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RE: Steemjet Records Logo Contest - 5,000 STEEM in prizes + "STEEM HIGH" Logo Contest Results

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Wow wow wow...
I must confess, I'm really impressed. It really hurt to know I've been wasting my time online, even if I felt it tho. OK, I'm also glad you care about me which is so sweet,(I'm so happy).

Now choosing, I'll take a trip to Poland and go learn from the bad ass guys @ned and co. This is a life time opportunity.

But, there seems to be a little issue, I'll need some funds to process my passports ASAP so it will be ready before Nov.

Thanks for the short lesson there. I bought DGB as at that time you told us to. I'm still holding it, though it's few.

I would love to go to Poland also with @angiebrown and @empato365, since our location is almost close here in Nigeria, we've been working together lately. So I think it should be( deandaniel, lordjames, yungchief, angiebrown and empato365) as the price of steem is low.

I will calculate the cost of getting our visa accommodation for the steemfest and will inform you soon about it.
That is what I need for now man.

Thank you.
Thanks master.


OK, I will fund you first, then move on down the list, congratulations, and thank you! I just sent you 1000 steem and will be able to send you another thousand tomorrow when my power down hits, and then the rest a weef from now when my big power downs start.

Thanks so much @dimimp, you're the best.

I'll be expecting the other 1k steem anytime from now since your power down is due.

Thanks once again @dimimp.