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RE: Steemjet Roadmap and Official Steemjet Records Logo entry post (5000 steem in prizes) – and NEW ART CONTEST (dimimp the donkey 1000 steem in prizes)

in #steemlast year

Thanks so much @dimimp.
I'm so happy I'll be a part of the Steemfest.


There, my invitation is ready already, and we'll need funds ASAP to start processing our visa, because processing of visa isn't easy over here.

Thanks so much once again.

But, you didn't give me an answer here!!

I guess you might have missed it due to thousands of comments.

Once again, thaaaaannnnnkk youuuuu @dimimp.


OK, I will fund you first, then move on down the list, congratulations, and thank you! I just sent you 1000 steem and will be able to send you another thousand tomorrow when my power down hits, and then the rest a weef from now when my big power downs start.