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RE: Steemjet Roadmap and Official Steemjet Records Logo entry post (5000 steem in prizes) – and NEW ART CONTEST (dimimp the donkey 1000 steem in prizes)

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@dimimp I'm pretty new on steemit, lordjames invited me to steemit and I just got employed by steemjetmedia. I really like what you doing with the steemjet community as I barely know anything about cryptocurrency but steemjet teachings has helped me with the basic and I know you want to make the world a better place through steemit,innovation and arts but where is our compassion? I just feel there should be a steemjetcharity where we can reach out to the less privilege and help them through the steemjet community, as they are alot of talented individuals but because they don't have exposure to technology or networking the talent is dying. I feel we should reach out to them and spread our wings to push steemjet beyond borders and not just people that are at advantage alone. I will look forward to hearing from you @dimimp


Giving to others is what I have been doing, I hope it is contagious!

Very true indeed , you have touched many lives we can’t even begin to start listings .the blockchain would freeze if we do.

@dimimp I know that's why you the one I'm reaching out to so as help those that are less advantage,
There are alot of talents out there but because they have no access to technology or whatever no one will get to hear them, that's why I came to you with this idea.. Spreading the steemjet wings to the rural areas.
Thanks for your reply @dimimp


Hello @dimimp I wrote the screenshot about 18days ago but now I have video evidence of those people in rural places and are really talented . Below is a video of two guys entertaining us, they both do come to that place every night to dance, that's their passion, regardless of how little the audience is they will always dance their soul out, they really love dancing and are quite talented also but not piviledge to have an Android phone because they can't avoid one talkless of a computer, these people needs people to seem amazing things they can do, since it's time to party, I would love to organise a steemjet street party around here but we will need some funding Sir,
so you can see for yourself how many talented people we have down here but because of technology and exposure, they are limited in someway, from the video you can see we playing songs from our phone and doing the video also from my phone, we making best of the little we the way I'm the lady at the end of the video.
Hoping to hear from your soon @dimimp.

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