[Blockchain Wrocław Meetup] Talk about Steem & Steemit by Krzysztof Szumny (@noisy)

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On April 13th we had a pleasure to organise a third meeting of our Blockchain Wrocław Community. During this meeting two talks were presented:

  • Monero (Justin Ehrenhofer)
  • Steem & Steemit (Krzysztof Szumny)

Justin's talk about Monero will be published in next post - please follow our account if you don't want to missed it!

Below you can find recording with talk about Steem and Steemit presented by Krzysztof Szumny - @noisy.



Funds gathered by this account will be spent on:

  • snacks and drinks during nexts meetups
  • other expenses which will help us increase a quality of our talks



I swiped my screen on "Wrocław" because I thought there is a dust on "l" LOL

No. Ł / ł is just a polish letter. BTW, Wrocław can be pronounced almost like WrocLove :)

Personally, I am very happy that I had an opportunity to talk about Steem during this meetup. I would lie to say that I am perfectly happy with the end result of my talk. For sure it could be much shorter and of course my english could be better, but to be honest I am really happy about format which I have choosen to talk about Steem and Steemit - "let's try design system like steem on our own".

Thanks for this!

Upped and resteemed ! Will check out the video later , im heading to the fire site soon for work , and thers no internet !😊👍

Thanks for this!

Awesome!, Keep up the great work!