Steemjet Roadmap and Official Steemjet Records Logo entry post (5000 steem in prizes) – and NEW ART CONTEST (dimimp the donkey 1000 steem in prizes)

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Steem is the party crypto and Steemjet flies steemers to Steem Fest!

Today, we finally align our focus with that of the greater Steem community.

I love freedom and hate rules as much as the next guy, and I also love reading your posts several times, and I often do, however, if anybody can show me anywhere else on Steemit where multiple identical posts fly, then I will reconsider the following rule change which is effective immediately. I am writing this first so that I am guaranteed that you will read it if you read my blog at all.

I will mute you if you post more than once (one picture or video max per post).

A reply counts as your one and only post.

Now I should be able to answer more of you. I have not even finished reading all the comments from my last several posts, and this trend is only worsening. Therefore, I am asking you to treat me the same as everyone else, or to link me to someone else who is cool with you posting the same thing multiple times on a post that they worked several days to create for your benefit and not the author’s who already has plenty of steem.

Please be courteous to the other people that are here who want to talk to me just like you do.

Ok, now back to the party.

Why do we compete with Google?

It has come to my attention that the internet exists and can teach crypto as good as any of us. In 2018, anyone can learn exactly what crypto is within 10 mouse clicks. Anybody who says that they want to learn about crypto really means that they already know that their private key equals their money (and should be kept secret), but that they want to know how to make more money on crypto in the future. Crypto sells itself. Who wants some bitcoin today? Everyone.

I agreed to expand the curriculum of Blockchain Tool School to include lessons on future speculation to help people obtain wealth, however, I did warn everyone that it would piss people off. How else can a mere mortal effectively and immediately learn the intentions of a crypto god who is harder to get an audience with than either Vitalik or Satoshi:

(posted just yesterday)

I am truly sorry that I obtained the info required to finish Blockchain Tool School in a manner that would not only allow you ample time to capitalize on it, but also lead you believe that Dan Larimer was going to give you a fraction of his billion dollar fortune simply because he still believes that Steem is worth promoting and/or that you are worth supporting. I am further sorry that I am an asshole who will only give you 50% of his money.

In atonement for inspiring your hatred towards me, please accept my humblest of sacrificial offerings, another prize contest!

@dimimp the jackass (or asshole, whichever meme you prefer) (1000 steem in prizes)

I mistakenly believed that the community would appreciate the speed in which I completed the 4 part teaching course. Logically, the community reaction means that we care more about making money than we do about learning the unique information required to differentiate ourselves in the crypto teaching space, therefore, I too will align my vales with those of the community and promise to stop competing in the teaching game against Google, the Arcane Bear, The Modern Investor, crypt0, Bitcoin Ben, and the thousands of others performing the same boring and now commoditized task. I will, however, finish the Olivia and the Superstar productions.

Not only is the Space Force united in its desire to make money over teaching, but they are united in their desire to fly to Steem Fest.

As soon as I agreed that sending the Space Force to Steem Fest was the way to go, then like a viral video, everyone supported this dramatic new focus.


Because, like it or not, Steemjet is flying on the wings of the broader Steem community. And when the Steem community is up, then Steemjet is above the clouds. And when the Steem price is down, then the Steemjet community would gladly spend the rest of our money on partying at Steem Fest and living it up because we are all going to die someday.

There is nothing that will change your focus like feeling that impending reality at your doorstep.

Therefore, I am powering down as fast as humanly possible because partying is the only thing that we will never regret after we are gone!

I will be receiving another 8k steem in just a couple more days, after which, I will be able to nearly double my power down rate! Everyone who hops a Steemjet to Steem Fest this year can thank the Space Force members who selflessly took the 1/6 cash out offer on their expired or non-guaranteed employment contracts. Personally, I cannot afford to attend Steem Fest because I have a shit job, and just blew a quarter of a million dollars on Steemjet this year already, but the fact that nobody has a problem clearing their calendars without hesitation proves that the Steemjet is indeed proudly filled with Superstars who are time wealthy in the extreme. I support the community in its desire to re-focus Steemjet on being the party plane that sends people to Steem Fest because this creates more synergy between Steemjet and the Steem community. I envision a future where the Space Force becomes a major focus of Steem Fest due to the high caliber music/video/dance talent exhibited as we release the world’s most innovative and inspiring new music, movies, and dance routines to a growing audience:

Steem is the party crypto, and Steemjet could be your ticket (to STEEMFEST!)

So the Roadmap is as follows:

Every year, Steemjet will fly steemers to Steem Fest.

We have a whole year to plan for Steem Fest 2019, however, with the deadline to Steem Fest 2018 fast approaching, and the price of Steem in the toilet, our plan this year will have to be limited:

I will pay 4500 steem each to deandaniel, lordjames, and gutzygwin if any of them agree to use the funds to attend Steem Fest.

I will pay 3000 steem to the first 4 of the following artists who agree to attend:

(If you want to win a free ticket to Steem Fest, then all you have to do is emulate emmy)




I will pay 2000 steem to the first 4 members of Space Force 1, 2, or 3 who agree to attend.

I will pay 1000 steem to the first 3 members of SF 4 and 5 who agree to attend

I will pay 500 steem to the first 2 members of SF 6 and 7 who agree to attend.

The time stamp on your post in this thread will be used to determine the winner in the event of a tie.

After this year’s big “Steemjet to Steem Fest” marketing promotion, I will be looking to grow my steem stack to be able to send twice as many next year! We will most likely expand this program, if the price of steem, bounces back up. Then next year, the sky is the limit!

I would love to send everyone. I wish sincerely that you had as much money as me, but even If I gave you all mine, this would still not be true. I know the fact that whales do not support you hurts you more than it does me. For myself, I could care less, weather or not we get upvotes, but because I want you to hit the trending pages and make bank, I market sensationally for you!

Steemjet Media and all teaching programs will integrate efforts with the technical and musical departments effective immediately.

Now that we are done teaching and working, and focusing 100% on partying and profiting, all Steemjet musicians and artists alike are no longer compelled to sing or write about lame ass teaching that you can learn just as easily on Google. You all are now set free creatively to sing and write about any subject that inspires you!

Sure @uche-nna is a god who can sing about anything beautifully, but why should I selfishly make him sing about MY favorite sporting event, or MY favorite company, or MY crypto lessons. Imagine what this guy could do if given total creative freedom (which is what is finally happening):!/@uche-nna/20180703t205523835z-steemjetworldcup-anthembyuche-nna--jesse12

Steem is the party crypto because it is the only crypto that has an annual Steem Fest. Yes, other coins get together to pump and promote and teach, but only Steem has fest (PARTY) as their central theme, year after year.

Litecoin is hosting their annual Summit. But a Summit sounds like a boring government thing with speeches and lectures to make you puke, not fun stuff like funny contests.

Speaking of funny contests, our recent Blind Date contest was a huge success:

@mboro - 1st (200 steem)

@zingybyte - 2nd (150 steem)

@applo (100 steem)

@temilayo (50 steem)

@mfon (50)

fidelmboro (50)

@sola3097 (50)

@gabowisdy (50)

@helenjoy (50)

@dwight50 (50)

@vintagefarm (50)

@profchydon (25)

@yhaulez (25)

@peepey (25)

@shrazi (50)

@meher04 (25)

@sheriffakin (25)

@penking (25)

@prextix (25)

@steemjet.sks (25)

@izuchukwu1506 (25)

@applo a little weird, but a prize for effort (25)

Steemjet – Flying Steemers to Steem Fest for Free Since 2018 (not making a boring crypto chess board)

One day, the King went to his Bishop to ask for advise on how to design a deflationary cryptocurrency transaction computer network for the people of the land to use forever.

They both agreed that sha-256 was the best hash function and that the computer miners who ran the transaction network deserved to receive all 21 million coins over many years while the people of the land received none.

“But then who will pay the miners to keep the transaction network up and running 24/7 after all the coins are distributed?” asked the Bishop.

“We will make the people of the land pay the miners to maintain the payment network by requiring them to pay a tax each and every time they make a transaction on it,” the King replied. “The people of the land are used to paying me income tax, and so they will not revolt if I make them pay the miners a sales tax every time they buy something.”

“But how is that fair to the people of the land?” asked the Bishop, “First you give every single dollar of new currency to the miners, and then you force a sales tax on upon them?

“It is fair because the people who use the network the most, will pay the most tax, just like my sliding income tax scale that I invented” the king replied proudly. “And besides, it is the miners who are doing all the work to run the network, and therefore they deserve all the rewards.”

“I understand the general idea that those miners who work hard should get rewarded,” the Bishop replied, “but don’t you think that they can provide the same service for less compensation?

“Don’t be such a hypocrite,” the King said to his Bishop, “you collect a paycheck and then some!” the King reminded his Bishop, “How else are we going to convince the miners to use their computers to run a transaction network 24/7 for absolutely zero financial incentive? I know these miners, and they would much rather play video games than to spend all their time run a boring currency transaction network program solely for the benefit of all people. It might sound like they are cheap greedy bastards to you but would you rather have me enslave them like you used to do when you were in charge? We are not returning to the old days of slavery while I am still in power!”

“You’re right,” said the Bishop, “The miners are not the charitable type. They will need an eternal financial incentive to voluntarily run only one boring currency transaction network program on their computer forever. But I still believe that we can create a cryptocurrency without a transaction fee sales tax because I think that the people of the land will be a little upset during the initial transition from the old currency into bitcoins as it may appear that the incentive structure is obscenely unbalanced in favor of the early adopting miners, and could be a little more balanced in favor of those who are late to the volatile initial currency transition party. Giving 100% of every future transaction fee to the people of the land would tell the public that we are sorry that you got rekt because you got in late, but the life long community benefit is as eternal as Adam’s apple. I will return to my quarters and pray for divine inspiration my King.”

That evening, the Bishop prayed for hours on bended knee begging god to save the people of the land from what he intuitively believed was a bad implementation of a good idea. Suddenly, a smile appeared on his face.

The next morning, the Bishop again met with the King, but this time, he held the power of divine inspiration. “Remember when God told Adam not to eat the apple because it offed everlasting life” the Bishop asked the King?

“Sure do,” said the king, “but Eve was so damn fly, that she became more than just the apple of his eye,” he said, unzipping his fly jokingly. “But what do apples have to do with deflationary cryptocurrencies?”

“Because they are eternal,” said the Bishop. “The apples are the transaction fees, and a cryptocurrency should, in theory, last forever. The forbidden fruit is the most powerfully nourishing food given to us, and therefore should not be eaten exclusively by a few wealthy miners while the rest of the world starves” he went on, “The gift of eternal life should be shared equally by us all. In the bible, the apple symbolizes knowledge and immortality. We are designing an immortal cryptocurrency that is supposed to last forever, so how can we just sit back and watch all the eternal benefits of the apple (the transaction fees) continuously being funneled from the hands of the people who are using it into the hands of the few wealthy elite transaction network operators? This creates wealth disparity between currency users (the people) and the currency facilitators (the miners). And since you have a deflationary currency, the people, who are slowly being taxed to death with transaction fees must work harder to get new units of currency unless the miners release these fees back to the people. The law of supply and demand dictates that if the miners hoard the coins then the tax on the people increases due to decreased coin supply at constant demand. Since only miners collect all fees, then they control the amount of currency in circulation. So, I ask you, my King, does your bitcoin currency indeed belong to the people?”

The King asked him to re-read that last paragraph to him several times until he completely understood the Bishop’s propaganda slant of referring to “transaction costs” as a “tax” on the people of the land. “Personally, I believe that it is a matter of your point of view,” said the King, “The apple can represent an eternal tax on the people or an eternal reward for the hard working miners. You say that the people deserve to taste the forbidden fruit but offer no reason as to why you think that they deserve it. I feel like the miners deserve to eat it as a reward for their hard work. You god men always want people to do something for nothing. Give freely your time, give all your money, work hard for nothing like the slaves of yore. Give 100% of all your money to set Steemjet free while you starve to death or else you are an asshole. Next you will be saying that you think that the church deserves to receive the transaction fees forever.”

“Guards, remove this ex-slave master from my sight, I will not force anyone to do anything because my bitcoin payment network is 100% Darwinian where anyone who is smart enough to figure out how to re-boot the pyramids will deservingly receive 100% of all their cheap energy minted coins and all the apple flavored fees forever.

“You would have a node in every home!” cried the Bishop as a member of the King’s Knight of the King’s round table lifted the old man off the ground by his robe tossing him into the hall, and yet you still could hear him echo “and allow ordinary people to become miners forever by paying them 1% interest on their saviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiings.”

“We are not trying to encourage people to save their money,” the King yelled back in the direction of the flying Bishop, we are trying to encourage people to spend money because not only do the miners collect money each and every time someone makes a transaction, but I do as well, because I am the taxing authority of the people, and they must pay tribute to me each and every….

“But what about your self righteous anti- slavery rant!” the Bishop echoed back before the King’s other Knight kicked him down the stairs.

Totally unaware of the Bishop’s poignant conversational parallel, the King turned his attention toward his Knight, “What an idiot.” the he said. “Paying the people of the land 1% interest on their savings would indeed secure the network all the same, but it would inflate our deflationary currency,” the king went on.

What do you think the King asked his Knight?

The astute Knight saw the benefits of Peercoin’s fee burning strategy, but knew that the King would never allow the people of the land to benefit from the forbidden fruit. “Tell the people of the land that you will give them the forbidden fruit, but make the fees so small that the people of the land do not actually experience any of the valuable deflationary benefits of a fee burning currency. You could even make them free so that there were zero deflationary benefits while still adhering to the rules of true POS. Every single one of the fees for billions of transactions will get burnt for the benefit of the people of the land, and since fees are free, then zero coins are ever burnt. So technically, you could call this type true POS, and the miners could get several more percent annually than the people of the land which would keep the cartels happy sir.”

The Knight’s calculated response seemed to somewhat appease the King for a moment. “Give the miners the lions share of a people’s fee burning POS currency to preserve the status of the elite over the common man,” he spoke slowly. “I don’t know,” he said, “it’s all beginning to sound a little too confusing to me, I better summon the Queen.”

Queen Litecoin arrived and when asked her opinion on the 3 models presented to the King so far, she replied, “Fee Burning Peercoin 1% Annual Savings Bonds denominated in a deflationary currency certainly will make the people happy, but Miner Fee Bitcoin is guaranteed to cause such an initial frenzy of network development, that it would take centuries for the nodes to ever become unprofitable, so fuck the people of the land, let’s party hard TODAY! And shoot anabolic bitcoin steroids to give the miners the biggest cash rush since the gold rush. In fact, the Queen went on, you should build a second layer Lightening Network over top of your bitcoin so that Peercoin and Knightcoin can’t say that it is faster than you!”

“I don’t know,” my love, the King said, “I know these miners, and they are pretty lazy. The people of the land won’t mind 20 minute transactions. Besides, I don’t want another DAO, so I will let you be in charge of this next phase of our project.

Just then, Prince Digibyte made an entrance, “Shit pop,” he snorted with a nose full of coke after watching an L.A. Beast youlube marathon and remembering that he had indeed purchased an old can of New Coke off f-e-bay that he could snort faster than LA Beast can snort crystal pespi but forgot to press the record button before beginning the expensive challenge said to the startled King who, remembering that he had indeed just finished drinking the last old can of new coke before giving it to the armored Knight who thought that the tin can looked cute and could keep it as a souvenir of the castle, “It’s 2018 for Allah’s sake, look around old man, blockchains like you’re talking about can process more transactions, and do them faster, get with the times, 10-20 seconds tops” the Prince said while rummaging through the refrigerator like Kramer before he said the n-word.

“Sure the chain would someday get up to 200GB like your big fat ass, but if organized correctly by coders hell bent on maximizing what’s possible with UTXO, then you wouldn’t need mom’s tight trophy 20GB ass. “Twenty G drop the bass!” he shouted in his mom’s direction, the Queen dropped it all the way down one time as the King, a little sensitive about his fat ass cried out, “Hey now! I’m still not growing as fast as Moore’s Law says I shouldn’t so I have made up my mind, I am going with bitcoin!”

“But you will never see a noe running on Grandma’s Raspberry Pi” a voice could be heard yelling from the moat below. “Disgusting marketing!” the King said spitting out the window in the direction of the Bishop, I wonder how fat of an ass that bragging Bishop has said the King back in the direction of the Prince. “Seven,” he said now board walking out of the room.

“Seven,” replied the King, “well that’s not very small after all that talk about granny running a cold staking Savings Bond Node.”

“Point seven,” the Queen corrected the King hoping that the King would not wonder exactly how she knew exactly how tight the Bishop’s ass was.

value - BTC King 9 years old (2009) - 10 million USD daily mining pay (halving may 2020)
payments - LTC - Queen 7 years old (2011) - 40k (halving aug 2019)
time - PPC - Bishop 6 years old (2012) - 2k (who cares?)
utility - DGB - Rook 5 years old (2013) - (nobody)
communication - STEEM - Knight 2 years old (2016) (we've been talking about this shit without an audience for months now and the community is fed up with teaching because they hate me for it)
innovation - BTC clones/forks - Pawns 1 year old (2017) bitcoin cash opened the door to a slew of pawns(and it's written in all over google anyway)

Blockchain Tools have been invented that solve the problem of currency counterfeiting that has plagued mankind for all of recorded human history. It also has solved the problem of secure and instant global value transfer.

Computers have allowed humans to model scarcity and unlimited data copies.

Whoever issues a currency first has the benefit of being able to sell it first. The fact that time = money proves that the currency issuer has the obvious trade advantage over everyone else. This fact explains Ethereum's ERC-20 utility, and Ned's SMT. The fact that the initial issuer has the greatest advantage is why adoption is the number one reason for value recognition and why bitcoin is at the top of the value pyramid. Like a ponzi, those who snooze, ultimately lose. SMT allows us to create the next bitcoin, but we will never overtake bitcoin in terms of adoption because the ability to change people's minds collectively is the most powerful force on the planet.

The criteria for judging cryptocurrencies with similar utility is a pyramid with top to bottom as follows:

  1. adoption (max = BTC - min = your first SMT)
  2. attack resistance/resilliance (smallest attack surface is best)
  3. deflationary vs inflatinary scarcity (better = deflatinoary)
  4. future proof (increasing/decreasing/static financial incentives to those who secure/operate the network)(better = increasing then static then decreasing then none)
  5. daily cost required to secure the network (better = cheaper)
  6. decentralization (number of full nodes globally) (better = more)
  7. speed of transaction with or without second layer solution (better = faster)
  8. transaction cost (better = cheaper)
  9. blockchain size (better = smaller )

Rank each crypto on this weighted scale and receive a Blockchain Tool School quotient for individual cryptocurrency comparison.

Congratulations, you have all now graduated from Blockchain Tool School, and your permament summer vacation begins right now!



Steemjet Records - If you want to win a free trip to Steem Fest, then all you have to do is emulate Emmy!

Again, I am powering down as fast as possible so we all can take advantage of our proprietary research that caused so much hatred towards me, but do not worry, I promise to never teach again so logically only love will reamin, and therefore, the prizes should be paid out by the second week in september, 3rd week at the latest.

A big thanks to the boss @deandaniel for researching the logistics, I wish I could go and party with you all, but not only am I extremely time poor, but I need to get to work figuring out how to double the prize budget for next year's Steem Fest!


Hi dimimp.
I made a sincere plea and you promised to cash me out.


I really don't feel happy doing this but I'll just take my chances and pray the favor comes from you.

I really haven't been active on steemit, been trying to hustle out there to make ends meet. I tried steemit but wasn't getting anything reasonable so i had to go out there to continue the hustle.
The only memorable time I had on steemit was meeting you here where i had the opportunity to cash out 50% of the steem you generously gave me.
Like I said, I'm sorry for doing this but I have to take my chances. For over a month now I have been sick and all I've done was just self medication. No fund to go to the hospital for a proper medical check up and test.

This is the 2nd round of drugs I'm taking and i still don't feel fine. I'm tired of self medication as it isn't helping my situation. I want to go to the hospital for a proper checkup and treatment.

I've been able to raise some funds for this but it isn't complete yet. I beg that you help me complete the money so i can carry out the checkup and proper treatment.

I don't see any current delegation to cash out, but heres an upvote!

Hello everyone here @dimimp, all steemjeters and to all Steemian’s all over the world. I’m @peakreal1
It’s so cool to meet some old friends on a visitation to my village today been a very long time ago I left the village to Lagos where I stay. All my thought as a feedback from my closest friend some years backafter having some conversation about steemit with him was to enlighten me more about the platform Steemit but it’s quite unfortunate that he knows nothing about steemit and same happened to all friends met in the village, about 18 of them. It’s not so kind after relating with them and explaining to them how the platform work, most of them got confused and telling me they don’t know what’s all about, some did not even know what’s crypto is all about, while very few of them tell me they only heard Bitcoin and they did not know what actually Bitcoin is.

I tried all my possible best to explain to them steemit, how it work and also @steemjet. I did this purposely because of The ongoing campaign of @steemjet powered by @dimimp and the worldwide teaching and preaching of steemit with this machine @steemjet. My assurance is that the voice of steemit can be heard in all over the world mostly in the rural settlements with the support of @steemjet @dimimp

By the special grace of God and through my efforts and commitment towards the broadcasting of steemit to the grassroots, I will ensure I try all my possible best in acquiring this aims and makes this dreams achievable in some months.

All these ambitions are less achievable without the support of @steemjet @dimimp and for this, I’m anticipating to hear back from our able boss @dimimp to support me in achieving this objectives. I will like @dimimp to hire me as one of the steemjet warriors [special force] even if happens to be the less rank and also his support to achieve the aims will be so value.

I will be humbly waiting for the response of @dimimp so as embark on the next step to take on the promotion of Steemit and @steemjet as earlier promised.

Thanks in anticipation sir @dimimp
Long live @steemjet
Long live @dimimp
Long live Steemit

This is a post to promote steemit, @Steemjet written today. I just wish I copy it here so you can see it. Thanks in anticipation sir @dimimp

And this is the link to the post for verification sir

thanks for the post, but if anybody wants to know what crypto then just tell them it is a password that protects money.

The Steemjet community no longer teaches, they party like the greater steem community that has a steem fest party every year.

Partying is one thng that every person agrees is good and fun!

Oh, I’m so happy for your response sir @dimimp, I will surely deliver your message and also I will still like to work with you sir. Thanks you for your time

Hello @dimimp well going to Poland sounds enticing but I'm gonna pass. I've been so busy lately and might be during steemfest so I wouldn't want to take the offer and end up not attending..

Instead sir on an unrelated note, I will like to request some amount of steem from you sir in other to get myself a laptop as my phone really restrict me from doing stuff like trading and entering your contest... It's a really small phone.

Any amount of steem from you will be appreciated.

Prayzz SF6

I don't upvote much but you are not exactly new around here

Hello boss @dimimp,
let me use my one life ( only one comment per person) to remind you that you haven't paid the remix of ned playing the bass contest that was accompanied with the ned&meflyn meme contest.
I submitted these before but got no attention.
That's the remix of @ned playing the bass.
Am a bass player from Akwa Ibom, Nigeria.
I heard you needed a bass player, am here man.
Ready to work with you.
Ready to be hired.
You can make me your official bass player man!

the contest was for remixing ned's music or making meme with Ned, but your guitar playing is solid and definitely worthy of an upvote

Since some of my entries are not seen. Guess this one should be shown to the world due to my sad mood

cheer up, I know that you are not a total newbie

Let me explain this clearly, there is a deep meaning to this meme than it look, here is the pope emeritus with his brother, his telling his brother that dimimp is a Scumbag but his brother has waved that away going forward to mock him saying goodluck calling dimimp a scumbag, you think you are in charge? Haha your decision is not final pope emeritus. I hope you like my entry @dimip

no need to explain, I love it!

Thank you sir, I didn't win this time but next time..

This is @supremeneo,

I have been reading your Cryptocurrency lessons, following your ideas and also contributing to Steemjet. I participated in contests here on Steemjet but I have been very unlucky to even win one. Not even 10 liquid steem or a delegation steem power.

I couldn't secure an employment even. It has been very hard to wait and also spam your comment section just to get noticed. I am truly sorry for that. I can't afford to fully pay for my tuition fees or purchase a fair laptop to afford me the opportunity to learn extensively and develop other skills. I am heart broken.

Well, I hope you will notice my comment this time and help me out. I really and urgently need funds for some personal needs. And I don't know if it will be possible to also join others to attend the SteemFest in Poland.

Therefore, I will cherish any amount from you sir @dimimp and make use best of your kindness and generosity.

Thank you!

sorry man, the competition is brutal nowadays, here's an upvote

@dimimp I'm pretty new on steemit, lordjames invited me to steemit and I just got employed by steemjetmedia. I really like what you doing with the steemjet community as I barely know anything about cryptocurrency but steemjet teachings has helped me with the basic and I know you want to make the world a better place through steemit,innovation and arts but where is our compassion? I just feel there should be a steemjetcharity where we can reach out to the less privilege and help them through the steemjet community, as they are alot of talented individuals but because they don't have exposure to technology or networking the talent is dying. I feel we should reach out to them and spread our wings to push steemjet beyond borders and not just people that are at advantage alone. I will look forward to hearing from you @dimimp

Giving to others is what I have been doing, I hope it is contagious!

Very true indeed , you have touched many lives we can’t even begin to start listings .the blockchain would freeze if we do.

@dimimp I know that's why you the one I'm reaching out to so as help those that are less advantage,
There are alot of talents out there but because they have no access to technology or whatever no one will get to hear them, that's why I came to you with this idea.. Spreading the steemjet wings to the rural areas.
Thanks for your reply @dimimp


Hello @dimimp I wrote the screenshot about 18days ago but now I have video evidence of those people in rural places and are really talented . Below is a video of two guys entertaining us, they both do come to that place every night to dance, that's their passion, regardless of how little the audience is they will always dance their soul out, they really love dancing and are quite talented also but not piviledge to have an Android phone because they can't avoid one talkless of a computer, these people needs people to seem amazing things they can do, since it's time to party, I would love to organise a steemjet street party around here but we will need some funding Sir,
so you can see for yourself how many talented people we have down here but because of technology and exposure, they are limited in someway, from the video you can see we playing songs from our phone and doing the video also from my phone, we making best of the little we the way I'm the lady at the end of the video.
Hoping to hear from your soon @dimimp.

  • It is great pleasure for me when i see the boss post have least comments and everything is organized
  • I am thankful to boss sir @dimimp he give a good roadmap so everyone can join the team
  • I am interested to go to Poland for conference but unfortunately i am busy in my study
  • I need some amount to pay my tuition fee
  • Hope sir dimimp see my comment and never mind it to give me a bath

Thanks sir @dimimp for your tremendous behaviour

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