. And they give me .1 sbd and 25 .6 steem at pay out time. Really disappointed from that. .@timcliff


Please send me a link to one and I will review.


Here are the screen shots of payout

Here are the post link
@timcliff these are my higher post that time and they didnot give sbd i am not old one i am new user i need to learn . my setting was 50/50% always i never change rest posts are fine


Which interface did you post from? The blockchain shows that several beneficiaries (people besides you who share in the payout) were added.


utopian @timcliff but there is same setting 50/50


The problem was not that it didn’t split 50/50 (it did), but that it distributed the payout to lots of other people besides you. The amount you received was after the beneficiaries were paid.

Saying others don't deserve their likes is unfair. Each Steemer has their own interests.


What do you mean?

Exciting times. I am powering up as much as I can, it is time to invest!

I think Steemit is gonna rocket to the top of social media and crypto currency , but that will only happen when people promote Steemit and the community grows large enough . Good post @timcliff !


I think that you correctly write that one shouldn't expect big rewards from Steemit. Need to make more of an effort to promote BTC. It certainly can be a good posts that other people made them was circulated on the Internet. The more people know about Steemit, so it will be more expensive. As a result, all community Steemit will be able to earn good money.
We all need to make more of an effort to increase the strength of the voice. This will allow others to try to make more of an effort to create a good post

I literally do believe in Steemit and both the Steem and SBD(already gave a hint to us) will rise exponentially and will be worth a lot more than any of us could imagine .I am really seeing that day is nearer than we thought .

I so agree with this I got a lot of post that never get any vote yet I kept posting as these places food experiences ar too pretty hair to keep to myself so thumbs up @timcliff

Absolutely brilliant points and totally agree with those once @timcliff. Steemit platform really helpful for new users. This is the best blockchain system I have ever seen. More creative blogs, earn more rewards and establish great friendships all around the world here. Currently SBD price pumping more then we can earn multiple. I think it will be rise more and more. I am 02 months old to steem platform but i have checked pass cryptocurrency movements. So I can guess best ideas. In fact I convert to my SBD to steem then I have generated more steem.
I agreed totally about steemit platform. Its attractive one more users daily entire to this platform. Peoples ask from another then add much peoples. Be honest and honorable here. Thank you for giving more interesting one.


In fact I convert to my SBD to steem then I have generated more steem.

Do you ‘convert’ or trade/sell? If you are converting, you definitely should not under current market conditions. You would get a lot more by trading SBD for STEEM on the internal market, or through a service like BlockTrades or an exchange.


Thanks to your advice. Yup...agreed "timcliff. I knew now "convert" function is not useful now. I'll do with ur point.

I liked your post a lot...and i want to resteem it can i get your permission to resteem your post....


No permission needed. You are free to resteem whatever posts you want :)

Thanks for the post of yours.

  1. The platform isnt unfair...that is only said by people who dont want to work and want things handed to them. People who work the system as it was set out profit.
  2. Tough. It is work. If you arent bringing a big following via FB or YT with you, time to get to work. Nothing is going to be handed to you. Post, comment, upvote...repeat.
  3. Who cares what your vote is worth. Keep using your 20% daily to ensure you and the ones you are voting are getting the proper piece of the reward pool.

I set a price target of $100 at the end of 2018....

I love seeing 20 cents coming into my account because I know it is $20.00 does the road.

Great post @timcliff...there is so much going on here that it will make peope's head spin.


That's funny I was thinking the same thing. Especially if bitcoin meets its' predictions. Even if not. This means by 2020 1 steem could be worth 1 grand. Definitely fun to speculate, and it would be nice to be right on this. I see 8 cents coming into my account and feel it's $80 down the road so I share your enthusiasm!


Thanks for your reply @bitfiend.

I wont mention the $1,000 STEEM. If you read any of my posts, I am uber bullish but it overwhelms people. I try to justify my predictions in my posts and I feel I do a good job at $100. While I am sure I could give a great case for $1000 STEEM (I am not disagreeing with you, I think you might be more accurate than inaccurate), it would simply delve into stuff that people would be baffled by. SMTs are really going to cause an explosion and I am not sure that people fully grasp the potential that has.


Totally understand where you're coming from. I never even thought Litecoin would pass $100 but here we are. The possibilities and potential of cryptocurrencies has blown my mind on epic proportoins and I doubt we're done yet. While bitcoin was first of its kind, it is expected to gain most traction. The coins gaining the most traction are all bringing something very unique to the table. Steemit is the first of its kind in the sense of the social platform. This makes steem a major player for the future. One reason I think 1k for steem is because I thought I was in fantasy land when I imagined bitcoin being at 10 grand and we're passed that mark. I held off and missed out on great profits and here I am. The thing is, even now, I know I'm not too late.


My view is that in 10 years, most of the world economy will be on blockchain....that means $90 or $100 trillion worth of commerce being that point, what is the value of all blockchains? $250T? $400T? $1QT?

I really dont think people have the ability to comprehend how much this is revolutionary. This is the Internet but 100 times stronger.

So yeah, a $2.5T blockchain isnt outrageous.


Haven't thought of it this way but it is interesting to speculate. You've given me new thoughts to ponder! I thank you for that.

Thank you @timcliff

Happy holidays prise!

This is a magic course result a good command works!
Wait 130$+ =))

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