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RE: Steemjet Records Logo Contest - 5,000 STEEM in prizes + "STEEM HIGH" Logo Contest Results

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Hi, @dimimp.

Prior to the approved proposal for steemfest budget/sponsorship.

In order to accomodate only necessary needs and cut off miscellaneous requirements, we came up with ways to take of financial cost in which we're practically in an onerous phase.

The basic and important needs as listed by @lordjames are as follows;

• 100 dollars on medical insurance.

• 1200 dollars for emirate flight.

• Accommodation and in land travels 600 dollars.

• Visa application, has been very streesful over here and the lot of the citizens are tendered to be on the withdrawn side. Fees are hence required to be able to get a visa and not be out of luck, we predict that it should not go above or a little below 700 dollars. Also, for visa application to go smoothly, we must have money in our account. So 1000 dollars would support our account for a convincing bank statement.

• We are still trying to get our international passports done and though its really costs, we do not want you to be bothered, we would like to handle this from our pocket money also.

• Most of us will need to travel to Abuja first of all for the visa interview and these will need to be considered due to the fact that we would lack accomodation and flight fare coming to Abuja and staying at abuja.. So we estimated that to be about 500 dollars. It possibly can't exceed that. Every cost needs to be at his minimal in order to accomodate more steemjetters if needs arise.

All work without a little but of fun makes jack feeble and dim

So we decided to have a put in a budget also for a good camera to capture and savour all the moments we would have and share the best experiences as well. So a good portable camera will definitely come in handy and we budgeted 500 dollars for that.

Total possible minimal cost amounts to 4800 dollars which is equivalent to 5500 steem approximately per person sponsorship to Poland (Covering all expenses)

We are currently processing every necessary requirements and also to make sure there are no glitches.. Although we might have a little bit of problem with bank statements as this is one of the necessary requirements in acquiring a visa over here. Officials tend to make sure, the applicant is well Finacially fit to make the travel and return so a bank statement tells a lot unless if applicant fills a sponsor name and sponsor bank account statement instead. Blockchain and standard cryptos are yet to be fully welcomed or recognized in this country as a standard asset so officials tend to do their ratings with liquid cash which is why might need to convert most of our crypto's to fiat to present a better bank statement else we are considered dim and unserious.

It would be safe to start preparations now in fiat currencies and other needs, or (it would really take of the stress for you to help fill in sponsor name and sponsor bank details as someone to fall back on) but that won't be necessary as we won't want to bother you.

I think we've pretty much covered the loop holes. Lol. All that's left is a big grin and a calm head to process it all and bring back the experiences to beautify steemjet.

on the wings of superstars, i think we're literally gonna be flying soon


@dimimp, this is an important budget which needs urgent attention.
As said that, steemjet now want to teach crypto.
This is the opportunity for steemjet members to learn advance blockchain. Sponsoring members to Poland to learn crypto will really help steemjet to achieve the aim of the community easily.

Boss @dimimp, I @ninoh22 will also love to go for steemfest in Poland. I will be happy if you can as well sponsor me to Poland.

#Godbless steemjet

Yes @dimimp yeah its true we should start the preparation for steemfest on time! So we that are going would get to be fully ready for the journey... Yayyy! Cant wait to attend steemfest this year!! Am excited.. So once steem is sent to our accounts we would exchange for fiat and start making preparations ASAP on your call!

Steemjet will always get bigger, than this !!!

It is a movement to gathering more knowledge and experience to help making the best decision for our next projects going forward!!

Like My Dad use to say and i quote "A child that stays near elders, lacks not wisdom" so it will be a great experience learning from the biggest guys of the crypto universe. This will be an exposure of steemjet to steemit cryptosystem and to the world at large ... it is dream come true!!

Please sir @dimimp, I Trust you won't lead us halfway to this journey, it is an avenue for us to paste our footprint in the sand of time.

Little by little, said a thoughtful boy.
This is basically all that's required. We'll start processing the Shengen visa as soon as possible.

Thank you @dimimp.

Just like an athlete, I am ready to start this race immediately.
Knowledge is power, I seek for it in Poland cos the internet wouldn't provide me the exact thing which lies in Poland.

That is the requirement stated up there by deandaniel.

Thank you @dimimp

thats why we all need quick response from the Boss himself @dimimp so that we wont run out of time....

knowledge ia trully power and it will be a life time experience in poland.


Nice work bro. Can't wait to start preparations.

@dimimp sir it your steemjet quarterly
First of all thank you for everything. Sir I'll love to join deandaniel and other SPACE FORCE to steem fest .you know am a art lover, I always pray for a chance to explore my self in art in another country. Sir going to steem fest will make me very happy and a dream come true IMG_20180823_082054_661.jpg
@dimimp what I do best is creating art
Let's me represent department
@dimimp you employing me as SF was the first big thing that as happen too me.. PicsArt_08-23-08.19.47.jpg

I can't wait to start processing my visa / travel documents @dimimp this will go a long way to facilitate, movement man.

Boss @dimimp I accepted to work with @samuel9135 to make sure this would work out well... And also for the @STEEMJETDANCE please help in delegating to the account to start work immediately... Lastly boss @dimimp I really want to go to steemfest, thank you for everything.